How Fast Does A 60cc Dirt Bike Go?

Whether looking for an entry-level motocross racing bike or a casual dirt racing option, you cannot go wrong with a 60cc dirt bike. But since speed is always a big deal, how fast does a 60cc dirt bike go?

60ccc dirt bikes can hit 25-45mph, depending on the brand. Ordinarily, those that can clock 25mph are casual racing choices, while those that can hit 45mph are for competitive motocross racing.

Note, however, that the brand is not the only thing that sets the speeds apart. Their load limits, terrain, weather, and even engine build quality determine their top rates.  

So, for a 60cc dirt bike to attain its top speed, all these conditions have to be favorable, as I’ll explain.

Let’s discuss the speed more and look at some of the fastest 60cc dirt bikes!

how fast can a 60cc dirt bike go

60cc Dirt Bike Top Speed in MPH

Generally, 60cc dirt bikes can clock a top speed of 25-45mph, depending on the brand but more importantly, depending on these conditions:

  • Smoother surface – Dirt bikes pick up speed and accelerate faster when the riding surface is smoother.
  • Calm weather – You are likely to go faster when absent from harsh weather conditions like snow, strong wind, or heavy downpour.
  • Bearable load – The lighter you load your 60cc dirt bike, the faster it’s likely to travel.
  • Lack of speed limits – You can only attain top speed with a 60cc dirt bike if there are no speed limits where you are riding, and the other conditions are favorable.

With the above in mind, here are three of the fastest 60cc dirt bikes:

1. SYX Moto Tear-Off (Potential Top Speed – 25mph)

The SYX Tear-Off 60cc Dirt Bike (View on Amazon) can hit a top speed of 25mph under favorable terrain and weather. Overall, 25mph is decent enough for kids, especially those who ride for fun.

The fact that the dirt bike can go that fast despite being a 4-stroke is impressive. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it’s an electric dirt bike. Typically, electric bikes average under 20mph. So, 25mph is outstanding!

2. Venom MX60 (Potential Top Speed – 45mph)

The Venom MX60 is for those who want the speediest 60cc dirt bike for motocross racing. According to the manufacturer, this 60cc dirt bile can reach a top speed of 45mph without compromising its stability or comfort.

So, if you are looking to get into MX racing and prefer a 60cc dirt bike, you cannot go wrong with the Venom MX60.

The best part is that it also limits the speed to 4mph if you want to go slower. That also means it’s safer for kids.

how fast is a 60cc dirt bike

3. MotoTec Hooligan (Potential Top Speed – 25mph)

MotoTec Hooligan (View on Amazon), a product by MotoTec, is one of the fastest 60cc dirt bikes on Amazon. It comes in various stunning colors, such as blue, green, and red.

Looks aside, this dirt bike can hit a top speed of 25mph, thanks to its adjustable speed limiter. The best part is that it’s able to run that fast while allowing you to load up to 200 pounds.

So, if you ever want a 60cc dirt bike that can hold an adult’s weight, MotoTec Hooligan is a decent choice. Just ensure you don’t weigh more than 200 pounds.

How Fast is a 60cc Dirt Bike Compared to Others?

Though 65cc dirt bikes can hit a top speed of 25-45mph, it’s not the fastest. Other dirt bikes can go faster, and they are usually large-capacity engines.

On that note, here’s a table comparing 60cc to other engines in terms of speed.

Engine SizePossible Top Speed
250ccUp to 85mph

60cc Dirt Bike Basics

Here are a few basics to help you find the right 60cc dirt bike.

60cc Engine

60cc dirt bikes come with 4-stroke engines mostly, which usually are stable when riding too fast. These engines also have fewer emissions than 2-stroke.

The only downside is that they are heavier for having more mechanical parts. As a result, they are slightly slower.

Preferred Age Vs. Seat Height

Most 60cc dirt bikes accept kids aged 6-13 years. But since the age gap is wide, it’s essential to consider the seat height to ensure you match your youngster with the right bike size.

On that matter, here’s a table to use:

AgeSeat Height
6-7 years20-23 inches
7-8 years21-28 inches
9-10 years21-35 inches
11-13 years21-35years


60cc dirt bikes are slightly heavier, given that most of them weigh 90-120 pounds. Expectedly, most of the weight is due to their engines, often 4-stroke.

Other components like the gas tank and battery also have a say. I also cannot forget to mention the wheelset and frame.

Load Capacity

Different 60cc dirt bikes have various load capacities, but they are likely to average 160-200 pounds. So, you should pick an option that can bear your weight or that of whomever you are buying the dirt bike for.


Budget-wise, 60cc dirt bikes are not very expensive, especially electric options. You may spend under $1000 on most of them. But if you are looking for an alternative for competitive MX racing, prepare to spend more than $1,500 on one.

Can Adults Ride 60cc Dirt Bikes?

Not all 60cc dirt bikes are for adults. Primarily, that’s because most of them have a smaller carry capacity. However, a few options can bear up to 200 pounds and have a more comfortable seat height.

That is the case with the MotoTec Hooligan 60cc Dirt Bike (View on Amazon).

Provided you don’t weigh more than 200 pounds and do not require a seat height that’s taller than 24-inch, you can ride this dirt bike.

It enjoys a longer wheelbase and a 5-inch ground clearance, comfortable for most adults. The best part is that it can hit a top speed of 25mph while offering a cruising range of 10 miles or more per tank.

MotoTec Hooligan 60cc Dirt Bike

Can You Make a 60cc Dirt Bike Faster?

It’s generally possible to boost your 60cc dirt bike’s speed. All it takes are the following tips:

  • Go premium on fuel – If you are using regular pump gas, consider switching to premium quality high octane. Though expensive, high-octane gas maintains your engine performance, making your 60ccc dirt bike faster.
  • Upgrade the exhaust – The more powerful the exhaust is, the better the engine performance and the speedier the dirt bike. So, consider getting a better exhaust.
  • Upgrade the engine capacity – If your dirt bike allows it, change its engine. You can get an 85cc, 100cc, or anything slightly higher that’s compatible with your dirt bike.
  • Change the air filters – Without changing the air filters, excess dirt, grease, and dust can clog them, reducing their effectiveness and engine. So, don’t take chances and replace your air filters.
  • Change the spark plug – If it has been a while since you last replaced your spark plug, you should do it right away. That can help with boosting your speed.
  • Get comfortable – You can only ride a 60cc dirt bike faster if you are comfortable. That’s achievable with a new seat cover, ergonomic handlebar, grips, and footpegs.

People Also Ask

1. How Fast Is A 60cc Dirt Bike?

Ordinarily, most 60cc dirt bikes attain a top speed of 25-45mph under conducive racing conditions. That includes riding on smoother terrain and in calm weather.

Note that only motocross racing 60cc dirt bikes can hit 45 pounds. Casual options are likely to run under that.

2. How Fast Does A 60cc Pit Bike Go?

Despite its small-capacity engine, expect a standard 60cc pit bike to hit 25-45mph. However, the cycling conditions (terrain, weather, etcetera.) must be favorable to ride that fast.

3. Is There A 60cc Dirt Bike?

Though they are not many, there are 60cc dirt bikes out there. They include the following:

  1. Venom MX60 Motocross Dirt Bike (45mph top speed)
  2. SYX Moto Tear Off 60cc Dirt Bike (25mph top speed)
  3. MotoTec Hooligan 60cc Dirt Bike (25mph top speed)

4.  How Fast Is A 65cc Dirt Bike?

A 65cc dirt bike can race slightly faster than a 60cc dirt bike. Casual 65cc dirt bikes can clock a top speed of 30-45mph, while motocross options can hit 60mph.   But overall, the brand quality has a say, and so do the racing conditions.

5. Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

Not all dirt bikes are street legal. As a matter of fact, most dirt bikes are not street legal because they don’t feature essential street-legal features like rear mirrors, functional exhaust, horns, brake lights, and headlights.

How Fast Does A 60cc Dirt Bike Go? Closing Thought:

Now you know how fast the standard 60cc dirt bike can go, ways to boost its speed, and how it compares with others. Therefore, you can use the information to decide if you should get a 60cc dirt bike or not.