What BMX Bikes Do the Pros Ride?

Every professional BMX rider wants the strongest, most user-friendly, and most reliable bike to ride. So, aspects like build quality, bike size, and brand reputation play a part in picking a pro-level BMX bike. But what BMX bikes do the pros ride?

Professionals ride BMX bikes with a Pro, Pro-XL, or Pro-XXL frame size, mostly with standard wheels (20-inch) and featuring Chromoly steel or aluminum. These bikes are often associated with brands like Mongoose, WeThePeople, Subrosa, Schwinn, Eastern, Sunday, and Mafiabikes, to name a few. 

We’ll look at all these pro-associated BMX bike brands and their offers. Well also highlight who should get the various pro-level BMX frames, among many other important considerations for getting a professional BMX bike.

Here we go!

what is the best professional bmx bike

In a rush? Check out some of the most recommended pro-level BMX bikes on the hotlist below:

5 BMX Bikes That Pros Ride

  1. Mongoose Title Elite 24 (View on Amazon): Best Race BMX Bike for Pros
  2. Mongoose Legion L500 (View on Amazon): Best Wheelie BMX Bike for Pros
  3. Mafiabikes Bomma 26 (View on Amazon): Best Wheelie BMX Bike for Pros
  4. Mafiabikes Blackjack D (View on Amazon): Best Dirt Jump BMX Bike for Pros
  5. Schwinn Sting Pro (View on Amazon): Best All-Around Racing BMX for Pros

What BMX Bikes Do the Pros Ride?

Professional BMX riders are picky. They pick everything from the bike’s frame material choice and top tube length right to the brand name. So, for us to answer this question, well talk about the following:

  • Bike sizes that pros prefer to ride
  • Frame materials that pros go for
  • How much pro-level BMX bikes go for
  • Best brand for pro BMX riders

Let’s get into it!

What Size BMX Bike Do the Pros Ride?

When picking their BMX bikes, professional riders carefully consider the frame size, top tube length, and wheel size. The frame size, for example, should be a Pro frame (with a top tube length of 20-21 inches), Pro-XL (with a top tube length of 21 – 22.5), or a Pro-XXL (with a top tube length of 21 – 22.5″).

And when it comes to the wheel size, they usually go for the standard size (20-inch) when it comes to freestyle BMX and 24-29 inches when it comes to race BMX and dirt jumpers.

What’s more important is matching all these specs (frame size, top tube length, wheel size, and even tire width with your height).

On that note, below is a general sizing guide recommendable for sizing complete BMX bikes.

Rider’s HeightFrame SizeTop Tube LengthWheel SizeTire Width (inches)
Up to 4’0”Micro15.0-16.5”18-20”1 1/8
4’0”-4’6”Mini16.0-18.0”20”1 1/8
4’4″ -4’10”Junior17.0-18.5”20”1 3/8
5’9”-6’0”Pro XL21.0-22.5”20”1.75-2.2
5’11”+Pro XXL21.0-22.5”20”1.75-2.2

What Frame Material Do BMX Pro Riders Go for?

Most pro BMX riders go for the following frame material choices:

  • Chromoly Steel

Chromoly steel is the most preferred BMX frame material by pro freestylers because of its strength, compliance, pliability, and durability.

Also, Chromoly steel is lighter than hi-ten steel and more fatigue resistant, making it perfect for freestyling and street riding. It can take on physical aggression and abuse, and more importantly, it’s an affordable choice.

  • Aluminum

Professional BMX racers incline more towards aluminum because it’s lighter than Chromoly steel. It’s also stiffer, and the two properties (low weight and stiffness) make it suitable for racing.

Aluminum is less stress-resistant than Chromoly, which means it’s not the best for freestyling/stunts.

Mongoose Legion L80 BMX
  • Carbon Fiber

While there are only a few carbon fiber BMX bikes because of the material’s high cost of production, carbon is a high-end choice. You’ll find it on high-end BMX race bikes because of its ultra-lightweight, rust resistance, and strength.

How Much Do Pro level BMX Bikes Go for?

While most entry-level bikes cost $300 – $500 and the mid-range options go for $500 – $1,000, most pro-level BMX bikes go for slightly more than $1,000.

You are likely to find them averaging $1,000 – $1,500. Note, however, that it doesn’t apply to all. A high price doesn’t necessarily mean the BMX bike is a better choice.

For example, you can get some decent pro-level options under $700, as it’s the case of the Mafiabikes Bomma 26, Schwinn Sting Pro, and Mafiabikes Blackjack D.

While these bikes come at a budget, they promise the most exciting professional BMX adventure and prove value for money. For example, you’ll find them in solid but lightweight frames, perfect geometries, and reliable brakes, wheels, and pedals.

avasta bmx bike

What are The Best BMX Brands for Pro Riders?

Not all BMX brands on the market make pro-level BMX bikes. Only a few do, and they guarantee reliability, performance, and value for money.

Here is a list of the top 8 BMX Brands for pro riders:

1. WeThePeople

WeThePeople (WTP) is the ‘father of all BMX bikes,’ owing to its long reputation for producing high-end pro-level BMX bikes. 

While its bikes are pretty expensive, they prove they are worth it on the streets when competing and displaying your talent as a BMX rider.

One most notable pro-level WTP BMX bike is the WeThePeople Envy (Check On the Company Website). This attention-grabbing BMX bike is everyone’s ‘envy,’ as the name suggests.

It embodies both strength and low weight and packs them in an aesthetic design. Everything is high-end, and the BMX promises to endure raw brutality. 

2. Mongoose 

Mongoose bridges the gap between entry-level BMXing and pro-level biking with its wide range of quality BMX bikes. So, if you want a BMX that you can ride at any level regardless of experience, consider Mongoose.

Two professional tailored Mongoose BMX bikes are the Mongoose Title Elite 24 and Mongoose Legion L500.

The Mongoose Title Elite 24 is a pro-level race BMX, while Mongoose Legion L500 is a freestyle beast. They both promise to endure aggressive usage and stay competitive.

Mongoose Fareestyle Beginner BMX Bike


GT Bicycles announces itself everywhere where professional cycling is discussed. The bike manufacturer is known for making some of the sturdiest, nearly indestructible BMX bikes that can take it all. 

GT Bicycles is at the heart of frame innovation. While GT BMX bikes may not be the most aesthetic, they are all about performance.

One excellent pro-racing GT BMX bike is the Speed Series Pro (Check On the Company Website).

It is equipped with powerful disc brakes, stiffer and races oriented alloy frame, alloy double-wall rims, and a 100% Cr-Mo fork – proving its quality.

4. Mafiabikes 

Mafiabikes is known for making BMX bikes that are ready for brutal use. These bikes can take it all, from high jumps and heavy falls to crazy mid-air stunts and wild speeding.

If you are looking for the most maneuverable, durable, comfortable, and affordable pro-level wheelie bikes, don’t look further than Mafia BMX bikes

Two of its top sellers are the Mafiabikes Bomma 26 and Mafiabikes Blackjack D, fantastic wheelie, and dirt jump bikes, respectively.

Diamondback aViper Aluminum BMX Bike

5. Sunday 

Sunday hasn’t been in the game for too long. However, they promise high-end BMX bikes that are reliable, enduring, and desirable. 

Celebrated BMX rider Gary Young endorses the bike brand.

Sunday BMX bikes employ 100% Chromoly and innovative frame technologies like Wave Tubing and heat processing which promise the most lightweight but safest and strongest frames.

While Sunday is known for different series, its standout series for pro riders is the Sunday Soundwave Special (Check On the Company Website). This pro BMX is the perfect blend of frame strength, wheel toughness, and low weight.

6. Schwinn BMX

Schwinn is traditionally known for low-end, entry-level types of bikes. However, most people don’t know that Schwinn also makes pro-level bikes, especially BMX bikes.

While Schwinn BMX bikes are not too priced, they are solidly built, comfortable to ride, and have decent specs to be just as competitive as other BMX bikes.

That’s the case with Schwinn Sting Pro.

This BMX bike suits everyone from kids and entry-level casual bikers to intermediates and pro racers. It’s a race BMX bike with a laid-back design that combines aggression and comfort.

Schwinn Sting Pro bmx bike

7. DK Bikes

Started as a dad’s project to help his son who would not stop breaking his BMX bike stem, Dad and Kid (famously known as DK) makes some of the most high-end pro-level BMX bikes. 

The company has a professional, dedicated line (DK Professional Series), where all racing BMX bikes are professional grade.

These DK BMX bikes are geared for the racing tracks, and they come in standard size (20-inch) and cruiser (24-inch) options, thus best for freestyling and racing, respectively.

8. Subrosa 

While Subrosa mainly stands out in the BMX market, the bike brand has been attracting pro riders in recent years. Subrosa BMX bikes are known for their strong 100% Chromoly or hi-ten steel frames, comfortable geometries, and style variety.

One of its most popular pro-level styles is the Subrosa Novus (Check on Sparkysbrands.com), produced by a collaboration between Subrosa Bike Company and Shadow Conspiracy.

This Subrosa BMX bike comes complete with high-end specs that make it competition ready. It is available in all frame sizes and wheel diameters.

what size bike do most bmx riders use

People Also Ask

1. What Is the Best Professional BMX Bike?

While many professional BMX bikes are on the market, the Mongoose Title Elite 24 stands out in the BMX race sector due to its strong and reliable build, trail-ready wheels, sleeker design, and comfortable design race.

2. What Size Bike Do Most BMX Riders Use?

Most BMX geometry riders go for a 20-inch BMX bike (the standard BMX size). The BMX bike size comes in different frame sizes ranging from mini to pro-XXL to suit a variety of riders.

3. What BMX Bikes Do the Pros Ride at The Olympics?

Pro riders mostly ride custom-made standard size (20-inch) BMX bikes with a frame size that’s either pro, Pro-XL, or Pro-XXL. Nowadays, both freestyle and race BMX competitions are in the Olympics.

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In Conclusion – What BMX Bikes Do the Pros Ride?

Generally, pro riders mostly ride Pro, Pro-XL, or Pro-XXL BMX bikes with standard wheels (20-inch) when freestyling and 24-inch, 26-inch, or sometimes 27.5-inch or 29-inch cruiser BMX bikes when racing.

And as shared, brands like WeThePeople, Sunday, GT, DK, Subrosa, Schwinn, Mafiabikes, and Mongoose make the best pro-level BMX Bikes.