why are BMX bikes so expensive

Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive?

BMX (short for Bicycle Motocross) racing is a popular sport among adventurous kids and some adults. The problem is that some BMX bikes cost as much as $1000 or more, …

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why are BMX hubs so loud? - A boy in shorts riding a bike

Why Are BMX Hubs So Loud?

Which hub is better, a loud one or a silent one? Going by what is on most cyclists’ forums, you will realize that people have divided opinions. All the same, …

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what are bmx bikes good for

What Are BMX Bikes Good For?

I’ve had first-hand experience with BMX bikes, and I must confess they are the most robust and virtually indestructible two-wheelers. But what are BMX bikes good for exactly if not …

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Are Mongoose BMX Bikes Good

Are Mongoose BMX Bikes Good?

Mongoose is one of the pioneer brands that design some of the best bikes across different categories, with BMX bikes being the most criticized model in their product line. The …

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can adults ride bmx bikes

Can Adults Ride BMX Bikes?

Ripping around berms, piloting over jumps, and performing advanced tricks such as 180-degres, J hops, bunny hops, spine transfer, and fakie is fun for kids and teens who love to …

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