Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Long Rides?

Known for their wide handlebars with grips, upright geometry, and large balloon tires, cruiser bikes are arguably the most comfortable casual-riding bikes. But are cruiser bikes good for long rides? …

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what is a hybrid bike good for

What Is A Hybrid Bike Good For?

Today, you cannot miss someone riding a hybrid bicycle from the city road and the local parks to the beaches and woodland trails. So, what is a hybrid bike good …

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what is a cruiser bike good for

What Is A Cruiser Bike Good For?

Bikes differ in riding capability and purpose. That’s why we’ve different bike types, and today I’ll focus on cruiser bikes. So, what is a cruiser bike good for? Well, cruiser …

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is Fuji a good bike brand

Are Fuji Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Since the late 1800s, Fuji Bikes (the brand) has dominated the biking sector. From road bikes to pavement bikes, the brand is dictating the market. But are Fuji bikes good? …

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Which bicycle is best for 6 feet Man

Best Bike for Tall Guys?

At 6 feet tall, nothing is more remarkable than riding the most comfortable bike for your height. More importantly, nothing betters the flexibility of commuting using the best bike for …

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is a fat tire bike worth it

Is A Fat Tire Bike Worth It?

You probably have seen fat bikes in your neighborhood, and you fancy them. But since you are not sure what you’ll get, you are a little hesitant. Now you are …

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