How Fast Does A 150cc Dirt Bike Go?

Teenagers and young adults are generally adventurous and dirt bikes, especially 150cc options, offer them that. These dirt bikes combine speed and power to promise the ultimate outdoor adventure. But how fast does a 150cc dirt bike go?   

A 150cc dirt bikes have a 45-60mph potential top speed depending on the engine type, brand, bike weight, track layout, and personal demographics.

So, generally, this is a speedy dirt bike that you can get for fun dirt racing or even motocross competitions.

This article shall look at the factors determining a 150cc dirt bike’s speed, what you can do to reach and maintain the top speed, and today’s fastest 150cc dirt bicycle.   

But first, let’s explore the basics of 150cc dirt bikes.   

how fast does a 150cc dirt bike go in mph

150cc Dirt Bikes Basics

A 150cc engine refers to an engine with a displacement capacity of 150 cubic centimeters. Ideally, engines with a displacement capacity that exceeds 100cc are super powerful and speedy, and that’s the case with a 150ccc.

Here are its basics:

1. Rider Preference

150cc dirt bikes target youths and teenagers who are confident riding a dirt bike. In that case, you should be conversant with riding a 125cc, 100cc, or anything below that.

Note, however, that riding experience alone doesn’t guarantee that a 150cc dirt bike will fit you. You also have to consider its seat height and match it with your height.

Here’s a dirt bike sizing guide that shows what I mean:

Seat Height (Inches)Rider’s Height

2. Horsepower

A 150cc dirt bike is a powerful choice, and it’s all because of its powerful engine that this dirt bike goes faster. On average, top-end 150cc dirt bikes average a horsepower rating of 39HP, enabling them to clock top speed.

Standard 150cc dirt bikes, however, sometimes average 12.92HP

3. Load Capacity

A 150cc dirt bike can bear up to 265 pounds or slightly more, depending on the overall bike build. That’s almost double the weight of most 150cc dirt bikes. So you can argue that a 150cc dirt bike can carry its weight.

4. Gear and Transmission

150cc dirt bikes come with 4-6 speed transmission systems, primarily manual, to allow you to shift smoothly, get into gear, and blast with speed. The transmission enables them to maintain power on tracks, and the more the gears, the faster the dirt bike is likely to go.

how fast does a 150cc honda dirt bike go

So, How Fast Does A 150cc Dirt Bike Go?

Generally, a 150cc dirt bike can hit a top speed of 45-60mph, depending on the following factors:

1. Engine Type

When talking about the engine type, we’re talking about the engine stroke. Generally, 150cc dirt bikes come with either a 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine.

2-stroke 150cc dirt bikes are lighter than 4-stroke 150cc dirt bikes. Essentially, that’s because they have fewer components that necessitate a 2-stroke process.

Overall, most 2-stroke 150cc dirt bikes average 50-60mph. The downside of a 2-stroke is that it’s louder and unstable at top speed, especially for beginners. So, it’s not the best choice for entry-level dirt racers.

If you want an entry-level choice, consider getting a 65cc, 60cc, or 50cc dirt bike.

As for 4-stroke 150cc dirt bikes, they weigh slightly more, making them slightly heavier and slower. So, while a 2-stroke averages 50-60mph, a 4-stroke averages 45-55mph, with only a few capable of hitting 60mph.

4-stroke 150cc dirt bikes are quieter and more stable in engine operation, hence more beginner-friendly.

2. Bike Brand

Though I’ll touch on this more later, it’s worth mentioning that some 150cc dirt bike brands are faster than others. For example, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki make top-end 150cc dirt bikes that average more than 50mph.

But when it comes to a mid-range brand like Moto Pro, you can expect their dirt bikes to average a slightly lower top speed.

A perfect example is the X-Pro Hawk 150cc Dirt Bike (View on Amazon), which has a top speed of 45mph but can go higher under suitable conditions.  

3. Bike Weight

The average 150cc dirt bike weighs 200-220 pounds. There are, however, a few heavier than that. Overall, the less weighty the dirt bike, the faster it’s likely to go.  

Note that the engine type has a say in this. Usually, 4-stroke engines weigh more than their 2-stroke counterparts.

4. Personal Demographics

Here, we talk about human factors, particularly the rider’s weight and riding experience.

150cc dirt bikes can bear up to 220 pounds or slightly more. In that case, the lighter the rider, the less weighty the dirt bike becomes, and the faster it’s likely to go.

As for the rider experience, the more skilled you are at handling a 150cc dirt bike, the faster you’ll likely ride and reach top speed.

5. Track Layout

While you don’t expect to ride a 150cc dirt bike on a smooth road, the number of obstacles on the off-road tracks determines how fast you can go. The more the obstacles, especially the dirt, the quicker you will go on a 150cc dirt bike.

In that case, expect to go slower on mountains but faster on flatter terrains.

how fast can a 150cc 4 stroke dirt bike go

Who Makes the Fastest 150cc Dirt Bikes? Best 150cc Dirt Bikes Brands

Nowadays, many dirt bike manufacturers make 150cc engines. Here are those that make the speediest:

1. Honda

Honda is notable for the CRF 150F. This workhorse can hit a top speed of 55-60mph depending on the terrain, personal demographics, and the other factors explained earlier.

Honda CRF 150F is quite powerful, promising a horsepower of 39HP, and enjoys an air-cooled 4-stroke engine that’s relatively stable, making it more suitable for beginners.

With it, you are always in control when you hit the mountains. Its 6-speed transmission ensures you can accelerate smoothly.

2. Apollo

French engine manufacturer Apollo is known for making speedy motocross and enduro bikes. One classic example topping the speed chart in the 150cc category is the Mini Cross Apollo RFZ.

This 4-stroke bike enjoys a horsepower of 39HP and features a 6-speed transmission that enables you to hit top speed swiftly. Under excellent conditions, you can hit 60mph with this 150cc dirt bike.

3. KTM

KTM’s ‘ready to race’ slogan is not just a catchphrase that the manufacturer employs to direct traffic to its site. No! Its in-demand bikes prove that.

Overall, nothing is sought-after more than the KTM 150SX. This dynamic, lightweight dirt bike has the specs of a race bike – 6-gear transmission, 39 horsepower, compact 2-stroke, adjustable suspension; you name it.

Speed-wise, KTM 150SX averages a top speed of 55mph, perfect for enduro and dirt racing.

4. Husqvarna

Husqvarna is a household name in the dirt bike manufacturing sector, not just the 150cc niche. One of its finest assemblies is the Husqvarna TC150.

This top-end race dirt bike can hit a top speed of 55mph, owing to its powerful 2-stroke MX engine that delivers 39 horsepower.

The bike also features a 6-speed transmission that promises smooth shifting and power delivery.

5. Moto Pro   

Moto Pro may not be as popular as Honda, Apollo, KTM, or Husqvarna, but it slowly closes in on the competition.

The manufacturer leans towards mid-range dirt racing 150cc dirt bikes instead of top-end motocross options. Nevertheless, they don’t sacrifice speed, as it’s the case with the X-Pro Hawk 150cc Adult Dirt Bike (View on Amazon).

how fast does a 150cc 2 stroke dirt bike go

According to the manufacturer, this 150cc dirt bike’s top speed starts from 45mph to 55mph. The best part is that it can sustain loads of up to 265 pounds.

6. Kawasaki

Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki doesn’t shy away from competition, especially race bikes. Their KX150 is a perfect example of that.

This 150cc dirt bike comes with a 4-speed transmission and 2-stroke engine that allows you to hit a top speed of 50mph. That’s pretty decent for dirt racing.

7. Suzuki

Lastly, Japan engine maker Suzuki delivers to you one of the fastest 150cc dirt bikes on the market, Suzuki RM150. Speed-wise, the Suzuki RM150 can hit a top speed of 50mph.

Essentially, that is due to its powerful liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine that promotes easy shifting.

How to Hit the Top Speed of A 150cc Dirt Bike – Expert Tips

Not everyone hits top speed with a 150cc dirt bike on the first ride. Others never get to experience it, and you wonder why.

Well, these expert tips can help you reach top speed with your 150cc dirt bike:

  • Service your bike periodically – A dirt bike’s speed is dependent on the condition of the engine and other mechanical parts. For these parts to work optimally, you should service the dirt bike periodically. That includes changing the oil and replacing the air filters.
  • Customize it – No one stops you from upgrading the exhaust, tire, and piston. Doing so can improve its performance and speed.
  • Horn your skill – If you want to go faster, you must learn to maneuver the dirt bike in tighter spaces. With better handling comes confidence, and with confidence comes speed.
top speed of a 150cc dirt bike

People Also Ask

1. How Fast Does A 150cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

Though 150cc 4-stroke dirt bikes are slightly weightier, they average a top speed of 45-60mph, depending on the terrain, track layout, rider’s weight, bike weight, among other factors.

2. How Fast Does A 150cc 2-Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

Depending on the terrain, brand, and personal demographics, a top-end 150cc 2-stroke can hit a top speed of 50-60mph. Overall, a 2-stroke engine promises more speed but often gets jittery.

3. How Fast Does A 150cc Honda Dirt Bike Go?

Honda CRF 150F, one of Honda’s fastest exports, can hit a maximum speed of 60mph, owing to its powerful engine and 6-gear transmission. However, you are more likely to hit top speed when the track, weather, and experience favor you.

4. Does Honda Make 150cc Dirt Bikes?

Yes, Honda makes 150cc dirt bikes, and the most popular choices are the Honda CRF150F and Honda CRF150R, which can hit a top speed of up to 60mph.

In Conclusion: How Fast Does A 150cc Dirt Bike Go?

Generally, the bike quality, engine type, track layout, personal demography, and brand type determine a 150cc dirt bike’s speed. So, you have to consider all of them as discussed. However, you should expect the speed to range between 45 and 60 mph in an ideal setting.