Are Mafia BMX Bikes Good Quality Bike?

Founded in 2009 by a team of BMX pros and enthusiasts, Mafia bikes have grown to become one of the pacesetters in the entry and mid-level bicycle motocross sector. But given their increasing popularity, it’s sensible to ask, are Mafia BMX bikes good?

Mafia BMX bikes are good because they come in durable, comfortable, and easy-to-handle designs. They are equally trendy, well accessorized, affordable, and thus good value.

The best part about the BMX brand is the length of its range. Mafia bikes BMX bikes come in freestyle, cruiser, and dirt jump options, which means there’s an option for performing stunts, racing, and dirt jumping.   

We’ll look at all these options as I make a few relevant recommendations. But still, I will air the concerns that come with getting a Mafia bike BMX bike so that you can determine if you should have a clear idea of what you are getting.

To get us started is an overview of the brand history.

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In a rush? Check out three of our most recommended Mafia BMX bikes on the hotlist below:

3 Best Mafia BMX Bikes

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  3. Blackjack D 26 Inch BMX Bike (View on Amazon): Best Mafia Dirt Jump BMX Bike

Brand History

Mafiabikes was started in 2009 by a group of passionate pro riders and BMX enthusiasts to cater to the needs of cyclists alike who cannot afford high-end BMX bikes.

The company also targets kids and those too scared to go BMXing or who don’t know what bike to get. That’s is vivid in their motto ‘kids on bikes.’

While Mafia BMX bikes target entry and mid-level BMX riders, the manufacturer doesn’t stop employing high-end specs such as the frame, seat, handlebars, brakes, fork, and grips.

Some of its bikes grace notable BMX championships like Dew Tour, X-games, and FISE.

The company now makes BMX bikes for every age and experience level. And since 2012, they’ve been making not only branded Mafia bikes but also Mafia-branded tires, wheels, drivetrains, brakes, seats, and accessories.

Mafiabikes is a one-stop shopping platform for BMX bicycles, components, and accessories.

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Why Are Mafia BMX Bikes Good?

Mafia BMX bikes are good because of these six reasons:

1. Durability 

Mafiabikes employ hi-ten steel on most of its bikes to guarantee maximum strength and long-term service. So, the frames are all about durability, and they are not the only ones.

The handlebars, seat posts, and forks also employ hi-tensile steel to withstand fatigue and rough usage. And when it comes to the wheels, the manufacturer employs double-wall rims and snakeskin tires to withstand rugged use.

The brakes are also strong and durable, thus good value.

2. Comfortability 

BMX are traditionally uncomfortable, but that’s not the case for Mafia. Its BMX bikes come in suitable sizes that fit comfortably.

Some have suspensions to absorb extra bumps, while their seats are well-padded to protect you from saddle numbness. Additionally, the bikes feature Kraton rubber grips that feel soft and relieve your hands from blisters after an aggressive ride.

3. Ease of Handling

Mafia BMX bikes 20 inch options are suitable for stunts and racing because of their high maneuverability. The bikes come with big-raised handlebars for easy handling and navigation.

Geometry-wise, each bike’s geometry is for a specific role.

Freestyle BMX bikes have a steeper geometry to perform stunts and aerial jumps efficiently. On the other hand, cruiser BMX bikes have a more laidback geometry to allow you to ride them casually while racing options are aggressive slightly to enable you to ride fast.

4. Trendy Choices

If you care about style and being timely, then Mafia BMX bicycles suit you. These bicycle motocross cycles come in cool colorful designs that stand out from others. Others are retro-style but with a modern twitch, thus timeless.

5. Accessorization 

Mafia bikes come accessory-packed to have a more comfortable and funnier riding experience.

More importantly, the accessories save you money, and you don’t have to buy them separately. The accessories include bicycle pumps, pedals, hand grips, and seat clamps.

6. Affordability 

A good BMX bike will probably cost you $1,000 or more. That’s, however, not the case for Mafiabikes. Its BMX bikes average $250 – $650, depending on the size and style.

Cruiser BMX bikes cost the highest, while freestyle BMX bikes are the most affordable choices. And as far as the size goes, adult BMX bikes cost slightly more.

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The Drawbacks – Why Mafia BMX Bikes May Not Be Good for You

The reasons discussed above don’t make Mafiabikes BMX cycles suitable for everyone. While the bike brand employs a few high-end specs on its entry and mid-level bikes and even has a few high-end models, most bikes are not for elite competitions.

Primarily, that’s because of these reasons:

a) Slightly Weighty

Let’s face it; steel is not the most lightweight bike material. The manufacturer employs it widely on the frame, handlebars, forks, and seat post, so the bikes feel slightly heavier, thus not ideal for pro BMX racing or freestyling.

b) A Few Low-End Specs

When weighing high-end specs vs low-end specs, the former outmuscles the latter, which is a good thing. However, if you are an elite performer, you want everything to be top tier, including the pedals, saddle, brakes, grips, and forks.

That, however, is not the case for some of Mafiabikes’ cycles.

mafia bike redmusa

Mafia BMX Bike Review

Mafiabikes currently makes and sells three types of BMX bikes:

  • Freestyle BMX bikes
  • Cruiser BMX bikes
  • Dirt jumpers (jump BMX bikes)

Let’s review them:

Are Mafia Freestyle BMX Bikes Good?

Mafia freestyle BMX bikes are built for stunts and high-risk moves. The bikes come in sturdy constructions to take on aggressive usage and physical abuse.

Their wheels commonly feature pavement-ready tires to allow you to take on the streets and have ultra-sturdy frames to tolerate the hard hits and heavy landings.

The bikes are suitable for doing stunts on skate parks and pavements.

Mafiabikes stocks five freestyle families; Kush, Super Kush, Gusta, Pablo, and Soldato. Overall, the Mafia Kush is the most popular family, and it’s available in Kush 1, Kush 2, and Kush 2+ options.

Mafia Kush 1 is the best entry choice for new BMX entrants. It doesn’t have the most high-end specs but is a top performer and versatile pick for the skate parks and streets, as the Mafiabikes Kush 1 Splatter exemplifies.

Mafia bike Kush 2 offers slightly higher-end specs than Kush 1. A model like the Mafiabikes Kush 2 20-Inch promises a lighter frame and better brakes than its previous model (Kush 1).

However, the crème de la crème of the frame of the Kush family is the Mafiabikes Kush 2+, which is the benchmark for entry into BMX.

An option like Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike comes with dual suspension for maximum shock absorption, lucky6 grips for your hand control, and big 29-inch bars for ease of handling.

Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike

Are Mafia Cruiser BMX Bikes Good?

Mafia cruiser BMX bikes are lightweight with larger frames, often featuring 24 or 26-inch wheels. These bike designs make them perfect for street racing, and they are generally a good choice for the tallest BMX racers.

Mafiabikes makes four cruiser families; Bomma, Medusa, Chenga, and Chonky. Overall, the Mafia Bomma and Medusa are the most popular choices in this family. 

Mafiabikes Medusa is a game-changer in the wheelie market, and it’s perfect for street maneuvers and tricks in enclosed tracks.

The Mafiabikes Red Medusa 26 Inch BMX is a good reference here. This cruiser BMX is robust, easy to fit, comfortable, and stylish, thus promising good value for money.

However, the Mafiabikes Bomma is the epitome as it is a rounder. An option like the Mafiabikes Bomma 26 Inch Wheelie Bike is not just a race bike but also a top-level stunts bike.

Its stable wheels, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and hi-ten steel frames make it perfect for the roughest outdoors and the most aggressive usage.

Mafiabikes Red Medusa 26 Inch BMX

Are Mafia Jump BMX Bikes Good?

While Mafia freestyle BMX bikes are for stunts and cruisers for racing, Mafia jump BMX bikes are for flight.

These bikes bring together the best specs of a mid-range MTB with those of a freestyle BMX. So, you’ll find them in sturdy frames, knobbier tires, robust wheels, and powerful rear brakes, as Mafiabikes Bomma 26 Inch Wheelie Bike demonstrates.

Its Tektro hydraulic disc brake, hi-ten steel frame, and lucky6 grips make it robust, reliable, and comfortable to ride.

Mafiabikes Bomma 26 Inch Wheelie Bike

People Also Ask

1. Are Mafia Bikes Worth It?

Mafia bikes are strongly built and feature many high-end specs that ensure you ride them longer and have the best experience.

These bikes are also comfortable, easy to handle, trendy, and well accessorized, thus good value and worth it.

2. Are Mafia Bikes Road Legal?

Most Mafia bikes are intended for off-road use. If you want to use them on-road, the manufacturer recommends accessorizing them with the right features such as brakes, bell, reflector, and chain guard.

3. Where Are Mafia Bikes Made?

Mafia bikes are made at the company headquarters in Luxembourg, Western Europe.

4. Are Mafia Bikes Bad?

Mafia bikes may have a few low-quality specs, but most parts are high quality, durable, and reliable. So, no, Mafia bikes are not bad. Quite the contrary; Mafia bikes are decent performers, comfortable, fun to ride, and trendy.

5. What Is the Best Mafia Bike?

Overall, the best Mafia bike is the Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike (View on Amazon). It’s a 20-inch freestyle BMX bike with double suspension accommodating older kids and adults. This BMX bike can take varying terrains and is generally lightweight and well accessorized.

6. Do Mafia Bikes Have Gears?

Mafiabikes mostly make BMX bikes which are one-gear. However, they stock a few geared mountain bikes belonging to the Lucky6 bike line on its website.


In Summary: Are Mafia BMX Bikes Good?

Generally, Mafia BMX bikes are all about durability, comfortability, ease of handling, and affordability. They are easy to handle, well accessorized, and trendy. Thus, they are a good value, especially for BMX diehards on a budget.