How Fast Does a Pit Bike Go?

Popular among kids, teens, and young adults, pit bikes are among the fastest racing minibikes. However, what most people don’t understand about them is their speed. So, how far does a pit bike go?  

Kids pit bikes can go at a top speed of 15-55mph, chiefly depending on the engine size, while adult pit bikes can reach a maximum speed of 55-75mph, also depending on the engine size, among other factors.    

So, a pit bike’s top speed primarily depends on the engine size and whom it’s intended for. But still, factors like rider experience, nature of the track, bike load, customization, and intended use have roles to play, as I’ll explain later.  

We’ll also look at some of the fastest pit bikes, their average top speeds, and the difference in speed between pit, dirt, and pocket bikes.    

Let’s get started!

how fast do pit bikes go

How Fast Does a Pit Bike Go in MPH?

Pit bikes are pretty fast, and their top speed primarily depends on how big the engine is, expressed in cubic centimeters (or CC). Usually, the higher the CC value, the speedier the pit bikes.

But before we can look at what to expect in terms of max speed from each engine size, it’s worth mentioning that pit bikes manufacturers make two types of pit bikes; kids pit bikes and adult pit bikes.

On average, kids pit bikes, which have an engine size of between 40cc and 125cc, can hit a top speed of 15-55mph. On the other hand, adults pit bikes, which have an engine size of between 125cc and 250cc, have a top speed of 55-75mph or slightly more.

Kids Pit Bikes and their Top Speeds!

Kids pit bikes include 40cc, 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc, and 125cc options.

How Fast Does a 40cc Pit Bike Go?

A 40cc engine is the smallest pit bike engine capacity, which means it’s the slowest.

Depending on factors like riding conditions, intended use, and rider’s weight, 40cc pit bikes can hit a top speed of 15-22mph. That’s also how fast a 40cc dirt bike goes.

One of the fastest pit bikes in this category is the X-Pro Cyclone 40cc Pit Bike. This mini bike can reach a top speed of 22mph.

How Fast Does A 50cc Pit Bike Go?

50cc engines are the most popular pit bikes’ engines on the market today. They have a larger engine size than 40cc pit bikes, making them faster than their counterparts.

Depending on the road condition, rider’s weight, and intended use, 50cc pit bikes can average a top speed of 15-25mph.

Today, one of the fastest 50cc pit bikes is the X-Pro 50cc Gas Dirt Pit Bike (View on Amazon). Under perfect pit racing conditions, this 50cc bike can hit a top speed of 25mph and is generally best for older kids.

How Fast Does A 70cc Pit Bike Go?

70cc pit bikes are not as popular as 50cc options, but they are pretty fast. They have a larger engine size than 50cc, so you can expect them to go much faster.

Under perfect pit racing conditions, 70cc pit bikes can clock 25-35mph.

One speedy 70cc bike for kids, especially those aged 7-13 years, and some youths, is the Coolster Kids Gas Mini 70cc Pit Bike.

This 70cc gas mini bike has a top speed of 30mph+, which means it can clock 35mph under perfect pit racing conditions. It’s generally ideal for mud racing and trail riding and can hold up to 130 pounds.

how fast does a 70cc pit bike go

How Fast Does A 90cc Pit Bike Go?

90cc pit bikes are just as less popular as 70cc options, but you can expect them to go faster than their counterparts as they have larger engines.

Depending on the track surface, rider’s weight, and track racing experience, 90cc pit bikes can reach a top speed of 30-40mph.

How Fast Does A 110cc Pit Bike Go?

110cc pit bikes are nearly as popular as 50cc dirt bikes. They suit not only kids but also some adults.

Depending on the rider’s weight and condition of the track/road, 110cc pit bikes can hit a maximum speed of 40-50mph.

One fast 110cc bike for big boys and younger adults is the X-Pro 110cc Dirt Pit Bike. This 110cc bike averages a top speed of more than 30mph.  

How Fast Does A 125cc Pit Bike Go?

125cc engines are the largest engine sizes for kids pit bikes, making the bikes the fastest for kids. In contrast, 125cc engines are the smallest for adults, making 125cc pit bikes the slowest for adults.

Depending on the condition of the track, rider experience, sprocket gearing, and rider’s weight, 125cc pit bikes can hit a maximum speed of 45-55mph.  

One fast 125cc bike is the APO 125 Dirt Pit Bike.

Under ideal pit riding conditions, this mini bike can hit a top speed of 55mph. It’s generally an adult option that big boys can ride.

Adult Pit Bikes and their Top Speeds!

While 125cc pit bikes are the starting point for many adults, other engine sizes include 140cc, 1509cc, 160cc, and 190cc.

How Fast Does A 140cc Pit Bike Go?

140cc engines offer more speed than 125cc. So, while 125cc pit bikes can record a top speed of 45-55mph, you can expect 140cc pit bikes to reach as high as 50-60mph. It all depends on the rider, terrain, and intended use.

How Fast Does A 150cc Pit Bike Go?

With 150cc pit bikes, you have one of the most popular large-size pit bikes, which can produce a top speed of 60-70mph top speed. It depends on how fast you ride, where you ride, and the bike itself.

How Fast Does A 150cc Pit Bike Go

How Fast Does A 160cc Pit Bike Go?

You can expect 160cc pit bikes to go faster than 150cc pit bikes and every other engine size below it. On average, 160cc pit bikes can hit a maximum top speed of 65-75mph. Like every other case, the top speed depends on the rider’s weight, rider experience, and road condition!

How Fast Does A 190cc Pit Bike Go?

190cc pit bikes are very rare, but the few that exist can reach a top speed of 75mphn or more, depending on the rider’s experience, bike load, and riding conditions.

Overall, it takes some experience and a few modifications to hit more than 75mph with 190cc pit bikes.

Table Summary Comparing Top Speeds of Different Pit Bikes’ Engine Sizes

Engine SizePotential Max Speed
190cc75mph +

Factors Determining How Fast Pit Bikes Go

We’ve already discussed the engine size and user intent as critical factors determining pit bikes’ top speeds. Other factors include:

a) Rider Experience

It takes lots of practice to gather enough confidence to handle a pit bike properly and race it up to top speed. So, it’s easier for an experienced pit racer to reach top speed with a pit bike than a newbie.

After all, it’s risky for a beginner to start riding fast when they are not even confident enough with the bike handling.

b) Nature of the Track (Road Conditions)

You can expect pit bikes to go faster on pit tracks and other designated racing points than on rough roads, mainly steeper ones. Usually, the fewer the resistance on the track or road, the speedier a pit bike is likely to go and possibly reach top speed.  

How fast does a 150cc Pit bike go

c) Bike Load (Rider’s Weight)

Every pit bike comes with a load capacity, usually the rider’s preferred maximum weight. While a pit bike can bear up to its maximum load, you are likely to reach max speed if you keep the load below it. Usually, a lighter load encourages a pit bike to go faster.

d) Bike Modifications

Changing a few specs, such as the sprocket setup, exhaust, and carburetor can boost a pit bike’s top speed. For example, getting a bigger exhaust and bigger carburetor makes it faster.

e) Intended Use

Pit bikes are intended for pit racing and plain track racing, and their intended use determines how fast they can go. Pit racing pit bikes usually are lightweight and the smallest, making them the fastest. So, they are more likely to clock max speed than plain track racing options.

How Pit Bikes Compare to Others in Speed

The terms pit bike, pocket bike, and dirt bike are often used interchangeably, even though they don’t mean the same thing. Let’s look at how they compare in speed:

Pit Bikes Vs. Pocket Bikes – What is Faster?

Pocket bikes are mini street bikes that you can ride on the streets and off-road for fun. Because of their small size, they are popular among kids. That’s unlike pit bikes which serve all ages but are only best for the plain off-road.

Speed-wise, rarely do pocket bikes go past 50mph. Actually, most of them average under 25MPH as they come with a smaller engine capacity. That’s the case with the X-Pro Blast New Gas Pocket Bike.

This pocket gas bike averages a top speed of 22mph, making it one of the fastest of its kind.

Verdict – A pit bike is faster than a pocket bike.

X-Pro Blast New Gas Pocket Bike

Pit Bikes Vs. Dirt Bikes – What is Faster?

Pit bikes and dirt bikes look alike. The difference is that pit bikes are more restricted to smoother off-roads (pit tracks), while dirt bikes can take on both rougher off-roads (dirt trails) and smoother ones too.

In that case, while a pit bike can only reach top speed on perfect pit tracks, a dirt bike can go as fast as a pit bike on all terrains.

Verdict – A dirt bike is faster than a pit bike on all terrains.

How Fast Does a Pit Bike Go? Closing Thought!

From our discussion, pit bikes are pretty fast, and you can expect them to go at a top speed of anything between 15mph and 75mph, depending on whether it’s a kids’ choice or adult choice and its engine capacity.

Note, nonetheless, that the rider experience, bike load, nature of the track, intended use, and bike modifications are equally as influential as the engine size when it comes to a pit bike’s top speed.