Mongoose Argus Review ?

Mongoose reigns supreme in the fat-tire mountain bike sector with the Argus bike line. From kids to adults and beginners to experts, there is an Argus fat tire mountain bike for everyone, and this Mongoose Argus review will prove that.

As a Mongoose Argus fan, I understand how hard it can be to choose the correct fat tire bike for your fat biking needs. For that reason, I’ll share the various Mongoose Argus fat tire mountain bikes for different riders.

I’ll highlight the features that make Mongoose Argus a good fat tire MTB alongside the pros and cons of the various Argus fat bike styles. But first, let’s look at why the Mongoose Argus is a worthy fat tire mountain bike.

Mongoose Argus Fat Bike

In a rush? Check out the hottest Mongoose Argus mountain bicycles on Amazon from the hotlist below:

6 Best Mongoose Argus Fat Tire Mountain Bikes

  1. Mongoose Argus MX: Best for Kids
  2. Mongoose Argus Sport: Best for Fast Riding
  3. The Mongoose Argus Trail: Best for Trail Riding
  4. Mongoose Argus ST: Best for Casual Riding
  5. The Mongoose Argus Comp: Best for Competitions
  6. Mongoose Argus Expert: Best for Expert Bikers

8 Reasons Mongoose Argus Should Be Your Next Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Generally, here are reasons why Mongoose Argus is a worthy purchase:

1. Size Variety

Mongoose Argus comes in a variety of sizes. Kids can find their ideal fat bike size by matching the wheel size with their age, height, or both, as shown below.

Wheel SizeAge (Years)Height
12 inch1-428-38 inches
14 inch3-436-40 inches
16 inch3-738-48 inches
18 inch5-942-52 inches
20 inch7-1348-60 inches
24 inch10-1556-66 inches

Adults, however, shouldn’t use the wheel size but the frame size to determine their right fat bike size, as shown below.

Frame SizeInseamHeight
Small (15”)31-32”4’8”-5’1”
Medium (17”)32-35”5’2”-5’8”
Large (19”)35-36”5’9”-6’2”

2. Strong and Durable Build

Mongoose picks steel for its entry Argus and aluminum for its high-end options because of their rich strength, fatigue resistance, anti-snapping, and general toughness.

The biggest threat to steel frames is rust, and once you protect the frames with an anti-rust spray, you can prevent rust and use the bike frame for years.

3. All-Terrain Dominance

Mongoose Argus’s dominance off-road and on-road is undisputed. These fat tire MTBs come with massive and knobbier tires that roll over everything on their path.

Whether you want to ride over snow, thick mud, gravel, or soft sand, Mongoose Argus will do the job. You can even ride on paved roads even though you’ll go slower because of the rolling resistance that the knobby tires will suffer.

Mongoose Argus St Review

4. Reliable Brakes

All-terrain tires are nothing without the most responsive disc brakes, and that’s why Mongoose opts for mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes for this bike line.

The disc brakes are powerful to offer adequate stopping force even when going over slippery surfaces like snow and mud. In general, the brakes massively boost the bikes’ safety.

5. Ease of Riding and Comfort

These bikes come with fat tires, which means they are easy and comfortable to ride on challenging surfaces. They enjoy more traction and stability, and as a result, the control is almost seamless.

The fat tires also absorb shock to make up for the absence of suspension.

6. Smooth Gearing

These bikes usually have a 1-11 speed gearing system other than the kids’ Argus MX. Thus, shifting is smoother across various terrains that you tackle.

Overall, the geared drivetrains allow you to go mountain biking in the snow or dirt racing on the beachside.

7. Low Maintenance

These bikes may be geared, but their drivetrains are essentially simpler. They don’t have many components, making their maintenance easy. In most cases, you need to clean and oil the fat bike, and that’s it.

8. Style Variety

Generally, Mongoose Argus comes in about six styles that are as follows:

  • MX – MX is a BMX-style fat bike best for adventurous kids
  • Sport – Argus Sport is the speediest and most athletic Argus fat bike
  • Trail – Argus Trail is the best choice for trail riding
  • Argus ST – Argus ST is the step-thru version of the Argus Trail, best for casual riding
  • Comp – Argus Comp is the dedicated competition fat bike line
  • Expert – Argus Expert is best for advanced fat bikers
Best Mongoose Argus Fat Bikes

Best Mongoose Argus Fat Bikes Reviewed (Mongoose Argus Review)

They include:

1. Mongoose Argus MX Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review

The Mongoose Argus MX is the closest a fat bike can get to a BMX bike. This kids’ fat bicycle comes with a BMX style frame, handlebar, and seat and even has a single-speed drivetrain for easy maintenance and smooth riding.

The Mongoose Argus fat bike is available in 16-20-inch wheel sizes, thus best for kids starting from 38 inches to 66 inches. It comes with a rugged steel frame and 3-4.25-inch wide fat tires.

Moreover, it enjoys reliable steel-caliper rear brakes for sure stopping, comes in multiple colors, and it’s a budget choice. Perhaps, the only concern is that it’s not ideal for mountain biking because of its single-speed setup.


  • Budget-friendly (cost under $300)
  • Multiple sizes
  • Low-maintenance drivetrain
  • Strong steel frame
  • Multiple colors
  • All-terrain fat tires
  • BMX-style build
  • Reliable brakes


  • Not best for mountain biking as it is single-speed

2. Mongoose Argus Sport Fat Tire Mountain Bike Review

The Mongoose Argus Sport Fat Bike is for those who plan to race on all-weather and terrains. This fat tire bike is for those adults who want to boss the off-road.

It’s available in a medium size (17-inch frame) to suit riders who are 5’7″ -5’11” tall. Everything about its build spells off-road dominance.

First, the fat bike comes with a solid Tectonic T2 aluminum frame to survive rough usage. And since the frame is aluminum, the fat bike feels lighter. Furthermore, the frame enjoys an internal cable routing for a neat look and to protect the brake cables.

Its 1-speed shifters allow you to shift and speed up smoothly. On the other hand, its 4.8-inch-wide tires promise maximum traction, shock absorption, and stability, while its updated sporty geometry promises an aggressive but comfortable ride.

Its con is that it costs slightly more than $1,000, thus slightly costly.

Mongoose Argus Sport


  • Lightweight and durable frame
  • Powerful brakes
  • Neat look
  • All-terrain tires
  • Sporty geometry
  • Smooth-shifting
  • Good-traction tires


  • Slightly costly

3. Mongoose Argus Trail Fat Tire Mountain Bike (Mongoose Argus Trail 26 Review)

The Mongoose Argus Trail Fat Bike is the perfect choice for trail riders who want to ride all seasons. This fat tire bike suits both youths and adults, given that it comes in 12-inch, 15-inch, 18-inch, and 19-inch frame sizes.

The fat bike comes with a hi-ten steel frame that can take on rough usage, 4-inch wide 24-inch wheels with vast traction, and a 7-speed drivetrain that adapt to different terrains.

The tires are not just broad, but they are also knobbier, and the bike comes with mechanical brakes to effectively stop it in slippery conditions.

It’s one of the strongest Mongoose Argus 24 inch bikes, relishing a 300-pound capacity. The downside is that it has a shorter standover height, thus not best for taller guys.


  • Huge load capacity
  • Multiple frame sizes
  • Strong brakes
  • All-terrain tires
  • Smooth-shifting drivetrain


  • Shorter stand over height (thus not best for taller guys)

4. Mongoose Argus ST Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Argus ST Fat Bike is a fantastic youth and adult step-through fat bike best for casual riding. This MTB comes with a 12-inch, 15-inch, 18-inch, and 19-inch frame with 24-inch wheels like Mongoose Argus Trail.

Its frame is hi-ten steel, thus stronger to bear aggressive use, and its wheels are 4-inch wide to enjoy maximum shock absorption, traction, and balance even on slippery grounds.

Its 12-inch frame suits riders starting from 8 years or about 4’8″ -5’6″ tall. The bikes’ knobbier tires promise to take on a variety of surfaces such as snow, sand, and gravel.

Even better, its mechanical disc brakes promise optimal stopping power. It’s overall a perfect choice for the snowy hills. Its only downsides are that it’s slightly heavy for kids and only suits entry riders.

Mongoose Argus St


  • All-terrain tires
  • High-traction and stable wheels
  • Strong disc brakes
  • Smooth-shifting
  • Durable build
  • Comfortable geometry


  • It doesn’t suit pro riders
  • Slightly heavy

5. Mongoose Argus Comp Fat Tire Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Argus Comp is Mongoose’s competition-tailored fat tire mountain bike. This fat bike comes with a quality Tectonic T2 aluminum frame that feels lightweight, stronger, and stiffer.

Its updated geometry features a shorter stem and a stretched top tube to feel more stable and responsive.

The bike comes with an 11-speed drivetrain to promote fast shifting and 4.8-inch tires for maximum traction and effortless control on slippery grounds.

It is available in small (S), Medium (MD), Large (L), and X-Large (XL) sizes to suit varying heights. Its Kraton lock-on grips, steel-rail padded saddle, and aluminum pedals make it fun to ride, and it enjoys an overall strong build.

The bonus is that it features hydraulic disc brakes and not mechanical disc brakes, thus more powerful. Its only drawback is the price, given that it retails at above $1,100.


  • Powerful brakes
  • Lighter frame
  • Good geometry
  • Multiple frames
  • Wide-gear drivetrain
  • Optimal traction
  • All-terrain dominance
  • Competition-oriented


  • Slightly expensive

6. Mongoose Argus Expert Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Lastly, at the pinnacle of the Mongoose Argus family line is the Mongoose Argus Expert . As the name suggests, this fat bike is for expert mountain bikers who intend to go on adventures all year long.

It comes with a more high-end aluminum hardtail frame unmatched in strength, stability, stiffness, and low weight. Its upgraded Shimano 2×10 Extra/Six drivetrain offers you smooth shifting as its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes promote fast stopping.

Furthermore, its KMC x10 chain is rust-protected to resist rusting, while its 4.5-inch wide Kenda foldable tires promise to go over everything on their path. The only con is that it costs more than the other styles, which is understandable because it’s an expert fat bike.


  • A strong but lightweight frame
  • Wide-gearing drivetrain
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brake
  • Rust-protected KMC chain
  • Foldable tires
  • All-terrain wheels


  • The costliest Mongoose Argus

Closing Thought

In conclusion, above is a detailed Mongoose Argus review. You can use it to determine the Mongoose Argus fat bike to get for your all-season trail adventures. There are options for kids and adults, beginners and pros, and casual riding and competitions.   

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