How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go? (13 Dirt Bikes Speed Explained!)

Speed is everything for dirt bikes, but so is safety. We all want to go fast on these motored speed beasts and remain safe. So, how fast do dirt bikes go?

Mini dirt bikes, primarily kids’ 50cc dirt bikes, average 25-50mph. However, the average adult dirt bike, with an engine capacity of about 100cc-200cc, can hit 50-70mph under perfect conditions.

Remember, we are talking about perfect conditions, where there are no legal restrictions, and where the terrain and the weather are favorable. We are also talking of a situation where the rider is skilled and confident enough to hit top speed.

But as you’ll later learn, some dirt bikes are just as fast as motocross motorcycles. Interestingly, some of them can hit 80-100mph, which is often the case with dirt bikes with a 400cc plus engine.

how fast do street legal dirt bikes go

Below is a table summary showing the potential top speed of the various dirt bike engine capacities.

Engine SizePotential Top Speed
1000ccUp to 188mph

How Fast Does the Average Dirt Bike Go?

The average kids’ dirt bike, primarily a 50cc dirt bike, can hit a top speed of 25-40mph under perfect dirt racing conditions. On the other hand, the average beginner adult 125cc dirt bike can hit 55-60mph.

Note that the conditions must be favorable for fast dirt biking for you to realize these top speeds. That includes desirable weather and a perfect road. 

How Fast Do Street Legal Dirt Bikes Go?

Street legal dirt bikes are not expected to go too fast. So, they average 5-25mph on high-traffic roads. However, you can hit over 40mph with a street-legal dirt bike with a 100cc plus capacity on highways.

Overall, the conditions must be favorable to ride a street-legal bike too fast. You must also be confident to control it at such a high speed.

How Fast Does the Fastest Dirt Bike Go?

The fastest dirt bike, the KTM 450 SX-F, can hit a top speed of 123mph on a perfect road. Essentially, that’s owing to its lighter build (237 pounds), powerful battery, and impressive 4-stroke engine.

Coming second and third are Aprilia RXV 5.5 and Beta 450Rs, which can hit a top speed of 113mph and 110.9mph, respectively.

Other fast dirt bikes include ATK Intimidator (110mph) and BMW G650 X Challenge (104mph)

how fast does the average dirt bike go

What’s The Fastest Dirt Bike You Can Buy?

Generally, here is a top 10 list of the fastest dirt bikes on the market today:

  1. KTM 450 SX-F (123mph)
  2. Aprilia RXV 5.5 (113mph)
  3. Beta 450Rs (110.9mph)
  4. ATK Intimidator (110mph)
  5. BMW G650 X Challenge (104mph)
  6. Muz Baghira (102mph)
  7. Husqvarna FE501S (101.5mph)
  8. Kawasaki KLR650 (98mph)
  9. Honda XR650L (98mph)
  10. Suzuki DR-Z400Sm (94mph)

Can Dirt Bikes Be Street Legal?

Yes, dirt bikes can be street legal if they have functional side mirrors, horns, brake lights, taillights, headlights, and exhaust. Usually, standard dirt bikes don’t come with these add-ons, making them not street legal.

The good thing about these add-ons is that you can buy and fix them on the dirt bike. It’s crucial, nonetheless, that they are DoT-certified.

How Fast Do Mini Dirt Bikes Go?

Mini dirt bikes usually come with a smaller engine capacity, about 50cc, which can hit a top speed of 25-40mph, depending on the terrain, rider’s experience, and dirt bike brand.

Overall, mini dirt bikes are kids’ dirt bikes, and they favor kids under five years more. So, we cannot expect them to be too fast.

That is the case with the SPX Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike (View on Amazon), which ordinarily has a 30mph top speed, but kids are likely to run under 15mph to ride safely.  

how fast do 50cc dirt bikes go

Speed According to CC

1. How Fast Do 50cc Dirt Bikes Go?

Most 50cc dirt bikes can go at a maximum speed of 25-40mph under desirable weather and road conditions. Note that 50cc engines are small-capacity engines, so you cannot expect these dirt bikes to go faster.

Furthermore, these dirt bikes are kids’ dirt bikes, which means they run slowly. Most of them are even toy dirt bikes, which means they are only good for your kid to play with.  

2. How Fast Does 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

You can expect a 70cc dirt bike to go slightly faster than a 50cc dirt. In that case, while a 50cc dirt bike can clock 25-40mph, a 70cc dirt bike can hit 40-45mph.

But just like 50cc dirt bikes, 70cc dirt bikes are kids’ dirt bikes, but they suit older kids better. And unlike 50cc dirt bikes, 70cc dirt bikes can take on the streets.

Note, however, that one cannot go too fast with a 70cc dirt bike on the streets. So you are more likely to run under 15mph.

3. How Fast Can A 85cc Dirt Bike Go?

Under favorable conditions, an 85cc dirt bike can clock a maximum speed of 45-50mph, mainly depending on the brand. A Kawasaki K85, for example, can easily hit 50mph, but most of the 85cc dirt bikes average 45mph top speed under perfect conditions.

In addition to the brand, the top speed of 85cc dirt bikes depends on the engine stroke, rider experience, terrain, and weather. The more experienced you are and the more favorable the riding conditions are, the faster you are likely to go.

4. How Fast Do 100cc Dirt Bikes Go?

Depending on the engine stroke and the racing condition, a 100cc dirt bike can reach a top speed of 50-55mph. Overall, expect to go much faster with a 2-stroke 100cc dirt bike than a 4-stroke 100cc as the former is lighter and picks up speed much faster.

5. How Fast Do 110cc Dirt Bikes Go?

The dissimilarity between a 100cc and 110cc dirt bike is 10cc. So, there isn’t a big difference in their top speed. However, you can expect to hit a 50-60mph top speed under favorable road conditions.

But still, a 2-stroke 110cc dirt bike goes much faster as it’s lighter than a 4-stroke. Moreover, the more experienced you are, the likelier you can hit top speed faster.

6. How Fast Do 125cc Dirt Bikes Go?

Most 125cc dirt bikes can hit 55-60mph when the conditions are favorable, and a few others register up to 75mph. In most cases, those dirt bikes that can clock up to 75mph are usually 2-stroke engines that are lightweight and generally pick up speed much faster.

However, those that clock 55mph are often four-stroke, as is the case of the Apollo DB X-18 (View on Amazon).

how fast do 125cc dirt bikes go

7. How Fast Does A 150cc Dirt Bike Go in Mph?

Most high-end 150ccc dirt bikes can clock 55-60mph under favorable terrain and weather. More importantly, it depends on how confident you are riding too fast. If you are not confident enough or when the road conditions are unfavorable, you will likely go under 25mph.

8. How Fast Do 250cc Dirt Bikes Go?

250cc dirt bikes are fast dirt bikes. So, you can expect them to hit 70-85mph top speed, depending on the engine stroke, rider experience, and road conditions.

In that case, expect a more experienced rider to hit the top speed faster with a 2-stroke 250cc dirt bike than a 4-stroke option as long as the road conditions are favorable.

9. How Fast Do 450cc Dirt Bikes Go?

450 dirt bikes are mighty little machines that are pretty agile. As a result, these bikes can go a top speed of 80-90mph when the cycling conditions are favorable, and the cyclist is more experienced and confident.

And when it comes to the engine stroke, 2-stroke 450cc dirt bikes are pretty fast. One exception is the KTM 450 SX-F, which can clock 123mph, making it the quickest dirt bike globally.

Speed According to Mode of Operation

How Fast Do Electric Dirt Bikes Go?

Electric dirt bikes have many speed restrictions, so they don’t go as fast as gas-powered options. On average, most of them can hit a top speed of 12-22mph on a perfect road.

Often, most electric bikes are kids’ bikes, which means they are naturally slower to keep the younger ones safer.

How Fast Does a Gas Dirt Bike Go?

Kids’ gas dirt bikes mostly go at a top speed of 25-40mph, primarily 50cc options. Note, however, that gas dirt bikes with an engine capacity of 100cc and above can double the speed.

For example, 100cc gas dirt bikes can hit 50-55mph, while 150cc options can attain a top speed of 55-60mph under favorable road conditions.

Speed According to Brand

How Fast Do Razor Dirt Bikes Go?

Razor dirt bikes, primarily kids’ dirt bikes, average a top speed of 12-22mph. However, a few teens’ options fall within the range. One perfect example is the Razor MX500 (View on Amazon), which can clock at a top speed of 14mph.

can dirt bikes be street legal

How Fast Does a Crf150r Dirt Bike Go?

A CRF150R top speed is about 60mph, achievable under perfect conditions. Its fast speed largely depends on its powerful 4-stroke engine and 5-speed gearbox. The engine gives it a horsepower of 23.47Hp, while the 5-speed gearbox allows you to ride faster.

How Fast Does a Honda Dirt Bike Go?

Honda makes some of the fastest dirt bikes on the market. Their speed, however, varies depending on the engine capacity.

In that regard, below is a table showing the various potential top speeds of different Honda dirt bike types.

Engine SizePotential Top Speed

How Fast Does a Honda 110 Dirt Bike Go?

A Honda 110 dirt bike can hit a top speed of 45mph under perfect conditions. Newer models, however, are likelier to clock the top speed faster than older models as they come in lighter construction.

How Fast Does a Honda 125 Dirt Bike Go?

This is primarily the starting point for beginner adults who are crazy about Honda. You can attain a top speed of 55mph on a perfect road with a Honda 125 dirt bike.

The four-stroke Honda CRF125, for example, averages a top speed of 45-55mph, while its 2-stroke sibling Honda CR125 can manage 60mph under perfect conditions.

How Fast Does a Honda 150 Dirt Bike Go?

A Honda 150 goes slightly faster than its 125cc counterpart. On average, you can expect a Honda 150 dirt bike to hit a top speed of 60mph when the terrain and other conditions are favorable.

More importantly, you should control the bike confidently at such a high speed.

How Fast Will a Honda 230 Dirt Bike Go?

While a Honda 150 dirt bike can hit a top speed of 60mph, you can reach 65mph with a Honda 230. However, due to legal restrictions on the road, you are likely to run at a much slower pace.

How Fast Will a Honda 250 Dirt Bike Go?

With a 250cc Honda dirt bike, you can easily hit a top speed of 70mph on perfect terrain. Your speed, however, depends on your experience level. Usually, the more experienced you are with riding at such a speed, the likelier you are to reach it.

How Fast Will a Honda 450 Dirt Bike Go?

Honda 450 dirt bikes are among the speediest dirt bikes by Honda. Therefore, you can expect to ride much faster than a 250cc Honda dirt bike. On average, a Honda 450 like the Honda CRF 450R can hit a top speed of 87mph.

Primarily, that is owing to its 449cc liquid-cooled motor, updated exhaust, lighter build, and narrow valves.

what's the fastest dirt bike you can buy

How Fast Does a Kawasaki Dirt Bike Go?

Like Honda, Kawasaki dirt bikes come with different top speeds depending on the engine capacity. As usual, the bigger the engine capacity, the speedier the dirt bike is likely to be.

Here’s a table showing the various Kawasaki dirt bikes and their potential top speeds.

Kawasaki Dirt BikePotential Top Speed
Kawasaki KX6540-45mph
Kawasaki KLR65098mph

How Fast Does a Kx65 Dirt Bike Go?

If the cycling conditions are favorable, a Kawasaki Kx65 dirt bike goes at a top speed of 40-45mph. Note that because this dirt bike is a kids’ dirt bike, it’s not recommendable to go past 23mph as it could be unstable.

How Fast Does a Kx85 Dirt Bike Go?

A Kawasaki Kx85 goes much faster than a Kawasaki Kx65. You can hit a top speed of 50mph with a Kawasaki Kx85 on perfect terrain. Essentially, that’s because of its high torque of 13.28 ft-Lb and horsepower of 28.97HP.

How Fast Does a Kx100 Dirt Bike Go?

The Kawasaki Kx100 goes much faster than its Kx65 and Kx85 siblings. Generally, it’s possible to hit a top speed of 65mph with a Kawasaki Kx100 (2014 version) or even higher.

This bike has a powerful and lightweight 2-stroke engine and a 6-speed transmission that allows you to accelerate smoothly and speedily. But essentially, you must be an experienced dirt biker to reach such heights.

How Fast Does a Pw80 Dirt Bike Go?

The Yamaha Pw80, a scooter-like dirt bike, averages a top speed of 40mph under perfect conditions. Primarily, that’s owing to its 2-stroke single-cylinder engine that’s pretty lightweight and has a 79cc capacity.

However, the more favorable the riding conditions are, the likelier you will go faster.

How Fast Can a Yamaha TTR 125 Dirt Bike Go?

The Yamaha TTR 125 dirt bike is a decent dirt racer that can hit a top speed of 40mph, the same as the Yamaha Pw80. The difference is that while Pw80 is a 2-stroke engine, a TTR 125 is a four-stroke.

Speed According to Power Rating

How Fast Does A 500w Electric Dirt Bike Go?

The average 500w electric dirt bike can hit a top speed of 15mph for about 30-45 minutes on a full charge. Overall, that’s thanks to their compact, powerful, and efficient engine.

One fantastic example is the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500, which enjoys a 15mph top speed at a 40-minutes range.

how fast do mini dirt bikes go

How Fast Does A 1000w Electric Dirt Bike Go?

A 1000w electric dirt bike goes slightly faster than its 500w sibling and has longer mileage slightly. On average, a 1000w can hit a top speed of 23mph, depending on how fast you ride, the amount of load you carry, and your overall experience.

How Fast Does A 1500w Electric Dirt Bike Go?

While a 1000w electric dirt bike can clock a top speed of 23mph, a 1500w option can hit 26mph. So, the difference is not that great. And due to legal restrictions, these dirt bikes typically run under 15.5mph.

It’s also important to recognize that different electric dirt bike brands have different top speeds. So, some brands may attain maximum speed much faster than others.

What Factors Determine How Fast Dirt Bikes Go?

Overall, here are the factors that determine how speedy or slow dirt bicycles are:

· Engine Capacity

Usually, the higher the dirt bike’s engine capacity, the more the torque power and horsepower, which translates to better acceleration and speed. That’s why 50cc dirt bikes are the slowest while 1000cc options are the fastest.

· Engine Stroke

Dirt bikes are either 2-stroke or 4-stroke. With four-stroke, only two steps are involved (combustion and compression), which means the process is quick. As a result, the dirt bike picks up speed faster and accelerates faster.

Additionally, since there are only two steps, there are fewer mechanical parts, making the engine lighter and therefore faster.

However, the problem with a 2-stroke is heavy emission, and the dirt bike often becomes harder to control. So, these dirt bikes are slowly fading out. They are generally best for pro dirt racers.

Four-stroke engines, unlike two-stroke, involve four steps. In addition to combustion and compression, there is intake and exhaust. So, there is lower emission. But since the process is lengthy, it takes time for a 4-speed dirt bike to pick up speed and accelerate.

Moreover, the engines have more parts, making them slightly heavier and slower than their two-stroke siblings.

how fast does the fastest dirt bike go

· Modifications

More experienced dirt bikers always modify their dirt bikes to make them faster. For example, they may change the exhaust and the drive sprocket, making them bikes quick. Others swap the tires with fast-rolling options.

So, expect an upgraded dirt bike to go faster than a non-upgraded one.

· Terrain

Expect to go much faster with a dirt bike on a perfect road than a non-perfect road. So, no matter how powerful the engine is, you are likely to go slower if the road is not favorable.

· Weather

Like terrain, you are likely to go faster and hit top speed with a dirt bike when the weather is favorable. Issues like snow and rain are likely to slow you down as you have to be extra cautious.

· Load

Generally, the lighter the dirt bike is, the likelier you will go faster. If you overload your dirt bike, the chances are that the extra weight will slow you down.

· Legal Restrictions

There are legal restrictions surrounding dirt bicycles, especially on urban roads. For example, you cannot expect to ride top speed around hospitals and schools as that’s where you are supposed to slow down.

However, you can get to top speed on highways with no limits, depending on how fast you ride a street-legal dirt bike.

· Biker’s Experience

Logically, experienced dirt bikers are more confident riding faster than less experienced ones. In that case, it’s easy for a professional biker to hit top speed than a beginner. But often, professionals go for high-capacity engines, which means they expect to ride faster.

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In Conclusion; How Fast Do Dirt Bikes Go?

Now you know how fast dirt bikes go. As discussed, their speed depends on many things, but leading the line is the engine capacity, which determines the torque and horsepower. Expect high-capacity dirt bikes, therefore, to go much faster.

Overall, a dirt bike can clock anything between 25mph (50cc options) to over 100mph (as it’s the case with 1000cc options).  

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