Nishiki Vs Diamondback Bike – Which Bike Brand Suits You More?

Some call it the battle of the mountain bikes, but the Nishiki Vs Diamondback battle is more than that.

Nishiki, for example, is not just popular with entry-level mountain bikes but comfort bikes too.

On the other hand, Diamondback is not just popular with high-end mountain bikes but road bikes too.

So, yes, Nishiki leans more on the budget buyers while Diamondback is more of a high-end bike brand.

I just spilled the first difference between the two bike brands, but there is more to come!

Overall, these two bike brands promise durability and performance and offer you value for money.

But, which one between Nishiki and Diamondback suits you more?

To answer this question, I’ll make a side-by-side comparison of the two bike brands to help you decide between them.

We’ll compare their bike frames, weight, drivetrain, brakes, and focus line, among other elements.

It’s worth noting that both bikes have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses. So, it can be unfair to rule out that one brand is better than the other.

So, choosing between them depends on your cycling needs, budget, and preference.

Let’s dive into it!

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Nishiki Vs Diamondback: Side By Side Comparison

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two bikes to help you establish their differences and similarities.

1. The Nishiki Bike Vs Diamondback Brand Overview

  • Nishiki

Nishiki is a bike brand operating under the Dicks Sporting Goods Brand. Presently, about 50 entry-level bikes are selling under the Nishiki name.

Nishiki suits budget buyers, and so their bikes are more affordable than most.

While Nishiki sells several bike types, they majorly focus on mountain bikes. Their MTBs are not affordable and durable but also beginner-friendly.

Additionally, the MTBs are highly comfortable.

The second most popular bike type that Nishiki sells is the comfort bike.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and budget entry-level mountain bike or comfort bike, you cannot go wrong with Nishiki.

Their biggest concern is that the manufacturer employs steel in most bike frames, making the bikes heavier than most.

  • Diamondback

Diamondback is another recognizable name in the mountain bike sector. Other than mountain bikes, Diamondback is popularly known for its reliable road bikes.

But unlike Nishiki, most Diamondback mountain bikes are high-end, leaving budget buyers with fewer options.

Regent LP, a Washington-based company, owns diamondback Bicycles.

Interestingly, Diamondback only began as a BMX brand before shifting to MTBs and road bikes, and they now have at least 12 bike types.

So, they have more bike types than Nishiki.

Like Nishiki, Diamondback prioritizes durability and comfort. Their bikes usually are lighter than Nishiki’s, given that they mostly feature aluminum frames.

Overall, Diamondback doesn’t sacrifice quality over anything, which explains why their bikes are always costlier.

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2. Product Line – Diamondback Vs Nishiki Review

The two bikes primarily focus on mountain bikes. While Nishiki focuses more on budget MTBs, Diamondback dominates the high-end MTB sector.

Lately, Diamondback has been making more road bikes that are speedy and comfortable, and more enduring.

So, if you want to buy an MTB or road bike without being too conscious of the budget, consider Diamondback.

As for Nishiki, their second most popular bikes are comfort bikes. So, if you want a budget comfort bike or mountain bike, consider Nishiki.

Verdict – Nishiki dominates the budget mountain bike and comfort bike sector, while Diamondback dominates the high-end MTB and road bike markets.

3. Frame Material

Nishiki bikes mostly feature strong steel frames that make them stronger and durable but considerably heavier.

Diamondback bikes, in contrast, mostly feature aluminum frames that are as robust as steel frames but significantly lighter.

Note, however, that not all diamondback bicycles have aluminum frames.

Similarly, not all Nishiki bicycles have steel frames. Sometimes it’s the reverse.

For example, some Nishiki bikes feature aluminum frames while others feature alloy frames. Likewise, some Diamondback bikes feature steel frames, thus heavier than aluminum options.

Verdict – Overall, diamondback bikes are lighter than Nishiki bikes as they mostly feature aluminum frames.

4. Bike Weight – Diamondback Vs Nishiki Bikes Review

As I mentioned earlier, Diamondback bicycles are lighter than Nishiki bikes because they mostly feature aluminum frames.

A bike like the Diamondback Bicycles Century Sport Road Bike (View on Amazon) only weighs 20 pounds, which is pretty lightweight.

is nishiki a good bike brand

But still, some Diamondback bicycles feature aluminum alloy instead of aluminum, which is lighter than steel.

And because diamondback bicycles are more lightweight, they are much comfortable to ride uphill and carry around.

That sadly is not the case with Nishiki bikes. They are slightly heavier to ride uphill and move around.

Verdict – Diamondback bicycles are lighter than Nishiki bikes, thus the best for carrying around and riding uphill.

5. Nishiki Bike Vs Diamondback Bike Suspension

Let’s compare the Nishiki mountain bike with the Diamondback MTB here.

Nishiki MTBs come with front suspension forks which enjoy up to 40-60mm of travel.

The front suspension fork is not just stable to cushion your ride but also rust-resistant and pretty durable.

A comfort bike like the Nishiki Tamarack Comfort Bike offers you a 60mm hi-ten steel travel fork, which is enough for your casual rides.

It generally smoothens out your ride and is always reliable, thanks to its robust build.

Diamondback bikes also come with front suspension forks of up to 120-150mm of travel.

So, they absorb twice as much shock as Nishiki front suspensions. As a result, they guarantee a more cushioned ride.

A mountain bike like the Diamondback Bicycles Release 1 offers you a robust fork with 150mm travel, thus reliable in bumpier terrains.

While most Nishiki mountain bikes come with front suspension, Diamondback mountain bikes come in Hardtail and full suspension options. So, you only need to pick between the two suspensions.

Verdict – Though both bikes have suspensions, Diamondback MTBs promise more shock suspension for having more travel and the possibility of dual suspension.

6. Brake Type

Diamondback employs disc brakes in most of their bikes, especially the MTBs.

The brakes are more precise and powerful in all weather. Their only issue is that they are costlier to maintain.

You’ll only find linear-pull brakes in just a few Diamondback mountain bikes, primarily kids’ choices, like the Diamondback Bicycles Cobra 24.

Given that Nishiki bikes are budget cycles, they mostly feature linear-pull brakes, which are cheaper to maintain. They are also excellent in performance in dry conditions but sadly not the best in wet conditions.

are diamondback bikes any good

Verdict – Diamondback’s disc brakes are more reliable and equally powerful in all-weather, even though they are costly to maintain. In contrast, Nishiki’s linear-pull brakes are cheaper but only suitable for dry conditions.

7. Drivetrain

Both brands offer you a broader gear range to suit different applications outdoors.

Overall, even though both bikes offer you a wide gear range, Diamondback MTBs offer you more speed than Nishiki.

The Nishiki Pueblo 20, for example, has a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain to tackle an array of terrains. At the same time, the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail (View on Amazon) enjoys a 24-speed Shimano drivetrain to conquer dirt trails and other challenging.

Verdict – Diamondback scores a small win here for offering you more speed. Both MTBs, however, offer you quality Shimano drivetrains.

8. Ease of Cycling

Nishiki bikes are generally easier to ride, and they encourage you to take a more relaxed posture. As a result, the bikes are beginner-friendly.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have no prior cycling experience, as Nishiki bikes are entry-level choices.

On the contrary, most diamondback MTBs and road bikes come with more aggressive geometries that appear daunting to beginner cyclists. As a result, the bikes suit experienced cyclists more.

A road bike like the Diamondback Bicycles Century Sport Road Bike has enhanced-performance frame geometry to fight cycling fatigue.

Verdict – While Diamondback bicycles suit experienced cyclists more, Nishiki bicycles suit entry-level cyclists more.

9. Bike Price

As I hinted earlier, Nishiki is more of a budget bike brand, while Diamondback leans more on the high-end side.

So, even though you can find a reasonably-priced diamondback bike, most of them cost more than Nishiki bikes.

For example, while you can get a decent Nishiki mountain bike under $300, the most budget Diamondback MTB costs at least $600, thus twice expensive.

Some Nishiki MTBs cost thousands of dollars, and a good example is Diamondback Bicycles Release Mountain Bike, which costs thousands of dollars.

Understandably, Diamondback employs high-quality materials and invests a lot in the bike designs and testing, making the bikes costlier.

Verdict – Nishiki is arguably the better budget choice, while Diamondback is the high-end option.

10.  Product Warranty

Both Nishiki and Diamondback offer a lifetime warranty for the frame of their rigid bikes, and up to 5 years on their full-suspension bike frames. The brands also offer you a one-year replacement warranty.

Verdict – Both brands have the same warranty provision, which means the score is even here.

why are diamondback bikes so expensive

So, Should You Go for Nishiki or Diamondback?

Overall, Nishiki is the budget brand you can go for if you need an affordable mountain bike or comfort bike.

Also, while Nishiki bikes are entry-level choices, Diamondback bicycles suit advanced riders.

Note, however, that Nishiki bikes are heavier even though you’ll get them at a lower price tag.

If you want a lighter MTB or road bike, consider Diamondback.

Note, however, that most Diamondback bicycles cost more than Nishiki options. But since they promise high-quality specs, what you pay is worth it.

Nishiki Vs Diamondback FAQs

1. Is Nishiki A Good Bike Brand?

Nishiki makes some of the most incredible entry-level bikes on the market.

The best part is that a majority of Nishiki’s bikes are budget-friendly. You are more likely to find a decent Nishiki mountain bike for under $300.

The bikes are robust in build to withstand colossal weights and aggressive riding. The only issue is that they are heavier and come in fewer choices.

But despite that, their performance is unquestionable. So, Nishiki is irrefutably a good bike brand.

2. Are Diamondback Bikes Any Good?

Even though Diamondback bicycles are mostly costlier, they disappoint neither in performance nor durability.

These bikes feature high-end components that work optimally in different terrains. Plus, they are generally strong to withstand heavy impact and outdoor ruggedness.

The best part is that the bicycles are lightweight, especially the MTBs, owing to their aluminum frames. So, Diamondback bicycles are unquestionably excellent and worth the money.

3. Are Nishiki Bikes Any Good?

If you are looking for a reasonably-priced entry-level mountain bike or comfort bike, Nishiki is the brand for you.

Their MTBs and comfort bikes are among the most comfortable, most reliable, and most effortless to ride bikes on the market, and they come at budget prices.

Nishiki, however, doesn’t concentrate much on road bikes as it does on MTBs and comfort bikes.

4. Why Are Diamondback Bikes So Expensive?

Diamondback employs high-end components in most of their bikes, making them costlier.

The manufacturers also invest a lot in bike design, component testing, and marketing. As a result, they pass the hefty financial burden to you (the consumer).

5. Are Diamondback Bikes Good Quality?

Most Diamondback bikes feature high-end components to promise durability, comfort, and high performance.

Their bikes, especially their mountain bikes and road bikes, are the strongest and most reliable.

The manufacturer also offers generous frame warranties. So, yes, Nishiki bikes are of good quality.

6. Are Nishiki Bikes Good Quality?

While Nishiki makes budget bikes, they don’t sacrifice quality. Their bikes feature sturdier and high-performance components to serve you better and last you longer.

The bikes are reliable in performance and easier to ride, making them beginner-friendly.  Overall, their MTBs and comfort bikes are among the best on the market.

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Closing Thought:

Now that you have a detailed Nishiki Vs Diamondback comparison, you can go ahead and choose between them.

As a recap, Nishiki suits entry-level budget buyers, especially those interested in MTBs and comfort bikes.

On the other hand, Diamondback suits more experienced cyclists who don’t mind paying more for a quality mountain bike or road bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the quality of Nishiki bikes?

Nishiki is well-recognized for its exceptional bikes. What sets them apart from other bike manufacturers is their focus on longevity and fine crafting in every detail of their bikes. For this reason, Nishiki bikes are considered highly reliable by riders across the globe. Every Nishiki bike is a product of painstaking effort, and this is evident in the bike’s performance on the road. As someone who has ridden a Nishiki bike for my daily commutes and weekend rides for many years, I can attest to their unwavering commitment to quality that guarantees a smooth and enjoyably ride every time.

Is Diamondback a respected bike brand?

Among the most esteemed bicycle brands in the world, Diamondback and Trek hold their ground. They provide a broad spectrum of bicycles to meet the needs of diverse riders – be it a biking enthusiast, a commuter, or an off-road adventurer. Their popularity reaches far and wide, thanks to the brand’s focused pursuit of superior quality and performance. Whether you choose a racing bike or a casual cruiser from these brands, you can be assured of excellent performance and longevity. Indeed, my riding experience has been enhanced significantly with a Diamondback bike that complements my biking needs.

Are Diamondback bikes suitable for those beginning their biking journey?

Most definitely. The Diamondback Hook is highly recommended for beginners embarking on their mountain biking journey. Priced at less than $700 post-discount, the Diamondback Hook makes for an economical but robust entry-level hardtail mountain bike. I remember when I decided to venture into mountain biking, my trusty Diamondback Hook stood by me, making this thrilling experience less daunting and more enjoyable.

Are Nishiki bikes produced by Giant?

Nishiki is an independent bike manufacturer. However, its roots can be traced back to two notable bike manufacturers: West Coast Cycle in the U.S., which first produced Nishiki bikes, and Giant of Taiwan, which took over the manufacturing later on. The first-ever Nishiki bike was crafted in Kobe, Japan, by Kawamura Cycle Co. My personal journey with biking began on a Nishiki bike, and knowing about its rich history and origins always makes me feel connected to the biking communities across the world.