Is Redline a Good BMX Bike Brand?

Getting a good BMX bike often relies on choosing the right brand. You rarely get it wrong with a top brand, and that’s where US BMX bike brand Redline Bicycles comes in. But is Redline a good BMX bike?

Redline is irrefutably a good BMX bike brand given that it’s top quality and performance-oriented, thus reliable at a professional level. Redline BMX bikes also come in various series/styles and sizes to suit a variety of riders.

Whether you are a stunt expert, a racer, a dirt jumper, or a casual biker, there is a Redline BMX bike for you, and I’ll help you find it.

I’ll discuss all the four BMX series (race, block, freestyle, and big-bike options) to help you pick one that suits you most. I’ll also make relevant recommendations for the various styles.

But first, let’s look at the history of Redline and later on explore the reasons why Redline is a good BMX bike.  

How Much Is a Redline BMX Bike Worth

In a rush? Check out four of the best Redline BMX bikes on the hotlist below:

4 Best Redline BMX Bikes

  1. Redline Recon (View on Amazon): Best for freestyling
  2. Redline Rival (View on Amazon): Best for around-town casual riding
  3. MX Expert XL (View on Amazon): Best for racing
  4. Redline PL-26 (View on Amazon): Best for dirt jumping and cruising

About Redline Bicycles

Redline Bicycles, originally Redline BMX, is an American bike brand specializing in BMX bicycles. The company was founded in 1970 in Chatsworth, California, by BMX experts Mike Konle and Linn Kastan.

Redline makes BMX bikes, but they also deal with other bikes and have a dedicated line for bike components and clothes.

Interestingly, Redline Bicycles started as a motorcycle Chromoly swing arms and frames manufacturer in 1970. However, in 1973, Kastan thought of making a bicycle frame for his boy as a Christmas gift.

His son was so impressed that he started competing with the BMX, and that saw it get noticed by Pedalers West, an LA-based bike shop. Pedalers

West challenged Kastan to make stronger and extra lightweight frames for a 20-inch BMX race bike frame known as Squareback, and he did it.

And by 1977, Redline released the popular Proline race series, which targets professional BMX racers. 1988 saw Kastan sell the company to the Seattle Bike Supply (SBS), and the new owner moved the head offices to Kent, Washington.

SBS’s first production was a mountain bike in 1989 and a road bike the following year. SBS was, however, acquired by Netherland bike brand ACCEL in 2006 and is currently owned by California-based private equity firm Regent LP.

redline romp bmx

Why Is Redline a Good BMX Bike Brand?

Several reasons make Redline a fantastic BMX brand, and they include:

1. Top Quality Choices

There is a reason why Redline is widely associated with professional BMX riders, and that’s because the bikes are top quality.

Redline Bicycles carefully selects the bike frames, prioritizing materials like Chromoly steel and aluminum to promise solid and durable bikes. The manufacturer is also known for employing Chromoly 3-piece cranks, which are very strong and reliable.

You can also appreciate the quality of the BMX bikes when you look at their double-wall rims, updated geometry, hi-ten handlebars, and padded seats.

They also feature machined head tubes and sealed bottom brackets to promise durability. So, indeed, the bike brand promise value for money, something you want as a pro rider.

2. Performance-Oriented BMX

Redline BMX bicycles are competitive, and it all boils down to their overall design and build quality. Redline race BMX bikes, for example, come with lightweight but rigid frames to allow you to sprint.

Freestyle BMX bikes, on the other hand, come with more robust, nearly indestructible frames to endure brutal use. Most of them also have dual suspension, which is unnatural for BMX bikes to cushion you when taking the hard knocks.

So, Redline bikes promise a competitive edge, making them the ultimate street performers.

3. Style Variety

Redline Bicycles stocks a variety of bikes to suit a variety of BMX riders. Serious racers can go for the Redline Race Series, while freestylers can settle for the Redline Freestyle Series.

On the other hand, casual bikers can ride the Redline Block around town, while dirt jumpers and trail riders can rock the Redline Big-Bike Series.

redline mx 20

4. Size Variety

Redline BMX bicycles come in various sizes to match riders of varying heights and experience levels. You’ll find Redline 24 Inch BMX bikes, among other seizes.

Here is a size chart they use on all their BMX bikes:

Rider’s HeightRace BMXFreestyle BMXBlock BMXBig Bike
Under 4’4”Proline Micro   
4’2”-4’6”Proline/MX MiniRivalRaid 
4’6”-5’1”Proline/MX JuniorReconRoam 
5’0”-5’4”Proline/MX ExpertRomp  
5’2”-5’6”Proline/MX Expert XLAsset Random Asset 24 Monocog 29 PL-26 SQB-26 RL-27  
5’3”-5’8”Proline Pro/MX-20
5’7”-6’0”Proline Pro-XL  
6’0”+Proline Pro-XXXL  

Redline BMX Bike Range

Currently, Redline Bicycles stocks the following BMX styles to target different BMX users:

1. Redline Freestyle BMX Bikes

Redline Freestyle BMX bicycles are shaped for performing stunts on the streets, skate parks, local trails, and tracks. These bikes are available in the following styles:

  • Redline Romp – The Romp is a perfect entry-level BMX bike for taking your first trip to the skate parks and local trails. It’s smaller and pretty lightweight to enable you to execute stunts seamlessly.
  • Redline Asset – The Asset is a 20/24-inch freestyle BMX bike that promises to take it all. Due to its indestructible Chromoly steel construction, you can shred the trails, streets, and skate parks.
  • Redline Random – The Random is just what you need to take on the difficult paths and streets. This 20-inch BMX bike is perfect for 4’5”-5’7” tall.
  • Redline Recon The Recon is a rider-friendly BMX bike for performing wheelies, jumps, and stunts on the streets. This bike promises to dominate the streets with its micro-gearing, making it the best Redline freestyle BMX bike.

2. Redline Block BMX Bikes

The Redline Block Series is for everyday cycling around the block. This series is not for competitive cycling but for casual riding, especially for those who want something simple for cruising around town.

These BMX bikes come in sizes 16 to 26 to accommodate different riders. The Block Series features these BMX styles:

  • Redline Roam – The Roam is a 20-inch race-inspired casual riding BMX perfect for older kids to ride on parks, pavements, and sidewalks.
  • Redline Rival – The Rival is a 20-inch freestyle BMX with a laidback design, thus best for casual biking around town. It’s distinguishable by its Monster full-padded saddle and park-ready tires.
redline rival

3. Redline Race BMX Bikes

While the Redline Block is designed to go slow for casual riding around town, the Redline Race Series is about speed. These bikes are available in various styles, from entry-level to pro-level, to suit all kinds of BMX fans.  

So, whether you are a seasoned racer or just an adrenaline junkie looking for heart-pounding exploration, you cannot go wrong with a Redline race bike.

Here are the available styles:

  • Redline MX-Junior – The MX Junior is an out-of-box race-ready 20-inch BMX bike best for kids aged 6-9 years. It’s an all-around race bike that kids will enjoy the ride.
  • Redline MX-20 – The MX-20 is a 20-inch race-ready out-of-box BMX perfect for 5’3”-5’8” tall. It comes in a rigid and lightweight frame that is maneuverable and encourages fast riding.
  • Redline MX-24 – The MX-24 is a 24-inch race-ready out-of-box BMX bike that promises the same specs as MX-20. The only difference is the wheel size.
  • Redline MX-Expert – The MX-Expert is another 20-inch BMX race bike that targets experienced 60-64 inches tall riders. It’s maneuverable and faster, owing to its rigid and lightweight frame and pivotal-race saddle.    
  • Redline MX-Expert XL – The MX-Expert XL promises the same specs as MX-Expert but has a slightly bigger top tube length. As a result, it has a more relaxed geometry that makes it more comfortable for big guys and the best choice overall.
redline mx expert bmx

Others (Redline Proline Series)

Redline also stocks the Proline Race Series, which comes in all the frame sizes (from micro and min to Pro-Xl and Pro-XXL). Overall, the Proline series is known for its solid Chromoly steel frame and aluminum cranks.

This bike line is pretty lightweight and rigid, thus race-ready out of its box.

4. Redline Big Bike BMX

The Redline Big Bike Series is for those looking to run a few laps in the neighborhood and probably attempt some wheelies. These bikes are what most people call dirt jumpers, and so they resemble hardtail MTBs, only that they are single speed.

These bikes come in 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch wheel options and are available in the following styles:

  • Redline SQB-26 – The SQB-26 is a vintage style BMX bike series with 26-inch wheels inspired by the original BMX Squareback design. It’s a decent choice for doing raps locally.
  • Redline RL-275 – The RL-275 is a 27.5-inch adult cruiser BMX bike perfect for around-town cruising and beach exploration. It’s your ideal choice for running errands.
  • Redline Monocog 29 – The Monocog 29 is a 29-inch single-speed MTB-style BMX perfect for gravel roads, local trails, and pavements. It’s a versatile bike for the tallest riders.
  • Redline PL-26 – The PL-26 is a lightweight 26-inch cruiser BMX bike perfect for around-town cruising and exploration. It undoubtedly leads the packing chase in the Redline 26 Inch BMX Bikes category.
redline pl 26

People Also Ask

1. Is Redline a Good BMX Brand?

Redline has been making top-quality, performance-oriented BMX bikes for decades. They also make a few quality casual bikes under the block series. So, yes, Redline is a good BMX bike brand, and it’s all about quality bikes.

2. How Much Is a Redline BMX Bike Worth?

Redline race BMX bikes go for $465-$675, while freestyle options retail at $320-$595. The Big-Bike BMX bikes are often the costliest ranging from $825 to $850, while the cheapest is the Redline Block BMX, which goes for $320-$370.

3. Is a Redline a BMX?

Redline is an American bicycle brand that predominantly makes race and freestyle BMX bikes. But other than BMX bikes, Redline also stocks other bikes such as MTBs and city bikes.

4. Where Are Redline BMX Bikes Made?

Redline BMX bikes are currently made in Mexico. The company headquarters are, however, in the United States.

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Is Redline a Good BMX Bike Brand? Closing Remarks!

Redline BMX bikes are all about top-end specs and performance. They have all it takes for brutal street riding and come in various frame sizes. You just have to find your match, and that’s one thing that sets Redline BMX apart from the rest.