How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go?

Teens are often crazy about dirt bikes, and one type that impresses most of them is the 125cc dirt bike. It’s a speed upgrade of the 50cc and 100c dirt bikes, which means it’s faster. But now, how fast does a 125cc dirt bike go?

Most four-stroke 125cc dirt bikes can reach a top speed of 45mph, while their two-stroke counterparts can hit 55-75 mph, depending on the brand, terrain, among other factors.

So, the engine-transmission system has a say in the dirt bike’s top speed, and so is the brand type, as we’ll see later. We’ll also discuss several other factors that determine the dirt bike’s top speed.

We’ll also compare 125cc engines with others and look at how long it takes for a 125cc engine to reach top speed.

But first things first, let’s compare the maximum speed of a 125cc two-stroke with that of a 125cc four-stroke.

125cc dirt bike top speed

Now, How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go In Mph?  2-Stroke vs 4-Stroke

2-stroke engines are incredibly lightweight and generally faster than 4-stroke engines. They, however, can be challenging to control and expensive to maintain.

But if you want a speedier 125cc dirt bike, two-stroke is the way to go. Some models can hit a top speed of 55-75mph.

In contrast, 4-stroke dirt bikes feature more components that make them heavier and slightly slower than 2-stroke. Their advantage is that they call for minor maintenance and are easier to control.

Speed-wise, some 4-stroke 125cc models clock a top speed of 45mph on perfect cycling conditions.

Average Top Speed by Leading 125cc Dirt Bike Brands

1. Apollo 125cc Dirt Bikes

Apollo redefines a speedy 125cc dirt bike. Their four-stroke Apollo DB-X18, for example, can hit a top speed of 55mph under favorable cycling conditions.

Apollo lists its peak torque power at 8.2HP at a rotational speed of 5500RPM. The gasoline-powered 125cc dirt bike Apollo, however, is not the only fast-hitter by Apollo.

The Apollo DB-007 is another impressive 4-stroke 125cc engine by Apollo that’s super light and fast. It’s generally built for the rugged off-road and has a capping speed of 45mph.

2. Yamaha 125cc Dirt Bike Top Speed

Yamaha makes both 2-stroke and 4-stroke 125cc dirt bikes, and both impress in their capping speed.

One of the brand’s top-seller 2-stroke dirt bikes, the Yamaha yz125 dirt bike, has the potential of hitting a top speed of 70MPH.

The other impressive thing about the Yamaha yz125 is its 11600RPM that allows you to reach its horsepower peak with ease. Moreover, its 35.6 horsepower is unequaled.

And when it comes to 4-stroke engines, the Yamaha TR125 Dirt Bike averages a top speed of 40mph.

3. Honda 125cc Dirt Bikes

Honda is just as exciting as Yamaha. The Japanese manufacturer also makes 2-stroke and 4-stroke 125cc dirt bikes.

But what is the top speed of a 125cc dirt bike by Honda?

The Honda CRF125, which is the most impressive of the lot, can clock 55mph, despite being a four-stroke engine. Honda lists its peak torque at 7.25HP at a rotation speed of 4500RPM.

Another impressive 125cc engine by Honda is the Honda CR125. The 2-stroke dirt bike can hit a top speed of 70mph under favorable cycling conditions.

what is the top speed of a 125cc dirt bike

4. Kawasaki 125cc Dirt Bikes

Kawasaki is undoubtedly another top Japanese dirt bike engine manufacturer with a proven reputation.

But how fast is a 125cc bike by Kawasaki?

Their top engine, the Kawasaki Z125, is arguably the biggest competitor of the Honda CRF125.

On perfect cycling conditions, the Kawasaki Z125 125cc engine can reach a top speed of 60mph. On the other hand, the Kawasaki KX125 can hit 70mph on a good day, especially when you are a skilled dirt bike cyclist.

The KX125 enjoys a 6-speed transmission system, a 40HP torque peak, and a 2700RPM.

5. KTM 125cc Dirt Bikes

Australian giant bike manufacture KTM doesn’t lack when it comes to availing the speediest dirt bikes. Their 2-stroke KTM 125 5X dirt bike can hit a top speed of 65-75mph, making it a fantastic choice for dirt racers.

Provided the weather and terrain are favorable, very few bikers can catch you while on the 125 2 stroke dirt bike.

You might be forgiven to assume that KTM 125 5X is all about speed. No! Its 16.41 torque power and 1100RPM are incredible.

What’s more, its engine liquid-cooling system is way above the rest, making it an exceptional choice.

KTM sadly only makes two-stroke 125cc dirt bikes.

6. Suzuki 125cc Dirt Bikes

Suzuki is ever-impressive, and so you can only expect the best from its 125cc dirt bikes.

So, How fast can a dirt bike go, A Suzuki 125cc?

The company makes some of the fastest 125cc dirt bikes, headed by the Suzuki DR-Z125.

DR-Z125, which happens to be a four-stroke 125cc dirt bike engine, can reach a top speed of 69mph. In contrast, the Suzuki RM-125 can hit 60mph on a perfect road.

Sadly, Suzuki only makes four-stroke 125cc dirt bikes.

Dirt Bike BrandPotential Top Speed for 2-Stroke 125cc Dirt BikePotential Top Speed for 4-Stroke 125cc Dirt Bike

Comparing a 125cc Dirt Bike with Others

Let’s compare a 125cc with a 50cc, 200cc, and 400cc.

a) 125cc vs. 50cc

Unlike a 125cc engine, a 50cc engine is slightly slower. While a 125cc can clock 45-75mph, a 50cc can only reach 25-40mph.

The advantage of a 50cc speed is that it’s safe even for kids and offers the rider easy control.

Controlling a 125cc dirt bike is not hard, but it’s not as more straightforward as a 50cc option as the former is likely to jump up while riding.

Who Should Ride a 125cc Dirt Bike

b) 125cc vs. 200cc

A 200c engine is a step up in terms of power and speed. So, a 200cc dirt bike is generally faster than a dirt bike 125cc.

You can expect some 200c dirt bikes to hit a top speed of 55-80mph. The downside is the bike control, which can be challenging as the dirt bike moves at a racing pace.

You can, however, slow down to regain control, which is a good thing.

c) 125cc vs. 400cc

We nowadays have 400cc dirt bikes designed for speed racing, making them the best for pro dirt racers. Some 400cc dirt bikes can reach a top speed of 87mph, which is just insane.

Their engines are super light to make you feel like you are literary flying.

Below is a comparison table for the top speeds of the various dirt bike engine sizes.

Engine SizePotential Top Speed (MPH)


1. How Long Does It Take For a 125cc Dirt Bike To Reach Top Speed?

Different dirt bikes take different durations to reach top speed. Overall, it depends on whether you are riding a two-stroke or four-stroke engine.

Given that 2-stroke-engines are lighter, they also accelerate much quicker. You can easily clock top speed in 5 seconds with a 2-stroke 125cc dirt bike, but you’ll take much longer with its 4-stroke equivalent.

2. Who Should Ride a 125cc Dirt Bike?

Generally, kids older than 12 years can ride a 125cc dirt bike. Usually, the recommended rider’s height is 5-6 feet, which envelopes teens and adults.

Luckily, there are so many cheap 125cc dirt bikes to suit all teenagers and adult bikers.

3. What Factors Determine the Top Speed of a 125cc Dirt Bike?

Overall, the following factors dictate a 125cc dirt bike or 125cc pit bike top speed:

  • Engine Size – As I explained earlier, a two-stroke 125cc dirt bike is faster than its four-stroke equivalent.
  • Load – If you are too heavy or carry some heavy stuff on your 125cc dirt bike, its speed is likely to slow down. So, if you are a heavyweight rider or heavy loader, consider a dirt bike with a suspension system to absorb the impact.
  • Riding Surface and Weather – A dirt bike typically goes faster on a paved road than a non-paved one, provided the weather is not bad. Usually, bad weather conditions like snow, storm, and heavy rain force you to slow down.
  • Experience Level – Skilled dirt bikers generally ride faster than beginners. If you ride faster as a beginner, there is always the risk of losing control and crashing.
  • Tire Weight – If the dirt bike’s tires are heavier, its speed will slow down. Generally, you tend to cover more ground quicker when the tires are lightweight.
  • Bike Customization – Upgrades like tires, suspension systems, and exhaust systems can affect a dirt bike’s speed. For example, you can improve the speed by fitting lighter tires, a two-stroke exhaust system, and a new suspension.

Closing Thought:

Generally, how fast does a 125cc dirt bike go? Undeniably, most 125cc dirt bikes are pretty fast. With a capping speed of about 45-75mphs depending on the brand, a 125cc dirt bike’s acceleration is unquestionable.

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