Are Sunday BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand?

The biggest setback with most BMX bikes is frame reliability. The frames are just not strong enough to endure the demands of modern BMXing, and that’s what compelled Jim Cielencki to launch Sunday Bikes Company. But are Sunday BMX bikes good?

Sunday BMX bikes are good because they feature 100% Chromoly frames, which employ innovations like Wave Tubing, Thermal Processing, and Black Magic Coating to guarantee strength and durability. Thus, these bikes define frame reliability, therefore, good value for money. 

Note, however, that Sunday bikes are more than innovative frames. These BMX bikes are also about quality aftermarket components, affordability and style variety. More importantly, they prove their reliability with the assurance of lifetime coverage. 

But as good as the BMX bicycles are, some of their models are highly priced, and overall, there are few high-end options. So, you may have to make compromises in some cases. 

On that note, I’ll review what makes Sunday BMX bikes good and the demerits to help you decide on them. But first, let me walk you through Sunday’s history in the BMX sector. 

Is Sunday a Good BMX Brand

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Brand History

Sunday Bikes Company was founded in 2005 by Jim Cielencki. According to Mr Cielencki, starting the company was to solve the ever-constant problem of unreliable frames. 

He points out on the company website that most manufacturers struggle to balance frame weight and strength. They either make stronger frames that are too heavy or lighter ones that are weaker, so they fail to deliver on reliability. 

Reliability is about having the strongest frame that is not too heavy, and that’s what Sunday focuses on. While some of its bike frames weigh up to 29 pounds, they are not as heavy as most BMX bike frames and most importantly, they are super strong because they are 100% Chromoly. 

These frames are twice stronger than regular Chromoly frames and lower in weight thanks to frame technologies like Wave Tubing, Thermal Processing, and Black Magic. 

Overall, it has been a learning curve for the company since launching in 2005. For example, the company only produced heat-treated forks and handlebars during its launch year and the first-ever heat-treated frame a year after. 

2012 saw the company unveil the Soundwave frame, arguably its most high-end bike frame. Today, the company employs various frame technologies on its kids, adult, beginner, and pro-level bikes. 

Sunday BMX Bikes Any Good

Why Are Sunday BMX Bikes Good? 

Reliability is Sunday’s Selling point, and you can tell that from the choice of frame material and innovation. Let’s discuss the two briefly: 

1. 100% Chromoly Frame

Sunday BMX bicycles employ 100% Chromoly, which has several advantages over aluminum. While the material is naturally heavier, the manufacturer thins it to make the frames less stiff and less weighty but pretty strong. Thinned Chromoly promotes a smoother ride and is stronger than steel, thus more fatigue resistant. 

2. Frame Innovation 

The choice of frame material is not the only thing that makes Sunday bike frames more robust, durable, and reliable. The technologies that the manufacturer employs also have a say, and they include the following: 

a) Wave Tubing 

Wave Tubing is a technology that the manufacturer employs to strengthen the top and down tubes and protect them from denting. The technology makes the downtube and top tube double stronger to bear anything you throw at them.

b) Boxed Chain Stays

The chainstays have a boxed design which, like Wave Tubing, helps to strengthen the frame against denting. In addition, the technology creates a larger clearance for the rear tire to allow you to fit tires as wide as 2.35-2.40 inches. 

c) Butted Seat Tube 

The seat tubes are double-butted to promise double the strength, and that’s crucial in riding BMX bikes aggressively. 

d) Tapered Seat Stays And Chain Stays 

Both the seat stays and chainstays enjoy a tapered design which gives them and the frame a refined look. Additionally, the two are angled to enjoy more chain and seat clearance while saving on weight. 

e) Thermal Processing (Heat Treatment)

Through Thermal Processing, the frames are engineered to be stronger but weigh less. The innovation is the highlight of the bike frame. Thermal Processing enables the bike frame to resist cracking, snapping, and breaking. 

f) Black Magic Coating 

Sunday bicycle frames don’t rust because they enjoy a Black Magic coat, an anti-rust coat that the manufacturer applies as the finish. 

g) Integrated Chain Tensioner

The integrated chain tensioner’s job is to firmly hold the bike wheel in position and make its removal seamless. 

Where Are Sunday BMX Bikes Made

Other Reasons Sunday BMX Bikes Are Good:

In addition to a more robust and innovative Chromoly frame, Sunday BMX bicycles are good due for these reasons: 

1. Quality Aftermarket Components 

Sunday carefully assembles the aftermarket parts to ensure they match the frame quality and overall company’s high standards. So, the aftermarket components also promise reliability, just like the frame. 

2. Affordability 

Other than the Darkwave Authentic and Sunday Special, which cost over $1300, every other bike costs under $900, thus being affordable. Most of these bikes cost $450-$650, with kids’ options costing under $460. 

3. Bike Variety 

Sunday BMX bikes come in all styles to target different riders. Kids, for example, can get a Starter bike, and newbies can settle for the Blueprint. On the other hand, expert bikers can get for the Soundwave Special or Darkwave Authentic, while casual riders can go for a Model C or High C. 

4. Lifetime Warranty 

Sunday bike frames come with a limited lifetime warranty to prove their reliability. The manufacturer trusts that the bike frames can last a lifetime with good care. 

Sunday BMX Bike Reviews

The Demerits 

As good as Sunday bikes are, they suffer a few demerits, which include: 

  • Complete bikes can be slightly expensive – Because of the build quality of Chromoly, complete Sunday BMX bicycles like Darkwave Authentic and Soundwave Special are slightly costly. They cost more than $1300, twice as much as the other options. 
  • Fewer high-end options – The other challenge is fewer high-end Sunday bikes. There are more entry-level and mid-range options but very few high-end choices. 

Sunday BMX Bike Range (Sunday BMX Bike Reviews)

Sunday makes bikes that target different riders ranging from kids and newbies to experts and commuters. Here’s the lineup:

1. Sunday Scout 

The Sunday Scout is dedicated to budget buyers who want a decent BMX for serious riding. This bike employs more aftermarket components but doesn’t compromise on quality. It also has a few signature details like Odyssey grips and Springfield brakes that give it a signature look. 

Who Makes Sunday BMX Bikes

2. Sunday Primer   

The Primer is for beginner riders who are serious about BMXing but cannot afford a high-end bicycle. Like the Sunday Scouter, Sunday Primer has several signature specs that give it a high-end appeal. 

3. Street Sweeper 

The Street Sweeper is the ultimate choice for serious BMX street riders. Inspired by American sensational street rider Jake Seeley, Street Sweeper can handle the most technical freestyle moves on the streets. It’s an utmost beast and a pro-level choice. 

4. Sunday Blueprint 

The Sunday Blueprint is for new riders who love to have a pro-level riding experience. The bike is simple in build and even comes at a budget (under $450) but is quite fun to ride, thanks to its pro-level geometry. 

5. Sunday EX

The Sunday EX is another pro-level BMX bike whose build quality is unmatched. This bike features 100% Chromoly on its frame, handlebar, and fork and enjoys a compact, nearly indestructible design. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for fun riding. 

Do Sunday BMX Bikes Have Brakes

6. Darkwave Authentic 

The Darkwave Authentic is a signature pro-level Sunday BMX bike with 100% aftermarket bike parts. This bike draws inspiration from celebrated BMX street rider Broc Raiford to promise a pro-level performance. Overall, that Darkwave Authentic is for those wishing for a ‘beast mode’ bike. 

7. Sunday Forecaster 

If you are looking for a pro-level look-alike that comes under budget, you should check out the Sunday Forecaster. This BMX bike has signature tires, grips, and clutch to create the impression and feeling of riding a signature bike. 

8. Soundwave Special 

According to the manufacturer, the Soundwave Special is the best complete Sunday bike, and it’s hard to refute it. This bike’s heat-treated Chromoly frame is unmatched in strength, durability, performance, and reliability. You’ll get it in a cassette and free-coaster option. 

9. Sunday Model C

The Model C is Sunday’s modern 24-inch BMX bike. This bike has a more relaxed geometry to give you more control, and it’s generally best for casual riding or even urban commuting. It also has a few Odyssey specs that give it a signature look. 

How Much Does a Sunday BMX Bike Weigh

10. Sunday High C 

The High C is for the tallest and heaviest BMX riders. This BMX bike comes with 29-inch wheels that roll over just about anything on the paths.

It features a quick-release seat clamp to allow you to take different riding styles, thus best for casual riding. Moreover, it has a short rear-end geometry that makes it easier to handle and ride. 

People Also Ask 

1. Is Sunday a Good BMX Brand? 

Sunday is undoubtedly a good BMX brand as it employs 100% Chromoly frames and quality aftermarket components. The bikes are generally strong and of good quality, and they deliver on reliability. So, yes, Sunday is a good BMX brand. 

2. How Much Does a Sunday BMX Bike Weigh?

Most Sunday BMX bicycles weigh 25-29 pounds. So, while they are not the most lightweight BMX bicycles on the market, they are relatively light, making them decent choices for serious BMXing.  

3. Who Makes Sunday BMX Bikes? 

Sunday BMX bikes are made by an independent Taiwanese manufacturer and distributed by Full Factory Distro.  

4. Do Sunday BMX Bikes Have Brakes? 

Yes, most Sunday BMX bicycles come with brakes to help you control them at full speed and boost your overall riding safety. 

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In Conclusion – Are Sunday BMX Bikes Good?

Sunday BMX bikes prove that modern BMX bikes can be reliable, owing to their heat-treated 100% Chromoly frames with double-butting designs. The aftermarket components don’t disappoint either. So, Yes, Sunday BMX bikes are good.