Best BMX Bikes For Tall Guys ?

BMX bikes are unrivaled in doing stunts and racing on the street and dirt paths. But due to their smaller frames, it makes one wonder if there are any BMX bikes for tall guys.

Well, tall guys mostly require 20-inch or 24-inch BMX bikes with a 20.5-21.5 inch top tube length and an expert, pro size, or pro XL frame size.  

BMX bike for a tall guy

So, regardless of height, you should match the bike’s top tube length and frame size with your height.

You probably don’t know this, but there are BMX guys for 6 feet guys, and I’m going to reveal them in this post.

But before that, I’ll provide a sizing guide to help you find the right BMX bike for your height.

Additionally, I’ll share other buying considerations to help you find a BMX that not only fits you but is high-quality.

But first, let’s answer this – Can tall guys ride BMX?

In a rush? Below are outstanding BMX models that tall guys like you can ride.

3 Best BMX Bikes for Tall guys

  1. Mongoose Legion L80: Best Freestyle BMX for Tall Riders
  2. Mongoose Title Elite Pro: Best Pro Race BMX for Tall Rides
  3. Proline Pro 24: Alternative Pro Race BMX for Tall Riders

Everyone can ride BMX bikes, and that includes tall guys.

Just search for Van Homan or even Big James next to the term BMX, and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

These 6 feet plus guys are popularly known for their incredible BMX riding prowess, and they are not the only ones.

Overall, the only challenge for tall guys is that BMX bikes have smaller wheels, mostly 20-inch, and their frames are equally smaller.

So, most of them find them smaller and uncomfortable.

Mongoose Freestyle-BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Note, however, that there are reasons why BMX bikes come in such compact designs. The compactness makes it easy to coordinate and balance.

Overall, no matter what your height is, there is a befitting BMX for you. You only have to get the sizing correct, as I explain below.

What Size BMX Bike Should I Get For My Height?

Given that BMX bikes mostly come with 20-inch wheels and only a few featuring 24-inch, you cannot use the wheel size to find your bike size.

Instead, you should look at the bikes’ top tube length or frame size, or both and match them with your height.

What size BMX for tall rider? Here is a table you can use as your BMX sizing guide.

Rider’s Height Average Age (Years)Frame Size (Inches)Top Tube Length  (Inches)
Below 4’0”Under 5Micro mini (15-16”)Less than 18”
4’0”-4’6”5-7Mini (16-17”)18-18.5”
4’5”-4’10”8-10Junior (17-18.5”)19-19.5”
4’5”-5’2”10-13Expert (18.5-19.5”)19.5-20”
4’8”-5’5”10-13Expert (18.5-19.5”)20.5-21”
5’6”-5’10”13+Pro (20-20.5”)21-21.5”
5’8”-6’10”13+Pro XL (20.5”+)21.5″ +

Other Buying Considerations for the Best BMX Bike for Tall Guys

Remember, getting a good BMX goes beyond getting the frame size and top tube length correctly. You also need a quality, sustainable, and durable bike and that means considering the following:

a) Build Quality

BMX riding is a sport of aggressive pedaling, high-jumps, and intricate stunts. All that means that you need a high-quality bike to take on everything you throw at it.

In general, you can judge a quality bike from its construction. For starters, the frame has to be fatigue-resistant, and that brings us to hi-ten steel.

Though hi-ten steel is heavier, its robustness and stress resistance is unmatched.

But if you want a lighter option, you can go for aluminum or Chromoly Steel. The two are not just lightweight but also durable.

Also, consider a high spoke count and robust rims as they indicate stronger wheels.

b) Weight Limit

Even if the frame and tube length match your height,  the BMX will only fit you if it can hold your weight.

Usually, the taller you are, the weightier you are likely to be.

Note that not all manufacturers indicate the BMX’s load capacities. So, you may have to inquire from them.

c) BMX Types

Essentially, BMX bikes for tall riders come in two styles:

  • Freestyle BMX

Freestyle BMX bikes are specifically for doing tricks and jumping over obstacles. So, they come in robust construction to tolerate aggressive handling.

However, they are slightly heavier than their race counterparts, mainly due to their hi-ten steel frames.

An example is the Mongoose Legion L80 BMX.

Mongoose Legion L80 BMX
  • Race BMX

Race BMX bikes come lightweight, mainly featuring aluminum frames, for easy racing on dirt paths and streets. Their lighter designs make pedaling much comfortable.

However, unlike freestyle BMX, race BMX bikes may not bear aggressive manipulation like stunts and high jumps. So, they aren’t best for tricks.

An example is the Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX.

d) Additional Considerations

Also, consider the following in a BMX bike for a tall guy:

  • A smaller gear ratio to encourage easy pedaling, preferably 25/9
  • Wider tires for smooth rolling on parks and streets
  • Slimmer tires and rims for race BMX
  • Wide platform pedals for easy pedaling
  • A more cushioned saddle if you are a beginner
  • Riser bars for freestyle BMX
  • Rim brakes for crisp stopping

Best BMX Bike For 6 Foot Tall Reviewed!

Here are three fantastic BMX bikes for tall guys:

1. Mongoose Legion L80 BMX (Rider’s Height: 5’6″-6’0″)

If you are looking for a stunt BMX for tall guys with or without experience, get the Mongoose Legion L80 BMX.

This freestyle BMX suits beginners, intermediate cyclists, and pros. Though it only features 20-inch wheels, its 20.75-inch top tube makes it suitable for 5’6″-6’0″ tall riders.

Everything about the Mongoose Legion L80 shouts quality. For one, its aluminum u-brake guarantees precise speed control, whereas its sealed frame headset promises optimal steering.

On the other hand, its 2.35-inch wide tires offer you massive traction and control.

Moreover, the BMX comes with removable brake mounts, Chromoly spindle crank, and alloy chainring.

2. Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX (Rider’s Height: 6’0″ +)

The Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX comes with a 21.7-inch top tube, which makes it suitable for guys who are at least 6 feet.

This BMX for tall guys can accommodate such heights despite only featuring 20-inch wheels.

It’s essentially a race BMX, which means you can use it for casual or competitive racing. Overall, it suits both intermediate cyclists and pro riders.

Mongoose Title Elite Pro comes in a butted aluminum frame that’s not just lightweight but reasonably robust to tolerate aggressive handling.

Plus, it comes with double-wall rims that offer it natural strength and enjoys reliable aluminum linear-pull brakes for precise speed control.

You have to read the bike’s customer reviews on a site such as Amazon to understand what I’m saying.

Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX

3. Proline Pro 24 BMX (Rider’s Height: 6’0″ +)

Here is another race BMX bike for guys who are 6 feet plus. This BMX is designed for those who are serious about cycling.

So, unlike its counterpart above, the Proline Pro 24 BMX is only for professional racers.

Its 24-inch wheels give it a massive built, extra stability, and rolling efficiency.

On the other hand, its frame has an integrated head tube, and the bike enjoys a full-enclosed cassette hub.

It enjoys a pivotal saddle with no padding – that’s all about racing efficiency and not sitting comfort.

Plus, its seat features a quick-release clamp that you can adjust seamlessly.

Furthermore, the BMX features a 24mm Chromoly steel spindle, Chromoly tapered fork, and a high-quality bottom bracket to promise superior performance.

FAQs on BMX Bikes for Tall Riders

1. What Size BMX for Tall Rider?

You should match the BMX frame size or top tube length with your height.

Here’s a table to use in that aspect:

Rider’s Height Frame Size (Inches)Top Tube Length  (Inches)
Below 4’0”Micro mini (15-16”)Less than 18”
4’0”-4’6”Mini (16-17”)18-18.5”
4’5”-4’10”Junior (17-18.5”)19-19.5”
4’5”-5’2”Expert (18.5-19.5”)19.5-20”
4’8”-5’5”Expert (18.5-19.5”)20.5-21”
5’6”-5’10”Pro (20-20.5”)21-21.5”
5’8”-6’10”Pro XL (20.5”+)21.5″ +

2. How Tall Should You Be For a 20 Inch BMX Bike?

Essentially, 20-inch bikes are designed for kids who are about 4’5-4’10” or 6-10 years. However, many adults nowadays ride 20 inch BMX bikes with a top tube length of about 20.5-21.5 inches.

Interestingly, some of these adults are as tall as 6 feet.

3. Can Adults Ride BMX Bikes?

There are no age limits when it comes to riding BMX bikes. Though BMX bicycles are smaller in size, most of its riders are youths and adults.

So, yes, adults can ride BMX bikes, provided its frame size and top tube length match their height.

4. Why Are BMX Bikes So Expensive?

BMX bikes are primarily expensive because of their lightweight, robust, and responsive construction. They are maneuverable and adaptable to harsh terrains and allow you to use them on edge.

5. Is BMX Too Late To Start?

It’s never late for anyone to start riding a BMX. BMX bikes suit both kids and adults, and even seniors. A guy like Paul Monsey started riding BMX at 65, and he is one of the best BMX cyclists.

So, age is not deterrence.

6. Are BMX Bikes Worth It?

BMX bikes are known for their robust and lightweight builds. Their build enables them to take on heavy impact, aggressive braking, and fast pedaling.

So, you pay for performance, and that makes BMX bikes worth it.


Concluding Thoughts on BMX Bikes for Tall Guys:

Now you know what the best BMX bikes for a tall person like you are. You also understand how you can find your most befitting choice.

It’s thus time to get a tall BMX to start relishing the thrill that comes with BMX biking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can tall people participate in BMX biking?

Yes, absolutely. I can speak from my personal experience as a 6’4″ tall BMX rider. I understand all too well the challenges that tall riders face – back pain often being the primary one as we’re constantly hunching over. However, the love for the sport pushed me to find solutions and continue riding. The key lies in ensuring your bike fits your height properly. Take time to adjust the seat, handles, and pedals to match your height and consequently lower the strain on your back while riding. Don’t forget to engage in regular stretching and exercises as well. A well-balanced physical routine can be a lifesaver in minimizing back issues for tall BMX riders.

What is the best BMX bike for a tall or heavy rider?

The answer, according to my experience and research, is the Mongoose Legion L80 Freestyle BMX Bike. Its 4130 Chromoly front triangles and BMX freestyle geometry are designed to withstand heavier weights, making it a top choice for heavy riders. Rigidity and the ability to absorb shock are crucial for the comfort and safety of riders and this bike delivers just that. The inclusion of an integrated headset and a mid-BB shell further ensure a snug and smooth ride, irrespective of your weight. Investing in the right bike can make a significant difference to your riding experience and I found that the Mongoose Legion L80 fits the bill perfectly.

What should be your height for riding a 20 inch BMX bike?

Typically, a 20 inch BMX bike is suitable for riders with a height ranging between 4’2″ to 5’10”. The size of the bike’s wheelbase often determines its suitability for riders of different heights. However, it’s important to remember that the ideal bike size also depends on your personal comfort and riding style. Therefore, Always ensure to test ride a BMX bike wisely before purchasing it, to confirm whether it aligns well with your height and comfort level.