How Fast Does a 110cc Dirt Bike Go?

More experienced young bikers tend to love dirt bikes with more speed, and that’s where a 110cc comes in. Generally, dirt bikes with 110cc engines are perfect for young riders who want to explore their potential. But how fast does a 110cc dirt bike go?

Most 110cc dirt bikes can go at a maximum speed of 30-40mph, depending on the model, terrain, rider’s weight, suspension, and experience. However, some expensive high-performance 110cc models by Kawasaki, SSR, Honda, and Yamaha can hit a top speed of 45-55mph.    

This article will look at various 110cc dirt bikes and their respective top speeds. I’ll also compare a 110cc dirt bike’s top speed with other engines, discuss the factors that dictate a 110cc dirt bike’s speed, and highlight how you can make your 110cc faster.

Here we go! 

how fast does a 110cc dirt bike go in mph

How Fast Does A 110cc Dirt Bike Go and How Does it Compare to Others?

When it comes to wild speed, 110cc dirt bikes are not only your best but your perfect option. Depending on the model, most of these dirt bikes can reach a top speed of 30-40 mph. However, some leading brands can hit a 45-55mph top speed.    

Here are the commonest speedy 110cc dirt bikes, which you can get on Amazon, and their potential top speeds:

  1. Coolster QG-213A (Up to 40mph)
  2. Coolster Dirt Bike 110cc (Up to 34mph)
  3. X-Pro 110cc Dirt Bike (30mph or faster)
  4. X-Pro 110 X12 110cc (30mph or faster)

In addition to the above, below are some rare models by top dirt bike brands which promise a much higher speed:

  • Honda CRF110 – Up to 55mph
  • Kawasaki KLX 110 – Up to 50mph
  • Yamaha TT-R110E – Up to 50mph
  • SSR 110 – Up to 40-55mph
  • Apollo 110cc – Up to 45mph

Note that engine size is directly proportional to speed. So, the bigger the dirt bike’s engine, the faster its speed. So, dirt bike engines with a capacity smaller than 100cc usually promise a much slower speed, while those with a higher capacity deliver more speed under standard conditions.

Below is a table showing how the 110cc compares to the others.

CC CapacityPotential Top Speed
40cc Dirt Bike15-22mph
49cc Dirt Bike18-30mph
60cc Dirt Bike25-45mph
70cc Dirt Bike30-41mph
110cc Dirt Bike30-55mph
150cc Dirt Bike45-60mph
450cc Dirt Bike75-110mph
500cc Dirt Bike90-120mph

Factors Determining How Fast A 110cc Dirt Bike Goes

Every bike has a potential top speed, which for the 110cc dirt bike is 30-55mph. However, various factors contribute to dirt bikes speed, making them either faster or slower.

These factors determine if a 110cc can reach its potential maximum speed or not, and they include the following:

1. Riding Terrain

You don’t expect to ride a bike faster on a rough surface. So, the smoother the terrain, the faster the bike, whereas a rough surface makes the bike slower.

But for a smoother or flatter terrain, you can expect your 110cc dirt bike to hit its potential top speed.

how fast can a 110cc 4 stroke dirt bike go

2. Bike Use

The main objective while purchasing a dirt bike is its purpose. You can buy a dirt bike for adventures, keeping fit, or commuting, just depending on your area of interest.

If you focus on keeping fit, you will need a bike with a slower speed.

But if you are interested in getting into the world of adventure or commuting, a high-end top-speed bike will serve you well.

3. Riders Weight

Before selling, a manufacturer always recommends the maximum weight capacity on every dirt bike, which must be adhered to.

Therefore, lightweight riders are likely to hit the top speed, unlike riders who weigh more. That goes for heavy loads. If you are carrying heavy loads on your bike, you need to keep the speed minimum to avoid losing control.

4. Weather Conditions

Some riders may enjoy the race during a heavy downpour, storm, or snowy conditions. But for your safety, you should never ride the bike when it’s chilly or, if necessary, slow down reasonably.

5. Suspension

A suspension is a crucial factor that brings about the bike’s comfort. Generally, a firmer suspension makes the bike more stable and accelerates the speed excessively. The suspension primarily promotes that comfortability.

6. Engine Strength and Maintenance

The engine is an integral part of a dirt bike’s top speed. A robust engine boosts performance and makes the bike go even faster. Note, however, that 2-stroke engines are lighter and often faster than 4-stroke options.

7. Rider Experience

A rider’s experience is the backbone that promotes confidence, a handful of skills, and the urge to hit the top speed of a 110cc dirt bike. In this case, the more experienced you are, the likelier you are to clock top speed with a 110cc.

how high is a 110cc dirt bike

How to Make Your 110cc Dirt Bike Faster

Did you know that you can make your 110cc go faster by making a few adjustments? That’s right! The dirt bike can hit its potential top speed and make these minor adjustments.

  • Upgrade The Tires – Switching to slightly smoother tires with sufficient grip can help your 110cc dirt bike go faster. While at it, ensure you use the ideal tire pressure to ensure you move smoothly.
  • Use Better Gas – High-quality gas is the optimum choice for high-performance and long-lasting engines. High octane- 82 and above is the best gas to serve your engine as it boosts your dirt bike’s speed and performance.
  • Lubricate Regularly – Lubricating the engine and chains protect the bike against rust and boosts the performance of the 110cc dirt bike.
  • Adjust the Suspension Clickers – Adjusting the clickers reduces rider fatigue and improves comfort while riding your 110cc dirt bike on any terrain.
  • Buy A New Seat Cover – Consider changing your bike seat cover, especially if your bike is a few years old. An old seat tends to slip off, but the new improves the grip to stay on your comfortable posture throughout the ride.
  • Upgrade Grips – It would be best to change the grips regularly for your hands’ comfort. The more comfortable your hands feel, the likelier you’ll enjoy your ride and ride faster.

People Also Ask

1. How Fast Does A 110cc Dirt Bike Go in MPH?

Most 110cc dirt bikes can hit at a top speed of 30-40mph under perfect conditions. However, some newer and costlier models can go as fast as 45-55mph.

2. How Fast Does A 110cc Dirt Bike Go in KM?

A 110cc dirt bike can reach a top speed of 48-64kph, depending on the rider’s weight and experience, terrain, and the bike model.

3. How Fast Can A 110cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

Most 110cc dirt bikes can go as fast as 30-40mph, depending on the bike’s condition, the rider’s experience, load, and terrain. However, some models, especially Kawasaki, SSR, Apollo, and Honda 110cc, can hit a 45-55mph top speed.

Generally, 4-stroke 110cc is slightly heavier than the 2-stroke, making their speed marginally slower.

4. How Fast Does a Honda 110cc Dirt Bike Go?

The Honda CRF110 can hit a top speed of 45-55mph, depending on the rider’s weight and riding experience. Other factors that determine its maximum speed include the nature of the track, the condition of the bike, and the level of customization.

5. How Fast Does A 110cc Kawasaki Dirt Bike Go?

The Kawasaki KLX 110ccc, one of Kawasaki’s fastest entry-level dirt bikes, can hit a top speed of 50mph under perfect conditions. Overall, the maximum speed depends on the rider’s weight, the terrain, how fast the rider rides, and the state of the dirt bike.

6. How Fast Does A 110cc Apollo Dirt Bike Go?

An Apollo 110cc dirt bike can go for a top speed of 45mph under perfect dirt riding and racing conditions. That includes suitable terrain and ideal weather. The speed also depends on the rider’s experience and the bike load.

7. How Fast Does a Coolster 110cc Dirt Bike Go?

A Coolster 110cc dirt bike can hit a top speed of 30mph or more, depending on the rider. The more experienced and lighter the rider is, the likelier they can hit top speed. But of course, riding experience has a role to play.

8. How Fast Does a Yamaha 110cc Dirt Bike Go?

The Yamaha TT-R110E can reach a top speed of 50mph, making it one of the fastest 110cc engines in existence. Overall, it takes a lighter road and a more experienced rider to hit top speed.

9. How Fast Does A SSR 110 Dirt Bike Go?

An SSR 100 dirt bike can hit a top speed of 40-55mph, depending on the terrain, rider’s experience, bike load, and engine condition. So, the more favorable these conditions are, the faster the dirt bike goes.  

10.  Is A 110cc Dirt Bike Good for A 12 Year Old?

A 110cc bike is a little small for a 12-year-old, although it might still fit. To ensure comfort while racing, ask your child to try out the dirt bike before buying. Or better, look for an option with a seat height of 26-32 inches, which is best for 12-year olds.

The good thing about dirt bikes is that their seats are adjustable. So, if your kid is too short, lower the seat to enhance comfort. Likewise, raise the seat height for a taller kid to prevent their feet from rubbing against the ground.

11.  How High Is 110cc Dirt Bike?

A 110cc dirt bike can have a seat height of 24-39 inches, depending on the brand and the overall construction. Overall, the seat height determines the rider’s height. So it’s recommendable to consider that.

Below is a table to match your height with the dirt bike’s seat height.

Rider’s Height (cm)Seat Height (inches)

How Fast Does A 110cc Dirt Bike Go? Closing Thought!

Though a 110cc dirt bike is not the fastest dirt bike globally, it can hit 30-55mph at its best, depending on your riding experience, the riding environment, and the brand you purchase. So, this dirt bike is a good fit for young boys and girls and some adults who are crazy about blasting through dust and dirt on a two-wheel.