Average Cycling Speed By Age Explained ?

Do you wonder why some people cycle faster than others? Well, age has a say in it, and I’ll help you understand the average cycling speed by age.

While kids average 7.85mph, adult beginners average 10mph and regular commuters can go for 15mph. Likewise, while male adults average 22km/h, women average 19km/h.   

You should note, however, that factors like gender, bike type, and location are influential.

We’ll discuss why some riders ride as fast as they do and why it’s the direct opposite for others. If you are ready, let’s get started.

average cycling speed by age chart

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Kids? Average Cycling Speed By Age

Most kids start cycling as early as three years, but you don’t expect them to match adults.

The average kids’ bike can cycle at a speed of 7.85mph. However, it all depends on the kid’s age, level of cycling experience, and bike type.

You should, thus, expect older kids to ride faster than younger kids. Similarly, more experienced kids should ride faster than beginner kids.

Overall, it’s hard for young kids (before their teenage years) to ride for more than an hour continuously. For that reason, I’ve assembled a table below that shows their average cycling speed per day and not per hour.

Age GroupCycling Plan (Miles/Day)
3-5 years10 miles/day
6-10 years10-25 miles/day
10-12 years30-40 miles/day

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Adults? Average Cycling Speed By Age

Adults enjoy varying cycling speed since factors like gender and experience are critical. I’ll explain them later.

But for now, you should note that beginner adults average 10mph, with older adults (the elderly) going slightly slower. But once it comes to regular commuters, a majority of adults average 15mph.

However, it’s worth noting that the bike type is critical in determining adults’ average cycling speed. For example, adult road cyclists ride much faster than mountain bikers.

That’s because it’s easier to ride on smoother surfaces than hilly terrains.

Below is a table that shows you the average cyclist speed for the various adult bike types.

Bike TypeAverage Speed (Km/h)
Road Bike19-30 Km/h
Commuter Bike13-22 Km/h
Mountain Bike16-24 Km/h
Hybrid Bike18-27 Km/h

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Men?

According to a study by Strava, men tend to ride faster than women as they are more masculine.

On average, men adult cyclists average 22km/h. However, men in different countries record different average speeds because of road conditions and speed limits.

Here’s a table that shows the average cycling speed for men in the five most popular countries in the world.

CountryMen Average Cycling Speed (Km/h)
U.S.A24.63 km/h
U.K25.61 km/h
Spain22.31 km/h
France2.36 km/h
Germany22.31 km/h

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Women?

Strava also studied women, and below is an average cycling speed by age chart for women in different countries.

On average, adult women average 19km/h. The reason for that is that women are less masculine. For that reason, they average a lower cycling speed than their male counterparts.

CountryWomen Average Cycling Speed (Km/h)
U.S.A20.51 km/h
U.K19.84 km/h
Spain19.86 km/h
France20.74 km/h
Germany19.94 km/h

How About Teenager Cyclists?

By the time your kids get to 13 years, they are likely to ride as fast as you, if not quicker. So, teenagers generally average the same speed as adults, depending on their experience level.
In this case, beginner teenagers average 10mph while experienced ones average 15mph.

average bike riding speed

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Experience Matters, Age Notwithstanding

While age has a say in the cycling speed, it’s not the only primary determinant. You also have to consider the experience level of the cyclist.

Here’s a table that shows the average cycling speed of riders at different experience levels:

Experience LevelAverage Cycling Speed (MPH)
Regular Cyclists15mph

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How Can You Improve Your Cycling Speed?

You can improve the cycling average speed for your age using these smart tips:

  1. Be Aerodynamic

The basis of assuming an aerodynamic posture is to resist wind drag. You can do that using these tips:

  • Upgrade your handlebar to a drop bar like the UPANBIKE Drop Bar (View on Amazon)
  • Get thinner tires
  • Tuck in your elbows
  • Put on an aerodynamic cycling helmet like the Giro Aero Helmet (View on Amazon)
  • Wear tighter cycling clothes
  1. Leverage Tailwind

Not all wind is terrible, at least not the one blowing to your cycling direction (tailwind).

Tailwind offers you some extra force to continue cycling and do it quickly. So, you won’t be doing all the legwork when riding on tailwind.

You, however, have to be careful not to lose your balance when cycling.

  1. Ride Short Distances

You cannot ride long-distance continuously at the same speed. There’s always the chance that fatigue will set in, and you’ll slow down.

So, the secret is to ride shorter distances. Ride speedily over short intervals and rest in-between.

The tactic also applies to indoor cycling.

  1. Take a Friend

You can draw motivation from friends, and that can make you ride faster. Generally, riding in a group reduces wind resistance, making it easy for you to cycle more quickly.

You can also adopt the drafting technique, where one rider leads the way as you follow closely behind. Eventually, that challenges you to improve your average bike riding speed.

How Can You Improve Your Cycling Speed

And More

  1. Get Light (In Weight)

It doesn’t help your cycling speed if you are overweight. So, it’s a good idea to try hard to drop a few pounds.

The lighter you become, the quicker you are likely to cycle. You can do it by cutting down on sugars and fat. You can also hit the gym while still cycling.

  1. Observe the Correct Tire Pressure

A bike won’t go at a quick, safe speed if its tire pressure is lower. So, before you can take out your bike to go cycling, check the tire pressure.

If it’s not up to the right level, pump it up.

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In Conclusion

Hopefully, the above information about the average cycling speed by age will help you gauge yourself. You can use it as the basis for determining how to ride in different places.

Plus, you can use it to decide which bike to get if you are new to cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 70 too old to ride a bike?

While it may be a common perception that cycling is an activity that only children or the most devoted athletes would partake in, the reality is vastly different. In fact, cycling is a sport that welcomes everyone regardless of age, even individuals in their sixties, seventies, and beyond! There is no age limit to the physical and mental benefits that riding a bike can offer. Remember, age is just a number when it comes to enjoying yourself and regularly participating in a wonderful, holistic form of exercise like cycling! From my own personal experience with elderly family members and per my knowledge and understanding as an active proponent of maintaining vibrant health, I can definitely testify to cycling being an activity suitable for everyone, including seniors above the age of 60.

What is considered a fast cyclist?

Now, if we’re thinking about the speed of professional cyclists, these expert riders can often maintain speeds ranging from 25 to 28 mph on flat land. But don’t be disheartened if you’re just starting out and can’t match that speed—every journey begins with the first pedal stroke. In fact, an average speed of 13.5 mph is quite commendable for a novice road cyclist, especially during longer rides. That’s nearly half the speed of a professional, and that’s nothing to sneeze at when you’re just getting started! Drawing from my own personal experiences when I first started cycling, I found that setting achievable goals and gradually increasing my cycling speed to an average of 13.5 mph was a satisfying achievement.

What is a typical mean speed for a person cycling?

When we consider the average cycling speed, it varies a great deal depending on several factors such as the type of terrain and the style of bike being used. For instance, road bikes average 13-17 mph, while gravel bikes manage somewhere between 10-15 mph. City bikes complete the spectrum at 8-12 mph, and hybrid bikes stand at about 11.5-13 mph. Mountain bikes, designed for rugged terrain, have an average speed of 10 mph, while electric bikes usually range from 11-14.3 mph. After riding different types of bikes over different terrains throughout the years, and using my personal experiences and accumulated knowledge, I can confidently say that the average speed for a typical cyclist is around 12.6 mph.

Is 17 mph fast on a bike?

If you’re capable of maintaining a speed of 17-18 mph on your bike, that’s considered as riding at a fast pace. It not only signals your above-average bike handling skills but also your capacity to contribute cooperatively within a group to the overall pace. Rides at this speed don’t usually have a sweeper and regrouping is not always a given. Bikers are expected to navigate independently if they’re separated from the group. From firsthand experience, such speeds require a good level of fitness, experience, and confidence. Thus, riding at 17 mph on a bike is indeed fast and indicative of a seasoned rider.