Is Nishiki Better Than Schwinn? (Nishiki vs Schwinn)

Schwinn and Nishiki are arguably two of the most budget-friendly bike brands. As a result, it’s always debatable, ‘is Nishiki better than Schwinn or is it vice versa?’

While both bike brands are budget brands, Nishiki dominates Schwinn in the mountain bike line while Schwinn dominates Nishiki in the hybrid and road bike lines.

We’ll examine the two bike brands and compare them according to their focus line and individual components. We’ll also compare their prices.

Additionally, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

Hopefully, the information will make it easy for you to choose between the two.

Is Nishiki a good bike

Is Nishiki Better Than Schwinn? Side By Side Comparison

Let’s compare these bike brands under the following pillars:

1. Brand Overview


Schwinn is a big bike brand based in Chicago that’s currently owned by Dorel Industries but operating under the umbrella of Pacific Cycles.

Not only does Schwinn make bikes but scooters too.

Schwinn is quite famous for two reasons. For one, most of its bikes are budget-friendly. Two, their bikes are reliable in performance and exceptionally durable.

Schwinn bikes employ high-quality components in the bikes, and they are known to supply so many bike models and types, targeting different markets.


Nishiki was initially manufactured by Kawamura Cycles before Dicks Sporting Goods acquired ownership in 2010.

Today, about 50 bike models use the Nishiki brand name, and they come in different sizes.

Nishiki generally targets budget buyers, and so their bikes are more affordable than most of their competitors selling the same classes of cycles.

Sadly, Nishiki doesn’t have as many bike models as Schwinn, and their bikes also seem to be marginally heavier than Schwinn.

2. Focus Line – Nishiki Bikes Vs Schwinn

Overall, Nishiki concentrates more on producing the best mountain bike even though they also make other bike types.

Diamondback is probably their biggest competition when it comes to mountain bikes.

Schwinn, in contrast, concentrates more on hybrid bicycles and road bikes, even though they produce MTBs and other bike types.

Their hybrid and road bikes are known to be extra lightweight and maneuverable and feature quality components.

Verdict – Nishiki wins in the mountain bike production line while Schwinn dominates the hybrid and road bike lines.

3. Bike Frame – Nishiki Vs Schwinn Bikes

Most Nishiki bikes feature an aluminum frame that is reasonably lightweight and sturdy. Aluminum is also rust-resistant and reasonably strong.

The only issue is that it’s not easy to fix when it breaks.

Schwinn bikes, in contrast, mostly feature aluminum alloy, which enjoys a slight advantage in strength, durability, and weight over aluminum.

Verdict – While both frames are lightweight and relatively strong, Schwinn frames edge Nishiki frames narrowly for being marginally lighter and more robust.

4. Frame Size – Nishiki Bike Vs Schwinn

The only way you can have fun cycling is by getting a bike that fits you. In that case, you have to consider the frame size.

Nishiki offers at least four frame sizes in all of their models. So, they consider both adults and teenagers when they release a new bike.

While Schwinn is known to have more bike models, most of their models don’t come in multiple sizes.

A majority of them come in two sizes, and a perfect example is the Schwinn Volare 1400 Road Bike (View on Amazon) that comes in 19-inch and 53cm frames.

However, there are a few exemptions, such as the Schwinn GTX Comfort Bike (View on Amazon), available in 16-20 inch frames.

Verdict – Nishiki wins here, given that you’ll get at least four frame sizes of the same bike model.

Nishiki Bike Vs Schwinn

5. Wheel Size – Schwinn Vs Nishiki Bikes

Most Nishiki bike wheels start from 20-inch, and the wheels are generally stable, given that they are larger enough.

Schwinn bikes also have larger wheels, but they are slightly narrower to lower their rolling resistance. So, Schwinn wheels are often faster.

Both bikes feature double-wall rims on most of their bikes to guarantee robust but lightweight wheels.

Verdict – Both bikes feature large wheels that come at different diameters. But since Schwinn wheels are slightly narrower and marginally faster, Schwinn wins here.

6. Suspension System – Nishiki Vs Schwinn Mountain Bike

The commonest bicycles with suspension are MTBs, and so we’re going to compare the Nishiki and the Schwinn mountain bike.

The Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike (View on Amazon), for example, comes with a front suspension that cushions you when you go over challenging surfaces.

The bike suspension also gives you better handling control to allow you to maneuver the bike less stressfully.

Nishiki Pueblo Mountain Bike, on the other hand, also features a suspension fork that cushions your ride and lets you ride smoothly off-road.

Verdict – The two bike brands share the spoils here as we cannot find an outright winner. The exemptions are high-end Schwinn bikes which are a superior favorite.

7. Brakes

Nishiki uses linear-pull brakes on most of their bikes. Linear pull bikes are generally cheaper and not the best in wet conditions. They are, however, excellent in dry conditions and easier to maintain.

Schwinn, in contrast, uses linear-pull brakes mostly on road bikes and disc brakes on other hybrid bikes and most mountain bikes.

Overall, disc brakes are the most powerful and reliable in all weather conditions.

Verdict – Since Schwinn uses disc brakes in most bikes, their bikes have more powerful bikes. But again, linear-pull brakes are decent if you ride on dry roads.

8. Drivetrain – Nishiki Vs Schwinn Hybrid

Both bikes feature quality Shimano components, so choosing between the two depends on the number of speeds you prefer.

Let’s use their hybrid bikes for reference.

The best high-speed Nishiki hybrid bike is the Nishiki Tamarack Comfort Bike, which enjoys a 21-speed drivetrain.

In contrast, a Schwinn hybrid bike like the Schwinn GTX Comfort Bike enjoys up to 24 speeds to offer you a wider gear range.

So, even if the difference is by three speeds, it makes a difference when all riding conditions are equal.

Is Nishiki Or Schwinn Better

Verdict – Under fair conditions, a Schwinn hybrid offers you a wider gear range than a Nishiki hybrid.

9. Bike Price

While these two bike brands are known for their pocket-friendly bikes, Nishiki offers the most affordable option.

You can quickly get a budget Nishiki bike for less than $300, but the most budget-friendly Schwinn bike starts from $300 going up.

When comparing the two, we can argue that Schwinn is more of a high-end model than a budget choice. That’s because some Schwinn bikes score as much as $2,000, but most decent options average $500-$1,000.

Verdict – Nishiki scores again here for their outrageous affordable bikes. They’re peculiarly cheaper than Schwinn options.

Nishiki vs Schwinn: Which is Better Overall?

Before we can render a verdict, let’s go through our above discussion.

It’s clear that the two bike brands are lightweight, feature larger wheels, and their MTBs feature excellent suspension.

Nishiki wins, however, when it comes to multiple sizes of the same model and dominates the MTB sector. Additionally, Nishiki bikes are the cheapest overall.

While Schwinn bikes are not as cheap as Nishiki, they have more powerful brakes and a wider gear range. The bikes are also slightly lighter, and the brand dominates the hybrid and road bike lines.

So, if you want an MTB on a budget, go for a Nishiki brand. But if you want a decent hybrid or road bike, again on a budget, go for Schwinn.

Is Nishiki a good bike brand


1. Is Nishiki Or Schwinn Better?

Both Nishiki and Schwinn bikes are budget choices. Nishiki, however, dominates in the mountain bike production while Schwinn dominates in the hybrid and road bike lines.

Schwinn also has a broader range of bike models, some high-end than Nishiki’s.

2. Is Nishiki A Good Bike Brand?

Nishiki concentrates most effort on their mountain bikes. Their mountain bikes come with high-quality components and are reliable across varying terrains.

Nishiki bikes are generally budget-friendly, not just mountain bikes, and each model has about four different sizes to suit both the youth and adults.

Note, however, that if you want the most decent hybrid cycle or road bike and are on a budget, go for Schwinn.

3. Is Schwinn A Good Bike Brand?

Schwinn is generally a budget bike brand, even though they make a few high-end models.

Their bikes employ high-quality components that promise better performance across varying terrains.

Schwinn, however, dominates the hybrid and road bike sector.

If you want a decent mountain bike on a budget, you should consider a Nishiki MTB instead.

4. Why Are Schwinn Bikes So Expensive?

Not all Schwinn bikes are expensive. Those that are costly employ high-end components that cost the manufacturer more money to assemble and certify.

Schwinn’s most high-end bikes are rare models that are super comfortable, extra lightweight, and high-performers that promise value for money.

Closing Thought: So, is Nishiki better than Schwinn?

Nishiki focuses a lot on their mountain bike line, while Schwinn concentrates most on hybrid bikes and road bikes.

So, Nishiki mountain bikes are more reliable than their Schwinn counterparts, while Schwinn hybrid bikes and road bikes are more high-quality than their Nishiki counterparts.