Do BMX Bikes Have Kickstands?

A bike kickstand is such a big deal. You must have seen one attached onto different type of bikes. And quite frankly, it’s an important piece of equipment that helps to keep a bike in an upright position without leaning it against an object. But do BMX bikes have kickstands?

BMX bikes don’t have kickstands because they can easily get in the way and make it difficult for a rider to race and perform tricks. A kickstand also adds unnecessary weight to the bike, particularly given that it’s a bike accessory that cyclists don’t necessarily need.

From the face value, a kickstand doesn’t look like a bike accessory that can be detrimental to your bmxing experience. But it’s only until you start doing simple tricks and complex stunts that you realize what an inconvenience the stand can be.


Bmxing should be safe and convenient, and therefore a bike accessory that goes contrary shouldn’t be a component you add onto the bike.

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into why kickstands are unnecessary for your BMX bike. We’ll also share some alternative ideas that you can use to keep your BMX in an upright position without ever having to think about kickstands.

With that said, let’s get started. 

4 Reasons Why BMX Bikes Don’t Have Kickstands

Before I give you some storage ideas, let’s first look at why BMX bikes don’t have kickstands in the first place.

1. A Kickstand Makes It Hard To Perform Tricks On BMX

BMX bikes have:

And for a reason!

BMX brands make these bikes specifically for tricks and stunts, and for riding short distances at high speeds.

Many of the tricks that beginners and pro riders perform on BMX, from bar spins and J-hops to 360-degree and no handers, require the rider’s feet to move freely from the pedals to the other positions around the frame.

But such tricks can be hard to pull with a BMX that has a kickstand because the metal piece gets in the way. 

The worst that could happen is your left leg or a part of your cycling clothing might as easily get caught up on the kickstand and lead to injuries.

It’s best to avoid such injuries and enjoy bmxing instead, and the best way to do that is to NOT attach a kickstand to your BMX bike.

2. A Kickstand Adds Weight To Your BMX Bike

Even if you would like to think that a kickstand would look good on a BMX bike, it’s hard to gainsay that it adds more weight to the bike.

Manufacturers have done everything possible to trim down the weight of BMX bikes to make them as light as possible for better performance. The more lightweight a BMX bike is, the easier you can propel the bike and perform tricks and stunts.

Now picture this:

Standard kickstands weigh about a pound. Some high-end models weigh as much as one and a half pounds.

Add such a kickstand to a BMX and you just make the bike a pound or a pound and a half heavier. And that’s a bad move because it results in the worst riding binge that you’ll ever experience.

But weight isn’t the only problem.

There’s also the issue of popping. 

You see, a kickstand on a BMX can easily pop from up to a down position in the event of a bump. Should this happen, and you can’t be confident that it won’t, the kickstand can catch roots, rocks, and scratch on the pavement as you.

Sadly, there’s danger in this kind of a scenario. If anything, you can easily skid from the bike and injure yourself.

3. A Kickstand Can Damage Your BMX Bike

There are times when you’ll jump high with your BMX, particularly when performing advanced tricks and stunts.

If you have a kickstand attached onto your BMX, it’s definitely going to get in the way and perhaps be the first thing that hits the ground when you come landing.

You lose balance when this happens, in which case you can easily hurt yourself.

What’s worse?

The kickstand is highly likely to smack against the frame in the process and cause damage.

4. A Kickstand Isn’t Necessary For A BMX Bike

What’s the one more sensible reason why you would want to attach a kickstand onto your BMX bike?

My guess is you fear that leaning it up against a wall could chip the painting over time. Or maybe there’s a feel good factor when you have your bike in an upright position without leaning against something.

It may seem counterintuitive, but a kickstand on a BMX is unnecessary because the bike can do well without it.

Besides getting in the way, kickstands can make unnecessary movements and create noise when you’re riding. So you end up with the worst bmxing experience in the street or skate parks.

And lest we forget, you’ll almost always be on your BMX during the bmxing season, so having a kickstand to keep your bike in an upright position is useless.

Can You Keep A BMX Bike Upright Without A Kickstand?

There are ways to keep your BMX bike in an upright position, none of which requires the use of a kickstand.

You can:

1. Lean The Bike Against An Object

The best and cost-effective way to keep your BMX bike in an upright position when it’s not in use it to lean it against an object.

You can lean it against a wall, a tree, a post, vines, or anything really. 

This method won’t cost you a dime. Just make sure you position the bike in such a way that it doesn’t fall over and you’re set.

2. Get A Bike Parking Rack

I can understand that very few of us want to leave our BMX bikes lying on the ground when it’s not in use. For some of us, even leaning the bike against an object may not seem like a viable option.

Ye given that it’s important to keep a kickstand as far away from a BMX bike as possible, you might want to consider using a bike parking rack instead.

RaxGo Bike Garage Storage Rack is one of the best-rated rack that we highly recommend. It’s a freestanding unit that holds to BMX bikes steadily thanks to its maximum weight capacity of 90 pounds per bike.

RaxGo Bike Garage Storage Rack

Made of 100% alloy steel, with a black powder coating for protection against elements, RaxGo Bike Garage Storage Rack is a solid choice for a price that’s an absolute bargain.

The RAD Cycle Mighty Rack is also good and it’s an option to consider if you’re on a tight budget. It’s made of tubular steel and coated in a black finish for strength and durability.

RAD Cycle Mighty Rack

Like RaxGo storage rack, RAD Cycle Mighty Rack doesn’t require brackets or clamps. All you have to do is to roll your BMX bike into the rack and walk away. 

3. Use a Simple Wall Mount Bike Rack

A wall-mount bike rack is a good option to consider if you don’t want to leave your bike outdoors and there’s no enough floor space to keep a freestanding storage bike rack.

There are many options on the market. But the one we particularly like is the HOMEE Bike Hanger.

HOMEE Bike Hanger

It’s a heavy-duty iron bike rack that can hold a bike that weighs up to 66 lbs, which is above the BMX bike standard weight.

We also like that HOMEE Bike Hanger has a folding design, which you can effortlessly push to fold down when it’s not in use. 

Conclusion : ”Do BMX Bikes Have Kickstands?”

BMX bikes don’t come with kickstands in the first place, and we’ve explored all the reasons why that’s the case. And to be clear, I don’t think you should have one fitted onto your bike, unless of course you think you can handle the inconveniences that come with it.

If anything, it’s important to consider the alternatives shared in this guide so your BMX doesn’t come across as disappointing when bmxing is actually supposed to be fun.

Besides, I don’t see anything wrong with leaning your BMX bike up against a wall. Provided you’re careful enough to keep the paint from chipping, you’re good to go.