How Fast Does A 65cc Dirt Bike Go?

Nothing describes an adrenaline rush better than dirt biking. And while there are numerous dirt bikes to trigger an adrenaline rush, nothing befits kids more than a 65cc. But how fast does a 65cc dirt bike go?

While casual 65cc dirt bikes can hit a top speed of 30-45mph, motocross racing 65cc dirt bikes can go as fast as 60mph. It depends primarily on the brand, but other factors like terrain, weather, load, and speed limits should be favorable.  

Generally, if the weather or terrain is terrible or if there are strict speed limits or you overload the dirt bike, it’ll not be easy to reach the top speed. The opposite is also true.     

Note that while a 65cc dirt is fast, it’s not the fastest. On that note, we’ll compare the speed of 50cc dirt bikes with those other engine sizes.       

Furthermore, I’ll provide you with a few basics to help you understand 65cc dirt bikes and possibly make a better purchase.

Let’s get started!

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65cc Dirt Bike Top Speed in MPH

Ordinarily, casual or regular 65cc dirt bikes are not speedy. They primarily run under 30mph but can hit 30-45mph, depending on brand and factors like terrain, weather, load, and speed limit.

For example, if the weather is calm and the terrain smoother, it’s easy to hit top speed. However, the dirt bike should be lighter, bearing an acceptable load, and there shouldn’t be a speed limitation.

If it’s the opposite, then you’ll have to stay within limits.

However, note that we’ve another class of 60cc dirt bikes specifically for motocross racing. These 65cc dirt bikes are pretty fast to perform at an elite level.  

They include these four dirt bikes:

1. KTM 65SX (Potential Top Speed – 62mph)

According to some users, the 2022 KTM SX Cobra CX65 can hit a top speed of 62mph under perfect racing conditions.

Understandably, that’s owing to its cutting-edge 2-stroke engine, which is lightweight and agile. Plus, it enjoys a 6-speed manual transmission system that picks up speed much quicker.

The dirt bike also comes in a lightweight modern frame with a stiffer geometry to ride faster. The frame promotes easy cornering.

Even better, its handlebar is quite ergonomic to allow you to hold on firm during a blast ride. And with the tank capacity being 3.5 liters, you can enjoy longer mileage.

2. Husqvarna TC65 (Potential Top Speed – 62mph)

The Husqvarna TC65 targets young riders looking to sprint at an explosive speed. This little speed beast can hit a top speed of 62mph, enough to win a motocross race.

The dirt bike resembles KTM 65sx in many ways. For starters, both dirt bikes have a liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine with 6-speed manual transmission.

They also have a hydraulic clutch and strong frame, contributing to their explosive speed. Moreover, TC65’s parts are just as high-end as KTM 65SX’s.

3. Cobra CX65 (Potential Top Speed – 60mph)

Looks are often deceiving as you can easily pass up the Cobra CX65 for a toy dirt bike.

Far from it, this dirt bike has won more than 300 international championships, 500 regional competitions, and 5,000 local races. That’s how successful the dirt bike has been!

So, if you want a dirt bike with a track record in the motocross racing world, you have one in Cobra CX65.

Speed-wise, this dirt bike can hit a top speed of 60mph, which is just super-fast. That is due to its liquid-cooled engine with 6-speed transmission, powerful exhaust with silencer, and 4.2L fuel tank.

It also enjoys a wider wheelbase and lightweight frame, which offer you more leverage when sprinting.

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4. Kawasaki KX65 Dirt Bike (Potential Top Speed – 59mph)

The Kawasaki KX65 is another agile and fast 65cc dirt bike. Given that the top speed on a KX 65 is 59mph, this dirt bike introduces you to the world of competitive motocross racing.

Overall, it’s easy to understand why this bike by Kawasaki can hit such a top speed. For one, its 64cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine promise swiftness and agility.

Plus, it comes with a lightweight frame with an adjustable 33mm fork that offers you stability and control.

On the other hand, its 29.9-inch seat height offers you enough ground clearance and leverage when sprinting. Furthermore, it has a sleeker look, which makes it swift.

How Fast is a 65cc Dirt Bike Compared to Others?

Given that a regular 65cc dirt bike can hit 30-45mph and a motocross option 59-62mph, you are likely to ask, ‘how about other dirt bikes?’

Below is a table comparing the potential top speeds of other dirt bikes and the 65cc dirt bike top speed.

Dirt Bike EnginePossible Top Speed
250ccUp to 85mph

65cc Dirt Bike Basics

Here are the must-know basics when shopping for a 65cc dirt bike:

Age Preference

65cc dirt bikes are essentially kids’ dirt bikes. You can expect them to accommodate kids from 7-8 years and some from 10 years.

But given that kids of the same age often differ in height and weight, using age as the basis of choosing a 65cc dirt bike for your youngster is not a reliable approach.

You should also consider the seat height (which I will explain next) and the load capacity.

Seat Height

65cc dirt bikes come in different seat heights to suit youngsters of different sizes and age groups. Since age is not decisive when picking a dirt bike for your youngster, you should match it with the right seat height.

Here’s a table you can use in that regard!

Seat HeightAge
21-28 inches7-8 years
21-35 inches9-10 years
21-35 inches11-13 years
36 inches +14 years +


Most racing 65cc dirt bikes weigh 53Kg (117 pounds) or slightly higher without the gas. So, they weigh more with a full tank.

While 117 pounds is not lightweight, the weight doesn’t deter these speed beasts from hitting their potential top speeds if other conditions are favorable.

65cc Dirt Bike Engine

60cc dirt bikes are naturally competitive. So, they mostly come with a liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine that’s lighter than a 4-stroke option. The engine also involves a shorter combustion cycle, enabling it to pick up speed and accelerate much faster.

Sadly, a shorter cycle means incomplete combustion. So, the engines have the most emission. Moreover, they can be hard to control at high speed if you are inexperienced in handling dirt bikes. So, they suit experienced dirt racers more.    

655 Dirt Bike Cost

65cc dirt comes in different budgets depending on the quality of their build and intended purpose. While casual options cost $800-$1,500, you can expect a motocross option to cost $3,500-$5,000 or slightly higher.

how fast does a 65 dirt bike go

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Can an Adult Ride A 65cc Dirt Bike?

No law says that 65cc dirt bikes are only for kids. Generally, two essential factors determine if a given dirt bike is suitable for a particular person; carry capacity and seat height.

If a 60cc dirt bike has the right seat height and can bear the weight of an adult, then that particular adult can ride it. Note, however, that since these dirt bikes often come with smaller load capacities and shorter seat heights, they mostly favor kids.

Can I Make My 65cc Dirt Bike Faster?

Nothing stops you from making your 65cc dirt bike faster. All it takes are the following adjustments:

  • Upgrade the exhaust system – This helps to improve combustion, and that enhances the bike’s speed in the long run.
  • Upgrade the engine capacity – If your dirt bike doesn’t have a specific displacement limit that you shouldn’t exceed, you should get a higher-capacity engine. With it, you can ride much faster.
  • Drop the clutter – The lighter the dirt bike is, the likelier it is to be faster. So, remove any add-ons which may be weighing it down.
  • Get comfy – Try adding a few comfort features such as ergonomic grips, footpegs, and a seat cover. That improves your comfort, making it easy to ride fast.

People Also Ask

1. What Age Is A 65cc Dirt Bike for?

A 65cc dirt bike generally suits kids from 7-8 years to about 13 years or older. Note, however, that these dirt bikes come with different seat heights.

So, you also have to look at the seat height and not just the age when shopping for a 65cc dirt bike.

2. How Tall Should You Be to Ride A 65cc Dirt Bike?

With a 65cc dirt bike, you need to consider the seat height to ensure you can comfortably sit on the dirt bike and ride it.

Below is a table to match your youngster with the right dirt bike (according to the seat height):

Seat HeightAge
21-28 inches7-8 years
21-35 inches9-10 years
21-35 inches11-13 years
36 inches +14 years +

3. How Fast Does a Kx65 Dirt Bike Go?

A KX65 is one of the fastest 60cc dirt bikes on the market. The latest Kawasaki KX65, for example, can hit a top speed of 59mph, which is electric fast.

4. How Fast Does A KTM 65 Dirt Bike Go?

A KTM 65 can hit a top speed of 62mph, making it arguably the fastest 65cc dirt bike today, alongside Husqvarna TC65. Note, however, that such a speed makes these dirt bikes not street legal. You can only hit such heights when competing at a motocross race.

5. What Is the Fastest 65cc Dirt Bike?

From my research, here are four of the fastest 60cc dirt bikes to date:

  1. KTM 65 SX Cobra CX65 (Potential Top Speed – 62mph)
  2. Husqvarna TC65 Cobra CX65 (Potential Top Speed – 62mph)
  3. Cobra CX65 (Potential Top Speed – 60mph)
  4. Kawasaki KX65 (Potential Top Speed – 59mph)

How Fast Does A 65cc Dirt Bike Go? Closing Thoughts:

Generally, you hit a top speed of 30-45mph with a casual 60cc dirt bike and up to 59-62mph with motocross racing options. So, this dirt bike is undeniably fast, despite its smaller engine capacity.

Depending on what you use it for or what your youngster wants it for, you can rely on its explosive speed.