How Fast Does A 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

Speed reigns supreme in the dirt biking sector, and one of the speediest options is a 70cc dirt bike. So, as a cautious parent, you’ve to wonder, ‘how fast does a 70cc dirt bike go?’

While 4-stroke 70cc dirt bikes can attain a top speed of 30-41mph, depending on the brand, their 2-stroke siblings can hit 40-50mph, also depending on the brand.

So, the key speed differentiators for 70cc dirt bikes are engine stroke and brand. I’ll discuss how these two factors and a few others, like terrain and rider experience, determine 70cc dirt bikes’ top speed.  

But first, let me help you understand the 70cc dirt bike.     

how fast does a 70cc dirt bike go

What is a 70cc Dirt Bike Exactly?

A 70cc dirt bike is a dirt bike with an engine-displacement capacity of 70 cubic centimeters. Usually, a cc signifies the volume of the dirt bike’s engine cylinder, and the higher the cc, the more powerful the engine is and the faster it’s likely to go.

So, typically, a70cc is more powerful and faster than a 40cc, 50cc, and 60cc under uniform conditions. On the flip side, a 70cc is less powerful and slower than an 80ccc, 100cc, 125cc, going up.

Here are a few basics:      

· Preferred Age

70cc dirt bikes generally suit kids from 7 to 13 years, and others fit adults. But overall, kids aged under 7 years shouldn’t ride this dirt bike as it’s too intense and hard to handle. Instead, such kids should get a dirt bike that’s within the range of 40cc-65cc.

· Load Capacity

Most 70cc dirt bikes can support up to 130 pounds, making them stronger and dependable for young kids. And with most kids between 7 and 13 years averaging less than 130 pounds, 70cc dirt bikes are pretty reliable.   

· Engine Stroke

70cc dirt bikes come either as 2-stroke or 4-stroke. On the one hand, 2-stroke engines are more powerful, lighter, and often speedier. They are, however, noisier and too intense, thus unideal for beginners.

4-stroke engines, on the other hand, are heavier but quieter and more stable, thus beginner-friendly. Speed-wise, however, they are slower because of their extra weight.

·  Bike Weight

Some 70cc dirt bikes are heavier than others. But often, 4-stroke options weigh more than 2-stroke. You can expect a few 2-stroke options to weigh under 100 pounds, but most 4-stroke 70cc dirt bikes weigh 100-130 pounds.

How Fast Does A 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

70cc dirt bikes differ in speed primarily depending on the stroke. Let’s discuss the two options.

How Fast Does a 4-Stroke 70ccc Dirt Bike Go?

4-stroke 70cc dirt bikes are heavier than 2-stroke, making them slightly slower. But even so, these dirt bikes can hit 30-41mph under good racing conditions, all depending on the brand.

For example, Coolster 4-stroke 70cc dirt bikes average 30-34 mph top speed while some Moto-Tec 70cc 4-stroke engines can hit 41mph.

That is the case with the MotoTec X1 700c Dirt Bike. Its 41mph top speed makes it one of the fastest 4-stroke 70cc dirt bike engines on the market.

how fast do 70cc dirt bikes go

How Fast Does A 2-Stroke 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

2-stroke 70cc dirt bikes have fewer mechanical parts, thus lighter. Their lighter weight often translates to more speed, and for that reason, these dirt bikes can hit a top speed of 40-50mph, according to the brand.

Note, however, that such a top speed is only achievable if you meet certain conditions or factors. Let’s discuss them next.

Factors that Determine 70cc Dirt Bikes’ Top Speed

Here are the general factors that determine a 70cc dirt bike’s top speed:

a) Engine stroke

As discussed, 70c dirt bikes come in two-stroke and four-stroke options, but the former is faster than the latter.

b) Bike Weight

Usually, the heavier the 70cc dirt bike, the slower it is likely to be and vice versa. So, it’s easy for lightweight 70cc engines to hit top speed than heavier options.

c) Terrain

Terrains that allow you to ride a dirt bike smoothly make it easy to hit top speed with a 70cc engine. That’s unlike rough terrains, which are likely to offer you lots of resistance when trying to move fast.

d) Rider Experience

While 70cc dirt bikes are primarily kids’ dirt bikes, they are not necessarily entry choices. Some kids transition from lower CCs such as 40cc, 50cc, or 60cc, which means they are more experienced.

Such kids are likelier to ride 70cc dirt bikes more confidently and faster. That’s unlike first-timers, who are too scared to ride fast.

e) Brand

Different 70cc dirt bike brands have different speed limits, some better than others.

Here are 3 of the best 70cc dirt bike brands you can count on for the fastest speeds:

1. Coolster

Coolster makes a variety of 70cc dirt bikes for kids of varying ages and budgets, and they come with varying speed limits.

The Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike 70cc (View on Amazon), for example, can hit 30mph or more. Even better, it does so while bearing a load of up to 130 pounds.

The Coolster QG-210 and the Coolster Dirt Bike Semi-Automatic, on the other hand, can hit a maximum speed of 34mph, making them the fastest 4-stroke 70cc dirt bikes by Coolster.

Mark you; these two bikes can hold up to 111 pounds while flying that fast!

how fast does a 70cc coolster dirt bike go
2. MotoTec

MotoTec doesn’t shun rubbing shoulders with the big players in the game. The manufacturer makes speedy 70cc dirt bikes with incredible carry capacity.

For example, their MotoTec X1 700c Dirt Bike can hit a top speed of 41mph, as I mentioned earlier, making it outrageously fast.

So, it’s perfect for motocross racing and generally accommodates kids starting from 13 years. In that case, adults too can ride this 70cc dirt bike as long as they fit and it holds their weight.

3.  X-Pro

X-Pro is popularly known for high-speed kids’ bikes. So, naturally, they stock 70cc options.

One of their finest 70cc engines is the X-Pro 70cc Dirt Bike. This dirt bike can hit 30mph or more, despite being a 4-stroke.

Amazingly, it enjoys a semi-automatic transmission system that makes it easy to ride, thus kids’ friendly.

Are 70cc Dirt Bikes Safer for Kids?

With 70cc dirt bikes hitting a top speed of more than 30mph, you must be concerned about your kid’s safety as a parent. So, are you wondering if these speedy two-wheel beasts are safe?

Well, just because a dirt bike’s top speed is 30+mph doesn’t mean that your kid will be moving that fast.

Remember, several factors determine a dirt bike’s top speed, one of which is the rider’s experience. In that case, if your kid is not experienced, then they won’t be able to ride fast.

The other thing is that most 70cc dirt bikes come with adjustable speed limiters, which enables your youngster to ride under a specific speed limit.

So, if your question was whether 70cc dirt bikes are safer for kids, the answer is YES. You, however, have to monitor them and encourage them to wear safety dirt biking gears.

That includes a helmet, riding boots, chest protectors, and pads, which you can find on Amazon.

how to make a 70cc dirt bike faster

How to Make a 70cc Dirt Bike Faster

Generally, not all 70cc dirt bikes reach their potential top speeds. So, what do you do in such a case?  

Well, here are expert tips that can help you boost your 70cc engine power and speed:

  • Regular tune-ups – Learn to tune up the bike as often as possible or per the manufacturer’s recommendation. You can follow its manual to do it or take it to a dirt bike shop, where they’ll know what to do. Remember, good tune-ups equal power and speed.
  • Use better quality fuel – Cheaper fuel from local gas stations hurt your engine in the long run. If you want your machine to perform smoothly and hopefully allow you to ride faster, you should go for premium high-octane.
  • Go light – Don’t overload your 70cc dirt bike as the extra load slows you down. And if possible, try shedding off some weight as the lighter you are, the faster you are likely to go.
  • Upgrade the exhaust – A better exhaust improves the engine performance and boosts its speed. So, consider getting a quality exhaust for your 70cc dirt bike.

People Also Ask

1. How Fast Is 70cc On a Dirt Bike?

70cc stands for an engine displacement capacity of 70 cubic centimeters. Depending on the dirt bike brand and terrain, such a capacity enables you to hit up to 30mph or more.

2. How Fast Does A 70cc Pit Bike Go?

A 70cc pit bike can go as fast as 30-40mph, depending on the brand and the nature of the terrain. Other factors determining its speed include the rider’s experience, engine stroke, and load.

3. How Fast Is 70cc 4 Stroke?

4-stroke 70cc dirt bikes are not as speedy as 2-stroke. While 2-stoke 70cc dirt bikes can hit 40-50mph, depending on terrain, most 4-stroke options can travel at a top speed of 30-4mph.

4. How Fast Does a Honda 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

A Honda 70cc dirt bike can hit a top speed of 30mph or more depending on the engine stroke. 2-stroke Honda 70cc engines are usually the fastest, enabling you to attain a speed of up to 45mph.

5. How Fast Does a Baja 70cc Dirt Bike Go?

Depending on the rider’s weight, terrain, and experience, a Baja 70cc dirt bike can go at a maximum speed of 30-40mph.

6. How Fast Does A 70cc Coolster Dirt Bike Go?

70cc Coolster dirt bikes go at a maximum speed of 30-34mph, depending on the engine stroke and dirt bike type. An option like the Coolster QG-210 allows you to hit a top speed of 34mph, making it the fastest 4-stroke 70cc Coolster on the market.

How Fast Does A 70cc Dirt Bike Go? Closing Thought:

Above is everything there is to know about the speed of a 70cc dirt bike. So, you can use it to decide if you should invest in a 70cc dirt bike or not.

But overall, this bike size is a fantastic choice for kids, especially those looking to get into serious motocross racing but who want to build some confidence first.