Are Mongoose Mountain Bikes Good Or Not Worth It?

Originally known as the go-for BMX bike brand, Mongoose is now a pace-setter in the mountain bike sector. The brand sells bikes targeting all experience levels, genders, and ages. But are Mongoose mountain bikes good?

Mongoose mountain bikes are good because they feature sturdier frames, powerful disc brakes, and shock-resistant all-terrain tires. Moreover, their frames come with impressive warranties, and their high-end options employ outstanding suspensions.  

And like I mentioned at the beginning, their MTBs are for all users. Regardless of cycling experience, age or gender, there is a perfect Mongoose MTB out there for you.

But does that make Mongoose MTBs perfect? Of course not! There are a couple of concerns, which I’ll share.

I’ll also share the various Mongoose MTB types on the market.

My goal is to help you become more familiar with the Mongoose mountain bike ranges and know what to get, depending on your need.

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5 Best Mongoose Mountain Bikes

  1. Mongoose Switchback: Best Mongoose Trail Bike
  2. Mongoose Tyax Comp: Best Mongoose Cross Country Bike
  3. The Mongoose Fireball: Best Mongoose Dirt Jump Mountain Bike
  4. Mongoose Malus: Best Mongoose Fat Tire Mountain Bike
  5. Mongoose BOOT’R Foreman: Best Mongoose Downhill Bike

Are Mongoose Mountain Bikes Good? (The Good and the Bad)

The Good

Here are Mongoose mountain bikes’ selling points:

1. Sturdy Frames with Good Warranty

Mongoose bike frames are generally sturdy to tolerate huge weights. Their sturdiness also means they can take on rough usage, thus more likely to serve you longer.

Overall, their frames have an impressive warranty, which is a huge thing.

Their steel MTBs, for example, come with a lifetime warranty. That means your steel MTB is protected against defective material and sub-par workmanship as you own it.

You, however, only get five years on aluminum frames and Mongoose dual-suspension frames.

2. Superior Suspension Technology

Most Mongoose mountain bikes feature RockShox forks which handle challenging terrains much better than Suntour forks. RockShox forks are more effective when climbing and riding aggressively.

But still, even those few options that feature Suntour forks don’t disappoint either. They can take on most bumps and promise better bike control and off-road steering.

Overall, Mongoose is known to invest heavily in the latest technology with their suspensions.

An option like the Mongoose Salvo Trail Mountain Bike (Amazon Link) employs a Free-Floating Suspension technology that minimizes brake jacks. As a result, it promises a more predictable smoother ride.

3. Shock-Resistant All-Terrain Tires

With Mongoose mountain bikes, you can count on their tires to take on just about any terrain. These tires, which are mostly Kenda type, are not just knobbier but also shock-resistant.

So, you can count on them to effectively roll over obstacles and serve you longer.

In my view, their fat mountain bike tires are unequaled off-road. They can take on unpredictable terrains like soft sand, thick mud, dirt, gravel, and rocks.

4. Powerful Disc Brakes

Mongoose invests a lot in disc brakes. Most of its MTBs feature mechanical disc brakes and other hydraulic disc brakes to promise crisp stopping in all conditions.

So, it doesn’t matter if you ride in wet or dry conditions, as the disc brakes are very responsive. The secret is to service them more regularly, and you’ll have a much superior performance.

are mongoose bikes good quality

5. Outstanding Performance at Budget Prices

This is arguably Mongoose’s weapon for low-end and mid-range MTB market dominance. Most of their MTBs come at a budget price but don’t disappoint in performance.

While some mongoose models cost about $2,500-$4,000, most cost under $1,500.

Of course, the high-end options suit more serious cyclists. If you want to ride for fun, you can get a quality mid-range option for $1,000-$1,500, nevertheless.

6. Superior MTB Range

Mongoose has a fine MTB bike line that’s equaled by no other. While they mostly make entry-level hardtails, they also have some superb full-suspension expert-level two-wheel beasts within their ranks.

An option like the Mongoose Switchback comes in four options to suit both experts and recreational cyclists.

Also, note that Mongoose sells bikes for both kids and adults. So, they tend to include all cyclists regardless of age.

The Bad

Even though Mongoose offers warranties for their frames, you only get five years on their aluminum frames and double suspension MTBs.

I think the time gap is narrow, especially for aluminum frames, given that most Mongoose MTBs feature aluminum frames.

I also have an issue with the weight of some Mongoose MTBs. Most of their full suspension options average 40 pounds or slightly more, while their fat tire options weigh as much as 55 pounds. That’s too much weight.

And when it comes to entry-level choices, some parts need improving. That includes cranks and brakes.

Mongoose Mountain Bike Range (Mongoose Mountain Bikes Review)

Currently, Mongoose sells the following mountain bike ranges:

  • Cross country mountain bikes
  • Trail mountain bikes
  • Dirt jump mountain bikes
  • Downhill mountain bikes
  • Fat tire mountain bikes

Are Mongoose Cross-Country Bikes Good?

Nothing takes on trails like a cross-country (XC) mountain bike when riding fast off-road. Mongoose seems to have conquered this bike line as their XC bikes redefine cross-country racing.

They come in lighter frames and an aggressive geometry that sets them up for speed racing.

These MTBs come with the shortest travel suspension (not more than 100mm). So, they aren’t the best for the roughest terrains. Instead, they are better suited to light trails and city roads.

You’ll find them in Hardtail and full suspension and even rigid (though not common).

One exceptional XC bike by Mongoose is Mongoose Tyax Comp Mountain Bike.

This adult MTB comes in perfect construction to suit expert cross-country racers.

Its tectonic T2 aluminum frame feels lighter than every other aluminum frame, and it enjoys powerful disc brakes for efficient stopping in all conditions.

Moreover, it comes with Kraton lock-on hand grips that boost your hand comfort and is available in 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes.

Mongoose Tyax Comp Mountain Bike

Are Mongoose Trail Bikes Good?

Mongoose trail bikes offer you more travel suspension than their cross country siblings. So, they can take on more aggressive terrains.

One thing that stands out is their geometry, which is slightly slacker than that of Mongoose XC. As a result, you can ride a Mongoose trail bike more relaxedly.

And due to their slightly longer suspension travel range, Mongoose trail bikes can tolerate slight descents and smaller jumps.

Their design perfectly combines climbing power, descending stability, and speed riding on flat ground. In my view, they are a jack of all trades.

No MTB illustrates that better than the Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike.

This trail MTB comes with dual disc brakes for crisp stopping in all conditions.

Its 21-speed shifters make it easy to speed up and tackle climbs while its SR Suntour fork absorbs enough bumps along the way.

Even better, its 2.1-inch tire can tackle all terrains.

Are Mongoose Dirt Jump Mountain Bikes Good?

Dirt jump bikes, also known as freestyle mountain bikes, are an MTB range Mongoose takes pride in. These MTBs usually feature a rigid frame and a much lower standover height to allow you to jump and execute some tricks.

When you look at their wheels, they are more robust than their XC siblings. The same goes for the frame.

Usually, these mountain bikes are a crossbreed between Mongoose downhill, BMX, and XC. So, they give you a taste of both. No wonder they are a popular choice for street riding.

The bikes mostly come in single-speed for easy maneuver, and a perfect example is the Mongoose Fireball Mountain Bike.

This dirt jump MTB is for everyone serious about doing tricks on two-wheel on the streets. Its 26-inch wheels make it perfect for riders who are 5’4”-6’2”.

The single-speed dirt jumper comes with a lighter aluminum frame for easy maneuver and features a front suspension with 100mm travel, just enough for the trails.

Its wheels are pretty robust, and it comes with shock-resistant Kenda tires.

How heavy are Mongoose mountain bikes

Are Mongoose Downhill Mountain Bikes Good?

Nothing takes on the descents better than a downhill mountain bike, and Mongoose doesn’t disappoint here.

Their downhill MTBs are designed for the steepest declines, and unlike most downhill MTBs, theirs can go fast and are more efficient to pedal.

Their gears are well set for fast pedaling even on the roughest terrains.

Their wheels, on the other hand, are broader and robust to guarantee a more stable ride. They also come with stronger disc brakes for crisp stopping, and they come with lots of travel to promise a cushioned ride on rough downslopes.

All Mongoose downhill MTBs are full suspension, which means there is no downslope they cannot take. The only issue is that they are not designed for climbs.

The other downside is that they are the costliest, given that they average $2,500 or more.

One fantastic choice is the Mongoose BOOT’R Foreman.

Its frame has a 210mm travel, while the RockShox suspension fork has a 200mm travel. That’s enough to blast through the steepest slopes.

Its gear set is all SRAM; thus good quality, and it comes in a 7005 aluminum frame that gives it a lightweight design.

Overall, the bike’s 700c wheels, 9-speed, and hydraulic disc brake make it such a joy to ride.

Are Mongoose Fat Tire Mountain Bikes Good?

The fat mountain bike sector is where Mongoose excels with big hitters like the Mongoose Malus, Mongoose Dolomite, and Mongoose Hitch.

I noticed that all these Mongoose fat bikes cost under $1,000, thus budget-friendly.

But despite their surprisingly low price tag, these fat bikes don’t disappoint in performance.

Their supersize tires make it easy to conquer challenging terrains like snow, sand, dirt, gravel, and mud. They, too, can run on paved roads but are much slower as the tires experience rolling resistance.

Other than that, there is not much to worry about. These bikes’ versatility is commendable. They embody the best features of a cruiser bike, comfort bike, and cross-country mountain bike.

My overall favorite, however, is the Mongoose Malus Fat Bike.

I like the fact that it’s a trail bike and comes in a steel frame. So, it’s not just strong but pretty versatile to take all trails all year round. Its comfort, strength, and versatility are unmatched.

Mongoose Malus Fat Bike


1. Are Mongoose Bikes Good?

Mongoose is historically known for making some of the most budget-friendly bikes. But unlike most budget bike brands, Mongoose offers some of the most reliable and high-performing bikes.

The bikes come with sturdy frames and high-quality components and enjoy good frame warranties. Moreover, there are options for kids and adults and also for entry-level cyclists and experts.

2. Does Mongoose Have Good Mountain Bikes?

Mongoose has some of the best mountain bikes on the market. Their mountain bikes come with sturdy frames, robust all-terrain tires, and reliable brakes.

They also enjoy good warranties, especially on their frames.

3. How Heavy Are Mongoose Mountain Bikes?

Most Mongoose dual-suspension bikes average 35-42 pounds, while their fat bike options average 50-60 pounds. So, the bikes are slightly heavier than some of Mongoose’s competitors.

4. Does Mongoose Make High-End Bikes?

Mongoose makes both low-end and high-end bikes to target buyers at different budgets. Their high-end bikes easily compete with Giant Bicycles, Diamondback, Schwinn Signature, and Trek.

5. How Much Does A Good Mongoose Mountain Bike Cost?

Generally, you can get a low-end Mongoose mountain bike for under $500, while a mid-range option goes for $500-$1,000. However, expect a high-end Mongoose bike to cost over $1,500.

6. Who Makes Mongoose Mountain Bikes?

Pacific Cycle, the company that also owns Schwinn, makes Mongoose mountain bikes.

7. Does Schwinn Own Mongoose?

Both Mongoose and Schwinn are owned by the same parent company, Pacific Cycle. So, no, Schwinn doesn’t own Mongoose.

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Closing Thought: Are Mongoose Mountain Bikes Good?

Mongoose mountain bikes generally come with quality frames and components.

Mark you, you are guaranteed high performance almost at a fraction of the cost. That proves that Mongoose bikes are excellent and worth considering.

Besides, Mongoose has a vast mountain bike range, which means you cannot miss a bike that suits your biking needs and budget.