How To Remove Bike Grips Without Cutting Them?

Do you want to replace your handlebar grips with new ones and preserve the current ones for later use? You must be wondering how to remove bike grips without cutting them. Well, it is possible to remove the grips without damaging them. Please read on for more insight.

You can use compressed air and lubricants to loosen bike grips from the handlebars. Actually, the same methods used to put the grips on do work perfectly when taking them off. In addition, you need to be a little patient to remove the holds without slicing them.

No matter how easy it was installing the grips, getting them off after some time can be a big challenge. So, let’s look at how you can replace bike grips without damaging the old ones.

How to remove bike grips without cutting them - Bicycle handlebar with green grips

How To Remove Bike Grips Without Cutting Them – Step By Step Guide

There are so many hacks that bike owners use to get the handlebar grips off. However, one of the easiest ways of removing bike grips without cutting them is using a flat screwdriver and some lubricant.

1. Collect The Required Materials

When you want to replace the handle grips, the first step is collecting all the needed supplies.

Don’t be scared at the mention of collecting materials. You most likely have them at home.

For you to remove the grips without damaging them, you will need a flat screwdriver and a lubricant that will completely evaporate after a few hours.

For example, you can use fluids such as:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hair spray
  • Dish soap and water

All the same, if you own an air compressor, you may use it instead of lubricants.

2. Insert The Screwdriver

Once you have all the materials ready, lubricate the screwdriver and insert it between the handlebar and the grip.

Make sure you lubricate and push the screwdriver all the way through. As you push the screwdriver in, you need to be gentle to not rapture the grips with the screwdriver

3.  Apply Some Lubricant

Once you have wedged in the screwdriver, the next step is to squirt or spray some substantial amount of lubricant.

To make removing the grips much easier, you need to repeat this process about twice or thrice at different positions on the handlebars.

All the same, you should be careful not to lift the grips too much, or else you will damage them with the screwdriver.

4. Twist As You Pull Them Out

Once you have enough lubricant between the handlebars and the grips, twist them to work the fluid between the surfaces.

Keep twisting as you pull the grips towards the edge of the handlebar until they come off. Since most of these fluids are risk-free, you can use any amount that is ideal for your situation.

Can You Use WD40 To Remove Bike Grips?

Yes, you can use WD-40 to remove bike grips without any issues. Actually, this product works perfectly since it comes with a thin nozzle attachment that helps spray to the inner surfaces.

You will still need to use a flat screwdriver to lift the grips. Then, slide the WD-40 straw along with the screwdriver and spray a moderate amount of the fluid between the handlebars and the grips.

Once you have enough fluid between the grips and the handlebar surfaces, twist the grips as you pull the grips out.

You may use the excess WD-40 to install new grips, but it will take a long time to dry. Therefore, it is advisable to wipe it off with a rag and apply an alcohol-based fluid because it will evaporate faster.

Can You Use WD40 To Remove Bike Grips

How To Remove Bike Grips Using Pressurized Air?

The other alternative method you can use to remove bike grips without cutting them is using pressurized air. In fact, this method happens to be the favorite for most elite riders.

Particularly, this method involves inflating the grips instead of applying lubricants between the surfaces.

All that you need is a thin nozzle and a form of pressurized air. You can use an air compressor, or a can of compressed air will work too. Also, some cyclists use tire and ball pumps with thin metallic nozzles.

Use the nozzle to shoot air in through the outer end of the grips. Once they start to inflate, control the air as you pull the grips outwards. They will eventually come off undamaged.

How Do You Remove Glued Grips?

When you have glued grips, the process isn’t different from those without adhesives. With a moderately thin flat screwdriver and some lubricant, you can easily remove stuck grips.

Mostly, a bike kit such as the WOTOW 16 in 1 bicycle repair tool kit will come with some basic apparatus such as screwdrivers and Allen keys.

Also, compressed air can do the job if you have an air compressor at your disposal.

Surprisingly, this question on removing glued bike grips is one that brings up a host of ideas and hacks that riders use.

Notably, some use pressurized air while others have had a better experience with warm soapy water. In addition, some riders prefer using hair spray instead of using WD-40.

Therefore, the technique to remove bike grips without cutting them remains the same, but you are free to choose the tool that works best for you.

Can I use Oil To Remove Bike Grips From The Handlebars

Can I use Oil To Remove Bike Grips From The Handlebars?

One of the common lubricants that you are likely to find in the hands of any cyclist is oil. Therefore, is it ok if you use oil as a lubricant to remove bike grips?

Well, oil could work in getting the handle grips off, but they leave you with a ton of cleaning to do.

Oil is greasy and doesn’t dry fast. Therefore, if you use it to slide the grips off the handlebars, the new grips you put on may slip off, making them dangerous.

In addition, oil attracts a lot of dirt. If some traces of oil ooze at the edges of the grips, they will get messy.

If you happen to use oil, clean the handlebars thoroughly with rubbing alcohol or soapy water before installing new grips.

However, instead of taking all that pain, just avoid using oil when removing bike grips.

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Final Word

If you had been wondering how to remove grips without cutting them, know that it is possible. You don’t have to spend any extra coins since most of the required materials are available at home.

Actually, all that you need is a thin flat screwdriver and some lubricant.

Mostly, you can use rubbing alcohol, WD-40, or even some hairspray as lubricants since they dry pretty fast. On the other hand, warm soapy water will work just fine.

If you have an air compressor, it could also do an excellent job when installing and removing bike grips.

All the same, don’t use oil since it could cause your new grips to slip off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to remove bike grips?

From personal experience after years of cycling and frequent maintenance of my own bike, the easiest and safest route to removing bike grips can be achieved with just a few simple tools you likely already have around the house. Start by locating a dull object such as a flat-head screwdriver, being careful to avoid anything too sharp that can potentially scratch the handlebar or damage the grip itself. Carefully slide this item underneath the grip, creating a gap between the grip and the handlebar. Once you’ve done this, squirt a bit of rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, or even just simple water into the space you’ve created. This will help break any adhesive connection between the grip and the handlebar. Then, you can easily twist the grip and slide it off the handlebar. After removal, I always suggest cleaning the inside of the grip with some additional rubbing alcohol or window cleaner before reinstalling it. However, if you have a compressor available, this can be a quick and easy method to simply blow the grips off.

How do you remove mountain bike grips?

As a mountain biking enthusiast myself, I know how important it is to maintain and sometimes replace our bike parts, including the grips. The removal process for mountain bike grips is very similar to that of any bike grips. Start by placing a non-abrasive item like a dull butter knife or a thin ruler under the grip to create a small gap. Add in some rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, or a dash of water under the grip. These substances should help loosen the grip’s hold on the bar, and allow you to easily twist and pull it off. Always remember to clean the inside part of the grip before replacing or reinstalling it. An air compressor, if available, can be a quick way to remove them as well, just simply blow them off.

How do you remove silicone grips from a mountain bike?

While silicone grips for mountain bikes can be a bit more robust than the typical rubber versions, their removal process is largely the same. I recall when I was preparing for a mountain biking competition and had to replace my worn-out silicone grips last minute. I inserted a simple plastic spatula under the grip’s edge and injected a bit of rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, or water in the created space. This not only severs the adhesive bond but also causes the silicon to become more pliable and easier to remove. I twisted the grip around to spread the liquid and then effortlessly slid it off the handlebar. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the grip before reinstalling them on the handlebars. If you have a compressor, that’s another easy way to just blow them right off.

How do you remove metal handlebar grips?

Despite their solid appearance, metal handlebar grips can also be removed fairly easily, though the process and tools required are slightly different than with rubber or silicon grips. You can usually loosen and remove these by undoing the screws typically present on metal grips, using an appropriate screwdriver or hex key, but always check the grip’s specifics to take the right approach.