How Much Are Old BMX Bikes Worth?

BMX bikes are arguably the strongest bikes in history and amongst the most timeless. So, it’s expected of them to last much longer. But how much are old BMX bikes worth?

Most models from the year 2000 are likely to average $100-$250, depending on the brand and bike condition. Vintage options, however, may fetch $150-$700 or up to $1000 if they are pedigree models or special editions.

The secret is to do your homework to know the value of your BMX and where to sell it. You should also know how to get the best price, and that’s where I come in. 

I’ll share with you the tips for selling an old BMX, where to list it, and where you can research its value. But first, let’s answer the critical question below.

How much is a BMX bike worth

Are Old BMX Bikes Worth Anything?

Yes, old BMX bikes are worth something, and that’s due to these reasons:

  • Old BMX bikes are a cheaper alternative to new BMX bikes. People who cannot afford new BMX bikes opt for older ones as they are more affordable.
  • Old BMX bikes are often seen as vintage collectibles. Some people look for old bikes, especially BMX bikes, to own a piece of bicycle motocross (BMX) history. Such people are likely to pay more for BMX from the 70s to the 90s.
  • Old BMX bikes can sometimes serve as decorations. Other people buy old BMX bikes as home, office, or yard décor.

How Much Are Old BMX Bikes Worth?

Depending on the bike age, brand, bike condition, pedigree, and whether it’s a special edition, a BMX bike can be worth anything between $150 and $1,000. Here is a table breakdown:

BMX EditionEstimated Price
2000 edition$100-$250
1990 edition$150-$250
1980 edition$200-$350
1970 edition$200-$500
Special edition$300-$700
Pedigree BMX$500-$1000 or more

Factors Determining How Much Old BMX Bikes Are Worth

Generally, the following factors determine if you’ll receive $150 or $1000 from your BMX or something between the range:

1. Bike Age

There are two types of BMX customers who shop for old BMX bikes. We have budget buyers who cannot afford new BMX bikes or don’t want to spend a lot on one. We also have the collectors who don’t care how much they pay as long as it’s a rare model.

The first group will likely look for a bike that has more mileage so that they will ride much longer. Such buyers pay the least.

The second group will look for a very old BMX bike, probably from the 70s and 80s. Unlike the budget buyers, the collectors pay the highest depending on the model’s rarity.

2. BMX Brand

Some BMX brands fetch more money than others as they are more reputable. For instance, brands like Diamondback and Mongoose are highly reputable, and so their BMX bikes are likely to command a higher price than most, even if they are old.

Mongoose Fareestyle Beginner BMX Bike

3. Bike Condition

Old doesn’t always mean poor condition. A BMX bike might be 20 or 30 years old, but you can ask for a much higher price if it’s in good condition. In that case, it’s good to take care of your BMX bike if you ever want to sell it at a reasonable price.

That also means that you should try cleaning and fixing it before posting it for sale to appease prospective buyers.

4. Pedigree (Historical Significance)

This is hugely the factor determining if you’ll make over $1000 or less. So, is your BMX bike of any historical significance?

Perhaps someone in history owned or rode it, or it was used in a momentous event or historic competition. If the answer is yes, you could make over $1000 from it, depending on how rare the model is.

5. Special Edition

Special edition bikes fetch more money than any other, including BMX bikes. So, it’s good to do a background check to determine if your BMX bike is a special edition or not. Depending on the edition, you can ask for as much as $700 or $1000 or more.

How to Tell How Much Old BMX Bikes Are Worth

You can tell the value of your old BMX bikes by searching any of these places:

1. Classic Rendezvous

Classic Rendezvous is a community of cycling enthusiasts who are crazy about vintage bikes. The website allows you to join the groups and inquire about the worth of your BMX bike. You can even sell it there.

You can also learn about the history of your BMX bike to know when it was made and who rode it.

2. Bicycle Bluebook

Bicycle Bluebook allows you to discover the value of your bike just by searching for its brand name and model. It’s the most straightforward way to know how much your BMX bike is worth.

Though the search engine can provide prices for any bike model, it’s more accurate for models made after 2000 and not older than that.    

how much is a used BMX bike worth

3. works the same way as Bicycle Bluebook. It allows you to determine the worth of your BMX bike by searching for its brand name and model.

But unlike Bicycle Bluebook, may present you with a few irrelevant searches. So, it may take a few minutes to analyze the information and get the actual value of your BMX bike.

4. eBay Listing

eBay is another search engine you can use to determine the price value of almost everything. You need to enter the BMX model and wait for the search results to pop up. You can then use the prices to determine how much you’ll price the bike.

Remember, eBay also allows you to sell your old BMX bike. So, you can use it to determine its value and list it there.

5. Goodbye Cycle

Goodbye Cycle is a site that allows you to inquire about the price of your BMX bike and possibly sell it there. You need to complete an online form and wait for an offer within 24 hours.

Once you accept the offer, you can sell your BMX bike. It’s that simple.

6. Bicycle Czar

Bicycle Czar is another platform that works the same way as Goodbye Cycle. You can use the platform to know your BMX bike’s worth and sell it there if you want to.

Their prices are, however, lower than most. The advantage is that you can sell even the oldest and poorest condition BMX bike on this platform.

Where Can I Sell My Old BMX?

Once you know the worth of your BMX bike, the next thing is to list it for sale.

Your options include:

  • Marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Sideline Swap, and eBay
  • Independent bike shops like Goodbye Cycle, Bicycle Czar, and the Pro Closet
  • Cycling forums such as Bicycle Bluebook, Pink Bike, Bike Soup, Bike Forums, Cycle Chat, Bicycle Buy & Sell, Bike Exchange, and Bike Radar
  • Second-hand listing platforms like LetGo, Offer Up, and 5Miles
  • Pawnshops
  • Local newspapers
  • Yard sales
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How to Get the Price from Your Old BMX Bike?

BMX bikes are not priced the same, and if you want to get the best value, you must know the dos and don’ts before a listing.

Here are the general tips:

1) Clean your bike

Cleaner bikes always look good on the listing and are likely to look in good condition than dirty ones. For that reason, clean up your BMX bike to give it a youthful look, even if it’s old.

2) Fix it up

If there are apparent minor repairs such as paint peeling, broken chain, and worn-out seat, try fixing them before listing the bike for sale. That gives the impression of a well-maintained bike, and subsequently, it’s likely to move much faster.

3) Take good pictures

It’s hard to sell a bike that buyers cannot see clearly. For that reason, ensure you capture your old BMX clearly to capture the eye of the prospective buyer.

4) Quote a realistic price

This is why doing advanced research to determine your BMX bike’s worth is essential. It saves you from the disappointment of not selling.

Once you know your bike’s worth, you should price it within the range – not so high and not so low. If it’s so low, some buyers may assume that you don’t know what you are selling or are probably lying. And if you quote very high, you may scare prospective buyers.

5) Describe it

Probably, buyers may not know the worth of your BMX bike, and some may rule it out for being too expensive without really understanding why you quote so high.

Therefore, ensure you describe the bike, and it’s not just about mentioning the brand and model. It’s equally reasonable to note the key specs, upgrades you might have made, its size, and age.

6) Tune it up

It’s good to ensure your BMX bike is ride-ready. That’s unless you are selling it as a collectible. A minor tune-up inspires confidence in the buyer. They will see that they are not buying a high-maintenance BMX bike.

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People Also Ask

1. How Much Is A BMX Bike Worth?

A new BMX bike is worth $350-$700, but a few high-end options may cost more. An old BMX bike, in contrast, is worth $100-$700, depending on its age, edition, condition, and pedigree.

2. How Much Should I Sell My BMX Bike for?

A used BMX bike is worth $100-$700 and some up to $1,000, depending on their condition, pedigree (historical significance), age, and brand. It’s, however, essential to do a thorough price check to determine how well to price an old BMX bike.

3. Are Old BMX Bikes Worth Money?

No matter how old the bike is, old BMX bikes are worth the money on platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Bicycle Bluebook, Classic Rendezvous, and Goodbye Cycle. Depending on its condition and edition, you could earn from $100 to about $700.

In Summary: How Much Are Old BMX Bikes Worth?   

Old BMX bikes have the potential of earning you anything from $100 to even up to $1,000 if it’s a historical or special edition. So, it’s important not to do away with your old BMX bike as it could be someone else’s treasure, and they would probably pay good money for it.