Is The Trek FX 3 A Good Bike?

Advertised as a workhorse hybrid with a road bike’s speed, a fitness bike’s comfort, and a city bicycle’s versatility, Trek FX 3 is one of Trek’s most in-demand bikes today. But is the Trek FX 3 a good bike?

Trek FX 3 is a good bike because it comes in a lightweight, innovative, and strong build and is quite versatile to allow you to use it all around the outdoors. Moreover, it comes with a performance-driven drivetrain, quality Bontrager components, and a lifetime warranty.

Note, however, that as impressive as Trek FX 3 is, it doesn’t make it a perfect hybrid. A few areas need improving, and I’ll share them with you. But overall, the bike is good for the price and a worthy investment.   

But before you can decide like I, let me take you through the good and the bad.

trek fx 3 review

A Trek FX 3 Review of the Good

Trek FX 3 comes with so many features and capabilities, but these 7 are the ones that stand out:

1. Lightweight Build

Trek employs alpha aluminum frames throughout the Trek FX series, including FX 3. Thanks to its alpha gold aluminum, the bike only weighs 25.01 pounds, making it lighter than most bicycles of its kind.

Due to its lighter weight, FX 3 feels comfortable to ride, especially when you want to speed up or tackle hills.

Even better, it comes with a carbon fork, which doesn’t just absorb bumps but feels lightweight itself. So, it also contributes to the hybrid bike’s overall lighter weight.

The best bit is that the rims are tubeless-ready. So, once you switch to tubeless tires, the bike will be much lighter than it already is.

2. Innovative Design

Trek FX 3 is one of the most innovative hybrid bikes by Trek. You can tell how innovative the manufacturer is when you consider these specs:

a. Blendr Stem

Blendr is a Bontrager stem innovation that allows you to directly clip simple biking accessories like a tracker, compass, and bell onto the stem. A Blendr stem generally promotes easy access to the gears and a cleaner handlebar look. 

b. IsoZone Handlebar

IsoZone technology promotes vibration dampening. In that case, Trek FX 3’s IsoZone handlebar cushions your handlebar when you ride over bumps and rough surfaces. IsoZone makes off-road rides funnier.

c. DuoTrap S

DuoTrap S is a bike frame technology that integrates the bike with your phone to track your riding stats conveniently. This smartphone pairing technology is dependent on Bluetooth and ANT+ to send wireless signals.

One amazing DuoTrap S devise to use on your FX 3 and smartphone is the Bontrager Computer DuoTrap S Sensor.

d. Internal Cable Routing

FX 3 has a sleek look because the brake cables hide within the frame. We call that internal cable routing, and it offers more than just making the frame look sleek.

Since the cables are hidden within the frame, it (the frame) protects them from harsh weather damage. The other thing is that the frame enjoys a sleeker look, thus less wind drag, which means you will likely go faster.  

3. Strong Construction

FX 3 is just as strong as lightweight, mainly because of its alpha aluminum frame. The frame feels light, but its overall robust construction enables it to withstand stress and colossal weight.

Generally, it’s due to the alpha aluminum frame that this hybrid two-wheel can hold up to 300 pounds.

Note, however, that the frame is not the only strong component. You can say the same about its wheels. For one, they feature double-wall rims with 32 holes (representing the spoke count), enhancing its strength.

And when it comes to its tires, its Bontrager Hardcase construction resists puncturing, which means they serve you longer.

4. Versatile Choice

Though Trek FX 3 doesn’t come with many accessories, it can mount them on the frame. That includes a rack, kickstand, water cage, bike seat, fenders, to name a few.

In that case, you can convert this hybrid bike into whatever you want. It could be your touring bike, adventure bike, fitness/workout bike, commuter bike, or just about anything. That’s how versatile the Trek FX series is.

5. Performance Drivetrain

Though Trek employs a mid-range Shimano groupset, the drivetrain promises high performance. Starting with its 9-speed shifters, they enable you to shift and take on challenges head-on smoothly.

Its crank, cassette, and derailleur don’t disappoint either. Overall, the drivetrain offers you up to 18 speeds, enough for quick shifting and speeding.

how many speeds are on the trek fx 3

6. Quality Bontrager Components

Trek gets most of its components from Bontrager, one of its subsidiaries. Over the years, Bontrager has built a reputation for producing quality biking products. Some of them that the manufacturer makes for Trek FX 3 include:

  • Tires
  • Pedals
  • Seat post
  • Seat
  • Grips
  • Handlebar
  • Stem

Overall, the above Bontrager components promise to serve you longer and efficiently. Even better, they come with decent warranties to prove Bontrager’s confidence in its products.

7. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Trek FX 3, like the models before it (FX 1 and FX 2), comes with a limited lifetime frame warranty that protects it against manufacturing and assembly defects for as long as the initial purchaser owns it.

So, Trek is promising that the frame will last you a lifetime.

A Trek FX 3 Bike Review of the Bad

Though FX 3 has some impressive specs and advantages, it also has a few issues that need addressing. They include the following:

1. Uncomfortable Seat

Trek employs a Bontrager seat on FX 3, which may not be an issue if you plan to ride it a short distance. But due to the lack of ample shock absorption, you may suffer saddle numbness if you sit for long hours.

Luckily, this issue is fixable by getting a comfortable bike saddle for numbness. Such options effectively absorb bumps, allowing you to ride long-distance.

2. Lacks A Kickstand

You expect FX 3 to come with a kickstand because it’s a hybrid bike, but that’s not the case. It lacks this vital accessory, which can worry some commuters and touring fans.

The good news is that its frame is mount-ready. As I mentioned earlier, you can mount a kickstand and just about any other accessory.

You can get the BV Adjustable Bicycle Stand, which works on all 24-29 inch bikes.

3. Brakes Need Upgrading

Trek FX 3 doesn’t come with disc brakes. Quite the contrary! It comes with Tektro linear-pull brakes.

While linear-pull brakes are cheap and decent for most smooth and dry roads, they are less reliable on rough and wet roads, unlike disc brakes.

So, you may have to upgrade the brakes at some point and possibly go for disc brakes. But if that sounds like much work, it’s advisable to get Trek FX 3 Disc, a disc brake version of Trek FX 3.

Instead of linear-pull brakes, Trek FX 3 Disc comes with hydraulic disc brakes, which you can rely on in different conditions.

is trek fx 3 a good bike

About Trek FX 3 Disc – How Different is it from Trek FX 3?

Like I mentioned, Trek FX 3 Disc is the disc brake version of Trek FX 3. So, that’s the main difference between the two hybrids. The brakes are ever-responsive in all conditions.

FX 3 Disc’s hydraulic disc brakes make it more high-end, thus slightly priced. The advantage, however, is that you pay for performance.

Other differences between the two hybrids include weight and drivetrain. Below is a table comparing Trek FX 3 (2018-2019 model) with Trek FX 3 Disc (2021 model) and Trek FX 3 Disc (2022 model). 

 Trek FX 3 (2018-2019)Trek FX 3 Disc (2021)Trek FX 3 Disc (2022)
BrakesLinear pull brakesHydraulic disc brakesHydraulic disc brakes
Drivetrain2×9 Shimano drivetrain2×9 Shimano drivetrain1×10 Shimano drivetrain
Shifters9-speed shifters9-speed shifters10-speed shifters
Weight25.09 pounds25.88 pounds25.09 pounds

Is Trek FX 3 Worth It?

Whether it’s performance, comfort, or durability, Trek FX 3 has it all. The bike’s wide-gearing Shimano drivetrain, tubeless-ready rims, and lightweight alpha gold aluminum frame enable it to perform at a high level while guaranteeing comfort and durability.

This bike is also about versatility, probably its strongest selling point. You can use it for commuting, running errands, workouts, and just about anything.

It comes at the right purchase, making it a budget buy, and even offers you the disc option (Trek FX 3 Disc) if you don’t like its linear-pull brakes.

So, yes, Trek FX 3 is worth it.

Who Should Get Trek FX 3?

Trek FX 3 is generally a good bike for these categories of cyclists:

  • Urban commuters
  • Rural commuters
  • Fitness cyclists
  • Recreational bikers
  • Casual touring cyclists
  • Adventure riders

Overall, this hybrid bike comes in various frame sizes that suit riders from 4’9” to 6’7” tall. So, every adult can ride this hybrid bike as long as you get the frame size and inseam correctly.

trek fx 3 bike review

People Also Ask

1. Is Trek FX 1 A Good Bike?

The 2020 Trek FX 1 is more than a budget Trek bike. This hybrid bike is easy to customize to allow you to use it as your touring, fitness, recreational, commuting, or adventure bike.

Plus, it’s pretty strong, lightweight, and comfortable to ride. Though it has a few specs that need upgrading, Trek FX 1 is a good bike.     

2. Is The Trek FX 2 A Good Bike?

Trek FX 2 is another strong, lightweight, and comfortable hybrid bike by Trek. This bike is easy to accessorize using mounts and comes with decent Bontrager specs.

The bike is also affordable and adaptive to different riding conditions and uses. So, yes, FX 2 is a good bike.

3. How Many Speeds Are On the Trek FX 3?

Trek FX 3 comes with 18 gears, which represents 18 speeds. Overall, its wide gear range allows you to smoothly and confidently shift and speed up.

4. What is the Weight of Trek FX 3?

Thanks to its alpha aluminum gold frame, Trek FX 3 (2018-2019 model) weighs 25.09 pounds.

Is The Trek FX 3 A Good Bike? Closing Thought: 

Trek FX 3 is generally a decent hybrid bike that you can use anytime outdoors. It’s affordable and comes in a stylish and stronger build. It’s also relatively lightweight and features decent Bontrager components. So, it’s undeniable that this hybrid bike is good.