Is Nishiki A Good Bike Brand?

Nishiki is a name popularly identified with vintage touring, trekking, and comfort bikes. But in addition to the three, Nishiki also makes mountain bikes, road bikes, and race bikes. But, is Nishiki a good bike?

Nishiki bikes are good for entry-level bikers on a budget. The bikes are easy to ride and come at affordable prices to suit beginner cyclists. What’s more, they are pretty strong and also suit cyclists with a vintage flair.

But does that means that these bikes are all perfect?

Nishiki cycles, like any other cycle, have their fair share of concerns. How about I take you through these concerns alongside the good?

That’ll help you decide if this bike brand suits you or not.

I’ll also recommend a few Nishiki bikes that you can get for the ultimate cycling experience. Plus, I’ll offer you a buying guide that you can use to find a decent Nishiki bike.

Nishiki bike prices

In a hurry? Then find the hottest and most budget-friendly Nishiki bikes to consider.

4 Best Nishiki Bikes

  1. Nishiki Boys Pueblo: Best Nishiki Mountain Bike
  2. Nishiki Trekking Master N8: Best Nishiki Trekking Bike
  3. The Nishiki 56cm Course Gents: Best Nishiki Road Bike
  4. Nishiki Tamarack Comfort Bike: Best Nishiki Hybrid Bike

Is Nishiki A Good Bike? The Good and the Bad

The Good About Nishiki Bicycles

Here are things to like about Nishiki two-wheels:

  • Entry-level style – Nishiki bicycles generally have a beginner-friendly geometry. You can jump on and off these bikes with ease, and you get to cycle without straining much.
  • Strong construction – Nishiki bikes generally come with solid frames to withstand aggressive cycling and huge weights.
  • Stylish vintage look – Nishiki cycles, especially their trekking and comfort bikes, are everything you expect from a vintage bicycle. They feature rare rack, chain guards, and dual fenders, among many other vintage add-ons.
  • Great for women – Nishiki offers women varieties to match the existing male options. The cycles come with step-thru frames that make them female-friendly.
  • Bikes for all ages – You’ll find Nishiki cycles for adolescents, teens, and adults. There’s an ideal bike for everyone with the name Nishiki before it.
  • Reasonable price – From a budget front, Nishiki has some of the most affordable entry-level bikes on the market. Nishiki bike prices are generally budget-friendly.

The Bad About Nishiki Bike

Here are a few concerns about Nishiki bicycles:

  • Heavier designs– Nishiki two-wheels, especially their mountain bikes and comfort bikes, are not the lightest. A majority average 30 pounds, which makes them slightly heavy and bulky. However, there are a few exceptions, like Nishiki race bikes, road cycles, and trekking options.
  • A few quality issues – Expectedly, Nishiki bicycles don’t lack a few quality concerns, given their price. The brakes, for example, are not the strongest, as reported by some customers. Some seats are also hard, and some bikes lack a kickstand.

So, Is Nishiki A Good Bike? Our Verdict

If you are an entry-level cyclist who’s crazy about vintage bikes, Nishiki is a decent brand to consider. After all, their bikes are budget-friendly.

You may, however, have to upgrade the brakes and seat as the latter lacks comfort while the former lacks quality.

That means that Nishiki bikes are not for serious cyclists or professionals; consider other options like Vilano bicycles or Mongoose bikes.

Is Nishiki A Good Bike

What Bikes Does Nishiki Make? (Nishiki Bike Review)

Four of the commonest bikes that Nishiki makes are:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Trekking bikes

Let’s discuss them:

1. Nishiki Mountain Bike

Nishiki has some of the most rugged and hard-hitting mountain bikes on the market. These off-road beasts are not just perfect for the mountains but all kinds of trails.

They come with knobby tires that easily roll over obstacles while offering maximum traction.

Remarkably, they have suspension either on the front wheel or both wheels to cushion you against the unforgiving potholes and bumps.

A Nishiki mountain bike like the Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20″ Mountain Bike impresses in many things and not just the suspension.

The Nishiki Boys Pueblo 20″ Mountain Bike Review

The Nishiki Boys Pueblo comes in size 20 (20-inch wheel size) to suit boys who are about 45-54 inches tall – mostly 5-8 years.

This steel-framed two-wheel is a decent climber, thanks to its ever-reliable suspension fork that readily soaks up the bumps.

Its linear-pull brakes are not just easy to engage but also flaunt their excellent stopping power. On the other hand, its resin flat handlebar is quite ergonomic, and so is its steel seat.

With a total weight of 29 pounds, this little beast can take on any terrain.

Moreover, its Shimano Revo twist shifters make hill-climbing almost hassle-free.

Best Features

  • 20-inch wheels
  • Steel frame
  • Suspension fork
  • Linear-pull brakes
  • Shimano Revo twist shifters
  • Steel seat

2. Nishiki Road Bike

Nishiki road bicycles are optimized for paved roads. So, whether you want to commute on urban roads, race, or cycle for fun, a Nishiki road bike is always a safe bet.

Their aggressive geometry and drop bars allow you to cycle in a more aerodynamic position, and they feature skinny tires for fast rolling.

The bikes are also pretty lightweight to also encourage fast riding. But unlike Nishiki MTBs, road bikes don’t come with suspension. As a result, they are not best for the unpaved roads.

On excellent road bike by Nishiki is the Nishiki 56cm Course Gents Road Bike

The Nishiki 56cm Course Gents – Nishiki Road Bike Review

The Nishiki 56cm Course Gents Road Bike features a racing-style double-butted aluminum frame and drop bars to encourage fast riding.

This road bike features carbon forks for bump absorption and an 18-speed shifter-integrated Shimano Sora gear system for easy climbing.

Plus, its double-wall 36-spoke rims are extra strong to tolerate huge weights.

What’s more, it features Tektro dual-pivot brakes and Selle Royal Seta racing-style saddle for the best on-road cycling experience.

56cm Course Gents Road Bicycle

Best Features

  • Double-butted aluminum frame
  • Drop bars
  • Carbon forks
  • 18-speed shifter integrated drivetrain
  • double-wall 36-spoke rims
  • Tektro dual-pivot brakes
  • Racing-style saddle

3. Nishiki Hybrid Bike Reviews

Do you wish to own and ride both an MTB and road bike but are tight on budget? Nishiki has a quick fix for you, and it’s called a hybrid bike (sometimes known as a comfort bike).

A hybrid bike brings the MTB’s and road bicycle’s worlds together to give you a versatile, all-terrain two-wheel.

So, you can comfortably ride the on-road (on paved roads) and off-road, making them a decent pick for commuting, casual riding, and short tours.

These bikes have flat bars just like MTBs, with some featuring front suspension and knobby tires.

One great pick is the Nishiki Women’s Tamarack Comfort Bike.

The Nishiki Women’s Tamarack Comfort Bike Review

If all you want is an all-terrain comfortable two-wheel commuter bike, very few can beat the Nishiki Women’s Tamarack Comfort Bike.

This Nishiki hybrid bicycle comes with a powerful front suspension that soaks up heavy impact and adjustable linear-pull brakes that relish crisp stopping power.

Its 21-speed Shimano drivetrain allows you to take on steep stretches, while its heat-treated steel frame promises lasting use.

Amazingly, its unique geometry and soft-gel saddle offer you unmatched comfort. And more, the seat comes with suspension to also cushion you against the bumps.

Nishiki women's tamarack comfort bike

Best Features

  • Front suspension
  • 21-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Soft-gel saddle with suspension
  • Heat-treated steel frame
  • Adjustable linear-pull brakes

4. Nishiki Trekking Bike

While comfort bikes are a hybrid of MTBs and road bicycles, trekking bikes are a hybrid of the two (road cycle and MTB) and a touring bike.

So, trekking bikes are more versatile than comfort bikes, making them an all-rounder choice.

They have a flat handlebar and enjoy an upright geometry. Plus, most of them come fitted with mudguards, chain guards, pannier racks, and kickstands.

Their gear range is quite impressive, making them a decent commuter choice. They are also equipped with a powerful suspension to allow you to go through the bumps more smoothly.

One fantastic choice is the Nishiki Trekking Men’s Bike Master N8.

The Nishiki Trekking Men’s Bike Master N8 Review

The Nishiki Trekking Master N8 features a touring-style aluminum frame that gives it a lightweight frame.

Its linear pull and coaster brakes are ever-reliable in bringing the bike to a stop. Off-road, you can count on its 40mm travel fork for shock absorption.

With the trekking bike featuring coming with skinny 700c tires, its rolling efficiency and speed are that of a road bike.

The bike also features an ergonomic seat to improve your overall comfort.

Furthermore, it comes with a high-quality internally-geared Shimano hub and super-lightweight wheels.

Best Features

  • Touring-style aluminum frame
  • Linear pull and coaster brakes
  • 40mm travel fork
  • Skinny 700c tires
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Internally-geared Shimano hub

Nishiki also makes these bikes:

  • Vintage Touring Bikes
  • Race Bikes

Quick Buying Guide for the Best Nishiki Bicycle

You want the best Nishiki bicycle, and that means prioritizing these factors:

  • Type of Cycling

Are you planning to ride your Nishiki bike on urban roads or off-road? If it’s the former, consider getting a Nishiki road bike.

And if it’s the latter, you cannot go wrong with a Nishiki MTB. Note, however, that a Nishiki hybrid or trekking bike will work both ways.

So, it’s generally crucial to consider your type of cycling when choosing a Nishiki two-wheel.

  • Frame Quality

You want a frame that can hold your weight, resist rusting, and is lightweight. In that case, consider double-butted aluminum and carbon fiber options.

Hi-ten steel is also a good choice given that it’s solid and rust-resistant. Sadly, it’s not as lightweight as steel or carbon fiber.

  • Quality Brakes

You want your bike to feature the most reliable and most potent brakes. In that case, you’ve to consider the type carefully.

Nishiki bicycles feature disc brakes, linear-pull brakes, v-brakes, and cantilever brakes. These brakes differ in quality, with the best being disc brakes.

If you get the others, you may probably want to upgrade them later, something you would rather avoid.

Nishiki bicycle reviews
  • Bike Comfort

Comfort is critical for any biker, and it comes in different forms. The seat, for starters, should be well-padded and assume the right shape.

The handlebar, on the other hand, should have a proper rise and grip. Also, don’t forget the bike suspension for absorbing the hard hits.

  • Accessories

Depending on cycling needs, your Nishiki bike should come with the right add-ons. If you are a racer or mountain biker, for instance, you will want your two-wheel to feature water mounts.

And if you are a commuter, you would love it to have a rear rack, reflective pedals, and fenders.

Nishiki Bicycle Reviews FAQs

1. What Does The Name Nishiki Mean?

Nishiki is a Japanese word for brocade or red repetition.

2. Who Owns Nishiki?

Nishiki is owned by a California-based manufacturer, West Coast Cycle.

West Coast Cycle, however, is not the original owner as the bike brand originates from Japan, where it was owned by Kawamura Cycle.

3. Who Makes Nishiki Bikes?

Currently, West Coast Cycle, an American-based company, makes and markets Nishiki bicycles. Initially, Nishiki cycles were made by the Japanese giant Kawamura Cycle.

4. Is Nishiki Or Schwinn Better?

Both Nishiki and Schwinn are known to make reasonably-priced entry-level bicycles.

Comfort-wise, Nishiki bicycles come with a firmer suspension to offer you more comfort than Schwinn.

But still, most Schwinn bikes are lighter than Nishiki bikes. What’s more, Schwinn has more bike varieties than Nishiki.

5. Is Nishiki A Good Bike Brand?

Nishiki is known to make affordable beginner-friendly bikes. Their bikes target both the young and the older generation and all genders.

Design-wise, Nishiki cycles are solid and easy to ride.

Given their performance and what you pay, there’s no doubt that Nishiki is a decent bike brand.

6. Are Old Nishiki Bikes Good?

Most Nishiki bicycles embrace a vintage style, which separates them from others. These bikes are also beginner-friendly and come at reasonable prices. So, yes, old or vintage Nishiki bikes are good.

Closing Thought:

So, is Nishiki a good bike? There is no doubt about it if all you want is an affordable beginner-friendly bike with a vintage touch.

Nishiki bikes are among the most budget-friendly entry-level bikes out there. Their vintage flair makes them unique, not forgetting their outstanding build quality.

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