How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go! ?

When it comes to motocross racing, you want the speediest dirt bike to stay atop of your competition. Undeniably, one of the speediest dirt bikes for pre-teens and teenagers is the 80cc option. But how fast does a 80cc dirt bike go?   

On average, a motocross caliber 80cc dirt bike can hit a maximum speed of 45-65mph, depending on the brand, engine stroke, rider’s weight, terrain, among other factors. However, a mini 80cc dirt bike averages a top speed of 23mph.     

I’ll explain these factors to help you manage your expectation when getting this dirt bike. I’ll also share the fastest 80cc dirt bikes on the market.

But first, let’s talk more about what an 80cc dirt bike is, who should get it, load capacity, among other basics.

how fast does an 80cc dirt bike go

What’s an 80cc Dirt Bike?

The term ‘cc’ stands for cubic centimeters. So, an 80cc dirt bike is an option with an engine replacement volume of 80 cubic centimeters.

Here are its basics:

Preferred Rider’s Age

Kids from 7-10 years are likely to fit on most 80cc dirt bikes and ride them. However, a few options have a minimum preference age limit of 13 years. Such options are for youths and some lightweight adults.

Overall, you should confirm the preferred rider’s age from the dirt bike’s specs.

Load Capacity

Most 80cc dirt bikes can carry a maximum of 150-165 pounds which coincides with the age bracket of 7-13 years. But generally, 80cc dirt bikes have different strengths. So, you must confirm the load capacity before getting one. This is even more important than looking at the age.


80cc dirt bikes weigh between 78 and 120 pounds, depending on build quality and engine stroke. Overall, 4-stroke 80cc dirt bikes weigh more than their 2-stroke counterparts.


As we’ll discuss later in detail, most 80cc dirt bikes average a top speed of 45mph plus. That’s more than a 70cc dirt bikes or 65cc dirt bikes top speed.

Realistically, 45mph is pretty fast for 7-10 years. So, you might worry about your youngster’s safety.

Well, the best approach is to get your child the best dirt bike riding gear (View on Amazon). That includes chest/belly protector, helmet, knee pads, elbow guards, and riding boots.

can a 80cc dirt bike go

So, How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go? 2-Stroke vs 4-Stroke

Essentially, an 80cc dirt bike’s top speed is dependent on its engine stroke. Let’s consider the top speed of a 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

How Fast Does A 80cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

A 4-stroke engine involves four major steps:

  • Intake
  • Compression
  • Combustion
  • Exhaust

The engine must be massive for all four steps to occur, making it heavy. The extra weight alone makes 4-stroke dirt bikes slightly slower.

Also, since air has to go through a 4-step process, it takes much longer, which again explains why 4-stroke engines are slightly slower.

Those are the reasons why a 4-stroke 80cc is likely to average a top speed of 45-55 when a 2-stroke option is likelier to go faster.

How Fast Does A 80cc 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Go?

A 2-stroke engine involves two stages; compression & compression. Therefore, the engine has a smaller capacity and is lighter than a 4-stroke.

And since air goes through a 2-step process, which is shorter, the dirt bike picks up speed quickly. That explains why 2-stroke 80cc dirt bikes can hit a top speed of 50-65mph, depending on the brand.

How about Mini 80cc Dirt Bikes? How Fast Do They Go?

Mini 80cc dirt bikes, mostly 4-stroke, don’t go as fast as motocross racing options.

From the name, these dirt bikes are pretty small, and it’s not because of their frame size. No! It’s because of their horsepower. As a result, they are slower.

While you can expect MX racing 80cc dirt bikes to reach 45mph or more depending on brand and engine stroke, mini 80cc dirt bikes average 23mph. That’s the case with the Mega Moto 80cc Gas Mini Bike.

This mini gas dirt bike is also super comfortable, thanks to its spring footpegs, super-grip tires, and oversized seat.

how fast does a 80cc 4 stroke dirt bike go

Factors Determining How Fast 80cc Dirt Bikes Go

Here are the factors that dictate an 80cc dirt bike’s top speed:

a) Engine Stroke

I’ve already mentioned that 80cc dirt bikes come in 2-stroke and 4-stroke options and that the former is faster than the latter.

Note, however, that even though a 4-stroke is marginally slower, its advantage is that it’s more stable and quieter than the 2-stroke. As a result, it’s best for beginners.

Beginners may have difficulty maneuvering a 2-stroke 80cc dirt bike as it’s less stable at high speed and pretty noisy. So, it generally suits pro riders, especially at motocross events where noise is not an issue, and there are no speed limits.

b) Rider’s Weight

Typically, it’s easier to ride a dirt bike faster when you weigh less than someone overweight. For one, it means less load on the dirt bike, and two; it implies you are physically fit to endure the aggressive ride.

In that case, a 100-lb teen is likely to go faster than a 200-lb adult.

c) Bike’s Weight

The weight of the dirt bike has almost the same effect as the rider’s weight. It’s generally easier to maneuver a lightweight 80cc dirt bike than a heavier option.

If you are heavy, you need more suspension, which adds weight to the bike. But overall, 80cc dirt bikes are designed to be lighter than their large capacity siblings (125cc, 250cc, and above).

d) Terrain

Someone riding on a flat track is likely to go faster than someone riding on a steep off-road. So, a person riding on flat tracks can hit top speed much quicker than someone taking on steeper trails.

e) Rider’s Experience

An 80cc dirt bike is all about having fun. It’s more of jumping, balancing, and doing aerial stunts than going fast, which calls for experience.

Note, however, that the more experienced you are on the bike, the likelier you are to hit top speed. After all, it takes experience to balance on a dirt bike and race with it.

f) Dirt Bike Brand

Generally, the brand plays a huge role in determining an 80cc dirt bike’s top speed. Brands like Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha are usually faster than others, which means they are the ones to consider when looking for a high-speed motocross 80cc dirt bike.

XtremepowerUS and Suzuki are also fast, but if you are looking for a slower casual-riding 80cc dirt bike, you have to go for Mega Moto. Some of its bikes average 23mph, as it’s the case of Mega Moto 80cc Gas Mini Bike (View on Amazon)

how fast 80cc dirt bike go

Who Makes the Fastest 80cc Dirt Bikes?

While there are many 80cc dirt bike brands, the following stands out for making the fastest engine:  

1. Kawasaki

Giant Japanese engine manufacturer Kawasaki stands tall in the 80cc dirt bike manufacturing sector. They currently make one of the fastest (if not the fastest) 80cc dirt bikes on the market today.

I’m talking about the Kawasaki K80, which can hit a top speed of 65mph on perfect terrains. This dirt bike which dates to 1983, promises 19 horsepower at a rate of 11,500RPM, which is pretty impressive.

That is thanks to its single-cylinder 2-stroke liquid-cooled 80cc engine with 6-speed transmission.

2. Suzuki

Here comes another giant Japanese manufacturer that gives Kawasaki a good push. Suzuki is popularly known for the Suzuki JR80 and RM80.

Suzuki JR80 has a top speed of 45mph, while Suzuki RM80 can hit a top speed of 60mph.

3. Honda

Unlike Kawasaki and Suzuki, Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda makes 4-stroke 80cc dirt bikes. So, expect them to be slightly slower. But given the stability and maneuverability that 4-stroke 80cc dirt bikes enjoy, Honda 80cc dirt bikes are pretty reliable on motocross events.

The Honda CRF80, for example, which is the fastest 80cc dirt bike by Honda, has a 55mph top speed. It enjoys rear suspension to improve its handling and promise a horsepower of 8.7HP (6.5Kw) at a rate of 8000RPM.

So, even though the engine is a 4-stroke, you are likely to have the blasting experience of a 2-stroke.

4. Yamaha

Yamaha makes several speedy 80cc dirt bikes for pre-teens and teenagers. Some of them include Yamaha PW80, Yamaha DT80, and Yamaha YZ80.

Overall, the Yamaha PW80 is the most popular choice. It comes with an air-cooled 2-stroke dirt bike that promises a top speed of 41mph. That, however, is not closer to what you get from the Yamaha YZ80.

Yamaha YZ80 hits a remarkable top speed of 60mph, perfect for motocross racing.

5. XtremepowerUS

XtremepowerUS is an American engine and power tool manufacturer giving the Japanese trio (Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda) a run for their money.

Their pocket dirt bike, XtremepowerUS 80cc Pocket Dirt Bike, can hit a top speed of 60mph. For a 4-stroke, that is remarkable. What’s even more impressive is its load capacity, given that it can tolerate up to 165 pounds.

And when it comes to the rider’s age, it starts from 13 years, making it a youth’s choice. Overall, this dirt bike is best for racing, fun riding, and commuting.

how fast does a 80cc pit bike go

People Also Ask

1. What Is the Fastest 80cc Dirt Bike?

Currently, here are the fastest 80cc dirt bikes on the market:

  1. Kawasaki K80 (65mph)
  2. Yamaha YZ80 (60mph)
  3. Suzuki RM80 (60mph)
  4. XtremepowerUS 80cc Dirt Bike (60mph)
  5. Honda CRF80 (55mph)

2. How Fast Will A 80cc Mini Bike Go?  

An 80cc mini bike is likely to hit a top speed of 23mph, as it’s the case with the Mega Moto 80cc Mini Bike. 80cc mini dirt bikes are generally best for casual dirt racing.

3. How Fast Does A 80cc Pit Bike Go?

An 80cc pit bike can hit a top speed of 23mph if it’s a mini option and up to 45-60mph if it’s a motocross option. So, overall, the intended use and the engine stroke determine how fast an 80cc pit bike goes.  

4. How Many Horsepower Is an 80cc?

An 80cc dirt bike has a horsepower of anything between 2.5HP and 15HP, depending on the overall engine strength and build. Overall, mini dirt bikes have the smallest horsepower.   

In Conclusion, How Fast Does A 80cc Dirt Bike Go?

An 80cc dirt bike is undeniably a fast dirt bike perfect for motocross racing. So, it’s a good choice for your adventurous youngster who’s crazy about motocross racing. Overall, it’s essential that you get not only the fastest 80cc dirt bike but also the safest.