What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need for My Height and Weight?

When picking a dirt bike size, most people get it wrong because they don’t consider two critical factors; height and weight. So, ‘what size dirt bike do I need for my height and weight?’ That’s what you should ask!

You should get a dirt bike with an engine capacity that at least equals your weight for a 2-stroke engine and twice your weight for a 4-stroke. As for the height, you should go for a seat height that matches your stature.

Overall, dirt bikes are sized according to the seat height, where you can match the seat height with your age or height, and according to the engine capacity, where you can match the bike’s cc with your weight.

Of course, there are other considerations, such as the rider’s experience and age, which you can also consider when looking for an ideal dirt bike size.

We’ll explore all these factors and even look at the various sizing charts to help you find your ideal dirt bike size.

what size dirt bike do I need for my height

Question – What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need For My Height And Weight?

We first have to discuss how dirt bikes are sized to answer that. Generally, dirt bikes are sized according to their engine capacity (cc) or seat height, as shared below.

Dirt Bike Size According to Engine Capacity

Some dirt bikes, especially adult options, are sized according to the engine displacement, expressed in cubic centimeters (or cc). Usually, you can use the cc to determine what dirt bike to get for your weight, and that brings us to the question below:

But What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need For My Weight?

Usually, a higher cc indicates a dirt bike’s ability to bear huge weights, and the higher the engine displacement, the stronger the dirt bike is likely to be. And when it comes to the dirt bike engine, you’ve to choose between a 4-stroke and a 2-stroke.

Between the two, a four-stroke is often stronger and thus capable of supporting massive weight than a 2-stroke.

·  2-Stroke Engine Vs. Riders Weight

The simple trick here is to get at least one cc for every pound you weigh.


If you weigh 150 pounds, go for at least a 150cc dirt bike, and if you weigh 200 pounds, you should go for at least a 200cc engine.

But since you may want to carry something on the go or layer up when it’s too cold, you should give yourself a 10 – 25% allowance.

Let’s say you weigh 200 pounds;

Thus, go for a 220cc or 250cc instead of a 200cc dirt bike.

·  4-Stroke Engine Vs. Riders Weight

Sadly, the ‘1cc for 1-pound’ formula doesn’t work for 4-stroke engines. That’s because 4-stroke engines require almost twice the engine power of a 2-stroke.

For example;

If you weigh 200 pounds, go for 400cc. In that case, we can use the formula below:

1 pound = 2cc

Experience plays a role here as high-capacity engines are often harder to control. So, unless you are an experienced rider, you shouldn’t be too quick to go for a high-capacity engine because you are overweight.

Remember, there is another way to size a dirt bike (according to seat height), as I explain below:

What Size Dirt Bike for My Age

Dirt Bike Size According to The Seat Height

This is undeniably the most effective way to size a dirt bike according to your height or age. Kids can use the formula to determine what dirt bike to go for according to their age, while adults can use the seat height to find a dirt bike that matches their height.

Let’s discuss the two:

What Size Dirt Bike for My Age?

Sizing kids’ dirt bikes according to their age is straightforward as long as the kid is not older than ten years or taller than 5’0″. You should match the seat height with the rider’s height instead if they are.

Below is a dirt bike size chart for kids up to 10 years:

Rider’s Age (Years)Seat Height (Inches)
3 – 618 – 21”
6 – 821 – 24”
9 – 1024 – 27”

So, What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need For My Height?

If you are 5 feet plus, you should consider matching your height and not your age with the seat height.

That allows you to get a dirt bike to sit on comfortably and steer with ease. That is important for teenagers and adults, and below is a sizing chart to use:

Riders HeightSeat Height
4´10” – 5´0”27 – 30”
5´0” – 5´2”29 – 31”
5´2” – 5´4”30 – 33”
5´4” – 5´6”33 –35”
5´6” – 5´8”34 – 36”
5´8” – 5´11”35 – 38”

Dirt Bike Sizes for Kids

If you are looking for a dirt bike for a kid who is 3 – 10 years, you should match their age with the right seat height, as shared earlier. 

But other than the seat height, you should consider what engine capacity you are getting for your youngster. Remember, the more powerful the engine, the harder it is to control the bike and the unsafe it’s likely to be.

Overall, you can go for anything between 50cc and 150cc, depending on how experienced and older your kid is.

If we combine the sizing chart for seat height vs. riders age discussed earlier with the engine displacement, we’ll have this general sizing chart for kids:

Riders AgeSeat HeightEngine Capacity
3 – 6 years18 – 21”40 – 50 cc
6 – 8 years21 – 24”50 – 80 cc
9 – 10 years24 – 27”80 – 110 cc

Below are some of the best kids’ dirt bikes on Amazon that you can size using the above sizing chart:

  1. Hover-1H1 TRAK Electric Dirt Bike  – Best Kids Electric Dirt Bike
  2. Razor X-Pro 50cc Mini Dirt Bike – Best Kids 50cc Gas Dirt Bike
  3. XtremepowerUS Pro-Edition 40cc – Best Kids 40cc Gas Dirt Bike
Dirt Bike Sizes for Kids

Dirt Bike Sizes For Adults (And Teenagers)

Factors like height, weight, and dirt biking experience are critical in sizing an adult or teenager’s dirt bike. But overall, you must look at the seat height as shared earlier. What you shouldn’t forget, however, is the engine displacement.

Now, if we combine the size chart on ‘seat height vs. rider’s height’ with the engine capacity, we’ll have something like this:

Riders HeightSeat HeightEngine Capacity
4´10” – 5´0”27 – 30”100 – 110 cc
5´0” – 5´2”29 – 31”110 – 125 cc
5´2” – 5´4”30 – 33”125 – 150 cc
5´4” – 5´6”33 – 35”125 – 220 cc
5´6” – 5´8”34 – 36”125 – 250 cc
5´8” – 5´11”35 – 38”125 – 250 cc
6´0” +37” + 125 – 250 cc

With the above dirt bike sizing chart in mind, here are some of Amazon’s best dirt bikes for adults and teenagers:

  1. Razor MX350 Dirt Bike – Best Electric Motocross for 13 Years Plus
  2. Razor RSF350 Dirt Bike – Best Electric Street Bike for 13 Years Plus
  3. X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike – Best Gas Dirt Bike for Adults Up to 300lbs

Factors Determining What Dirt Bike Size to Go For

Nothing on the above sizing charts is engraved on stone. The guides are only there to help you understand what dirt bike size to go for.

But still, that is after putting these factors into consideration:

(a) Riders Height

Matching yourself with the correct dirt bike size is vital in determining your riding comfort, safety, and if you’ll have fun riding or not.

Remember, the dirt bike shouldn’t be too raised or lower so that you can have better control. With control comes comfort, and with comfort comes safety.

(b) Seat Height

Essentially, the seat height dictates the rider’s height. But still, you can use the seat height to determine the ideal rider’s age.

Overall, the seat height is slightly more than your inseam length. Don’t go for a seat height smaller than your inseam, as that’ll mean excessive knee bending.

(c) Engine Capacity

You want a dirt bike with a suitable engine capacity to bear your weight and allow you to ride fast and comfortably. Remember, the weightier you are, the larger the engine capacity and vice versa.

So, go for under 250cc for kids’ dirt bikes and up to 450 ccs for adults, depending on experience.

(d) Riders Age

This applies to kids’ dirt bikes, especially those not older than ten years. If the dirt bike is for a 3-10-year-old, you have to match the dirt bike’s seat height with your kid’s age.

Don’t go past 150 ccs for kids under 15 years unless they are experienced riders.

(e) Riders Experience

This is the most important consideration when sizing a dirt bike according to the engine displacement (other than your weight). Go for a high-capacity engine if you are an experienced biker and a low-capacity option if you are only a beginner.

What Size Dirt Bike For 6 Foot

(f) Dirt Bike Build Quality

You cannot overlook the overall construction of the dirt bike, as the robust it is, the likelier it will bear colossal weight. That’s more important when shopping for a dirt bike when overweight. Specifically, consider a sturdier frame construction.

(g) Seat Adjustment

Most people don’t know this, but most dirt bike seats are adjustable. You can slightly raise and lower them to suit your comfort level.

So, it’s essential to consider a dirt bike whose seat you can adjust. Some allow you to lower them by compressing the foam and raising them using hard foam.

People Also Ask

1. What Size Dirt Bike Does A 6 Year Old Need?

A 6-year-old needs a dirt bike with a seat height that’s about 18 – 21 inches or slightly taller and an engine capacity of 40 – 50 cc.

2. What Size Dirt Bike For 6 Foot?

At 6 feet, you should go for a dirt bike with a seat height of at least 37 inches and an engine displacement of 125 – 250 cc, depending on experience. However, you can still go for more than 250cc if you are a more experienced dirt biker.

3. What Size Dirt Bike Should A 8 Year Old Ride?

An 8-year-old can ride a dirt bike with a seat height of 21 – 24 inches and an engine displacement capacity of 50 –80 cc. But if the 8-year-old is a beginner, it may be better to start with a 50 – 65 cc rather than 80 CC.

4. What Size Dirt Bike Should A 10 Year Old Ride?

A 10-year-old should ride a dirt bike with a seat height of 24 – 27 inches and an engine displacement of 80 – 110 cc. If the kid’s a beginner, you can go for a smaller engine displacement.

In Conclusion – What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need For My Height And Weight?

Generally, consider the seat height and the engine displacement to get the right dirt bike size for your height and weight. Don’t forget to focus on your riding experience, too, as the more experienced you are, the bigger the engine capacity.

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