Schwinn Meridian Tricycle Weight Limit & Rider’s Limit! ?

The Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike is one of the most high-capacity trikes on the market today. But what is the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle weight limit?

The 24” Schwinn Meridian Trike can hold up to 250-300 pounds, while the 26” Schwinn Meridian Trike can bear up to 300-350 pounds.  

Generally, knowing the Schwinn Meridian’s weight limit is crucial as it protects you from overloading the trike. If you exceed its weight limit, you could quickly lose control and crash.

Also, you could have a hard time pedaling, or worse; you could break something.

I’ll dig deeper into the weight limit of the 24” and 26” versions of the Schwinn Meridian.

Let’s get into it!

schwinn tricycle weight limit

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle Weight Limit: Schwinn Meridian 24 vs 26

24” Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

The manufacturer states 250 pounds, which I believe is the rider’s weight limit, to be the 24” Schwinn Meridian weight limit.

However, after reading most reviews, many users claim that the trike can hold up to 300 pounds.

That’s understandable if you add the rear basket’s 50-pound capacity to the rider’s recommended weight limit of 250 pounds.

There are even others who claim to load up to 350 pounds. But if I were you, I’ll do 250-300 pounds.

See what most users are saying about the 24” Schwinn Meridian Trike weight limit here.

Remember, the weight limit includes the rider’s weight and the cargo.

26” Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

The 26” Schwinn Meridian Trike comes with a 300-pound capacity.

However, many users claim that it can hold up to 350 pounds, while a few others argue that it can hold up to 400 pounds if you include the rear basket’s 50-pound capacity.

But if I were you, I’ll keep the tricycle weight limit between 300 and 350 pounds to be on the safer side.

See what users are saying about the weight limit of the 26” Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle here.

Overall, the 26” Schwinn Meridian has a slightly bigger capacity because its wheels are slightly bigger.

schwinn meridian trike weight limit

Why Does the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle Have Such A Huge Weight Limit?

With most tricycles averaging 250-275 pounds, the Schwinn Meridian is without a doubt a heavy load carrier.

But why is this trike stronger than most? I discovered that the vast weight limit on a Schwinn Meridian Tricycle is due to these reasons:

1. Robust Aluminum Frame

The manufacturer, Pacific Cycle, employs high-quality aluminum in the frame to promise two things. The first one is sturdiness and the second is a lightweight bike.

Aluminum is known to be super lightweight but more robust at the same time. As a result, it can support a vast weight without yielding to excess stress.

And like every other cycle by Schwinn, the Schwinn Meridian’s frame enjoys a five-year warranty.

2. Strong Wheels

Pacific Cycle employs alloy rims in the trike’s wheels which are not just lightweight but pretty sturdy.

In addition, the rims are supported by stainless steel spokes that make the wheels stronger.

The wheels are also relatively large, especially the 26-inch wheels, to offer you extra stability.

Moreover, they feature 2-inch tires that roll smoothly on-road.

3. High-Capacity Rear Basket

Remarkably, this trike comes with a solid rear basket with a 50-pound capacity.

The basket allows you to load your grocery supplies, backpack, and cargo. So, it hugely influences the Schwinn Tricycle weight limit.

Impressively, this rear basket is foldable to allow you to collapse it when not in use.

4. Wide Swept-Back Handlebar

There’s so much to fancy about the trike’s handlebar when it comes to supporting colossal weight.

For one, their swept-back design allows you to cycle upright, which means less weight on the handlebar. That also means less stress on your bike, thus great for back pain alleviation.

Two, the handlebars are wide apart to allow you to balance your weight on the bike.

I cannot forget to mention that they are adjustable between 37 inches and 40 inches, thanks to their quick release function. So, you can always find your comfort angle.

What Is The Rider Weight Limit On The 26” Schwinn Meridian

5. Shock-Absorbing Cruiser Saddle

There are several aspects of the trike’s saddles that you have to like.

For starters, it comes with dual spring suspension to absorb heavy impact. As a result, it’s able to take on extra load comfortably.

This cruiser saddle is also well cushioned to also improve your cycling comfort. In addition, it has a slight rise on its front to boost your stability, which is essential when you are overweight.

The best part is that its seat post is adjustable, and you can do it tool-free. The adjustable seat is why the trike suits riders who are 5’4”-6’2” tall.

6. Super-Low Geometry

This trike enjoys a super-low geometry with step-thru access. In addition, its step-thru frame offers you a low stand-over height to allow you to get on and off the trike quickly.

Schwinn Meridian Tricycle Review: Other Impressive Features

The Schwinn Meridian is not just about having a massive load capacity. This trike also has other unique features that make it a must-buy.

They include:

  • Single-Speed Drivetrain

The Schwinn Meridian comes only in one speed. Unfortunately, that means there is no shifting, which is quite a shame if you plan to ride off-road.

However, the good news is that it’s smooth and fast on paved roads, sidewalks, and other smooth surfaces.

Also, the drivetrain is cheaper to maintain.

  • Linear-Pull Brakes

This tricycle uses linear-pull brakes that are easily accessible on its handlebar. The brakes are generally easy to adjust and offer excellent stopping.

Plus, they are easier to maintain and repair.

  • Dual Fenders

Since the tricycle has a super-low geometry, the mud could easily splash on you. Luckily, that rarely happens as the trike features rear and front fenders.

  • Multiple Stylish Colors

If you care about a cycle’s aesthetics, you’ll love the Schwinn Meridian. It comes in seven stylish colors, which include red, green, slate blue, and white.

  • Two Sizes

Schwinn Meridian is available in two sizes; 26” Schwinn Meridian and 24” Schwinn Meridian. The reason for that is that the bike can target wide market size.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pacific Cycle offers you a limited lifetime warranty that runs active as long as you own the trike.

  • Reflectors

The trike also comes with reflectors that enhance your nighttime visibility and safety.

What Is The Weight Limit Of A Schwinn Tricycle


1. How Much Does A Schwinn Meridian Weigh?

The 26” Schwinn Meridian weighs 73 pounds, while the 24” Schwinn Meridian weighs 70 pounds. The weight difference is due to the difference in wheel size between the two tricycles.

2. How Wide Is The Schwinn Meridian?

The Schwinn Meridian is 31 inches when assembled.

3. What Is The Weight Limit Of A Schwinn Tricycle?

Schwinn tricycles generally have a 300-pound capacity. Some users, however, claim to load up to 350 pounds in some models.

4. What Is The Rider Weight Limit On The 26” Schwinn Meridian?

The rider’s weight limit on the 26” Schwinn Meridian Trike is about 250-280 pounds.

And with the rear basket capable of bearing up to 50 pounds, that gives you a load limit of 300 pounds or slightly more.

5. What Is the Advantage or Disadvantage of Schwinn Meridian 24 vs 26?

The 24” Schwinn Meridian handlebars are much higher than those of its 26” counterpart to save you from bending a lot.

So, if you have a backbone problem, the 24” trike is the better choice.

But if you are taller and heavier, the 26” Schwinn Meridian suits you more. The trike holds more weight and offers you a slightly higher stand-over height.

weight limit on a schwinn meridian tricycle

6. Can I Put An Additional Basket On The Front?

It’s okay to add a front basket on the trike if you wish to. That’ll mean more storage space.

However, it will help if you don’t overload it. If you do, that’ll make the steering harder and awkward.

7. What Is The Width Between The Two Back Wheels?

The two back wheels are about 26 inches apart. The overall width of the trike at the back, however, is about 28-29 inches.

8. How Heavy Is This Trike, Can It Be Rolled Down the Stairs?

The 26” Schwinn Meridian is 73 pounds heavy, while its 24” version is 70 pounds. So, this trike is twice as heavy as the average bicycle.

While it’s possible to roll it down the stairs, you need some extra muscles.

9. Who Should Ride The Schwinn Meridian?

According to the manufacture, anyone who is 5’4”-6’2” tall can ride the Schwinn Meridian.

However, since its weight limit is about 300-350 pounds, it doesn’t suit riders who weigh more than 300 pounds.

You must leave some weight allowance for your cargo.

tricycle weight limit

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Closing Thought:

There is no doubt that the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle weight limit is impressive. So, this tricycle is generally a good commuter trike and cargo carrier for anyone who wants to cruise around town.

The tricycle, however, suits seniors more due to its superior comfort features, reliable brakes, and robust build.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight capacity of a Schwinn Meridian tricycle?

Weight capacity is an essential factor to consider when choosing a tricycle to ensure your safety and the longevity of the trike. Generally, adult tricycles can support an average of up to 275 lbs. This capacity should include everything – from the rider’s weight to the weighs of the items you might carry, as well as the weight of the bike itself. If you exceed the tricycle’s weight limit, it tends to become difficult to steer, thus compromising rider safety. Remember, knowing the weight capacity is as crucial as understanding how to ride, as both ensure your best cycling experience.

How much does a Schwinn tricycle weigh?

The weight of your tricycle plays a significant role in how easy it is to steer and control, especially when riding at high speeds or going up and down hills. Unfortunately, Schwinn, the manufacturer, has not provided specific weight details for the Meridian model. However, adult tricycles are typically designed to be sturdy and can weigh more than a regular bike. Understanding the weight of your tricycle is crucial to account for when calculating the total weight you plan to carry and stay within its weight capacity.

What is the speed range of a Schwinn Meridian tricycle?

Speed varies significantly across different models of adult tricycles depending on their design, the number of gears, and other features. The Schwinn Meridian Deluxe, however, offers 3 speeds, making it ideal for those who want to cruise and enjoy an outdoor ride. This feature provides more diversity to your cycling experience, delivering excellent performance in various terrains. Besides its speed range, the Meridian Deluxe also offers a low step-through frame for easy access and plenty of cargo space for those days when you need to haul groceries or other goods.