How Fast Does A 450cc Dirt Bike Go?

When it comes to the speediest dirt bikes globally, a 450cc is always among the top. This dirt bike is generally a popular choice among professional motocross racers because of its lightning speed. But how fast does a 450cc dirt bike go?

A 450cc dirt bike can go at a maximum speed of 75-110mph depending on the bike quality, terrain, bike weight, rider’s weight, weather and brand.

So, we are talking about a speed beast whose explosiveness can only be matched by a few.

Note, however, that even though these dirt bikes can go that fast, most riders are not confident hitting such heights. So, they always find themselves riding at a low, safe speed.       

how fast will a 450cc dirt bike go

But What Exactly is a 450cc Dirt Bike?   

450cc means the engine’s displacement capacity is 450 cubic centimeters. Overall, here are the basics of 450cc dirt bikes:

Rider Preference

Seat Height (inches)Rider’s Height
37.5”+6 feet +

Engine Power

450cc dirt bikes have arguably the most powerful engines. You can count on them to deliver a horsepower of 52HP or more and a torque of 32 pound-feet or more.

That’s partly why 450cc dirt bikes are pretty fast and have a bigger loading capacity.

Engine Stroke

Unlike engines below 450cc, manufacturers don’t make 2-stroke 450cc dirt bikes. That’s because 2-stroke engines are a bit jittery even though they are pretty fast.

On a positive note, 4-stroke 450cc engines are becoming as lightweight and faster as 2-stroke but with the advantage of being more stable and quieter.

450cc dirt bike top speed

Now, How Fast Does A 450cc Dirt Bike Go in MPH?

As mentioned, a 450cc dirt bike can hit a maximum speed of 75-110mph, making it one of the fastest engines today.

But why the range in speed? Well, it’s because of the following factors:

1. Bike Quality

There’s a reason why some dirt bikes cost under $2,000 and others over $5,000. We call it quality, and it’s pretty prevalent in the 450cc dirt bike world.

Usually, high-end 450cc dirt bikes cost much more but offer you more speed and power. On the other hand, while low-end 450cc dirt bikes cost less, they are slightly slower.

That, however, is not the biggest concern. The biggest worry is that they feature low-quality components, thus less durable and unreliable.

2. Terrain

The terrain you ride on determines how fast you can go on a 450cc dirt bike. While we don’t expect to ride dirt bikes on the streets apart from street-legal options, the fewer the obstacles off-road, the less challenging it is.

Thus, you are less likely to hit top speed when riding on a mountain or track with lots of dust, small rocks, or mud.

On the flip side, you are likely to hit top speed if you tackle less aggressive flatter off-road.

3. Rider’s Weight

Like cars, bicycles, and airplanes, dirt bikes have a carrying capacity. They have a specific weight limit for the rider and his gear.

Naturally, the lighter you are, the less likely you’ll weigh your 450cc dirt bike down, and the faster you’ll go. So, it’s essential to consider the bike’s recommended weight capacity.

4. Bike Weight

Some 450cc dirt bikes are heavier than others, and their weight difference leads to a speed difference. Typically, it’s easier to maneuver a lightweight 450cc dirt bike than a heavier option.

 Note, however, that the engine contributes to a good part of the dirt bike’s weight.

5. Weather

Weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow affect how fast you can go with a 450cc dirt bike. Usually, you are likely to slow down considerably if any of these adverse conditions are present.

So, if you want to hit top speed with a 450cc, you should do it when there’s no rain or snow and the temperature is not so high. That’s when the conditions are perfect for dirt racing.

6. Brand Type

A 450cc dirt bike top speed varies between brands. For example, while KTM 450 SX by KTM enjoys a maximum speed of 110mph, you get up to 90mph from Honda CRF 450R and 100mph from Beta 450RS.

So, the brand is generally essential when picking a 450cc dirt bike. Let’s talk more about the brand next.

Who Makes the Fastest 450cc Dirt Bikes? Best 450cc Dirt Bike Brands

Here are seven dirt bike brands associated with the fastest 450ccc engines:

1. KTM

110mph! That’s how fast the KTM 450 SX-F is, making it the fastest of its kind. So far, no 450cc dirt bike goes past that.

With KTM 450 SX-F, you have not only the fastest dirt bike but also a powerful machine. You can count on its 4-stroke engine with a 5-speed transmission for an explosive outdoor ride.

how fast is a 450cc

2. Beta

Italian giant manufacturer Beta imposes itself in the ‘big boys’ class owing to its powerful 450cc dirt bike. With Beta 450 RS, you have a speed machine that can clock a top speed of 100mph.

So, only the KTM 450 SX beats Beta 450 RS in speed. But at its peak, some riders suggest that Beta 450 RS can go past 100mph, making it an excellent motocross option.

3. Honda

Honda may not have the fastest 450cc dirt bike on the market, but its CRF 450R and CRF 450S can clock a top speed of 90mph.

If you ask any pro dirt racer about it, 90mph is insanely fast. Both bikes come with a powerful 4-stroke engine with incredible horsepower and torque. So, if you want to compete with a Honda, CRF 450R and CRF 450S will do the job.

4. Kawasaki

Kawasaki has upgraded most of its dirt bikes and now has one of the fastest 450cc dirt bikes globally. I’m talking about the Kawasaki KX 450F, which can hit a top speed of 87mph.

This 450cc dirt racing machine has a peak horsepower of 52HP or more and a torque of 32.80 pound-feet or slightly more.

5. Husqvarna

Husqvarna takes pride in assembling the most powerful and finely tuned dirt bikes, and the Husqvarna FC450 proves that. This carefully constructed 450cc dirt bike can reach a maximum speed of 89mph, which is pretty fast.

Overall, the dirt bike’s engine promises a horsepower of 55.64HP, which offers you an advantage off-road.

6. Yamaha

Yamaha makes Yamaha YZ450F, a four-stroke dirt bike that Cycle World credits as the first bike to kick-start the 4-stroke engine revolution.

So, if you are looking for a dirt bike that’s genuinely 4-stroke and reliable, get yourself the Yamaha YZ450F. This dirt bike can hit a top speed of 80mph at its peak.

top speed of a 450cc dirt bike

7. Suzuki

Suzuki always turns up whenever you search for speedy dirt bikes. With Suzuki RM-Z450 comes a speed machine with a potential top speed of 75mph.

Though this is the lowest speed on this list, it doesn’t negate that this speed bike is fast. Its 50 horsepower and 32 feet-pound make it undeniably an excellent motocross racing choice.

How You Can Boost the Top Speed of A 450 Dirt Bike

While 450cc dirt bikes are pretty fast, not everyone gets to experience their top speed. If that’s the case, consider boosting your 450cc’s top speed with these tips:

  • Pack enough gas – Nothing is more disappointing than running out of fuel in the middle of a dirt race. So, if you want to go faster on a 450cc, you’ve to pack enough gas. In that case, you should know how long the race will take and then fuel up.
  • Reduce the bike load – Remember, the more lightweight the load (including your weight), the likelier you will go faster. So, instead of carrying lots of stuff, take what’s necessary. And if applicable, lose some weight.
  • Upgrade the gears – You boost the dirt bike’s acceleration by changing the gears, and the faster you accelerate, the sooner you’ll hit top speed. In that case, consider switching to a greater rear sprocket or low gear ratio.
  • Maintain the bike – It helps immensely, especially the engine if you service it regularly. Remember to change the oil and replace dirty and faulty filters each time you give your dirt bike a tune-up.

People Also Ask

1. What Is the Top Speed of A 450 Dirt Bike?

A 450cc dirt bike can hit a top speed of 75-110mph, depending on the brand, engine strength, terrain, rider’s weight and experience, and bike’s weight. However, a few low-end options run under 75mph at top speed.

2. Is A 450 Dirt Bike Good for Beginners?

450cc dirt bikes are pretty heavy and fast. So, they require less experience to handle and maneuver them. For that reason, 450cc dirt bikes are not suitable for beginners.   

You should get a 100cc, 85cc, or anything below it if you are a beginner dirt cyclist.

3. Who Makes the Fastest 450 Dirt Bike?

Currently, KTM makes the fastest 450cc dirt bike, the KTM SX-F. This 4-stroke 450cc dirt bike can run at a top speed of 110mph, which is undeniably explosive.

Note, however, that its speed depends on a few things such as rider experience, terrain, and rider weight.

4. Is 450cc Dirt Bike Too Big?

450cc dirt bikes are best for youths and adults. But even so, these dirt bikes come with different seat heights, which differ between manufacturers. So, you’ve to match your height with the dirt bike’s seat height, and here’s a table to use:

Seat Height (inches)Rider’s Height
37.5”+6 feet +

5. How Fast Does A YZ450f Go?

The Yamaha YZ450f dirt bike can go at a maximum speed of 80mph, depending on the rider’s weight, skill, and terrain.

Generally, you are likely to hit top speed with a YZ450f when you are more experienced and lightweight and ride on less challenging terrain.

In Summary; How Fast Does A 450cc Dirt Bike Go?    

With a 450cc dirt bike capable of hitting a top speed of 75-110mph, you couldn’t wish for a faster dirt bike than this.

Note that you can only attain such speed if all conditions, including good track, manageable load, and riding experience, are favorable.

And at the end of the day, such a speed is only best for motocross racing. You cannot ride that fast on the streets!