Are Kink BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Kink BMX is a famous name in the entry-level BMX sector. The brand relishes a young but stellar reputation in the bicycle motocross production world. But are kink BMX bikes good?

Kink BMX bikes are good entry-level BMX bikes known for strong constructions, quality specs, suitable geometry, size variety, and easy maintenance. More importantly, these bikes come in relatively lightweight options at pocket-friendly prices.

These BMX bikes may not be the most high-end on the market, but they are far from being a flop. So, if you want a budget BMX bike to get into serious BMXing or introduce your kid to the sport, Kink BMX rarely disappoints.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t negate the concerns, which I’ll share with you in this post. My goal is to enable you to weigh Kink’s good and bad. So, this review will look at the concerns and the top reasons for considering Kink BMX.

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  2. Kink Curb 20: Best Pro-Like Entry-level Kink BMX
  3. The Kink Launch 20: Best Value-Priced Kink BMX Bike

Why Are Kink BMX Bikes Good?

Kink BMX bicycles are good due to these reasons:

1. Kink BMX Bikes Are Strong

The manufacturer employs ThruTherm Post-Welding Technology to ensure its bike frames, handlebars, cranks, and forks are strong enough to tolerate the needs of BMXing. Due to ThruTherm, the bikes can withstand heavy landings and rough riding, which is common in BMX.

The wheels are equally strong, considering that they come in double-wall designs. The choice of frame material also says a lot about the bike’s strength and overall durability.

Kink popularly uses hi-ten steel, Chromoly steel, and sometimes aluminum, three of the strongest and most durable frame materials.

2. Kink Bikes Boast of Quality Specs

The frame is not the only quality spec that Kink employs. The BMX manufacturer handpicks every other component to ensure good quality and reliability.

While not everything is high-end, most specs are decent in quality. The brakes, rims, tires, hub, seat, seat clamp, seat post, headset, chain, and stem are of decent quality. They can withstand rough usage, and that’s what matters.

3. Kink BMX Bikes Have Good Geometry 

The geometry is another selling point of Kink BMX. The manufacturer is popularly known for employing progressive geometry characterized by a stable and compact design that gives you more bike control.

Kink’s frames offer you a responsive feel, which is why Kink BMX stands tall with some of the world’s finest BMX bike brands.

Other Kink bikes have a well-balanced frame geometry that feels snappier but not twitchier, thus comfortable and promising responsive handling.

4. Size Variety

Kink makes all its bikes in multiple sizes to accommodate people of different sizes and heights. Ideally, the bikes’ sizes differ in wheel size and top tube length. The greater the two specs, the bigger the BMX bike, as shared in the table below:

Bike Size/Wheel Size (in Inches)Top Tube Length (In Inches)Height (in ft./in)
12”12 – 12.5”2’4” – 3’0”
14”14 – 14.5”2’8” – 3’6”
16”16 – 16.5”3’2” – 4’0”
18”18 – 18.5”4’0” – 4’10”
20”19.75 – 20.25”4’10” – 5’3”
20”20 – 20.5”5’3” – 5’6”
20”20.25 – 20.75”5’6” – 5’9”
20”20.5 – 21”5’9” – 6’0”
20”20.75 – 21.5”6’0” – 6’3” +
26”22 – 22.5”5’4” – 6’2” +

From the indications, anyone up to 6’3″ or taller can get a Kink BMX bike which is impressive.

5. Low Maintenance 

Kink BMX bicycles come in simpler designs, featuring fewer components to make maintenance easy.

For starters, their single-speed translates to a low-cost gearing system. More interestingly, some bikes are brakeless, translating to low-cost maintenance. And even those with brakes are often cheaper to maintain.

Features like the chain, headset, cranks, sprockets, and hub require minor tune-ups, which you can do if you are handy.

6. The Bikes Are Relatively Lightweight

Ideally, you expect steel frames to make not just the strongest but also the heaviest bikes. While the first case describes Kink BMX, the second one doesn’t.

Most Kink BMX bicycles average 25-27 pounds, which is relatively lightweight for a steel adult bike. Of course, its aluminum options weigh less, even though the options are fewer.

Overall, the low weight makes Kink bikes more comfortable for racing and highly maneuverable for stunt performance.

7. Pocket-Friendly Prices

Kink BMX is one of the fewest BMX bike brands that solely target customers at the lowest price. You can get most of its BMX bikes starting from $249.99.

As per their website, their costliest BMX bike goes for $899.99, Williams 2022, and its Kinks only signature bicycle, associated with pro BMX rider Nathan Williams.

are kink BMX bikes any good

The Bad

As good as Kink BMX has been and as impressive as its bicycles are, a few drawbacks are worth mentioning. They include:

  • Short-term Warranty

While Kink warrants all its bikes to be free from workmanship defects and low-quality materials, they don’t offer long-term coverage. Complete bikes only have a one-year coverage, while the frames, handlebars, cranks, and forks have a 2-years.

Things would have been better for the brand if the warranty period had been longer.

  • Some Missing Parts

Some customers say some Kink bikes arrive with a few missing parts, which can be a concern. However, one positive takeout is that the parts are only trivial, so they don’t make the bike un-rideable.

Kink BMX Bike Range (BMX Families)

Kink BMX makes and stocks several BMX families on its websites, including Gap, Whip, Launch, Kicker, Curb, Coast, Roaster, and Pump. You can check its complete collection here.

Its most famous lines, which we will discuss next, are:

  • GAP
  • Curb
  • Launch

Are Kink Gap BMX Bikes Good?

GAP is Kink’s most versatile BMX bike line known for its modem geometry and Kink-branded components like the fork, handlebar, crank, and cassette.

Gap BMX bikes are ready to take on everything you throw at them. They have a higher standover height and a lower BB (bottom bracket), making them very stable.

The bikes are very comfortable, readily adjustable, and compact. As a result, you can use them for racing, stunts, urban cruising, and fitness cycling around town.

One bike that illustrates that is the Kink Gap 2013 BMX Bike. This 2013 edition may be almost ten years old in the market, but it’s everything you want in an entry-level BMX bike.

Its sturdily-built Chromoly tubing makes it ready for all terrains, including the streets, ramps, parks, and trails. The bike comes with a front suspension to absorb the heavy impact and features aluminum pedals to take on heavy pedaling. 

Kink Gap 2013 has been endorsed in Dew Tour, X-Games, and many other BMX competitions.

Its alternatives are the K430BLK Kink 2012 and Kink Gap XL 21, which promise quality build, resilience, and versatility.

Are Kink Curb BMX Bikes Good?

The Kink Curb is Kink’s entry-level BMX bike line with a pro model look but without a hefty price tag. This BMX bike line is quite stylish and comes with some of the best quality kink-branded components.

It’s generally a solid bike that you can ride for years. One such BMX is the Kink Curb 20.

This BMX bike has a pro model build quality, and you can tell that from its 3-piece Chromoly crank, hi-ten steel frame, threadless fork, and alloy pedals.

It enjoys a progressive geometry that gives you a more solid but responsive feel. Its 20-inch wheels and relaxed frames make it suitable for adults and older kids and ideal for both genders.

Are Kink Launch BMX Bikes Good?

The Kink Launch is Kink’s best value bike line that has impressed many over the years. This BMX bike stuns in appearance and performance despite being a budget buy.

It has some of the finest Kink components, including a sealed headset, bottom bracket, and cassette. The frame is robust in build, and the geometry is one of the most rider-friendly.

Specs like the brakes, cranks, grips, forks, handlebars, and seats are solid and good quality, promising value for money.

One Kink Launch BMX bike to consider is the Kink Launch 20. This 2010 edition features a Chromoly fork, sealed headset, bracket, and a 3-piece Chromoly crank to guarantee durability and decent performance.

It’s a fantastic race choice, but you can also use it for urban cruising owing to its relaxed geometry and fast-rolling tires. 

The bike features soft grips and a neatly padded saddle to offer you good comfort. It’s generally a bargain if you consider its quality specs and budget.

People Also Ask

1. Is Kink a Good BMX Bike?

Kink BMX bikes are decent quality, robust, reliable, easy to fit, and lightweight. That makes them good, especially for entry-level BMX riders on a budget who want a bike that gives them an experience closer to a top model.

2. Where Are Kink BMX Bikes Made?

Kink BMX bike frames are primarily made in Taiwan. The design, however, takes place at their Rochester headquarters in Ney York.

3. How Much Is a Kink BMX Worth?

You can get a decent Kink BMX bike starting from $249.99. The costliest bike on its website goes for $899.99. That makes Kink BMX one of the most budget-friendly BMX bike brands today.

4. Is Kink BMX A Good Brand?

Kink BMX is a reputable BMX brand known for stocking strong-quality bikes that costs much less. Its bikes come in various sizes, enjoy good geometry, and are lightweight and easy to maintain. So, yes, Kink BMX is a good bike brand.

5. Where Is Kink BMX Located?

Kink BMX has its headquarters at 40 Greenleaf Street, Rochester, New York.

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In Conclusion – Are Kink BMX Bikes Good?

Kink BMX biomes have many impressive features that make them good. Whether you want a bike that promises strength, quality, good geometry, good size, or cheap maintenance, Kink BMX is a decent choice. The brand has a long lineup of quality bikes for your street and trail adventures, and you don’t have to break the bank to own one.