Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive?

BMX (short for Bicycle Motocross) racing is a popular sport among adventurous kids and some adults. The problem is that some BMX bikes cost as much as $1000 or more, which surprises many. But why are BMX bikes so expensive?

BMX bikes are first expensive because they are lighter than most bikes, thus more maneuverable. Secondly, they are stronger, therefore adaptable to rough usage, and thirdly, they are more responsive across varying terrains.

why are bmx bikes expensive

In addition to the three reasons, we’ll look at how the bike’s versatility, simplicity, and brand name influence the price.

But just a heads up; even though BMX bikes are generally expensive, they are not as costly as mountain bikes, fat bikes, or e-bikes.

Not only will I discuss the average cost of BMX bikes, but I’ll also recommend some of the most affordable choices.

Let’s get started!

Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive?

Primarily, BMX bikes are expensive due to these three reasons:

1. BMX Bikes Are Lighter Weight

You need the most lightweight bike to perform stunts, jump across obstacles, and even race. Luckily, that’s what BMX bikes are all about.

They come in quality but lightweight frames, mostly Chromoly steel, to allow you to maneuver them quickly and more comfortably.

You can easily lift a BMX and turn it midair and pedal fast, all because of its lighter weight. So, you pay for that.

Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Race Bike

2. BMX Bikes Are Stronger

One word describes BMX bikes, and that’s endurance. BMX biking is a rugged sport that calls for an equally rugged frame.

Manufacturers invest a lot in engineering a more robust bike frame without being heavy.

Their strong frames are adaptable to withstand heavy impact and rough riding on the streets, parks, and dirt trails. So, you pay more for their strength and adaptability.

3. BMX Bikes Are More Responsive

The other primary reason you pay more for a BMX is the bike’s ability to take on unpredictable terrains. BMX bikes are more responsive than most bikes, even when you are not sure about the landscape.

Though they are not 100% safe, they are more secure than most bikes, making them more expensive.

Other Reasons Why BMX Bikes Are So Expensive

In addition to the above reasons, BMX bikes are also expensive because of the following:

  • Their versatility makes them expensive

BMX bikes are versatile. Not only can you do stunts with them, but you can also race. And if you ride on urban roads, you can use a BMX for short-distance commutes and around-town cruising.

  • Their simplicity plus ease of maintenance make them expensive

BMX bikes come single-geared, which means their drivetrains suffer fewer repairs. So their maintenance is cheap.

They also lack a suspension, and that translates to less maintenance. So, you pay more for the inexpensive maintenance costs.

  • Brand names make them expensive

Sometimes, you pay more for a BMX bike because of its brand name.

Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX Bike

Brands like WeThePeople, Mongoose, Haro, Kink, Eastern, and Diamondback Bicycles, for example, are more established. In consequence, their bikes are costlier than those of less-known BMX brands.

How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost?

Let’s talk about the actual costs of BMX bikes

With BMX bikes, there’s a bike for every price point. If you are a novice on a tight budget, you can get a BMX for under $500.

Be careful with such a price point, however, as most budget BMX bikes are low quality. You cannot expect them to serve you longer. Far from that, they are likely to suffer a lot of repair issues.

There are, however, a few decent options that may not match high-end options but promise value for what you pay for.

On a high-end, you can expect BMX bikes to average $1000-$1500, depending on the brand. A BMX brand like WeThePeople is known to make the most expensive BMX bikes globally.

Their most expensive BMX bike, WeThePeople Envy, currently is the costliest bike globally, averaging $1,500.

But if you are looking for a decently quality BMX bike without sacrificing much, it’ll cost you $500-$1000.

Below is a table breakdown you can use.

BMXPrice Range Suitability
Budget BMX$250-$500Beginner cyclist
Mid-Range BMX$500-$1,000Regular (casual) cyclist
High-End BMX$1,000-$1,500Pro rider

From the table, you can go for a budget BMX if you are a beginner. You should, nevertheless, do your homework to avoid options that are inferior in quality.

You can tell that from their frames, which usually are heavier but not more robust or durable. They also feature low components.

But Are There Any Good Cheap BMX Bikes?

Well, I did a little homework and discovered a few fantastic BMX bikes on a budget.

They may not serve you are long as the mid-range or high-end options but are generally ride-friendly, easy to maintain, and feature reasonably quality components.

Find those bikes in the list below:

Mid-range BMX bikes don’t disappoint despite coming at reasonable prices. You can use them for casual riding, more so when you ride regularly.

But if you are a pro cyclist, then you should go for a high-end option. Though you pay more, it serves you better.

Overall, Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A BMX Bike?

Typically, BMX bikes come in two versions; complete and custom (or build).

A complete BMX is the standard option with regular predesigned components and a frame ready for cycling.

A build version, on the other hand, comes with custom-made parts to suit your cycling needs.

However, complete bikes are cheaper than build-BMX. So, it’s generally more affordable to buy a BMX (complete BMX) than build one.

In most cases, it is pro riders who build BMX, but they want the bikes to suit their professional cycling needs.

If you are not a pro (advanced) rider, you can comfortably settle for a complete option. After all, it’s cheaper and will serve the purpose.

What Is Special About A BMX Bike?

BMX bikes are special because of the three reasons we discussed. Their construction makes them special.

These bikes are lightweight, more robust, and adaptable, which means they are worth what you pay.

And since they have fewer repair issues, it means you won’t be spending a lot of money servicing them.

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Their design lets you ride them for fun, throw them around, and try tricks you’ve never tried.


1. Why Are BMX Bikes Expensive?

BMX bikes are generally expensive due to their lightweight and robust construction and responsive nature. Also, factors like brand name, bike versatility, and ease of maintenance make them expensive.

2. Why Are BMX Bikes So Popular?

BMX biking is a thrilling sport. The adrenaline rush moves most young adults and kids to embrace the sport more and the reason behind its popularity.

But still, their almost indestructible construction makes them popular.

3. Do Adults Ride BMX Bikes?

There is no age limit for BMX riding. Though BMX bikes predominate the younger generation, adults too can ride them. But given the bikes’ small frames, some adults, more so taller ones, may find them uncomfortable.

4. Are BMX Bikes Worth It?

BMX bikes are strong and adaptable to take on rugged and unpredictable terrains. They are also lightweight for easy maneuver, stunts performance, and racing.

Their construction enables you to ride them longer. Moreover, their versatility is unquestionable. So, yes, BMX bikes are worth it.

BMX biking can be dangerous when you try dangerous stunts ungeared and with no experience.

Most cyclists suffer from concussions after hitting their heads on the ground. So, you must wear the right gear before trying a risky stunt on a BMX.

6. What Is The Most Expensive BMX In The World?

Today, the most expensive BMX bike globally is the WeThePeople (WTP) Envy by WeThePeople. The BMX bike averages $1550 and comes custom-made with the most high-end components.

7. Why Are BMX Bikes So Small?

Experts argue that the smaller a bike is, the higher it’s likely to jump. Also, it’s generally easy to pedal a smaller bike than a bigger one. And when it comes to doing stunts, a smaller bike is more maneuverable.

8. How Long Will A BMX Bike Last?

Most BMX parts start to wear out after 1000-3000 miles of cycling, depending on how aggressive you ride. Note, however, that high-end BMX bikes feature more durable parts.

Thus they are likely to have a longer mileage, especially with proper maintenance.

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Closing Thoughts: Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive?

BMX bikes are expensive because they are lighter in weight, more robust in build, and more responsive. However, you cannot overlook the brand name, the bikes’ versatility, and ease of maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BMX an Expensive Sport?

Affordability is relative and the BMX sport could appear high-end to some people. At an average cost of $2000, building a BMX bike isn’t cheap. However, if you’re new to the sport, you don’t have to start off with a high-end build. There are lower-priced BMX bikes for beginners that average around $500. These bikes are still good quality and provide a great introduction to the sport. As your passion grows and your skills improve, you can gradually upgrade pieces of your lower-priced bike one component at a time, to reach the quality of higher-priced bikes. I remember when I just started out in BMX. Like most beginners, I was on a budget and couldn’t afford the costly bike parts at the time. It was more economical for me to start with a cheaper model and upgrade as time went on. Today, the bike I have is of high quality, and I achieved this on a budget.

Is it Cheaper to Build a BMX?

If you’re thinking of a fully customized bike, be prepared to invest quite a bit. The cost of a custom build is generally higher than a complete bike due to the quality of the specific components you’ll be picking yourself. You’ll inevitably want to pick high-quality, sturdy parts to withstand the tough nature of the sport, equating to a high overall cost. For instance, if you consider a bike such as the Wethepeople envy, the cost of the frame, fork, wheels, and cranks alone are almost as much as the whole bike. When I was building my first custom bike, I quickly realized that getting exactly what you want comes at a cost. But, in the end, the quality of my bike was worth every penny.

What is the Average Cost of a BMX Bike?

The price spectrum when it comes to BMX bikes is quite broad. It’s influenced by several factors, including the quality of components, bike size, and design. After doing some research, I found out that BMX bikes could cost as little as $100 or as much as $500. The majority of bikes fall between $150 and $350. When I was purchasing my first ever BMX bike, I spent hours comparing prices and quality and finally settled on a bike that cost me $250. I can tell you from experience, it was worth every penny!

What is so Special About BMX?

BMX (bicycle motocross) bikes are unique and special because they are designed with a specific purpose in mind – for performing jumps, tricks, and stunts. Unlike regular bikes, BMX bikes aren’t primarily built for roadside riding. They often need a designated area like a skate park or a pump track, depending on the style of riding you prefer. From personal experience, I can tell you that tackling jumps and pulling off stunts on a BMX bike gives an adrenaline rush like no other! Besides that, they make a fantastic choice for kids’ bikes. They’re sturdy, easy to maneuver, and kids love them for their vibrant, sporty look.