What Are BMX Bikes Good For?

I’ve had first-hand experience with BMX bikes, and I must confess they are the most robust and virtually indestructible two-wheelers. But what are BMX bikes good for exactly if not just for performing simple-complex stunts?

BMX bikes are good for thrashing and fun rides. You can use them for commuting, but they’re  impractical for long distance rides. And while you can use them as mountain bikes, it won’t perform better than mountain bikes over rocky terrains, especially when riding uphill because they have only one gear.

uses of a bmx bike

While they’re flexible for kids and adaptable enough for adults that need some acrobatic movements, BMX bikes don’t offer the convenience of saddle riding and therefore BMX aren’t suitable for long distances.

What Are BMX Bikes Good For?

BMX bike are so flexible that you can put them to multiple uses. However, using them for anything other than the intended purpose means there are limits beyond which they can’t go.

Remember, BMX bike have low seats and short frames, making them suitable for acrobatic body movement and riding when standing. So unless you can stand for an extended period off the saddle, you should look past bicycle motocross.

From my experience, BMX bikes are good for performing simple tricks and complex stunts over short distance.

I’ve tried them for daily commuting and occasional riding to work but ended up feeling a lot more uncomfortable past the 4 miles mark.

If anything, BMX bikes are perfect for performing tricks and riding short distances.

Is a BMX Bike Good for Commuting?

BMX bikes are good for commuting for short distances. Since they’re single-speed in design, with short frames and seats that sit lower than the standard bikes, BMX bikes tend to be optimal on terrains that have fewer hills.

Take them to areas with multiple and somewhat steep hills and you can expect to break sweat when climbing.

Unlike standard bicycles, a BMX bike such as Schwinn Sting Pro Predator can maneuver faster on different terrains thanks to their short frames and small back that allows easy cornering particularly at intricate areas.

Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Team BMX Bike

Owing to the low position of the saddle on a BMX bike, and given that riding in a standing position can start to get uncomfortable really quickly, roadies prefer not to ride the likes of Schwinn String Pro for longer than a few miles.

That’s not to say you can’t ride a BMX bike for long hours. You can, but only with a few modification.

Consider raising the seat post to the highest point to bend your legs at the bottom of the BMX bike pedal turn.

Since many modern BMX bikes come with longer seat posts, it’s easy to adjust them to the waist height, which is often the optimal setting for long distance commuting.

And, for premium comfort, it may be a good idea to upgrade the saddle.

Velmia Memory Foam Bike Saddle

For a more comfortable bike seat, consider upgrading to Velmia Memory Foam Bike Saddle. It’s a versatile, ergonomically designed model that feels comfortable to the touch thanks to the memory foam cushioning.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Street Riding?

BMX bikes feature tough build that can withstand use and abuse. Put them to dirt jumps, skate parks, and complex stunts, and they’ll hold up really well.

With strong frame structures, durable wheel sets, and a geometry that ensures stability and stiffness at speed, BMX bikes can do really well in the street riding arena.

And let’s not forget that manufacturers also include components optimized for movement, strength, and acceleration, which give you the best riding experience in the streets.

My personal experience with BMX bikes for street riding has been a mix of enthusiasm and getting a few stitches. And there could be nothing more thrilling than that.

The Redline Bikes Rival Freestyle BMX is my recommendation for the best bike for street riding.

Redline Bikes Rival Freestyle BMX

On the rims are 20-inch wheels with lower rolling resistance and the brakes are responsive enough to give you speed control when you need it the most. The chains of this freestyle BMX come somewhat tight, so you might want to consider adjusting the tension a little.

While the robust frame and wheel set makes this bike ideal for rough riding, the tubes may wear out fast if you ride on rough terrains all the time.

The Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX is another bike you can take to the streets.

It’s a 20-inch model with a single break. Given Mongoose’s investment in a tough yet flexible build, this bike can even ride well off road the same way it does on pavements.

If you look closely, you will notice that the saddle is on the lowest wend. So if you want a better riding experience, and especially if you want to cycle for longer, switch the seat post with something such as Bynccea BMX Bike Seat Post.

The Bynccea seat post is a good recommendation because of its length. At 40 centimeters long, you can easily elevate your riding position to a height more comfortable for street riding.

Can You Use a BMX Bike for Mountain Biking?

It’s hard not to love the construction of a BMX bike. The combination of chrome and steel alloy makes them stronger yet lightweight. When it comes to durability, BMX bikes give you the true value for your money.

But can you really use a BMX bike for mountain biking?

Yes you can, but there’s a limit.

BMX bikes can tackle flat terrains quite well. But since they only have one gear, they can’t easily travel uphill and over rocky terrains.

You can improve the climbing power of a BMX bike by installing a multiple gear system, but be ready to spend some time and money to get this done.

Even their braking system isn’t robust enough to mountain biking, especially when navigating over rocky terrains, riding over obstacles, and descending fast.

Can BMX Bikes Go Off Road?

A BMX bike can go off road because its design, form the small frame to the lower wheelbase, allows riders to maneuver rough and aggressive trails while doing your stunts.

Unfortunately, they won’t hold up well in rough terrains because they lack suspension fork, which absorbs impact from bumpy roads.

So if you choose to ride a BMX bike off road, expect there to be more pressure on your body than there would be if you rode a mountain bike instead.

And just because BMX bikes can go off road doesn’t mean they’re good for long distance.

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Final Words

That’s it on what BMX bikes are good for. Keep these details in mind as you look for a BMX bike so that you can at least put it to good use.