Are Schwinn BMX Bikes Good?

Having made its first-ever BMX bike in the 70s, almost 80 years after its founding, the name Schwinn is always mentioned whenever the term ‘BMX’ pops up. But are Schwinn BMX bikes good?

Schwinn BMX bikes are good because they are versatile, strongly built, and easy to ride. Moreover, they are affordable and come in a wide range of sizes with good warranties.

That, however, doesn’t make Schwinn BMX best for everyone. No! Like every other bike type and brand, Schwinn BMX bikes have a few worries, which I’ll share in this post.

But first, let’s look at the brief history of Schwinn BMX bikes.    

Does Schwinn Make BMX Bikes

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Brief History of Schwinn BMX Bikes

Schwinn Bicycle Company, popularly known as Schwinn, was founded in 1875 in Chicago by German mechanical engineer and inventor Ignaz Schwinn. So, the bike brand takes after his name.

Schwinn first made a BMX in 1975, which was popularly known as the Scrambler. Sadly, it was too heavy and thus didn’t enjoy the acceptance that Schwinn thought it would enjoy.

To make up for their failure, Schwinn modified the Scrambler BMX in 1977 by using chromo-molybdenum tubing, and the result was a lighter and more competitive BMX, the Competition Scrambler.

In 1981, the manufacturer unveiled the Mag Scrambler, another competitive BMX. Soon, the Sting followed, which was Schwinn’s first racing BMX.

Today, Schwinn is famously known for the Predator, regarded as Schwinn’s most modern BMX. Over the years, Schwinn has sponsored many BMX racing teams, which proves their success and stellar reputation.

Schwinn Sting Pro bmx bike

Now, Are Schwinn BMX Bikes Good or Bad?

Like every other BMX bike, Schwinn BMX bikes have their fair share of good and bad, and it’s all about what outweighs the other. To help you understand why we think Schwinn bikes are good, we’ll look at the good and the bad and leave it up to you to decide.

The Good

Here are the reasons why Schwinn BMX bikes are good:

1. Versatility

Very few BMX bikes are as versatile as Schwinn BMX bicycles. An option like the Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator (View on Amazon), which I mentioned earlier, serves as a racing and cruiser BMX.

As a racing BMX, the Schwinn Sting Pro allows you to compete at a mid-level bicycle motocross competition while having the funniest experience of your life. And as a cruiser BMX, the Schwinn Sting Pro enables you to ride casually around the block, run errands, and even commute with it.

Design-wise, this BMX bike comes with a racing geometry with a laidback seat post to allow you to race with it and ride it casually, depending on what you want. That’s how versatile this BMX bike is.

Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX Bike

2. Strong Build

Schwinn understands that Bicycle Motocross (BMX) is an aggressive sport that requires an equally aggressive bicycle. For that reason, they invest heavily in more robust frames, which are primarily hi-ten steel and aluminum.

These frames are solid enough to bear huge weights and take on all the abuse you expose them to. What’s more, the bike frames withstand rust and other issues that could potentially shorten their lifespan.

Mark you; it’s not just the frames that are strongly built but also the handlebar, wheels, brakes, and most parts. Everything goes through a rigorous testing process to meet international biking standards.

3. Ride-Friendly

Schwinn BMX bikes are built with simplicity to encourage ease of riding. The frames, for example, enjoy a low-lying stand-over design for easy access and pedaling.

These BMX bikes have a low seat to offer you more leverage when doing stunts. They also have a sturdier design to provide you with balance and better control when taking unpredictable terrains.

The other thing that makes them ride-friendly is their drivetrain. It is single-speed and comes in a simple design for easy riding. Their brakes also help, given that they encourage smooth stopping.

One Schwinn BMX bike that illustrates simplicity is the Schwinn Maven Boys BMX. Its low stand-over height makes it easily accessible to boys and generally comes in an oversized frame design to accommodate boys of varying ages.

Furthermore, it features double-wall rims and 3-inch tires that promote optimum riding stability and comfort.

4. Affordability

Schwinn makes all its bikes affordable, and that includes BMX. Schwinn BMX bikes come at reasonable prices without compromising on their build quality.

Today, you can get a decent youth or adult Schwinn BMX for $500-$700 and kids options for under $150. That’s how budget-friendly the Schwinn BMX bike price is.

5. Wide Size Range

With Schwinn, it’s easy to get a BMX bike that suits your age and height as the manufacturer makes them in a wide range of sizes. Consider using their wheel sizing guide, which we share in the table below.

Rider’s HeightRider’s AgeWheel Size
28-38 inches1-4 years12-inch
36-40 inches3-4 years14-inch
38-48 inches3-7 years16-inch
42-52 inches5-9 years18-inch
48-60 inches7-13 years20-inch
56-66 inches10-15 years24-inch

Overall, while Schwinn doesn’t specify the wheel size for adults, most adults can ride 20-inch and 24-inch BMX bikes, depending on the top tube length. So, yes, these BMX bikes come with different top tube lengths, and they vary from wheel size to wheel size.

No BMX is designed to accommodate different users like the Schwinn Koen Boys Bike.

This BMX bike by Schwinn comes in all the wheel sizes apart from 24-inch to suit kids of all ages, including toddlers. So, kids as young as three years can ride this two-wheel.

Even better, its 20-inch version can accommodate riders up to 60 inches (5 feet). That means most youths can ride it. The same goes for the Schwinn Sting Pro, which is available in 20-inch (best for 4’8”-5’4”) and 24-inch (best for 4’8”-5’6”).

Schwinn Koen

6. Good Warranty

Schwinn guarantees coverage against manufacturing defects in all of its BMX bikes. Steel frames, for example, come with a lifetime warranty, which means the frame is warranted to serve you a lifetime.

As for aluminum frames, they are warranted against manufacturing defects for five years.

Schwinn also offers a one-time warranty for parts like handlebars, crank arms, seat posts, forks, stems, and derailleurs.

Furthermore, the manufacturer offers a 30-day coverage for the typical wearable parts like cassettes, tires, saddles, grips, chainrings, cables, and chains.

So, overall, the warranties that Schwinn offers are pretty decent and as good as what the leading BMX bike brands provide.

The Bad

As impressive as Schwinn BMX bicycles are, there are a few downsides worth noting before getting one. Here are the most concerning:

a) Not Best for Pro BMX Riders

Schwinn BMX bikes are undeniably a good choice for entry-level bikers and even mid-level BMX racers and freestylers. Sadly, they are not the best for advanced BMX riders and pros.

Chiefly, that is because they don’t feature the most high-end specs, which means you may have to upgrade some of them.

b) Component Upgrading is Only Best Within the Brand

While it’s possible to upgrade Schwinn BMX with other branded components, the chances are that they may not be compatible. That explains why Schwinn insists on upgrading their bikes with Schwinn components.

That also explains why they are not the best for professional riders since pros always want to customize their BMX bikes to suit their style and cycling goals.

c) Fewer Choices

Yes, Schwinn makes various frames and wheel sizes, but the options are fewer. Unlike a brand like Mongoose and Diamondback, Schwinn tends to concentrate more on other bikes such as mountain bikes, beach cruisers, hybrid bikes, and kids bikes.

It seems like BMX bikes are taking a bike seat as the other bikes take first place. But still, that doesn’t negate the fact that Schwinn BMX bikes are a decent choice. It’s only that the choices (or models) are fewer.

Who Should Get Schwinn BMX Bikes?

Schwinn BMX bikes are generally best for entry-level bikers (beginners) and mid-level cyclists (those yet to hit stardom but know their way around BMX).

They also target BMX enthusiasts who cannot afford high-end models but want decent options to ride for fun.

However, the bikes are not the best for serious BMX bikers or those who plan to ride daily for training purposes. That’s because their specs are decent but not high-end enough for competitive freestyling or racing.

People Also Ask

1. Does Schwinn Make BMX Bikes?

Though Schwinn doesn’t have a vast collection of BMX bikes, the company still makes decent BMX bikes that you can get online.  

Overall, their BMX bikes target kids and youths primarily, especially those at the beginner and intermediate levels. They are, however, not the ideal picks for professional BMX riders.

2. Are Schwinn Good Bikes?

Schwinn bikes come in stronger constructions to withstand vast weights and regular usage. They feature decent components to serve you better and are generally easy to ride and maintain.

The bikes are also lightweight and come with decent warranties. So, yes, Schwinn bicycles are good bikes.

3. Are Schwinn Bikes Easy to Assemble?

Schwinn bikes are generally easy to assemble as you can do it yourself by following the accompanying manual or the video tutorials you find online.

But still, Schwinn allows you to request their expert to help you with the assembly. But before you do, you can always take the bike to the local bike shops as they are more likely to help you put everything together.

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Closing Thought: Are Schwinn BMX Bikes Good?

Generally, Schwinn BMX bikes are decent for their price. They come at budget prices, but better than that, these bikes are proven performers.

Provided you don’t plan to compete with one or train for a competition, Schwinn BMX bikes are good. They have the quality that you expect from a casual BMX bike.