Are GT Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Marketed by Dorel Industries, the company behind Mongoose and Schwinn bike brands, GT Bicycles is among the most popular bike brands today. But with GT Bicycles being famous for lots of bike types such as BMX, mountain bikes, road bikes, and dirt jumpers, are GT bikes good?

GT bikes are good because they employ advanced technology such as Triple Triangle, which promises stiffness, better response, and durability. Moreover, the bikes are lightweight and comfortable and come in a wide range of sizes and ranges with good warranties.

GT Bicycles’ mission is to develop bicycles for every kind of rider, and the company has remained true to its word since its founding in 1972. Today, GT Bicycles make bikes for men, women, and kids with different cycling experiences.

That also means that GT bikes cut across all budgets, targeting both the entry-level and the high-end cycling communities.

Let’s get straight into GT’s brand history and later review its good and bad sides.

are GT bikes good

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About GT Bicycles

GT Bicycles was founded in 1979 by two cycling die-hards, Gary Turner, the man behind the brand’s initials, and Richard Long.

During its inception, GT spearheaded the revolution of the BMX but later developed other bikes around its patented Triple Triangle technology.

In 1981, GT BMX hit the $4million mark in sales, which was pretty impressive. In 1984, the brand started making other bike models, and it went head-on with big hitters like Cannondale.

Between 1991 and 1993, GT started sponsoring notable racers and podium finishers like Eddie Fiola, Bob Morales, Rebecca Twigg, and Juli Furtado.

Unfortunately, in late 1993, the public lost interest in the BMX sport, which led to a considerable drop in sales. That forced the founders to sell a controlling share to Bain Capital.

In 1996, however, GT Bicycles was privileged to make a $30,000 carbon superbike for the Summer Games.

It’s also in that year that GT announced its sponsorship with Nike, but unfortunately, Richard, the co-founder, died through a motocross accident a week before the debut.

By the time of Richard’s death, GT was selling bicycle parts and accessories and was manufacturing 600,000 bikes annually.

Between 1998 and 2004, GT Bicycle changed hands three times. First, from Bain Capital to Quester Partner and then Pacific Cycles before ending up with the current owner, Dorel Industries.

are GT bikes good quality

Are GT Bikes Good?

The Good

GT bikes are good because of the following reasons:

a) Impressive Triple Triangle Technology

Triple Triangle is a Hardtail MTB frame design where the downtube and seat stays are parallel to each other, making the frame stiffer, more responsive, and more durable.

As a result, GT mountain bikes outperform other bikes in speed and handling, and by extension, they outlive most bike frames.

b) Lightweight and Comfortable Frame

GT employs quality carbon and high-grade aluminum frames, which are exceptionally lightweight. The frames make it easy to maneuver the bikes outdoors and ride fast. As a result, GT road bikes and mountain bikes beat most of their counterparts in speed.

And owing to Triple Triangle, GT bikes are more comfortable to handle as they are more responsive.

c) Wide Bike Range.

GT brand provides bikes in a variety of categories. For example, there are freestyling and racing options in the BMX category, and in the MTB category, there are hardtails and full-suspension options.

Overall, GT Bicycles stocks bikes for pro riders, mid-level cyclists, and entry-level riders. Even better, there are suitable options for kids and women. That means there is a GT bike for every rider.

d) Good Warranties

Apart from freeriding, dirt jump, downhill, and gravity bikes which come with a 5-year warranty, other GT bicycles come with a lifetime warranty. The provision generally shows the quality of GT bike frames.

On the other hand, GT branded components come with a one-year warranty, which may not be extensive but is decent enough.

why are GT bikes so expensive

The Bad

GT bikes have so many impressive features that make it hard to see their downsides. However, one area which could be a downside is the frame warranty.

While GT Bicycles offers lifetime warranties on some of its bikes, the fact that you only get five years on others can be a put-off. That’s if you consider that Giant, Trek, and other leading brands are offering limited lifetime warranties on almost all their bikes.

And according to some customers, GT bike assembly is not easy, more so for someone who has never done it. So, you may have to call in a bike mechanic to help you.

GT Bike Ranges

GT Bicycles stocks the following major bicycle categories:

  • BMX
  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Dirt jumpers

Are GT BMX Bikes Good?

GT Bicycle originally premiered as a BMX bike brand. The company even sponsored a lot of BMX riders during its premier years.

Though GT BMX bikes don’t enjoy the same glory as the old days, these bikes remain versatile and of good quality. They are pretty effective in doing stunts and racing.

Their frames, in particular, were their selling point as they are designed with the rider’s comfort in mind.

They come in a variety of frame sizes to suit different cyclists. Below is a general GT bikes size chart for BMX that you can use to find your perfect BMX size.

Riders HeightTop-tube LengthFrame Size
4´4¨ and underMicro15-16.5¨
4´2¨”- 4´10¨Mini16-17.5¨
4´6¨ – 5´1¨Junior17-18.5¨
5´0¨ – 5´4¨Expert18.5-19.5¨
5´2¨ – 5´6¨Expert XL19.5-20¨
5´3¨ – 5´8¨Pro20-20.5¨
5´7¨ – 6¨Pro XL20.5-21.25¨
6¨ and overPro XXL21.25-22¨

One iconic GT BMX bike that should probably be your next purchase is the Performer 21.

This 21-inch bike is sizeable enough to fit even the tallest BMX riders. Even better, it comes with a hi-ten steel frame that promises strength. Plus, it features rear and front brakes for a crisp stoppage.

Performer 2

Are GT Mountain Bikes Good?

GT mountain bikes are admirable in all ways. These two-wheel beasts are agile and high-performers even in the most hostile conditions. They are also versatile, taking on paved and unpaved surfaces.

Currently, GT Bicycles sells hardtails and dual-suspension options to serve a broader market audience. Their MTB ranges not only outperform most MTB brands but also outlive them in build quality.

One exceptional GT mountain bike for your consideration is the Avalanche Comp. This Hardtail mountain bike is suitable for those who crave a fast machine.

Its triple triangle frame is all aluminum, thus lightweight, and it comes with a 100mm travel fork to absorb shock and promise a smooth ride.

Meanwhile, the hardtail is available in different frame sizes to reach a broader target.

Are GT Road Bikes Good?

GT currently stocks gravel and fitness road bikes. While fitness road bikes are more efficient for on-road fitness cycling, gravel bikes are the go-for bike when you want to race on gravel or any other rough surface.

Overall, GT road bikes are lightweight, stiffer, and more aerodynamic, qualities that make them better racers. The bikes also enjoy a good quality build and a more comfortable geometry to allow you to endure long trips.

A perfect recommendation is the Grade Carbon Pro.

Grade Carbon Pro was voted in as the best 2020 gravel road bike for a reason. It has a carbon frame that is strong and durable, giving you an enjoyable ride. Its seats have floating seat stays, making them more compliant on-road.

Grade Carbon Pro

Are GT Dirt Jumper Bikes Good?

If you want the most efficient bike to jump over obstacles and do a few aerial stunts, a dirt jumper is your best bet. Unlike BMX, you cannot race with a dirt jumper, but it can take on more hard hits and falls.

Overall, dirt jumpers bring together the worlds of freestyle BMX and hardtail mountain bikes.

They enjoy a shorter standover height and come with a rigid frame to help you perform tricks efficiently. Plus, their frame and wheels are robust though lightweight for more maneuverability.

So, if you want an adrenaline-rush experience with your bike, you should invest in a GT dirt jumper.

One perfect choice is the LaBomba Rigid. The dirt jump bike comes in an aluminum frame, thus lightweight, and has robust 26-inch Kenda tires that roll over obstacles almost seamlessly.

People Also Ask

1. Is GT A Good Bike Brand?

Due to their impressive Triple Triangle technology and other innovative designs, GT bikes outperform most bike brands in comfort, speed, and riding efficiency. That makes them suitable. Besides, they come in a variety of sizes and categories, targeting all kinds of cyclists.

2. Are GT Full-Suspension Bikes Good?

GT full-suspension bikes allow you to easily ride over big bumps as they are pretty effective in soaking them up. As a result, they promise a less bumpy ride off-road. Their robust suspension also gives them better control off-road, and that makes them suitable.

3. Are GT Bikes Worth The Money?

A bike is worth it when it has the build quality and guarantees comfort, ease of riding, and maintenance, and that’s what GT bikes are all about. Moreover, the manufacturer keeps on reinventing the designs to match the market needs, making the bikes reliable and worth the money.

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Are GT Bikes Good? Closing Thought:

With over 40 years of quality bike manufacturing, GT Bicycles remain a reliable bike brand. Even better, their bikes are top performers, highly comfortable, pretty lightweight, and innovative. They are just everything you want for a leading bike brand.