Is Nishiki Better Than Schwinn?

Schwinn and Nishiki are arguably two of the most budget-friendly bike brands. As a result, it’s always debatable, ‘is Nishiki better than Schwinn or is it vice versa?’ While both …

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schwinn sidewinder vs ranger

Schwinn Sidewinder vs Ranger ?

Schwinn is well known for some of the best entry-level mountain bikes, and leading the line are the Schwinn Sidewinder and the Schwinn ranger. So, we’ll concentrate on the Schwinn …

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is Schwinn Sidewinder a good bike

Is Schwinn Sidewinder A Good Bike?

The Schwinn Sidewinder promises the best trail riding experience to both men and women. But is Schwinn Sidewinder a good bike, or is it just advertising hype? Schwinn Sidewinder is …

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Are Folding Bikes Worth It?

The problem with regular bikes is that they are not convenient to bring to a bus, train, or other public transport systems. Folding bikes, in contrast, don’t suffer such concerns. …

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why are electric bikes so expensive

Why Are Electric Bikes So Expensive?

Spending $1500-$4000 on an electric bike is expensive, given that you could get three or more regular cycles with the budget. So, why are electric bikes so expensive? Electric bikes …

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