Are SE BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Not many BMX brands can claim to have a far-reaching BMX backbone like Sports Engineering, popularly known as SE Bikes. With a history that stretches to the 70s, SE BMX bikes are among today’s most popular BMX bicycles. But popularity aside, are SE BMX bikes good?

SE BMX bikes are good for pro riders and BMX entrants due to their solid frames, minimalistic designs, and adaptability to varying terrains. And more, these bicycles offer you a wide size range, are pretty comfortable to ride and have good warranties.

I’ll shed more light on these selling points. But since it’s a review, I’ll also share the leading concerns of SE Bikes. That should help you decide if getting an SE BMX bike makes sense.

But first things first, let’s jump to brand history.

are SE bikes good quality

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  4. SE Bikes Bronco 16″ (View on Amazon): Best Kids SE BMX Bike

Brand History

SE (short for Scot Enterprise) is a US BMX company founded by Scot Breithaupt in 1977. The company was initially identified as Scot Enterprise before changing the name to SE Racing and later SE Bikes (Sports Engineering).

Interestingly, the company’s idea was born from Scot Breithaupt’s experimentations with floral tubing (flat-oval tube).

Scot used the idea to produce a racing BMX known as JU-6, named after lead racer Jeff Utterback who finished 6th in the national competitions.

Its success saw the company come up with the PK Ripper in 1979, named after BMX cyclist Perry Kramer. PK Ripper has been the company’s longest BMX bike line, and it is still in production.

SE Bikes have its headquarters in Philadelphia and is owned by Advanced Sports International, which owns Fuji Bikes, Tuesday Cycles, and Kestrel USA.

Over the years, SE Bikes has sponsored pro BMX riders who have won podium places in events like the World BMX Championship, X-games National Championship, and Dew Tour. Some have even got inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame.

SE Mike Buff BMX

Why Are SE BMX Bikes Good?

As mentioned earlier, SE BMX bicycles are good, and the reasons for arguing so include:

1. Solid and Nearly Indestructible Frames

While the term indestructible does not exist in bicycle motocross (BMX), no one can fault you for claiming that SE BMX bikes are nearly indestructible.

Their solid frames are often well-machined hi-ten steel options, and others are hydroformed aluminum. The frames can take the brutal hit and everything tough you throw at them without succumbing to fatigue and snapping.

2. Minimalistic Designs

SE BMX bicycles enjoy minimalistic designs, which come with two key advantages.

One, their simplicity means the manufacturer doesn’t use a lot of frame and wheel material, which translates to low weight. So, SE BMX bicycles are pretty lightweight, making them more maneuverable.

The second advantage is that their minimalistic designs translate to low maintenance as you’ve fewer parts to look after.

But still, the fact that the bikes have a minimalistic design means they are timeless. It explains why an option like the PK Ripper has remained in production and maintained its original design since its first launch in 1979.

3. Terrain Adaptability 

SE BMX bicycles are the type you can ride almost anywhere. You can race with them on the streets, dirt paths, and parks and perform stunts with them on the skate parks and everywhere else you are confident trying.

All that matters are your skill and confidence level. That’s one reason these bicycles suit both entry BMX riders and pros.

4. Wide Size Range

SE Bikes come in a variety of sizes. You’ll get kids BMX bikes in 12-inch, 16-inch, and 20-inch options and adult options in 20-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch options.

So, there’s a perfect size for everyone. Even better, their standard size 20-inch accommodates people of different heights, which is impressive.

5. Comfortable to Ride

While BMX bikes are naturally less comfortable than other bikes, SE Bikes tend to make their bikes slightly more comfortable to encourage ease of riding.

An option like the SE Big Ripper 29″ (View on Amazon) comes with dual suspension, which is uncharacteristic of bicycle motocross (BMX) bikes. As a result, the bike allows you to take on the hardest hits and the bumpiest roads and still have fun while doing it.

Besides, the BMX bikes are lightweight, which means they are more comfortable maneuvering when doing stunts and pedal fast when racing. Their handlebars also feature soft grips as their saddles are softly padded to improve your seat comfort.

SE Ripper BMX

6. Good Warranties

It’s uncharacteristic to find BMX bikes with good warranties, especially those intended for elite competitions. SE Bikes ensures that all its bikes are covered with extensive warranties to inspire confidence in customers.

All its rigid frames, including those with front suspension, enjoy limited lifetime warranties, while full suspensions options have a 5-year coverage.

That’s not all; the suspension parts, including the forks and shocks and every other bike component, have a 1-year coverage, which is decent enough.

The Drawbacks

Overall, there aren’t many concerns with the SE BMX bikes apart from these three:

  • Bikes don’t arrive ride-ready – SE Bikes don’t arrive ready to ride. First, you must complete their assembly and fine-tune the specs to ensure everything is okay before riding. So, you’ll need to have the technical know-how or take the bike to a repair shop.
  • A few upgraded specs – To use an SE BMX at a top-level, you may need to do a few upgrades, which can be expensive. That includes specs like the brakes, grips, pegs, tires, and handlebars.

Detailed SE BMX bikes review (SE BMX Bikes Series)

Generally, SE Bikes stock the following categories of BMX bicycles.

  • Retro Series (vintage-style BMX bikes)
  • Freestyle Series (stunts-tailored BMX bikes)
  • Elite Race Series (sprinting BMX bikes)
  • Bike Life Series (the trendiest BMX movement where hundreds of BMX riders take the bikes and join others on the streets)
  • Kids Series (BMX bikes for young and older kids)

Let’s break them down:

Are Retro SE BMX Bikes Good?

The Retro series takes you back to the 70s, where organized street BMXing began. Bikes in these series have a retro style with distinctive cool looks.

They are physically strong to take all manner of abuse and swift enough to pick up speed and sprint. Their style is timeless, and they have the most accommodating frames.

An option like the SE Big Ripper 29″ (View on Amazon) explains it. This SE BMX bikes 29 inch has a distinctive floral aluminum top tube with retro dropouts that makes it stand out.

Plus, it has double suspension to boost its bump absorption and 29-inch wheels to roll over obstacles seamlessly.

Are Freestyle SE BMX Bikes Good?

SE freestyle BMX bicycles are designed to take the major abuse. They are the strongest batch, featuring Cr-Mo or hi-ten steel frame.

These bikes have no frills. They are straight-up BMX bikes with 25-9 gearing, wider chainstays, and multi-terrain wheels. On top of the pile is the SE Bikes Everyday BMX Bike.

This freestyle BMX bike can take everything from the dirt roads and streets to the ramps and skate parks. It’s just the perfect solace for pros and diehard BMX riders.

SE Racing Everyday BMX BIke

Are Elite Race SE BMX Bikes Good?

SE Bikes was one of the first BMX bike brands to grace the first organized BMX race competitions in the 70s. They have continued the tradition with their ever-impressive Elite race series ever since.

These Bikes feature high-end frames with a super stiff geometry that makes them fast on the streets. They also feature a top floral tube with a wider down tube making them more stable.

No bike illustrates that more than the SE Mini Ripper. This 20-inch Elite Race BMX bike enjoys a lightweight aluminum frame and racing geometry, making it hard to catch at full speed.

Are Bike Life SE BMX Bikes Good?

The Bike Life series is for those who wish to join the street riding moment, which has become so popular recently. They are for those who want to ride cool bikes in the company of others.

So, the bikes are the most stylish (the coolest), but more importantly, they are stronger and stiffer, as the SE Bikes Ripper (View on Amazon) demonstrates.

It comes in an aluminum frame with a cool Euro-style BB (bottom bracket) to stand out yet remain functional. Its 20-inch wheels feature Kenda tires, and it enjoys fast-stopping rim brakes.

Are Kids SE BMX Bikes Good?

Kids SE BMX bikes come in lightweight aluminum frame construction to make them easy to ride and push around the block.

They are generally easy to ride and come in 12-inch, 16-inch, and 20-inch options to accommodate kids of different ages and heights.

One bench maker in this category is the SE Bikes Bronco 16″. This 16-inch BMX bike comes with training wheels and enjoys dual suspension.

While the training wheels inspire confidence in cycling in your youngster, the dual suspension promotes maximum riding comfort.

SE Bronco BMX bike

People Also Ask

1. Is An SE Bike A BMX Bike?

90% of SE Bikes are BMX bikes. The 10% is occupied by urban bikes and some non-BMX kids’ bikes. But since most of the bikes are BMX type, you can call them that.

2. Are SE Bikes Good Quality?

SE bikes are good quality, bragging of stronger and lightweight frames, robust wheels, and powerful brakes. Their geometries are also perfect for pro-riding.

3. What Are SE Bikes Good For?

SE Bikes mainly stock BMX bikes that are best for racing and stunts. However, the company has a narrow range of urban bikes that are good for urban commuting.

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In Conclusion – Are Se BMX Bikes Good?

There’s no denying that SE BMX bikes are good quality, given their stronger, lightweight, and comfortable designs. Their adaptability to varying terrains is also commendable. Indeed, these bikes promise good value for money and are, as a result, worth it.