Best Electric Bike for Tall Riders 2022 ?

Cycling can be tiring to us tall guys, more so when you’ve to go uphill or long-distance. However, the best electric bike for tall riders makes all the experience fun and thrilling.

An e-bike generally offers the necessary pedaling assistance to allow you to hit top speed faster. That’s more important when commuting and taking on newer peaks.

But at 6 feet or taller, finding a befitting e-bike is not a walk in the park. You’ve to crawl through all the available e-bikes on the market and single out the perfect size.

As a tall guy, I understand the frustration, and that’s why I created this post to save you from the trouble.

I’ll share with you a guide to use to find an electric bike that matches your height and cycling needs.

best electric bike for tall riders

In a rush? Check out my most recommended e-bikes for six-footers on the market below.

Best Electric Bike For Tall Riders – Top 5 Recommendations

  1. Heybike Mars E-Bike: Best Electric Fat Bike for Tall Guys
  2. ANCHEER E-Bike: Best Electric Mountain Bike for Tall Guys
  3. Heybike Cityscape E-Bike: Best Electric Cruiser for Tall Guys

Why Is An Electric Bike Good For A Tall Rider?

According to a Birmingham Young University study, cycling is good for your cardiovascular health. It simply gives you a fitter heart.

Now, what better way to enjoy cycling than riding an e-bike?

An e-bike encourages you to pedal faster without being too hard on your body. So, there is a reduced impact on the thigh muscles when you take on unpredictable paths.

An e-bike is pretty fast, and that’s probably the primary reason why most people get it.

Other than improving your heart fitness, an e-bike allows you to shed calories and keep physically fit.

I also cannot forget to mention that you save on commuting expenses. You don’t have to catch the bus or train to work or school when you have an e-bike at home.

Buying Guide for the Best Electric Bike For Tall Riders

Consider the following:

Bike Design

Under the bike design, prioritize the following:

a) Frame Size

This is where you’ve to be keener.

You want a bike that matches your height. So, you’ve to pay attention to the frame size.

The frame should also fit your inside leg (inseam).

Below is a table you can use to locate a frame size that matches your inseam and height:

Frame Size (inches)Inseam Length (inches)Rider Height

b) Crank-Arm Length

The crank arm length, the distance between the bottom axel and the mid pedal axel, is an important consideration when you are 6 feet plus.

You need a taller crank arm to offer you optimal performance.

Shorter guys find shorter crank arms comfortable, but it’s the opposite for taller guys.

Average-size e-bikes have a 165mm crank arm length to suit riders below 5’10”. However, you need more than 165mm if you are over 5’10”.

c) Wheel Size

The wheel size should match the frame size. So, consider a larger wheel size of about 26-inch. The exceptions are those of folding e bikes for tall riders as their wheels usually are smaller.

Overall, larger wheels are more stable and allow you to cover more ground.

Best Electric Bike For Tall Guys

d) Handlebar Height

Since you are taller, your arms will likely extend over the bike’s handlebars if the cycle is medium size. That, however, shouldn’t happen if you want a more comfortable experience.

So, consider an e-bike with a more extended height to allow you to position your hand more comfortably.

e) Adjustable Comfortable Seat

The seat height hugely determines your cycling comfort. You want a seat that’s adequately raised to match your size. For that reason, opt for an adjustable option but don’t stop there.

It also has to be comfortable, and that means looking at the seat shape. You can go for an extra-wide seat if you are plus size or an elongated one if you are average weight.

That’ll ensure the bike seat supports your butt better.

Electric Components for the Best Electric Bike For Tall Guys

Pay attention to the following:

a) E-Bike Battery Power and Type

When it comes to the e-bike battery, power is everything. Go for a high-capacity battery (higher amperage) to enjoy a higher range and higher voltage.

When the voltage is high, the level of pedaling assistance is much greater.

You also have to pay attention to the battery type. There are generally two types:

  • Lithium-ion (Li-ion) – This option is costlier as it offers you more charging cycles (up to 1,000 cycles)
  • Lead-acid battery – This option is cheaper but offers you 500-600 charging cycles

b) Electric Motor Power and Type

You also want a powerful motor to offer you more speed and greater load capacity. You can tell that from the wattage rating.

Usually, the higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor is.

The other consideration is the motor location. Here are the two options:

  • Hub motor – Here, the motor is into one of the bike’s wheels. Hub motors can either be direct-drive (for commuting and climbing less steep hills) or geared-hub (for carrying heavy loads, exercising, and fun cycling).
  • Mid-drive motor – The motor is in the pedal area, at the center of the e-bike. Mid-drive motors can take all conditions – commuting, hill-climbing, exercising, carrying heavy loads, name it.

More Considerations

Also, consider:

  • Quality rim or disc brakes
  • Comfortable steering
  • Quality tires

What If You Are Tall and Heavy?

Then also consider the following in addition to the above:

  • Bike Suspension

You need the best e bike for tall guys with suspension when you are overweight. Generally, a suspension absorbs excess shock associated with putting too much weight on the bike.

Note that some e-bikes have seat suspension, and others have front or dual suspension.

  • Fat Tires

If you cannot get an e-bike with suspension, then consider one with fat tires. The tires balance your weight uniformly on the bike.

These bikes also feature sturdier rims with a high spoke account, and their spokes don’t break easily.

One fantastic choice for tall guys is the Heybike Mars Electric Bike, which suits 5’3”-6’3” tall guys.

Not only does it come with fat tires but also front suspension and enjoys a foldable design. So, it’s both comfortable to ride and readily portable.

Electric Bikes for Tall Riders

Classes of Electric Bikes for Tall Riders

Generally, e-bikes come in these three types:

Class 1

Class 1 e-bikes, sometimes known as pedal-assist e-bikes, offer assistance only when pedaling. The assistance generally stops when you hit 20mph.

Overall, these e-bikes are best for bike paths, regular roads, and everywhere else you would ordinarily ride a traditional bike. They are more affordable than the rest.

Class 2

Class 2 e-bikes come with a throttle, which allows you to reach top speed without pedaling. So, they are also known as throttle-assist e-bikes.

But like the class 1 option, the assistance of class 2 e-bikes stops when you hit 20mph. So, everything above that is down to your pedaling power.

Class 3

Class 3 e-bikes come with a speedometer that helps you reach a 28mph top speed when pedaling. But even though the assistance stops when you clock 28mph, you can go higher by pedaling faster.

These e-bikes are generally best for fast commuting and running errands.

Types of Electric Bikes for Tall Riders

The discussed classes come in the following categories:

1. Electric Cruiser/Comfort Bikes for Tall Guys

Electric cruiser or comfort bikes are best for recreational cycling. They are highly comfortable, just like their name is suggesting.

With these bikes, you sit upright on a broad and thickly padded saddle. They come either with a step-thru or step-over frame and generally enjoy a laid-back geometry.

Overall, these electric bikes are convenient for running errands, get around town, and short-distance commuting where speed is not an urgency.

One such e-bike is the Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike, which suits guys 5’4”-6’5” tall.

The cruiser e-bike comes with a removable long-range 36V/10Ah battery that can run for 40 miles on one charge.

Its 350W rear-drive motor enables you to clock at a top speed of 19mph, which is just amazing.

2. Electric Hybrid/Commuter Bikes for Tall Guys

Electric hybrid bikes are designed to go faster, thus perfect for commuting. But still, you can use them to get around town and run quick errands.

Most of them come equipped with storage racks for your bag and groceries. Others even have lights for safe biking at night.

One such best e bike for tall riders is the Macwheel 26” Electric Bike, which suits 5’0”-6’2” tall riders.

This e-bike comes with a large-capacity 36V/10Ah li-ion battery with a 43-50 miles-per-charge mileage in pedal-assist mode.

Its 250W motor offers you a 15.5mph maximum speed, and it features a smart LED display for vital stats like distance, battery status, and assistance level.

3. Electric Mountain Bikes for Tall Guys

Nothing conquers a mountain more confidently than the best e mountain bike for tall riders.

Whether you want to explore Mother Nature, hit new heights, or exercise off-road, you can do it with an electric mountain bike.

The bikes usually feature knobbier tires and disc brakes that make them off-road ready.

One such MTB is the ANCHEER Electric Bike , which fits 5’1”-6’2” tall guys.

This e-MTB comes with a removable 36V 10.4Ah li-ion battery with a 22-40 miles-per-charge mileage.

Its 350W brushless motor gives it a 20mph top speed to allow you to cruise your rough neighborhood smoothly.

Overall, all its parts are high-end for the best performance.

Electric Mountain Bikes for Tall Guys

4. Electric Folding Bikes for Tall Guys

Electric folding bikes come with a foldable frame for easy folding, parking, and carrying in public transport systems.

They are best for commuting and are generally fast.

These e-bikes come with smaller wheels than others to encourage portability. They also feature lighter frames, mainly aluminum, also to promote portability.

One such best foldable electric bike for tall riders is the Macwheel 16” Electric Folding Bike, which suits 5’25”-6’2” tall commuters.

The e-bike comes with a 250W brushless motor that gives it a 15.5mph top speed and a 36V/7.5Ah li-ion battery with an 18.6-37 miles-per-charge mileage.

It folds in seconds, and despite its lightweight design, the e-bike has a 200-pound load capacity.


1. How Far Can Electric Bikes Go?

Depending on the battery’s range, electric bikes can go 25-100 miles per charge.

2. What Are The Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes?

Some of the disadvantages of electric bikes include:

  • They are costlier
  • They can be heavier
  • Their batteries mostly have a shorter lifespan
  • The maintenance is often costly

3. Do Electric Bikes Charge When You Pedal?

Some electric bikes integrate a self-charging function that charges the battery as you pedal. You should, however, confirm that, as such, e-bikes are few.

4. Do Electric Bikes Go Without Pedaling?

Class 2 electric bikes can run and reach a 20mph top speed without pedaling. You only need to turn the throttle, and that’s about it, more like scooters.

Others, however, require you to pedal but motor-assisted.

5. How Long Does Battery Last On Electric Bikes?

Most electric bike batteries only last 2-4 years when you ride regularly. Such batteries usually are lithium-based, which lose their capacity over time.

Closing Thought:

Generally, getting the best electric bike for tall riders makes sense. You’ll have not only a cost-effective alternative to a car but also a fun bicycle to ride around town.

More importantly, you’ll be having an e-bike that matches you.