Do BMX Tires Have Tubes?

BMX bike tires have excellent grip and traction for better performance. And although we tend to put them to more abuse than we can even imagine, the tires just keep holding up quite well. But do BMX tires have tubes?

BMX tires have tubes that seal the front and rear rims to make them airtight. Manufacturers build these tubes for performance and even make replacements readily available for BMX bike owners that may need upgrades. You can also make the tire tubeless by removing the tube from the tire.

With the tube filled with the right pressure level, the BMX should easily handle rough surfaces and dirt terrains quite well.

For what it’s worth, the traction provided by the air-filled tires elevates performance when doing stunts and trying new tricks. Not to mention it helps with smooth stopping when you engage the BMX bike brakes.

tubes for bmx tires

What Kind of Tubes Do BMX Bike Tires Have?

BMX tires have inner tubes, which make the bike easy to ride on smooth as well as on tough terrains. Covering the tubes are knobby tires that offer grip on even the most uneven terrain. Not to mention they provide exceptional cornering even when descending at top speeds.

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Depending on the brand you choose, the inner tube of a BMX bike may have ether a Presta or a Schrader valve. That means the bike pump you use to put air in the tube will also vary.

If you choose a tube with a Presta valve, get a bike pump that features a Presta valve.

If you choose a tube with a Schrader valve, you can only inflate it with a bike pump optimized for Schrader valve.

Are Tubes Important in BMX Tires?

BMX bike tires have spokes holes along the beads. These holes can let air out of the tires, making them useless.

That’s why BMX bikes have inner tubes.

To be clear, inner tubes don’t have spokes on them, so they won’t let air out. And provided the tire is in its best condition, you’ll never have to worry about a flat tire.

To be clear, tires and tubes aren’t anti-puncture. They can both get a cut or puncture and you may need to either repair or replace them completely.

What Size is a BMX Inner Tube?

There’s no one-size-fits-all tube for BMX tires. And that’s so obvious given that the wheel size varies from bike to bike. As such, it makes a lot of sense to state that the size of the tube you choose depends on the size of the tires.

bmx tube and tire sizing

Let’s have a theoretical example to help you understand the concept:

If you have a 24-inch BMX bike with 24 by 1.5 inches wheels, the right inner tube size should be between 19.5 and 20 inches. For 24 by 1.75 inches wheels, the inner tube size should be between 21 and 21.5 inches.

As you can see, there’s a variation in the inner tube size, with the common difference being 0.5 inches.

When choosing a tube for your BMX tire, go for something that fits the inner lining of the BMX bike tire.

Get the size right, and you won’t have to worry about some parts bending unnecessarily. Look at the sizing information on the walls of the tire for the right information.

While they aren’t 100% puncture proof, tubes rated as puncture-resistant are the best to consider because they tend to last longer.

How Do They Make BMX Inner Tubes?

BMX tubes are made of rubber and latex. When inflated, the materials expand, forming a cushion-like structure for the tire.

When making these tubes, manufactures assign them pressure limits in PSI, beyond which they can easily tear. Also, they make sure that the build is strong enough to hold the weight of the rider on different terrains.

What’s the Best Inner Tube for BMX Tire?

The term best is a relative term.

What one BMX rider considers as the best tube for a BMX tire may not exactly be the best for another roadie.

The most important things to consider before choosing a BMX tube are the purpose of your ride as well as your riding style. Doing so will enable you to pick a tube that can easily enhance the performance of your BMX bike.

With that said, below are some of the best all-purpose BMX tubes that you might want to consider:

  1. Rongbo bike replacement inner tubes (View on Amazon)
  2. OUTFINDIA inner tubes (View on Amazon)
  3. Street Fit 360 inner tubes for BMX bikes (View on Amazon)
  4. Helonge 20-inch bike inner tube for BMX (View on Amazon)

Made of premium-grade butyl rubber material, these inner tubes offer better air tightness and heat resistance. Since the material is sturdy, expect the tubes to last longer even with regular use.

The tubes 32-mm Schrader valve and they are easy to install.

For the best fit, manufacturer recommends adding a little to the tube before you begin the installation. That way, they aren’t easily twisted or bunch up and end up causing a pinch flat.

How Do You Change an Inner Tube on a BMX Bike?

Here’s how to change the inner tube on a BMX bike:

  • Take off the wheel whose inner tube you’d like to change
  • Use a strong tire lever, such as the Gorilla Force, to take the tire off
  • Unscrew the Schrader or Presta valve of the current inner tube and then remove the tube from the tire
  • Add some air to the new tube so it doesn’t bunch up and then put it back in the tire starting by inserting the valve in the valve hole
  • Squeeze the tire on the rim or use the tire lever to put the tire back in place
  • Put the wheel and inflate

That’s it.

How Do You go Tubeless on a BMX?

You can only make a BMX bike tire tubeless if the wheel and rim structure allows you do to so. If the tire isn’t tubeless compatible, you will have to get a rim sealing tape to make the tire ready for a tubeless riding experience.

  • Insert and tighten the valve stem onto the rim then attach a seal ring onto the stem
  • Mount the tire to the rim
  • Use a hand lever to align the beads on the rim
  • Apply a sealant on the wheel and then remove the valve core
  • Tighten the valve core to inflate the tire and then bounce and slide the tire to spread the sealant.

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Final Thoughts

BMX tires do have tubes, but they tend to be quite standard. With proper maintenance, these can last for a long time and you won’ have to worry about a flat tire sooner. And as we’ve seen, replacement tubes are readily available for cheap, good to consider if you’re interested in upgrading your BMX tubes.