Are Mongoose BMX Bikes Good?

Mongoose is one of the pioneer brands that design some of the best bikes across different categories, with BMX bikes being the most criticized model in their product line.

The question is, are Mongoose BMX bikes good or should you consider options such as Redline and Diamondback instead?

Mongoose BMX bikes are good because the brand builds them for power, durability, speed, and performance. Available in 16, 20, and 24-inch frame sizes, these bikes are good for street riding, short distant commuting, and bmxing stunts. Even the wheels have a low rolling resistance for smooth rides.

We’ll dive deeper into Mongoose BMX bike reviews in a few. First, let me give you a list of the best bicycle motocross built by this company.

Mongoose Legion Mag

Best Mongoose BMX Bikes

Are Mongoose BMX Bikes Good? (Here’s My Review)

Mongoose BMX bikes are certainly not perfect, but their popularity isn’t something you and I can sweep under the rug.

Here’s why:

They feature robust frame and fork that make them suitable for any kind of tricks.

They include 170 mm steel cranks, which offer smooth, single-speed riding. Not to mention their wheels have a lower rolling resistance and therefore respond well to every pedal stroke.

Note that Mongoose BMX bikes have a stand over height of 565mm, horizontal top tube length of 519mm, and a 365mm chain stay. As such, they are suitable for riders whose heights fall in the range of 4’8″ to 5’4″.

The Good

Here’s what makes Mongoose BMX bikes stand out from the many options you’ll come across in the market:

1. Solid, Durable Construction

Mongoose uses hi-tensile steel to design the frame and fork, giving you a more durable bike that can do just about anything, from bunny hops and 180 degrees to commuting and mountain riding.

These bikes include cast aluminum mag wheels with sealed bearing.

And there are cable detanglers (Amazon Link) that allow the handlebar to rotate (swivel) up to 360 degrees. That makes it easy for the rider to perform and show off at skate parks.

Some models, such as the Mongoose Legion Mag feature freestyle pegs that makes it easy for you to perform simple tricks and complex stunts.

Mongoose Legion Mag

2. Multiple Riders Height

Depending on the model you choose, the suggested rider’s height of Mongoose BMX bikes range from 3’6” to 5’0″.

Even with smaller frames and short reach, it’s possible to adjust the seat post to its maximum height so the bike fits tall riders well.

3. Responsive Breaks

Mongoose BM bikes have a simple yet responsive break setup, which gives you the stopping power necessary to perform tricks that require responsive breaking.

The U and linear caliper breaks also come in handy when commuting and cycling downhill in the case where you opt to use BMX for mountain biking.

The Bad

The following are the drawbacks of BMX bikes from Mongoose:

1. They Don’t Have Powerful Breaks

Mongoose BMX bikes don’t guarantee the best braking power in the long-term.

The linear calipers and U brakes aren’t as durable and powerful as breaks on standard bikes, so they’ll wear out fast even with frequent maintenance – especially if you use them for daily bmxing.

2. They Have Seats in Low Position

I appreciate the reasons why BMX bikes have low seats.

At the same time, though, the setup isn’t ideal for someone who wants to take such a bike to a long commute or occasional street riding.

Models built by Mongoose aren’t an exception either.

Their low seat position means you’ll ride them mostly standing. So unless you’re looking forward to pulling some new, interesting tricks, you should look past these BMX bikes.

3. They Don’t Include a Suspension Fork

Like pretty much every other BMX bike you’ll come across, models built by Mongoose don’t include suspension forks. Looking at what BMX bikes are good for, you can understand why the suspension isn’t necessary in the first place.

The problem is:

The lack of suspension means you can maneuver bumpy terrains, especially if you decide to take the bike off road. You’ll have to endure hard impact, which is something riders hardly ever feel when using standard bikes.

If you’re using bicycle motocross for street riding and performing simple and advanced tricks on flat, smoothened terrains, the lack of a suspension can give you the best bmxing experience.

4. Horrible Kickstand

While the kickstands play an essential role of keeping the bike in a standing position when not in use, Mongoose hasn’t given the design of their model much thought.

The build okayish, which means it’s not the best we’ve seen.

Mostly, the kickstands tend to wobble and they can easily bend under pressure.


What Are the Best Alternatives to Mongoose BMX Bikes?

You can get a BMX bike made by Micargi if you need an alternative to Mongoose.

The Micargi Maze Cape Sidewalk BMX Bike is a good model to consider, mostly because it fits riders of heights 4’4″ to 5’4″. With durable wheels that deliver good traction on different terrains, you can take the bike anywhere you want to go.

With a robust frame made of hi-ten steel and aluminum brakes that give you full speed control, you can ride the Micargi Maze BMX bike on the street, park, dirt, and off road.

Hiland 20-inch BMX

Hiland is also another brand that you can consider in place of a Mongoose BMX bike. Featuring a 360-degree gyro and 4 freestyle pegs, the Hiland 20-inch BMX is a bike you can maneuver in style on different terrains.

Do They Still Make Mongoose BMX Bikes?

Mongoose started the BMX bike revolution in 1974 and still makes them today. The brand now deals in BMX for all ages and performance levels.

Whether you need a freestyle model or a make that can perform dirt jumps and ride down hills, the brand has something in store for you.

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Final Words

I hope this review answers your questions on whether Mongoose BMX bikes are good. If you prefer to consider other BMX models even after reading this review, you should consider the alternatives above.