Are Cult BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand?

For well over a decade now, Cult has marketed and portrayed itself as the brand that understands BMX bikes inside out. Every piece they’ve built since inception in 2010 feature a streamlined and straightforward frame design and premium bike parts. But are cult BMX bikes good?

Cult BMX bikes are good because they are made of high quality durable frame. The bikes offer better clearance for beginner and pro riders for simple tricks and complex bmxing. And every model features high quality components that enhance the overall performance of the riders.

Cult’s devotion to build, market, and distribute the best bikes in the space makes it just as good as brands like Mongoose, Hiland, Redline, and Diamondback.

For what it’s worth, all these brands have one thing in common. They invest their resources, creativity, and ample time to make what we can possibly rate as the best BMX bikes.

In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into Cult BMX bike review. We’ll look at the type of BMX bikes the brand deals in, what makes the brand stand out, and what could be better.

This information should help you decide whether Cult bikes and accessories are worth your money.

Let’s begin.

Who Is The Owner Of Cult BMX?

cult bmx bikes good

Started by Robbie Morales in Santa Ana, California in 2010, Cult BMX has developed to become the best brand in the bicycle motocross niche.

Owing to the quality of its bike parts, from streamlined bike frame to high quality accessories, Cult no doubt shakes the BMX world in a way companies such as Schwinn and Hiland struggle to keep up with yet.

Today, BMX riders recognize the brand for it Taiwan-based OS frames. The frames made in the United States of America also feature the same design and geometry.

And given the brand’s lower retail price, even someone on a budget should be able to get a Cult BMX bike.

What Are Cult BMX Frames Made Of?

Rather than using the traditional Aluminum found on most racing BMX bike frames, Cult uses premium grade 100% Chromoly tubing, which is strong enough to handle all tracks and trails.

cult bmx bike frame

The top and down tube gussets of this brand’s BMX bikes are robust for increased strength.

Take Heaven’s Gate Brandon Begin, for example. This BMX bike features Cult’s classic tubing with top and down gussets that are robust enough for increased strength.

Moreover, the externally machined bottom bracket shell and integrated head tube shows how farther Cult is willing go to make this and other BMX bikes in its line as impressive and performance optimized as possible.

One thing we love about the top tube of Cult BMX bike is that it comes in five unique size options, so you can choose what best fits you. Plus, the frame geometry is good enough for someone who is a steer rider.

Types Of Cult BMX Bikes

Cult BMX designs bicycle motocross for all riding styles. So whether you’re just getting started with learning new tricks or you’re a pro rider already, the brand has something for you.

Currently, Cult deals in the following types of BMX bikes:

  • Beginner BMX bikes
  • Pro BMX bikes
  • Intermediate BMX bikes

1. Beginner BMX Bikes

Cult understands that true bmxing starts with learning the basics, and making the best BMX bikes for beginners available is the way to go.

Granted, there are many entry-level BMX bikes in the market. But even if you feel spoilt for choice already, Cult does make the best of what you need to get started with bmxing.

Beginner BMX bikes by cult are versatile enough that you can ride them anywhere you wish. You can ride them in them in the parks, flatlands, streets, and dirt roads.

mongoose bicycle

What’s more?

They’re easy to customize as you advance your riding style, which means you never have to worry about buying a new bike once you become a pro cyclist, although you might want to consider that option for better performance.

When it comes to choosing a Cult BMX bike for beginners, you need to pay more attention to the sizing, not the weight of the BMX. If anything, choosing the right size will not only make learning new tricks easy but also give you the best riding experience.

For simplicity’s sake, below is a BMX bike size chart to consider if you’re just getting started:

Wheel SizeRider’s Height
12 inchesUnder 3 feet
16 inches3 feet to 3 feet 8 inches
18 inches3 feet 4 inches to 4 feet 4 inches
20 inches4 feet 5 inches and above

2. Race BMX Bikes

Race BMX bikes are suitable for dirt road racing and they ride fast in bursts of speed. Like the freestyle models, they feature alloy frames with carbon fiber forks and are often lighter.

race bmx bike cult

Keep in mind, though, that Cult doesn’t use alloy or carbon to design the frame of it BMX race bikes. Instead, the brand uses Chromoly, which is a more durable, streamlined, and performance optimized material.

Keep in mind that these bikes are size specific, so the model you choose will depend on your age and height. Choose the right size, and you won’t have a difficult time doing your thing even in competition event.

When it comes to Cult racing BMX bikes, your concern isn’t trying to perform the most complex tricks or landing a 1020 jumps, although there’s nothing wrong with using with using the for tricks or stunt riding. If anything, your concern is that single lap deal where speed over bumps is the only thing that really matters.

3. Pro BMX Bike

Cult also designs Pro BMX bikes, which are ideal for those who need lighter, stronger, and responsive models.

Cult Pro BMX bikes have top tubes that are 20.5 to 22 inches long, which makes them ideal for adults and professional riders who have been long in the bmxing sport. Also, they fit riders of heights between 5 feet 6 inches and 5 feet 10 inches.

Pro BMX bikes designed by Cult have a smaller frame to offer its riders the best level of maneuverability. With a shorter distance between the handlebars and wheel, there’s quick reaction time, the right balance for speed, and easy mid-air adjustments.

The tires of this type of BMX bike are also of the right size. Ideally, these bikes have wider wheels, usually 1 6/8 inches. The diameter tends to be constant, often at 20 inches, which is the standard, which all BMX bike wheels utilize.

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4. Intermediate BMX Bike

Cult intermediate BMX bikes are for those who have conquered the basics and are ready to take the challenge to the next level.

These bikes are so much advanced in design such that they can do any trick and stunt that you can think of. Whether you want to make more moves at skate parks and streets or you want to do crazy jumps that are a little bigger, these are the best bikes to go for.

The likes of Forgotten Lurker and Kink Whip XL BMX bikes are quite impressive and do well in the category. And Cult has tried to keep up with their pace quite well.   


  • Cult BMX has been in the bicycle motocross niche for over well over a decade and has established itself as a trustworthy brand
  • Their collection of full BMX bikes also include options for smaller riders
  • Their after-market parts are high quality and designed to last
  • Cult BMX is a brand built by people who care about and engage in the bicycle motocross sport


  • Cult BMX doesn’t have many complete bike options as do brands such as GT, Hiland, and Redline
  • Their bikes are only available in two color options, all of which are not suitable for a rider who wants a more colorful bike
  • While Cult uses the best quality materials to design its BMX bikes, the end product isn’t as lightweight

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Cult BMX bikes are just as good as GT, Mongoose, and other brands that we’ve already looked at so far.

Perhaps the biggest issue with the brand is the lack of enough complete bikes in stock. With such a limitation, it may be hard to come by a bike that suits you from the brand.

Again, there are only two color options, which many people will hardly find impressive. So if you’re among the roadies who demand a combination of better performance and classic look, you had better look past these BMX bikes.

On a positive note, Cult does have the best after-market parts. And from what I’ve  gathered based on hundreds of reviews, no brand comes close to designing the best after-market parts like Cult does.

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