Are Eastern BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Associated with sensational freestylers Kenneth Tencio, Zach Kring, and Robbie Taylor, North Carolina-based Eastern Bikes rules the streets. But how good is Eastern Bikes? Are Eastern BMX bikes good in the first place?

Eastern BMX bikes are good because they feature quality engineered frames and in-house components to withstand rough treatment. They are also comfortable, easy to handle, affordable, and upgradeable, and even come in various sizes and styles to suit different experience levels. 

Overall, Eastern Bikes employs the E3 Welding technology that promises quality heat-treated frames that can withstand rough usage. The manufacturer is popularly known for using 100% Full-Chromoly, which has a higher strength-to-weight ratio.

I’ll share more about E3 Welding and various reasons behind Eastern Bikes’ success. We’ll also discuss the bike styles that Eastern Bikes stocks to match riders of different experience levels.

So, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro, Eastern Bikes has a befitting BMX bike for you, and I’ll help you discover it.

But first, let’s review the reasons Eastern BMX bicycles are worth your money and the concerns you should be wary of.

Is Eastern a Good BMX Brand

In a rush? See our most recommended Eastern BMX bicycles on the hotlist below:

6 Best Eastern BMX Bikes

  1. Eastern Lowdown – Top Seller
  2. Eastern Traildigger (View on Amazon) – Best Beginner Choice
  3. The Eastern Wolfdog – Best Intermediate Bike
  4. Eastern Cobra – Best for Young Riders
  5. Eastern Paydirt – Most Budget-Friendly
  6. The Eastern Reaper – Most High-End Choice

Why Are Eastern BMX Bikes Good?

No bike brand is perfect and Eastern Bikes is no exception. However, despite the drawbacks, which I’ll share later, Eastern BMX bikes are good due to these reasons:

1. Quality Engineered Frames

Eastern Bikes is known for employing 100% full-Chromoly frames on most of its bike frames to promise optimal performance and endurance. However, the frame material alone is not why these bikes dominate the Bicycle Motocross sector.

No! The technology that the manufacturer employs in making these frames makes the difference. Eastern is known to utilize these two frame technologies on its BMX frames:

E3 Welding

E3 Welding is an advanced frame welding technology that promotes the deep penetration of the weld into the tube’s full thickness. As a result, the welded frames are more robust, stiffer, more resistant, and more reliable under stress.

E3 Welding is borrowed from the motorcycle frame and race-car body-production sectors, thus proven to work. Overall, it makes all Eastern bike frames good quality and dependable even at an advanced BMX level.

Helix Tubing

Eastern BMX bicycles have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, which means Eastern bike frames are stronger without being too heavy. Primarily, that’s owing to Helix Tubing, a frame production technology that Eastern employs on its down tubs, head tubes, and chainstays.

In general, Helix Tubing creates frame tubes that can take all the aggression without sacrificing weight. It makes the strongest, most dent-resistant, and most robust bike frames.

2. Quality In-House Components

Eastern has an in-house team that handles the production of most of its bike components. The team ensures that Eastern bicycles meet all the necessary production standards and are of superior quality.

Some of the components that the Eastern in-house team produces include grips, seats, seat post, chain wheel, tires, sprocket, pedals, and throttle bar.

3. Comfortable BMX

Eastern BMX bicycles are pretty comfortable, even though no one expects them to be so. The company relies on its in-house team for its bike seats, mostly with foam padding to offer maximum cushioning.

The seats are supported by solid rails as the pedals enjoy broad multi-grip surfaces. On the other hand, the tires promise a more cushioned ride.

Other bikes even come with dual suspension, as it’s the case of the Eastern Traildigger. The suspension on its rear and front wheels helps absorb bumps for a comfortable ride.

eastern traildigger

4. Easy Handling

Eastern BMX bicycles are generally more straightforward and more comfortable to handle, even on challenging terrains. Essentially, that’s because of the bikes’ superior geometry. The head tube, for example, is steeper to feel more responsive, while the chainstay is longer than average to offer more control.

The best part is that the bike frames are pretty lightweight to allow you to hold and maneuver the bikes comfortably. Overall, the bikes’ good handling makes them more competitive and high-performing.

5. Affordable Bikes

Eastern Bikes may be one of the top BMX brands, but that doesn’t make its bikes unaffordable. Its most expensive model, the Eastern Reaper, goes for $899.99, thus falling behind the $1,000 mark.

However, most of its bikes average under $600, while the most budget-friendly option, the Paydirt, goes for under $350.

6. Upgradeable Specs

While not every Eastern bike is high-end, they are all upgradeable. If there is something you don’t like about the bike, change it.

Luckily, Eastern’s in-house team makes a lot of these specs compatible with most Eastern bikes. For example, you can upgrade most beginner-level Eastern BMX bicycles with the Reaper Frame to give them a high-end appeal.

The Reaper bike is Eastern’s most high-end bike, and its frame guarantees better strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and performance.

Other Eastern BMX upgrades include the seat, grips, seat post, stem, and pedals.

eastern bmx upgrades

7. Easy Sizing

Eastern targets riders of varying heights with its BMX bikes. All you’ve to do to find your match is match your size with the correct top tube length.

Below is a size chart that Eastern recommend for its bike frames:

Top Tube Length (inches)Preferred Height

8. Options for All Experience Levels

Eastern aims for riders of all experience levels with its long range of BMX bicycles. Beginners, for example, can get the Paydirt, Lowdown, Cobra, Orbit, or Traildigger, while intermediates can settle for the Wolfdog.

On the other hand, experts can go for the Shovelhead or Element, while pro-level riders can rock the Thunderbird or Reaper.

Eastern Bikes’ Drawbacks

Despite the discussed advantages, Eastern BMX bicycles suffer these drawbacks:

  • A few low-quality specs

Bike parts such as the pedals, grip, and crank, especially on beginner BMX, are cheap and of low quality. As a result, they are likely to fail, which means you may have to upgrade them.

  • Only 1-year warranty

As big as Eastern Bikes is, you expect its BMX bikes to come with extensive warranty coverage. That’s sadly not the case with the frame, handlebars, and forks, which come with only a one-year warranty.

The company does offer a lifetime warranty for models after 2016 but only on selected models.

Are Eastern BMX Bikes Any Good

Eastern BMX Bike Range (Eastern BMX Bikes Reviews)

Eastern makes BMX bikes that target all experience levels, which include the following:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Expert
  • Pro-level

Beginner-Level Eastern BMX

Eastern beginner bikes are designed for easy and comfortable freestyling and dirt jumping. The range includes these six styles/families:

  • Eastern Lowdown – The Lowdown is Eastern’s best-seller, owing to its budget-friendly price and beginner-friendly profile. It’s generally best for riders starting from 13 years.
  • Eastern Traildigger – The Traildigger is Eastern’s best beginner dirt jumper and freestyle for those who plan to upgrade from standard steel to full Chromoly. It’s one of the most lightweight eastern bikes, owing to its 100% full-Chromoly frame.
  • Eastern Cobra – The Cobra is Eastern’s best choice for young adventurous kids. It is not only beginner-friendly but also comes in a perfectly crafted design with lots of comfort features and low-maintenance specs.
  • Eastern Orbit – The Orbit is a nearly indestructible 20-inch beginner BMX perfect for the daredevils. It comes with four sturdy pegs to take all the street brutality.
  • Eastern Nightswap – The Nightswap is Eastern’s sturdiest beginner BMX that can take just about anything. Whether it is high-impact falls, hard knocks, or rough grinding, the Nightswap can handle it all.
  • Eastern Javelin – The Javelin is another solid beginner-level BMX bike that promises something extra from what most of its competitors offer. I’m talking about sealed hubs, 3-piece Cr-Mo crank, rugged steel/Chromo frame, and padded Eastern-branded seat.
Where Are Eastern BMX Bikes Made

Intermediate-Level Eastern BMX

Eastern Bikes only make one intermediate-level bike, the Wolfdog, which targets those who’ve outgrown the beginner-level Eastern BMX but want something slightly technical. It promises to up your ride, thus good value for money.

Expert-Level Eastern BMX

After the intermediate BMX comes the expert level, which includes these two bike styles:

  • Eastern Element – The Element is an expert-level classic BMX that brings back the memories of the old days. It comes with two steel pegs to help you perform stunts at a high level.
  • Eastern Shovelhead – The Shovelhead is Eastern’s most famous expert BMX bike has been in production for over a decade. It’s known for its Full-Chromoly frame, steel pegs, and seated hubs that make it nearly indestructible.

Pro-Level Eastern BMX

At the height of frame innovation are the pro-level Eastern bikes, which include these styles:

  • Eastern Reaper – Endorsed by sensational Costa Rican freestyler Kenneth Tencio, the Reaper is Eastern’s best pro-level BMX bike and the most high-end. This bike demonstrates pure strength, endurance, and low weight.
  • Eastern Thunderbird – Promoted by pro riders Robbie Taylor and Zach Kring, the Thunderbird is Easter’s pro-level bike that can take the harshest trails. It’s the ultimate dirt jumper for budget buyers.
Is Eastern BMX Still in Business

People Also Ask

1. Where Are Eastern BMX Bikes Made?

Eastern Bikes makes its bicycle frames in North Carolina, which is the company’s current headquarters.

2. What Happened to Eastern Bikes?

In 2014, Eastern Bikes was instructed to shut down its operations for owing lots of creditors. The company, however, recovered a few years later and is now in operation. They continue to unleash newer bikes and upgrade existing frames.

3. Is Eastern BMX Still in Business?

Though the courts compelled Eastern Bikes to shut down most of its operations in 2014 for owing big-time creditors, the company relaunched a few years later and has made entry and pro-level BMX bikes ever since. So, yes, eastern BMX is still in business.

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In Conclusion – Are Eastern BMX Bikes Good?

Eastern BMX bikes are amongst the strongest, most comfortable, most lightweight, and most manageable to handle BMX bikes. Depending on your experience level, a suitable Eastern BMX frame is awaiting you.