How Fast Does A 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

50cc dirt bikes are popular among kids, especially those younger than ten years, because of their ease of control and safe speed. But still, their speed is a concern for parents. So, how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go?

50cc dirt bikes can hit 25-40 mph under favorable road conditions depending on the brand. At such a speed, one can ride freely without the dirt bike jumping unnecessarily or losing control.

It’s worth noting that factors like terrain, weather, and state restrictions dictate how far one can go with a 50cc dirt bike. I’ll explain the effects that these factors have on a 50cc dirt bike’s top speed.

I’ll also look at the average top speeds of some of the leading 50cc dirt bike brands. But first, let’s compare a 50cc dirt bike engine with bigger options.

Honda CRF50

Comparing 50cc Dirt Bikes with Other Engine Sizes

So, how fast can a dirt bike go?

Generally, 50cc dirt bikes are designed to go as fast as 25-40 miles per hour, depending primarily on the brand. 25-40mph is a safe speed for kids, but you have to supervise them.

But since a 50cc engine is small, you can expect bigger engines to go fast.

For example, 100cc dirt bikes average a top speed of 50mph while 200c engines can hit 55 mph or more. We also have 400cc dirt bikes with a speed capping of 87mph.

A 50cc dirt bike is generally easy to control, making it kids friendly. 100cc dirt bikes, in contrast, can quickly jump when cycling as they are usually lightweight, making them slightly hard to control.

A 200cc engine offers more horsepower, which translates to more speed, making it suitable for dirt racing. These dirt bikes are often harder to control and mostly come with a four-stroke engine.

However, 200cc dirt bikes are not as hard to control as 400cc options. Since 400cc dirt bikes are speedier, they are equally hard to control. So, they only suit pros and competitive dirt bike racers.

Here’s a table to show you the potential top speeds of the four dirt bike engine sizes.

Engine SizePotential Top Speed (MPH)

Average Top Speeds for Leading Dirt Bike Brands

Different 50cc dirt bikes have varying top speeds, as I discuss below.

1. Yamaha 50cc Dirt Bikes

Yamaha has been making dirt bikes since the 1800s, and they currently have some of the fastest models on the market.

So, how fast is 50cc dirt bike by Yamaha?

A model like the Yamaha TTR50 can clock 40mph on a smooth surface. Essentially, its high speed is due to its three-speed semi-automatic transmission system.

The bike is generally kid-friendly, and so your young adventurer will adore it.

Yamaha TTR50

Yamaha also has other options like the Yamaha PW50 that can clock 30mph. Unlike the TTR50 which feature a four-stroke engine, the PW50 feature a two-stroke engine.

2. Honda 50cc Dirt Bikes

Like Yamaha, Honda has some of the most kids’ friendly and relatively fast 50cc dirt bikes. But how fast is a 50cc engine by Honda?

An option like Honda CRF50 can clock 25mph, which is just amazing.

The Honda dirt bike has a superior design and brags of legendary durability, making it a great purchase. Its controls are set up similarly to those of an adult dirt bike, making it the best transition dirt bike.

3. Kawasaki 50cc Dirt Bikes

Kawasaki impresses both kids and parents when it comes to their 50ccc dirt bikes. Their highly-rated dirt bikes are beginner-friendly and come fitted with an adjustable throttle-speed limiter.

So, how fast does a dirt bike go, A Kawasaki 50cc?

The Japanese manufacturer’s top 50cc dirt bike is the Kawasaki KDX50, which can hit a top speed of 27mph.

The dirt bike comes with a powerful two-stroke engine and an auto clutch to guarantee the rider’s safety.

4. KTM 50cc Dirt Bikes

Australian dirt bike manufacturer KTM doesn’t disappoint either. Their 50cc dirt bikes are as fast as Yamaha’s.

But how fast is a dirt bike by KTM?

An option like the KTM 50SX has a capping speed of 37mph on perfect terrain.

KTM 50SX is generally a racing dirt bike with superior disc brakes, handlebars, and a 2-stroke system. As a result, it’s slightly costlier than most 50cc dirt bikes.


5. Suzuki 50cc Dirt Bikes

We also cannot forget to mention Suzuki as the Japanese giant manufacturer, rarely disappoints.

One of my favorite Suzuki dirt bikes is the Suzuki DRZ50. The mini dirt bike 50cc top speed is 33mph on perfect cycling conditions.

It comes with a four-stroke engine like most Suzuki dirt bikes. Most of its features are similar to those of Yamaha TTR50.

Here is a table summary for the above leading dirt bike brands and their potential speed capping.

Dirt Bike BrandPotential Top Speed (MPH)

Factors That Can Influence a 50cc Dirt Bike Speed

Here are things that determine how fast you can ride a 50cc dirt bike:

Bike Use

Why are you buying the dirt bike? Are you getting it for fun riding, commuting, adventure, or fitness reasons?

If your goal is leisure riding or fitness, you’ll need to manage with a dirt bike with a slower speed of about 5-10mph.

But if you want the bike for commuting or adventure, a top speed of 25mph is acceptable.

Riding Terrain

If you are riding a 50cc dirt bike for adults on rugged or sloppy terrain, you shouldn’t ride faster. So, you have to slow down, which means the top speed can be about 5mph.

If your terrain is smoother and flatter, you can expect to hit 25mph with ease. You can, nonetheless, expect to go faster on a tarmacked surface than one that’s not tarmacked.

Weather Condition

For the sake of your safety, you shouldn’t ride faster during harsh weather. That includes during a storm, hurricane, or gushing wind.

If you must ride a 50cc dirt bike at such times, keep the top speed below 5mph. However, if you don’t have to travel, don’t do it until the weather calms.

how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go

Legal Restrictions

You are generally expected to slow down when approaching a school, congested street, or pedestrian crossing.

In such settings, you shouldn’t exceed 5mph to avoid hitting someone. But if you are in a low-traffic environment, you can easily clock 25mph.

Bike Load

Lastly, if you carry a heavy load, you can expect to endure increased drag, which means going slower.

To avoid losing control of the bike, slow down. If you carry heavy loads, keep the top speed at a minimum, preferably 5-10mph.


How Can I Make My 50cc Dirt Bike Faster?

It’s possible to make an adult’s or kids 50cc dirt bike faster using these tips:

  • Improve airflow – Drill small holes on the air intake box to improve air supply. That will facilitate quick ignition, and to an extent, it’ll boost the bike speed.
  • Remove the bike’s revolution limiter – The revolution limiter prevents a dirt bike from reaching a specific speed limit. So, once you remove it, you can go beyond the speed limit.
  • Drop stock-spark plugs for v-notch spark plugs – V-notch spark plugs spark much faster, accelerating a dirt bike more.
  • Switch to high-octane gasoline – High-octane gasoline boosts the performance of dirt bikes for kids and adults.
  • Use motorcycle oil – Consider using 100% synthetic motorcycle oil as it cools the engine faster, boosting its speed and performance.
  • Clean the dirt bike – In particular, clean up the muffler, hoses, and exhaust system to get rid of residual carbons. That’s because the residuals somehow slow down your dirt bike.

Is A 50cc Dirt Bike Safe For Kids?

Given that a dirt bike 50cc can hit a top speed of 25-40mph, the speed is generally safe for kids. You can expect them to ride freely without hitting things on the road.

Note, however, that you should always supervise them. Also, ensure they wear protective gear before riding a dirt bike.

And of course, try keeping them away from the high-way and other high-traffic and rugged areas.

Closing Thought:

So, how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go? As seen, it’s possible to clock a top speed of 25-40mph when the conditions are favorable. But it’s also worth noting that the experience differs from brand to brand.