do bmx bikes have brakes

Do BMX Bikes Have Brakes?

The stopping power of a regular bike rests on the brake set. Squeeze the lever, the pad makes contact with the rim, the bike slows down, and you stop. But …

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what are bmx frames made of

What Are BMX Frames Made Out Of?

BMX bikes have been around since the late sixties and have become among the most popular two-wheelers for street racing. If you ask anyone about stunts in a cycling craze, …

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why do bmx bikes make noise

Why Do BMX Bikes Make Noise?

I can’t count how many times my BMX bike just couldn’t move smoothly without making a rattling noise. Sometimes it’s a low, unswerving sound. Other times, it’s a loud clicking …

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can bmx bikes pedal backwards

Can BMX Bikes Pedal Backwards?

My undying obsession with BMX bikes had had me researching and experimenting different riding techniques lately. And one of the techniques I’ve been dying to try out is pedaling backward …

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Can A BMX Go Off Road

Can A BMX Bike Go Off-Road?

Traditionally, BMX bikes are perfect for stunts and incredible tricks. But for those of us who might want to take the bike beyond street and skate parks, it’s easy to …

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Do BMX Bikes Have Gears

Do BMX Bikes Have Gears?

We know BMX bikes to be many things. By definition, they’re bikes with short pedal reach, low seats, and durable crankset. Put them to rough use and they’ll stand up …

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Are Diamondback BMX bikes good

Are Diamondback BMX Bikes Good?

When you think about flipping through air with blind landing, jumping in extreme length, and doing stunts that defy the laws of gravity, no other two-wheeler comes to mind than …

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