Are Electric Dirt Bikes Any Good?

For many years, gas-powered dirt bikes were a common trend, and everyone had to endure their frustrating noise and pollution to go fast and further. Things have, however, changed in recent years as the attention has partly shifted to electric options. But are electric dirt bikes any good?

Electric dirt bikes are cheaper to maintain, easy to ride, silent in operation, eco-friendly, power-efficient, and safe. They also don’t require warming up, unlike gas-powered dirt bikes, and allow battery swapping.

Their downsides are that they can be slower, expensive to buy, and heavy. They also have a shorter mileage, take time to charge, and lack the traditional ‘authentic’ dirt bike sound.

Despite the concerns, the pros make them worth it, especially for kids, beginner adults, city riders, eco-conscious guys, and those living in compact neighborhoods. 

Let’s review the pros and cons of these dirt bikes and compare them with their gas-powered counterparts.

what is better gas or electric dirt bike

In a rush? See our most recommended dirt e-bikes on the hotlist below:

4 Best Electric Dirt Bikes

  1. Hover-1H1 Trak Electric Dirt Bike – Best for Kids 12 years Plus
  2. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Bike – Best for 13 Years Plus
  3. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 – Best for 14 Years Plus
  4. The Razor MXF650 Electric Street Bike – Best for 16 Years Plus

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Any Good? Pros and Cons

Every dirt bike type has its pros and cons, and electric bikes are no exception. So, for us to determine if they are really good and conclude that they are worth it or not, we’ve to look at their pros and cons.

Pros of Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric dirt bicycles primarily enjoy these advantages:

1. Cheaper Maintenance

Unlike a gas-powered dirt bike, an electric dirt bike doesn’t have a complicated engine to care for, valves or throttles to adjust, or a clutch to look after. This dirt bike neither requires any oil changes, which means the maintenance costs are much lower.

You’ll probably need to replace the brake pads, battery and tires once in a while, and that’s about it.

2. Ride Friendly

Electric dirt bikes are not complicated in design or operation. You don’t need to know how to shift the gears to ride one properly.

They have almost the same profile as scooters, requiring you only to balance and steadily hold the handlebars to ride them. As a result, they suit kids and adult beginners better.

3. Silent Operation

Gas-powered dirt bikes have a traditional loud motorcycle sound, which can be annoying, especially in a compact neighborhood.

Electric dirt bikes, in contrast, often go unnoticed because their engines are much quieter. That means you can comfortably ride in the neighborhood without calling attention to yourself.

4. Eco-friendly (Go Green)

Electric dirt bike engines are non-combustible, which means they don’t create harmful gasoline fumes. As a result, they are more friendly to the environment.

Besides, these dirt bikes also don’t utilize engine oils, so there is no such waste deposition on the environment.

So, if you want to go green, then getting an electric dirt bike makes sense.

5. Power Efficiency

Electric dirt bikes don’t use as much energy (battery power) as gas-powered dirt bikes. They are easier to charge and cleaner than gas-electric dirt bikes and even require less human input, thus efficient.

6. Safe to Ride

Electric dirt bikes travel at much slower speeds, making them safe. Rarely do these dirt bikes go past 17mph unless it’s a top-end model.

So, kids can safely ride them around the neighborhood without the fear of overspeeding. Kids, however, should ride under supervision to make sure nothing goes wrong.

7. No Warming Up (Instant Torque)

There’s no kick-starting with an electric dirt bike, unlike gas dirt bikes. You don’t have to warm up the engine to speed off, which means you can get into speed much quicker.

An electric dirt bike delivers instant torque, something you cannot get from a gas-powered dirt bike.

8. Battery Swapping

An electric dirt bike allows you to easily swap its depleted battery with a fresher and more powerful one with ease.

Most of these dirt bikes are not brand specific, so you can fit just about any battery brand and continue with the ride.

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Cons of Electric Dirt Bikes

The discussed advantages do not negate that dirt e-bikes have a few drawbacks. They  include

1. Heaviness

Even though electric dirt bikes don’t have many engine components, they solely rely on the battery, which is heavy.

The battery adds some extra weight, affecting the dirt bike’s handling. For example, while an average gas dirt bike weighs 165 – 190 pounds, an electric equivalent averages 200 – 350 pounds.

2. Slow Speed

The fact that electric dirt bikes are heavier makes them slightly slower. The other reason is that electric dirt bike engines are not as strong as those gas bikes as they are not dependent on combustion.

Combustion makes an engine faster. While an average electric dirt bike can average 9 – 17mph, a gas dirt bike hits 20mph and above.

3. High Initial Cost

Though electric dirt bikes have fewer maintenance costs, they are much more expensive to buy than gas-powered options. For example, while you can get a decent gas-powered kid’s dirt bike for under $400, you will spend more than $500 on an electric option.

Quality electric options cost 3,000 or more.

4. Shorter Range

Most electric dirt bikes only have a 30 – 50 minutes run time on a full charge. That equals about 7 – 14 miles. You’ll need to wait to charge or replace the battery if you plan to cover more ground. As a result, these bikes are not best for long rides.

5. Longer Charging Time

An electric dirt bike’s battery takes 30 – 50 minutes to charge, so you’ll have to wait if you don’t have an alternative battery to swap.

The most frustrating thing is that you cannot drive it longer even after charging. So, you may need multiple replacement batteries if you intend to go long distances.

6. Lacks The Traditional ‘Authentic’ Dirt Bike Sound

A traditional dirt bike has a conventional ‘authentic motorcycle sound. You’ll hear the exhaust roaring, the engine vibrating, and the transmission making some sounds.

That’s not the case with electric dirt bikes. They run silently, which may feel odd if you are used to riding a gas dirt bike or motorcycle.

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Are Electric Dirt Bikes Worth It?

Electric dirt bikes may be slower, frustrating to charge, costly to buy, heavier, and even short-ranged, but that doesn’t make them unworthy.

These dirt bikes are cheaper to maintain, safer, silent, and environmentally friendly, things you don’t get from gas-powered dirt bikes.

So, if you don’t plan to ride faster or further and do not mind waiting to charge, the dirt bike is worth it. They are worth more for kids as they can ride them for fun.

But if you are a serious rider or commuter, an electric dirt bike is not worth it. It’ll only frustrate you with its short-range and slow speed.

Who Is an Electric Dirt Bike for?

Not everyone should get an electric dirt bike. Electric dirt bikes suit the following sets of people better:

  • Kids because the bikes are slower, thus safer and easy to operate
  • Short-distance city riders to easily ride on paved streets, though short distances
  • Individuals in compact neighborhoods – because of their silent operation
  • Eco-conscious guys – because of their zero-emission

Which Electric Dirt Bike Is Best?

The market stocks so many dirt e-bikes but not all are best for everyone. Here are some worthy considerations:

  1. Hover-1H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike (View on Amazon) – The Hover-1H1 TRAK is the best electric dirt bike for kids aged 12 years plus who weigh up to 120 pounds.
  2. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Bike (View on Amazon) – Razor MX350 is a fantastic choice for kids from 13 years who weigh less than 140 pounds (63kgs). It can hit a top speed of 14mph.
  3. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 (View on Amazon) – Razor SX500 is a comfortable choice for 14 years old and above and weighs up to 175 pounds (80kgs). It promises a top speed of 15mph under perfect conditions.
  4. Razor MX650 Electric Street Bike (View on Amazon) – Razor MX650 suits 16 years olds and older. It promises a top speed of 17 mph and can hold up to 220 pounds (or 100kgs).
how long do electric dirt bikes last

Note that the Razor MX650 is among the best electric dirt bikes for adults, given that it accommodates anyone above 16 years, provided they don’t exceed 220 pounds (100kgs).

Some adults may also ride the Razor MX 350 if they don’t weigh more than 175 pounds (80kgs).

Dirt Bike Electric Vs Gas Dirt Bike Compared!

Here’s a table showing how a gas dirt bike compares with its electric counterpart:

Electric Dirt BikeGas Dirt Bike
Source Of PowerBattery powerGas power
Bike WeightLighter than a gas dirt bikeHeavier than an electric dirt bike
Bike SpeedSlower than a gas dirt bikeFaster than an electric dirt bike
Travel RangeShort distanceLong-distance
Noise Silent Noisy 
Emission Less messy Messy (high emission)
Initial Cost Expensive to buyCheaper to buy
Maintenance CostCheaper to maintain Expensive to maintain

 So, What Is Better Gas or Electric Dirt Bike?

From the above comparison, it’s clear that electric dirt bikes save money long-term. But since they have a shorter range and are slower, they are only best for kids and short-distance riding around town and in compact neighborhoods.

But if you want a commuter dirt bike to ride regularly, you’ve to go for a gas option. They are quicker and have a longer range, even though they are slightly expensive to buy.

People Also Ask

1. How Long Do Electric Dirt Bikes Last?

Most electric dirt bikes last for 3 – 5 years before you notice significant depreciation, such as a failing battery, repeat tire flats, less responsive brakes, and weird sounds.

But overall, it depends on the bike’s maintenance. The more you look at it, the longer it will last.

2. How Much Does a Electric Dirt Bike Cost?

Budget electric bikes go for $350 – $500 while mid-range options average $ 800 – $1,500. Expect high-end options to cost up to $3,500 or more.

3. How Fast Can a Electric Dirt Bike Go?

An average 50cc dirt bike can hit 25 – 40 mph, while a 100cc option can go 50 – 55 mph. Check out how fast dirt bikes generally go here and discover the quickest dirt bike.

4. Are Electric Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

Electric dirt bikes are generally not street legal because they lack proper road usage requirements such as DoT headlight and taillight, turn signals, operational horns, and rear mirrors. You must fit these fixtures or legally ride an electric dirt bike on the streets.

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Any Good? Closing Remarks

As shared, electric dirt bikes are good for kids, compact neighborhoods, eco-conscious riders, and short-range city riding. 

It’s all about them being safer, eco-friendly, ride-friendly, and short-ranged. But if you are a serious dirt biker, a gas-powered option is better.