Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Only founded in 2006, Subrosa promises to walk you down memory lane in the realm of Bicycle Motocross (BMX). Though it is not a big name because of its youth, Subrosa’s popularity increases by the day. But are Subrosa BMX bikes good?

Subrosa BMX bikes are good because they come in various styles to suit BMX riders of all levels. These bikes also come in a wide range of sizes, enjoy quality frames and good geometry, and are good-looking and affordable.

So, they tend to check most boxes when you are seriously looking for a quality BMX bike by a reputable brand and one that doesn’t take all your savings to afford.

However, that does not imply that they are the perfect BMX bikes. No, they aren’t, and no BMX bike brand is.

Like every other BMX bike brand, Subrosa faces a few downsides, which I’ll share in this Subrosa BMX bike review. But first, let’s talk about the brand’s brief history. 

Is Subrosa A Good BMX Brand

In a rush, check out the best Subrosa BMX bikes on the hotlist below:

7 Best Subrosa BMX Bikes

  1. Subrosa Sono: Best Entry-level Subrosa BMX Bike
  2. Subrosa Altus: Best Budget Subrosa BMX Bike
  3. Salvador Park: Most Lightweight Subrosa BMX Bike
  4. Subrosa Malum: Most Versatile Subrosa BMX Bike
  5. Subrosa Novus: Most High-end Subrosa BMX Bike
  6. The Subrosa Letum: Best for Big Guys
  7. Subrosa Tiro: Best for Tall Riders

Brand History 

Subrosa is a BMX brand founded in 2006 by elite BMX riders Ryan Sher and Ron Bonner. Ryan grew up riding BMX bikes for fun, while Ron has a background in designing BMX brands, previously working at Shadow Conspiracy and UGP.

The two met, and a friendship culminating in a business partnership was born that day. Their dream was to create complete street and dirt riding bikes that would be more affordable than those already on the market yet good quality even for pro riders and experts.

According to Ryan, their pieces are hard to duplicate, explaining their massive popularity and fast growth.

The two inventors strive to develop and introduce a new product each year, making it better than the previous models. Their selling points are being creative, making the bikes unique, and embracing affordability.

Are Subrosa Bikes Good

Why Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Good?

My argument from the start is that Subrosa BMX bikes are good, and the reasons for that are shared below:

1. It’s All About Style Variety

The manufacturer makes bikes for all riders, be it beginners, kids, or pro riders. The best part is that all its styles represent a specific group of riders.

For example, the Subrosa Sono is an entry choice, while the Subrosa Novus is a pro-level choice. Big guys can go for the Subrosa Letum as tall riders find the Subrosa Tiro more comfortable.

In addition to the four families/ styles, Subrosa makes the Altus, Park, and Malum, which I’ll discuss in detail later.

2. Size Variety in Full Effect

Subrosa doesn’t just make BMX bikes for riders of different skill sets or experience levels, but they also make them in various sizes.

That means kids, youths, and adults can all find their matching BMX bikes and ride them.

Here’s a sizing chart that Subrosa uses for its complete bikes.

Wheel Size (In)Age (Years)Rider’s Height (In)

With the sizing guide, it’s clear that kids can ride 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, and some 22-inch Subrosa bikes, depending on their height and age.

Adults will, however, find 26-inch, 22-inch, and maybe some 20-inch more comfortable, depending on their height.

3. Frame Quality Is a Priority

One reason to back Subrosa’s fast rise is the quality of the bike frames. The manufacturer employs 100% hi-ten or Chromoly steel on its bikes to ensure they are strong, fatigue-resistant, stable, and durable.

That’s quality there, and the best part is that the maintenance is not complicated. You just have to stay away from rusting, and the frame will serve its term.

4. Good Geometry at Its Best

Subrosa distinguishes its BMX bikes from others by making bikes with a high stand-over height to improve their stability, longer dropout to offer you more room to access the rear wheel, and a raised bottom bracket for the extra pop.

Best Subrosa BMX Bike

5. It’s All in The Looks

These BMX bikes are not just physical specimens on the streets, but they stand out in appearance. The frames come in colorful and unique designs to distinguish themselves from other brands. They also employ a neat flawless look that is likely to remain timeless.

6. Affordability in Check

Subrosa bikes are generally affordable. Their BMX bikes’ prices start from $389.99, where you can get a Subrosa Altus

Most bikes cost under $650, but their most high-end family Subrosa Novus goes for $1,199. So, other than the Novus, which targets pro BMX riders, the other bike lines are affordable.

The Drawbacks

While Subrosa’s merits are apparent, a few negatives of the brand are worth mentioning. They include:

  • Short-term warranty – Subrosa only offers a 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects for its bikes’ frames, cranks, and forks, probably the shortest I’ve noticed. Complete bikes, in contrast, have a 6-month frame and fork warranty against breakage and cracking, while the other components have a 30-day coverage.
  • Slightly weighty – Subrosa’s most lightweight bike is the Salvador Park which weighs 25.9 pounds. Other bikes average 26 – 29 pounds which can be slightly heavy if you consider that most high-end BMX bikes average 22 – 25 pounds.

Subrosa Bike Range (Subrosa BMX Review)

Subrosa primarily makes seven complete bikes (or bike families) as follows:

  • Sono
  • Altus
  • Salvador
  • Malum
  • Novus
  • Letum
  • Tiro

Let’s discuss them.

Is The Subrosa Sono BMX Bike Good?

Subrosa Sono is one of Subrosa’s best entry bikes, especially for adult beginners. It’s also one of the most budget-friendly options. 

The bike is available in various wheel sizes and top tube lengths to accommodate different riders. Overall, this bike is a slight upgrade from the Altus, given that it has a pro-level geometry that is rookie-friendly. That’s good for an entry rider who wants to transition to pro riding.

Are Subrosa Bikes Good

Is The Subrosa Altus BMX Bike Good?

Subrosa Altus is Subrosa’s most budget-friendly BMX bike suiting entry-level riders, especially kids and small-bodied adults. Despite being a budget entry bike, its build quality is impressive as it can handle daily abuses.

It has a more solid frame and robust wheels to match it. So, the Subrosa Altus is a good starting point for kids who want to ride aggressively and practice for a BMX competition.

Subrosa BMX Review

Is The Subrosa Salvador BMX Bike Good?

Subrosa Salvador is Subrosa’s most lightweight BMX bike averaging 25.9 pounds. This bike enjoys a Chromoly tubing with natural strength and a comfortable geometry characterized by a low stand-over height.

Thus, you can take long courses with this bike as it’s super comfortable. The bike is stunning to back its solid performance and low weight.

Overall, this is one of Subrosa’s finest expert BMX bikes, especially for those on a budget.

Best Subrosa BMX Bike

Is The Subrosa Malum BMX Bike Good?

Subrosa Malum is Subrosa’s most versatile BMX bike. There is just nothing that you cannot do with a Subrosa Malum.

From street and park riding to trail and dirt racing, Malum allows you to do it all. You can even perform stunts with this BMX bike. It is robust to withstand rough abuse, including hard hits and drops.

Its frame geometry lets you shred the parks while offering much control and stability with its larger chainstays.

Are Subrosa Bikes Good

Are Subrosa Novus BMX Bikes Good?

Subrosa Novus is Subrosa’s most high-end BMX bike, costing slightly under $1,200. This is the first choice for expert riders owing to its almost indestructible build, high-end specs, and comfortable geometry, characterized by a longer top tube length and raised stand-over height.

The bike is also easy to maneuver, do stunts with, and take on various challenges.

Is Subrosa A Good BMX Brand

Is The Subrosa Letum BMX Bike Good?

Heavy guys can ride Subrosa BMX bikes, and one cycle leading the line is Subrosa Letum. It’s also a fantastic choice for taller riders. 

Overall, this bike is the heaviest, and even so, its high weight gives it better stability and control, especially on the streets.

Its build quality is almost unrivaled, enabling it to support massive weights, and it’s generally easy to maintain and ride on any street or park.

Subrosa BMX Review

Is The Subrosa Tiro BMX Bike Good?

While Subrosa Letum is a decent choice for taller riders, Subrosa Tiro offers taller guys more options making it the ideal candidate for 6-footers as it is available in up to XXL.

Size aside, Subrosa Tiro is a dominant bike on the streets. It takes on a variety of terrains and abuses, owing to its almost indestructible build.

It’s also comfortable to ride not only because of its roomy size but also specs like grips, saddle, comfortable seat height, and responsive brakes.

Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Good

People Also ask

1. Is Subrosa a Good BMX Brand?

Subrosa might be a younger BMX brand, but its drive for making quality, affordable BMX bikes for all riders has seen its reputation grow. Generally, Subrosa is a good BMX brand to count on for the most reliable and quality BMX bikes.

2. Are Subrosa Bikes Good?

Subrosa bikes are almost indestructible. They enjoy solid frames and quality specs that can withstand regular abuse and use.

The biggest issue is that the BMX bikes are slightly heavier, but other than that, they are such quality bikes.

3. How Much Is a Subrosa BMX Worth?

You can get most Subrosa BMX bikes for $449.99 – $659.99. However, you can get a few budget options for $389.99 – $399.99 and high-end choices for $1,199.99.

4. Where Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Made?

Subrosa makes most of its bike frames in Taiwan.

5. Who Is the Owner of Subrosa BMX?

Founders Ryan Sher and Ron Bonner own Subrosa Brand, the company behind Subrosa BMX.

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In Conclusion: Are Subrosa BMX Bikes Good?

Subrosa BMX bikes may have a few issues, such as being slightly heavy and having a shorter warranty, but they have many highlights that make them good.

The bikes promise not to disappoint, from their quality frames and specs to their comfortable geometry and good looks.