How Fast Does A 49cc Dirt Bike Go?

49cc dirt bikes are widespread among kids, particularly those under ten years. Essentially, that’s owing to their fast but safe speed, which varies between brands. So, how fast does a 49cc dirt bike go?

49cc dirt bikes can hit a maximum speed of 18-30 mph, depending on the terrain, the weight of the rider, and how fast the rider rides. Other factors determining the speed include the weather, bike condition, legal restrictions, and engine stroke.  

So, we’ll explore all these factors to see their influence on a 49cc top speed. Even better, we’ll look at a few fast 49cc dirt bikes to give you an idea of where to start when you decide to get your youngster this speedy little monster.

But first, let’s compare the potential top speed of 49cc with other engine capacities.

How fast is 49cc 2 stroke in mph

How Fast Does a 49cc Dirt Bike Go Compared to Others?  

When it comes to the engine size, the number before the letters CC (standing for cubic centimeters) tells you how big the engine displacement capacity is. So, a 49cc is bigger than a 40cc, and you expect it to be faster.

On the flip side, a 49cc is smaller than a 50cc, 70cc, 85cc, and every other engine above that. So, we expect a 49cc to be slower.

Remember, we are talking about standard conditions – that is, if all these engines are under the same conditions, such as terrain and weather, and have the same load capacity and engine stroke.

So, overall, 49cc dirt bikes can reach a top speed of 18-30mph, while 40cc engines are only likely to average 15-22mph. 50cc dirt bikes, in contrast, are likely to hit a maximum speed of 25-40mph, while  70cc and 85cc dirt bikes can only reach 30-50mph and 50-65mph, respectively.

Here’s a table comparing 49cc with the three engine sizes and others. Look at it to see how fast dirt bikes really go!

Engine SizePotential Top Speed
49cc18-30 mph
50cc25-40 mph
70cc30-50 mph
85cc50-65 mph
100cc45-65 mph
125cc50-60 mph
250cc70-85 mph

Factors Determining How Fast a 49cc Dirt Bike Goes

As you might have noticed, I’ve given a range for the top speed of 49cc cc dirt bikes (that is 15-22mph). I’ve also used the words’ potential top speed’, which means the dirt bikes can hit such heights, but it’s never a given.

So, you may ask, what determines these dirt bikes’ speed? Well, the key factors include the following:

a) Terrain

While you don’t necessarily expect to ride a 49cc on the street unless it is street legal, you should expect it to go much faster on smoother surfaces than rougher ones. So, the less aggressive the tracks are, the likelier it is for a 49cc to hit its potential top speed.

b) Rider’s Weight

Every dirt bike comes with a recommendable rider’s weight or load capacity. So, you are not expected to exceed it.

Overall, the less you load the bike, the likelier you will go faster. So, riders who weigh less are more likely to hit top speed than those who weigh more.

c) Rider’s Riding Speed (Rider Experience)

Some riders (even kids) ride faster than others, mainly because they are more experienced. The more experienced a rider is, the likelier they can ride quicker and clock top speed.

d) Weather

Conditions like heavy downpours (rain), strong wind, snow, and too much heat can severely affect a dirt bike’s top speed. You have to be more careful in such conditions, which slow you down considerably.

However, riders are more likely to ride fast under dry conditions where they don’t worry about the harsh weather.   

e) Bike Condition

A dirt bike is like a car; you have to maintain it to get the most out of it. The more you look after the engine and service it regularly, the better it serves you. So, you can only hit top speed with a well-maintained 49cc dirt bike.  

how fast can a 49cc pit bike go

f) Legal Restrictions

It’s worth noting that most dirt bikes are not street legal, and it’s because they don’t have the features that make them safer to use on the streets, such as horns, side mirrors, turn signals, and headlamps.

So, you cannot ride them on the streets. And more, you also cannot go past a specific limit with those dirt bikes that are street legal. So, the legal restrictions could severer affect how fast one can go with a 49cc dirt bike.

g) Engine Stroke

There is a vast difference in speed when comparing 49cc 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines. Generally, 2-stroke 49cc engines are lighter than 4-stroke 49cc engines, making them faster.

Note, however, that 4-stroke 49cc engines are more stable. So, most parents consider them safer for kids.

Are there 49cc Dirt Bikes for Adults?

While 49cc dirt bikes are predominantly kids choices, they don’t necessarily mean that adults cannot ride them. Usually, for anyone to ride a given dirt bike, they have to weigh less than its recommendable weight and match its size.

So, adults who don’t weigh much, especially those weighing under 150 pounds and have a more petite body, can ride some 49cc dirt bikes. I’ve used some because it doesn’t apply to every adult or 49cc dirt bike.

That brings us to the recommendations below. They are not just perfect for kids but also for adults.

1. XtremepowerUS 49cc 2-Stroke Dirt Bike (Top Speed – 20mph)

According to the manufacturer, the XtremepowerUS 49cc 2-Stroke Dirt Bike (View on Amazon) suits riders starting from 13 years, weighing under 128 pounds. So, it could be a good fit for lightweight adults and teenagers.

Overall, this 49cc dirt bike can hit a top speed of 20mph, chiefly because of its lightweight but high-torque 2-stroke engine.

The dirt bike is safer to ride, given that it is EPA-certified but more importantly, because of its crisp-stopping front and read hand-operated disc brakes.

How fast is a 49cc 4-stroke dirt bike

2. Superrio 49cc 2-Stroke Mini Dirt Bike (Top Speed – 20mph Plus)

The Superrio 49cc 2-Stroke Mini Dirt Bike (View on Amazon) is another incredible two-stroke little monster that’s pretty fast. This dirt bike suits riders seven years and above but weighs less than 130 pounds.

According to customers, the speed bike can hit a top speed of more than 20mph, and some even claim up to 35mph. So, it’s pretty fast for a mini bike.

Speed, however, is not its only selling point. This dirt bike is also safe to ride, given that it features responsive front and rear disc brakes and a chain-drive transmission that promises more grip.

3. Hoverheart 49cc Dirt Bike (Top Speed – 18mph)

In essence, the Hoverheart 49cc Dirt Bike (View on Amazon) is a ride-on toy. However, its top speed of 18mph makes it as good as any 49cc dirt bike out there.

Furthermore, it comes with a 150-pound capacity, which means that some adults can ride it too for fun. You can count on its steel frame for maximum weight tolerance. Overall, this 2-stroke 49cc gives you an experience only likened to a 4-stroke.

how fast does a 49cc 2 stroke dirt bike go

How to Choose the Best 49cc Dirt Bike

Below are the primary considerations while sourcing a good 49cc dirt bike.

a) Build Quality

You don’t want a bike that keeps on breaking down from time to time, right? In that case, consider a frame, wheels, and an engine that is solid to last you longer.

b) Seat Height

Dirt bikes, including 49cc, are sized according to the seat height. So, this is where you look to pick your size. Below is a table that you can use for reference.

Age/HeightSeat Height (Inches)
7-8 years21-28″
9-10 years21-35″
11-13 years21-35’’

c) Load Capacity

The 49cc dirt bike you go for should carry your weight or your kid’s, depending on whom you are buying for. In that case, consider the bike’s carry capacity keenly.

In most cases, 49cc dirt bikes come with 128-150 pounds load capacity.

d) Engine Stroke

Generally, 49cc dirt bikes either have a 4-stroke or a 2-stroke engine. Choosing between the two depends on choosing between riding stability and speed. A 2-stroke offers typically you more speed, while a 4-stroke is more stable.  

How Can You Make Your 49cc Dirt Bike Faster?

With a few adjustments, your 49cc dirt bike can go faster than you ever imagined and even hit its potential top speed. Here are some of the few adjustments that can take your bike speed to the next level.

  • Change grips regularly to improve your hand comfort and promote a smooth ride
  • Use the ideal tire pressure to ensure the tires roll smoothly
  • Upgrade to a high-performance air filter intake kit
  • Replace the spark plug to boost the speed of ignition and the general speed of the dirt bike
  • Do away with the revolution limiter  to unlock the engine’s full potential
  • Adjust the suspension clickers to reduce fatigue and boost your riding comfort
  • Get a new dirt bikes seat cover to increase your seating comfort
are 49cc dirt bike street legal

People Also Ask

1. How Fast is a 49cc 4-Stroke Dirt Bike?

A 49cc 4-stroke dirt bike is likely to average a top speed of 18-27mph, depending on the engine condition, the terrain, rider’s weight, among other factors. Note, however, that 49cc 4-strokes are not as popular as 49cc two-stroke.

2. How Fast is 49cc 2 Stroke in MPH?

A 49cc 2-stroke engine can average a top speed of 20-30mph, depending on the engine condition, the rider’s weight, terrain, how speed you ride, among other factors.

3. How Fast Can A 49cc Pit Bike Go?

Most 49cc pit bikes average a top speed of 15-20 MPH depending on the terrain, rider’s experience, engine stroke, and many other factors. Some 49cc pit bikes, however, can go above 20mph.   

4. Are 49cc Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

Generally, most 49cc dirt bikes are not considered street legal because they lack basics like functional horns, street-legal tires, headlamps, turn signals, and rear mirrors. However, you can legalize them by fitting these essentials and ensuring you get a license.

How Fast Does A 49cc Dirt Bike Go? Closing Thought:

I believe this article has enlightened you on the speeds of different 49cc dirt bikes. In general, these bikes are a game-changer in getting into serious or fun dirt biking.

The best part is that most of these dirt bikes are affordable. So, it might be just the right time to get one for your youngster or yourself.