How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost?

Have you longed to own a BMX bike but are unsure of the price? Or perhaps you have been searching online, and the different prices confuse you more. Now you wonder, ‘how much does a BMX bike cost?’

Expect to spend $150 – $450 on an entry-level BMX bike, $500 – $1,000 on a mid-range choice, and up to $2,500 on the most high-end options. The overall cost depends on the frame quality, the brand reputation, the bike edition, and whether the bike is complete or a built version.

So, BMX bikes come in all price points, just as you see online. You probably didn’t know the factors that cause the vast price margin, which I’ll explain in this post.    

I’ll also recommend a few BMX bikes that you can get for your budget and answer some frequently asked questions regarding the topic.   

Let’s get started:

how expensive are BMX bikes

4 Factors That Determine a BMX Bike Cost

Below are factors that explain why different BMX bikes come at different prices:

1. Frame Quality

A BMX bike’s components are the topmost factor determining its overall cost. One major component that sets the price is the frame.

A reasonable BMX frame should be durable to withstand BMX rough usage and lightweight for easier maneuver. The most common BMX frame material includes titanium, aluminum, and steel.

Overall, the titanium BMX bike frame is the most expensive and lightweight. And for that reason, you should expect to spend at least $1,900 on a BMX bike with a titanium frame. Unfortunately, there are not many BMX bikes with a titanium frame.

The second most expensive frame material is carbon, the third is aluminum, and the last is steel. Steel is the cheapest but the heaviest. But still, its affordability and toughness make it a popular entry choice.

Overall, the takeaway is that expensive BMX bikes have sturdier and lighter frames than inexpensive options. 

2. Brand Reputation

Without a doubt, a brand reputation commands the market price. Brands that have been in operation for decades and with good reputations sell their bikes much higher than the less-known brands.

Perfect examples are WeThePeople, Diamondback, Cult, Haro, and Sunday, who are known to make some of the most high-end BMX bikes.

3. Bike Edition

Some BMX brands release some models in limited editions, which cost more than the regular models. That is often the case with leading BMX bike brands.

These manufacturers usually pay special attention to the special editions, making them more high-end and timeless. As a result, buyers don’t mind paying high as long as they can place their hands on their rare pieces.

4. Whether Complete or Build

The cost of a BMX bike is also dictated by whether the bike comes as complete or in build-version. A complete BMX bike is usually the standard version that comes ready to ride.

The manufacturer usually assembles the bike in their stores, and these bikes typically have a low price tag.

On the other hand, the rider usually customarily customizes a build version. It often applies to pro riders who choose specific bike parts to suit their individual needs. Unfortunately, the bike-building process is much more expensive.

So, if you are a beginner or just starting, it is advisable to go for a complete BMX bike as it will save you money.

Now,How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost?

Depending on the discussed four factors, below is a table showing the various price ranges of BMX:

BMX Bike Type Cost Suitability 
Budget $150 – $450Beginners riders
Mid-Range $500 – $1,000Intermediate riders
High-End Up to $2,500Expert riders

Let’s discuss the ranges below.

Budget BMX Bike Cost

Beginner BMX bikes are not expected to cost more than $500. They usually average $150-$450 unless they are pretty high-end. But even so, you shouldn’t spend so much on an entry-level BMX bike unless you are ready to take the next step – become a pro.

After all, there are so many decent quality entry BMX bikes that are budget-friendly. They are even a product of reputable BMX bike brands.

This 20-inch Diamondback BMX bike is priced under $200 and generally suits kids and medium-height adults. It might not match Diamondback’s most high-end bikes in specs, but it’s decent enough to help you enjoy BMXing. You can count on its steel frame for strength and toughness.

Elite BMX Bicycle

Mid-Range BMX Bike Cost

Once you outgrow an entry BMX bike, getting an intermediate option should be in order. That, however, means spending slightly more than what you spent on your entry bike.

Depending on the brand, you can expect a quality intermediate BMX bike to cost $500 – $1000. While you pay slightly more for these bikes, they promise better specs than entry choices.

One mid-range BMX bike that checks the boxes is the Schwinn Sting Pro And Predator.

This 20-inch BMX bike comes in a lightweight aluminum frame and is suitable for 4’8″ – 5’4″ tall. It is perfect for intermediate BMX riders and entry-level riders too. So, with it, you can transition from being an entry-level rider to an intermediate without changing the bike.

Schwinn Sting Pro And Predator Cruiser BMX Bike

High-End BMX Bike Cost

If you are a pro rider looking for a high-end BMX bike, you should expect to spend up to $2,500. So, you could pay five times what you pay for an entry-level BMX to get a high-end option.

In most cases, these are build versions that consider your individual cycling needs. The bikes also target pro riders who want to have the edge over their competitors by rocking the lightest, most maneuverable, and most robust bikes.  

One such bike is WeThePeople Envy BMX Bike.

how much does a BMX bike weigh

Can I Modify My Complete BMX Bike?

Many times than not, you may buy a complete bike only to find out that some parts need upgrading. Still, you may also have an old BMX bike that you need to change some parts due to wear.

Well, it’s possible to modify a complete BMX bike but at a cost. Depending on the upgrades or replacements, the modification may cost you up to $1000.

However, the price can come down if you already have a frame. Remember, frames cost the most as some go from $450 – $1,000, depending on the material.

But before you can commence, you should first identify which parts need upgrading. Most bike manufacturers usually produce bike parts that you can source locally or online.

Once you have the parts, you can modify your BMX bike to suit your taste and needs.

The next important question you should ask yourself is if it’s worth it. As I stated above, some upgrades may go as high as $1,000.

Considering that you can get an entry or mid-range BMX bike for such a budget, sometimes buying a new one makes more financial sense than a modification. At least, you’ll be handing a newer bike with quality specs and extra mileage.

But if the modifications will only cost you a few dollars, and you get to have a better BMX bike than you originally had, then it’s worth it.

How Long Do BMX Bikes Last?

Many factors determine the lifespan of your BMX bike. One of them is the quality of the components. For example, a BMX bike with high-end features will likely last longer than a bike with cheap parts. When comparing the frame, aluminum frames have a longer lifespan than steel frames because they aren’t rust-prone.

Another factor is bike maintenance. Regular bike maintenance will make a bike last longer than a bike that is not taken care of. It will lengthen the lifespan of your bike, and it performs at its best.

Some of the routines include oiling the moving parts like the chain, properly inflating the tires, and cleaning other components using a cleaning kit.

bike cleaning kit

Where to Get BMX Bikes

Now that you are sure that you want a BMX bike and already know a thing or two about the price, the next question you are probably asking is where you can get one.

There are many places where you can buy a good BMX bike from. You can buy a BMX bike from an online store or a bike warehouse.

When talking of the former, stores like eBay, Walmart, and Amazon sell discounted BMX bikes. However, the latter is one of the best places to source your BMX bike. You even can choose and test the bike if you buy it from the warehouse.

People Also Ask

1. Are BMX Bikes Worth It?

BMX bikes are meant to endure harsh rides and perform aerial stunts and tricks. Others can sprint and outrun most bikes and even compete at events like the Olympics. If these are the specifics you want from a bicycle, BMX bikes are worth it.

2. How Expensive Are BMX Bikes?

BMX bikes come at all price points. We have the low-end that costs $150 – $450, the mid-range that costs $500 – $1,000, and the high-end options that go up to $2,500. The overall price depends on the frame quality, the brand’s reputation, or if it’s a complete or a built version.

3. How Much Does A BMX Bike Frame Cost?

Generally, the frame alone costs around $450 or more if you want a custom-made BMX bike. However, the price is mainly dependent on the type, size, and material. While titanium, aluminum, and carbon frames are expensive, steel options cost less.

4. How Much Does A BMX Bike Weigh?

Averagely, BMX bikes weigh 23.6 pounds, but others may weigh more, depending on the frame material and size. Expect steel frames to weigh more than aluminum and adult-size frames to be weightier than kids-size frames.

5. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Custom BMX Bike?

Building your BMX bike costs you much more than buying a complete version. The estimated price for a custom BMX bike is $1,000 – $2,000 or more, depending on the specs you want.

How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost? Closing Remarks:

As seen, BMX bikes come at every price point. We have cheaper, mid-range, and high-end options. Depending on what you settle on from the trio, you can spend $150 to $2,500. Overall, factors like frame quality, brand reputation, edition, and whether it’s a custom-built or a complete bike dictate the price.