Are GT BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand?

GT Bicycles claims to be the brand that fuel cyclists riding fire and stoke them for a faster and fun ride. And with their lineup featuring some colorful BMX bikes, the bicycle motocross lovers seem to have something in store. But frankly speaking, are GT BMX bikes good?

GT BMX bikes are good because they feature sturdy steel frames that hardly bend on excessive use. They’re available in freestyle and racing model, so you can choose a type depending on your riding style. The brakes, wheels, tubes, and seats are high quality, so you get value for your money.

Even with the bikes market saturated with many brands and already too competitive, GT continues to hold a good position because of their continuous production of the highest quality BMX bikes.

gt bmx bike

And given that BMX bikes are the brand’s true foundation, one that drives the brand’s passion for continuous production of quality bikes, it’s hard to go wrong with their bicycle motocross.

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Are GT BMX Bikes Good? (5 Reasons to Get a GT BMX)

I’m a member of a cycling forum where bicycle motocross cyclists speak everything BMX with so much passion.

In the community are cyclists who put all kinds of BMX bikes to the test. And after a couple of miles of testing, they don’t hold back their thoughts on their riding experience.

I swear I’ve seen models such as Joker from Diamondbacks roasted to death and brand like Mongoose receiving praise as if they know BMX enthusiasts by heart.

The one thing that stands out based on what I’ve analyzed so far about GT is that their BMX bikes are a good deal. Not only are they suitable for beginners just starting out. They’re also such a big deal for advanced riders who want to perform some complex tricks on short runs.

If you’re one of the riders passionate about bmxing, and you’re wondering if GT are good, here are reasons why you should consider their models:

1. Solid Build

I’m not about to settle for less when it comes to choosing a BMX bike. I want the best value for my money now and in the long term.

gt bmx bike frame

And I know I’m not the only one on this.

GT Bike invests only in the best built. And with their goal being to get you cruising farther and faster, quality build seems to be their true culture and identity.

For starters, these bikes are made of strong steel for strength and stability. So nimble that they’re easy to navigate, and able to move at an aggressive speed when pedaling, GT BMX bikes can handle just about any terrain.

These bikes feature American-made bottom brackets, down tube gusset, and frames strong enough to guarantee reliability regardless of how much physical abuse you put them to.

GT BMX tires aren’t the very best that you’ll come across, though. While they roll quite well, they aren’t the most durable you’ll come across. If anything, expect to replace them sooner because they won’t last longer as intended.

2. GT BMX Bikes Are Built For Performance

It’s when you take a BMX bike on a test ride that you can know whether the quality build mounts to anything. Fortunately, GT ticks some of the green boxes quite well.

I personally wouldn’t buy a bike for the looks, but I can’t help but to notice just how easily GT BMX can turn heads in the streets. Their aesthetic is something to behold, one such kind rooted in the brand’s manufacturing DNA.

When it comes to performance, GT BMX bikes are truly kickass. Whether you’re up for a literal spin or you want to put the bike to some rough and complex stunts, you can expect them to hold up really well.

3. Cushioned Handlebar

GT BMX bikes feature thick cushioning on the handlebars, which is such a big thing when riding a BMX for long distance.

gt bmx handlebar

Not only do they help riders to maintain their balance when cycling. They also make the bike easy to grip over a long distance.

If anything, you get a more comfortable ride because you never have to worry about hand fatigue.

4. GT BMX Bikes Feature Powerful Brakes


I’m the one person that loves to cruise at high speed. But I also want to have the full stopping power to control that speed when it’s necessary to do so.

And given that I’m an average BMX rider who hasn’t yet mastered the art of riding a BMX without brakes, I’m not exactly buying into a model that doesn’t have a means to decelerate.

GT BMXs are great because they have powerful brakes. The setup is a gyro system, which allows the handlebars to spin freely while making it possible for you to control speed with ease.

5. GT BMX Bike Are Sturdy Enough to Hold a Rider’s Weight

Roadies put BMX bikes to a lot of abuse. And as if that’s not harsh enough already, even the rider’s weight is something of a concern.

gt bmx heavy build bike

The likes of the now defunct Joker would eventually bend after a couple of months of use. That means its frame wasn’t strong enough to handle both the riders’ weight and the stunts they performed.

It’s not so with GT BMX bikes.

These bikes are some of the strongest models you will find. And given that the brand invests in quality performance, the maximum riders’ weight supported is also quite generous.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does GT Stand for on a BMX Bike?

GT is an acronym that stands for Gary Turner, the founder of the brand. Today, GT is one of the top brands known for innovative BMX designs and Hardtail MTB frames.

2. Are GT BMX bikes made in China?

GT is an American company based in California. However, the company outsources the manufacturing of all the frames to factories in China and Taiwan.

The company chose to outsource manufacturing of the frame to foreign companies so they can reduce the cost of production.

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Final Thoughts on GT BMX Bikes

As you can see, GT BMX bikes are good and worth buying. And given that the brand itself has been in the bikes business for well over two decades, it’s hard to expect less from them since they’ve been at the very top in manufacturing some of the best BMX bikes in the world.

It’s good to see that many BMX riders agree that these bikes are good, and since the brand designs both entry-level and high-end BMX, there is always going to be something for everyone.