Are Diamondback BMX Bikes Good?

When you think about flipping through air with blind landing, jumping in extreme length, and doing stunts that defy the laws of gravity, no other two-wheeler comes to mind than a BMX bike.

But are Diamondback BMX bikes good for these kinds of tricks or should you consider alternative brands?

Diamondback BMX bikes are good because they feature sturdy steel frame and 25*9T micro-drive drivetrain for improved performance. The rear U-brake offers better stopping power. The adjustable seat post makes these BMX suitable for riders of different heights.  

Are Diamondback BMX bikes good

Diamondback BMX bikes are also the most affordable in the category. So if you’re just getting started with bmxing, or you have a tight budget, bicycle motocross from the brand is ideal.

In a hurry? Check out these Diamondback BMX bikes:

3 Best Diamondback BMX Bikes To Consider

Are Diamondback BMX Bikes Good? (5 Reasons to Get a Diamondback BMX Bike)

1. Affordable

Diamondback BMX bikes are the most affordable models you’ll come across. From a price comparison standpoint, these bikes record a lower price compared to the Mongoose and Redline models, making them suitable for entry-level riders who want to try BMX sport.

Don’t mistake cheap for low quality. The brand has stepped their design, this time making sure you get the best value for your money.

And although these BMX bikes are not for long distance, they do give you the right level of stability and easy maneuverability. Not to mention they feature an engineering prowess that makes them ideal for unimaginable jumps, tricks, and landings.

2. Sturdy and Strong

Older Diamondback bikes were a big mess.

If you were unlucky to experience the Joker model or something similar, you must have noticed that the hi-ten frame wasn’t strong enough to stand up to complex stunts at all.

To be precise, the frame weren’t just heavy. They would also bend easy, leaving riders with worthless piles of metals after performing tricks such as J-hop and 360 degrees in the streets and off roads.

No wonder riders preferred Redline and Mongoose BMX bikes instead.

But Regent has refined its build, giving the category a complete makeover and now the brand has a few of the best BMX bikes in the market.

Modern BMX bikes by Diamondback are strong and study, with steel frames that can handle rough use and abuse particularly when riding freestyle.

3. Comfortable Seat

It’s obvious that BMX bikes seats are so low that you can’t sit on them. But when the need to use them arises, you can’t help but anchor your back on them for a while.

The padding of the seat is unquestionably up to the standard. And if you feel like the cushioning you get isn’t up to the standard, consider upgrading the saddle.

Even the seat post is adjustable, so it’s easy to raise it u to a point that feels comfortable enough for your rider’s height.

4. Powerful Brakes

Even BMX bikes need a braking system, which is why Diamondback and similar brands include them in them in the design in the first place.

BMX bikes from this brand feature U-brakes. Fixed to the rear rim, the brakes give you the stopping power to control speed as well as perform tricks that require effective braking.

5. High Quality Tires

You can’t look at the Diamondback BMX bikes twice without admiring the tires. These do vary in sizes, usually ranting from 18-inches all the way to 24-inches.

These bikes feature the freestyle types of tires, which typically have a lower rolling resistance and a higher level of maneuverability. With two trick pegs included in the design, you can do all your tricks with ease and confidence.

Best Diamondback BMX Bikes Review

Now that you know why Diamondback BMX bikes are good, let’s take a look at the currently top bicycle motocross built by this brand.

1. Diamondback Viper Aluminum BMX Bike

Diamondback aViper Aluminum BMX Bike

Diamondback Viper is a freestyle, 20-inch BMX bike ideal for beginner and advanced riders.

It’s a popular model that sits right at the top of the brands list of BMX bikes. If you look closely at the design, it’s easy to see why it’s such a hot pick.

For starters, this BMX bike features a study steel frame that can stand up to rough use. Unlike the old models, the frame won’t bend from regular use because the construction is strong and sturdy.

The bike includes a 25*9T micro-drive drivetrain and U rear brakes for better performance and speed control respectively.

The two trick pegs and BMX tires is a combo that makes it possible for riders of all levels to perform simple as well as complex stunts.

2. Diamondback Session Pro Steel BMX Bike

Diamondback Session Pro is the BMX bike to bring to the streets. It features a Chromoly frame, a steerer fork, and a 3-piece crank that adds stiffness to the ride.
Its sprocket is made of 28t steel, which nicely transmits the rotary motion from the 3-piece crank with each pedal push.

Rolling on the 18-inch rims are durable wheels, which offer a good level of traction and stability even when cornering.

The Tektro U-brakes with soft compound pads respond well to hand press, so you are able to control speed when it’s necessary to do so.

3. Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

With a beefy steel frame and a fork that lowers impact when in use, Diamondback Youth Nitrus is a freestyle BMX bike that you can ride in the streets and off roads just fine.

On the 20-inch wheels are DB cellblock tires, which offer reliable traction and stability, particularly when maneuvering rough and bumpy terrains.

Given the strong frame and overall robust construction, this bike can stand up to the force of freestyle stunts and keep performing well for an extended period.

Like the Session Pro BMX bike, this one, too, include the U rear break, which gives you the stopping power necessary to perform tricks, maneuver, and stop the bike altogether when necessary.

Does Diamondback Still Make BMX Bikes?

Since the brand still strongly believes in BMX as a sport, it continues to produce bicycle motocross in what they call a streamlined fashion.

More importantly, Diamondback has made it clear in the past that the production of BMX bikes will continue to be part of the brands DNA.

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Final Word

Modern Diamondback BMX bikes are good enough for their price point. Not to mention they compete well on every level with popular models built by Redline and Mongoose.

So if you’re on a tight budget and you need a BMX bike right now, consider getting a Diamondback BMX.