Is The Trek FX 2 A Good Bike?

After Trek FX 1 comes Trek FX 2, a fitness hybrid bike that promises an exciting outdoor adventure. But is this hybrid bike worth it? Is the Trek FX 2 a good bike?  

Trek FX 2 is a good bike because it’s comfortable to ride, strong in build, and innovative design-wise. Moreover, the bike is easy to customize, making it versatile and enjoys a lifetime frame warranty.      

In terms of comfort, Trek FX 2 features a lightweight alpha aluminum frame, fast-rolling and stable wheels, a wide-gear drivetrain, and ergo grips.       

And when it comes to its strength, it’s also all about its alpha aluminum frame and solid wheels, which enable it to hold up to 300 pounds.

I’ll explain everything in detail to help you understand my argument. But even so, I’ll air out the concerns that come with this Trek hybrid bike. So, let’s get into the Trek FX 2 review!

trek fx 2 review

5 Reasons Trek FX 2 Is A Good Bike

Overall, Trek FX 2 is a good bike because of these five key reasons:

1. Comfortable to Ride

Many factors come into perspective when it comes to a bike’s comfort.

First, the frame should be lightweight, and that’s what you get from FX 2’s alpha gold aluminum frame. Due to the material choice, Trek FX 2 (2018-2019 model) weighs 25.75 pounds, irrefutably lightweight.

Secondly, the handlebar should feel comfortable, and that’s what Trek FX 2’s ergo grips promise. The grips are pretty ergonomic to allow you to ride FX 2 comfortably.  

Thirdly, you can tell a comfortable bike from the wheels. In the case of FX2, the wheels are pretty stable and fast-rolling.

Another factor that enhances a bike’s ride comfort is gearing. Luckily for Trek FX 2, it comes with a 3×8 drivetrain (equivalent to 24 speeds) that offers you a broad gear range for smooth shifting.   

2. Strong Build

Trek FX 2’s alpha gold aluminum frame and robust wheels not only make it comfortable to ride but also solid enough. They are part of why this hybrid bike can bear as much as 300 pounds. That makes it ideal for heavy guys.

Note that the reason why the wheels are solid is that of their double-wall alloy rims. The rim construction is strong enough to avoid bending.

Plus, they feature 32 holes (equivalent to 32 spokes), thus super-strong. Typically, the higher the spoke count, the more solid the wheels.

3. Innovative Design

Trek is known for investing richly in the best bicycle technologies, and they do just that on FX 2.

Here are three technologies that make this hybrid bike stand out:

  • DuoTrap S Compatibility

FX2’s frame is compatible with Bontrager’s sensor device, DuoTrap, which you pair with your smartphone via an app to track your cycling stats easily.

Note that DuoTrap is sold separately, as it’s the case of the Bontrager DuoTrap S Sensor.

  • Blendr Stem

Trek invests in another innovative Bontrager technology, Blendr stem technology, that enables you to directly clip cycling gears like lights, horns, and fitness trackers on the stem.

Blendr technology gives the stem a cleaner look while offering you convenient access to the gears.

  • Internal Cable Routing

The manufacturer hides the brake cables on the frames inside to protect them against the harsh weather. We call that internal routing, which gives the frame a sleeker look that somehow resists wind drag.

4. Easy to Customize

Trek FX 2 has strategic mounts for essential biking accessories like a rack, bike seat, kickstand, fenders, and water cages. So, though it doesn’t come with these accessories, it allows you to get them and mount them.

This advantage makes it easy to turn this hybrid bike from a fitness bike to a commuter bike, adventure bike, touring bike, recreational bike, and just about anything. So, it’s one of the most versatile hybrids out there.

5. Lifetime Warranty

Trek offers you a limited lifetime frame warranty (applicable to the original buyer). That shows how self-assured Trek is in this bike’s durability and reliability in the long term.

The Bontrager parts also come with a 2-year warranty, which complements the frame’s lifetime warranty.

trek fx 2 disc

The Concerns That Come with Trek FX 2

As expected of budget bikes, there are a few low-quality specs that you have to compromise on. In the case of Trek FX 2, we’re talking about the brakes and pedals. Let’s discuss them:

a) Low-Quality Brakes

FX 2 has linear-pull brakes, which are decent performers on smoother surfaces and dry conditions. Their only downside is that they become less reliable on rough surfaces and wet conditions. That’s unlike disc brakes.

Here, you have the option of upgrading the brakes or just getting Trek FX 2 Disc (the brake disc version of FX 2). Overall, the first alternative may not be cost-effective, given that the difference between Trek FX 2 and Trek FX 2 Disc is small.  

b) Low-Quality Pedals

Trek employs Bontrager Satellite City Pedals on this bike which enjoy a broad platform and are lightweight for comfortable pedaling.

The only downside is that their construction is not the strongest. You may have to change them at some point, especially if you ride regularly as commuters or fitness cyclists do.

In that case, I recommend more robust material like aluminum, and no pedals fit the part better than Alomejor Aluminum Alloy Self-Locking Hybrid Pedals (View on Amazon).

how many gears does a trek fx2 have

These pedals feature high-strength and anti-rust material, thus durable and reliable in the long term. They also enjoy an anti-slip anti-lock design that makes them easy to use and safer.

Is Trek FX 2 Worth It?

Being a budget bike, you expect FX 2 to come with a few concerns.

There is no denying that the brakes and pedals are low-quality and thus need upgrading at some point. But since the upgrades are doable, they shouldn’t be a serious concern.

On the brighter side, FX 2 offers you just about everything you may wish in a casual bike. It’s lighter than most and unbelievably stronger, judging by its 300-lb load capacity.    

It’s also comfortable to ride and very versatile, allowing you to turn it into anything you want.

Yes, you may have to compromise on speed on-road and may not hit the highest peaks off-road, but you have a bike that can take all roads.

So, yes, Trek FX 2 is worth it. With its rich specs, you could easily argue that its price is almost a bargain!

Who Should Get Trek FX 2?

Trek FX 2’s versatility makes it best for:

  • Commuting
  • Running errands
  • Cruising around town
  • Exercising (fitness cycling)
  • Family rides

Overall, this hybrid bike is not the best for pro riders but just casual riders. And even so, it doesn’t suit everyone as it comes in different frame sizes to match adult cyclists of different heights.

Here’s a sizing guide that Trek recommends for finding your ideal frame size:

Frame SizeInseamRider’s Height
X-Small (XS)69-73cm147-155cm
Small (S)72-78cm155-165cm
Medium (M)77-83cm165-175cm
Large (L)82-88cm175-186cm
X-Large (XL)87-93cm186-197cm
XX-Large (2XL)92-95cm197-203cm

While FX 2 comes in different frame sizes, it enjoys a 300-pound load capacity. So, it’s only best for adults who weigh not more than 300 pounds.

How About Trek FX 2 Disc? Is it Different from Trek FX 2?

The major difference between Trek FX 2 and FX 2 Disc is that while the former features linear-pull brakes (or V-brakes), the latter features disc brakes.

Quality-wise, disc brakes are more reliable in all conditions, including wet conditions and rugged terrains. In contrast, linear-pull brakes are only decent in dry and smoother conditions. So, in terms of quality, Trek FX 2 Disc’s hydraulic disc brakes make it the better quality option.

Due to the brakes difference, FX 2 Disc weighs slightly more than FX 2. Other than that, the other difference is the speed. While Trek FX 2 (2018-2019 model) comes with 24 speeds, Trek FX 2 Disc (2022 model) comes with 18 speeds.

is trek bike worth the money

Below is a table showing FX 2 vs FX 2 Disc:

 Trek FX 2 (2018-2019)Trek FX 2 Disc 9 (2022)
Brake TypeLinear-pull brakesHydraulic disc brakes
Speed number2418
Weight25.75 pounds25.86 pounds

People Also Ask

1. How Many Gears Does a Trek FX2 Have?

Trek FX 2 comes with a 3×8 drivetrain, which translates to 24 gears. Overall, the gears allow you to quickly, smoothly, and efficiently shift across different topographies.

2. Is Trek FX 1 A Good Bike?

Trek FX 1 is a versatile hybrid bike that you can use for commuting, exercising, fun riding, and running errands. It comes in a lightweight build and enjoys a lifetime frame warranty. And given its 300-pound capacity and a wide range of frames sizes, this bike is good.

3. Is Trek FX 3 A Good Bike?

Trek FX 3 is a step up above Trek FX1 and Trek FX 2 in specs. It’s much lighter and features slightly more high-end parts.

And like every other Trek FX bike, it offers you DuoTrap S frame integration and a lifetime frame warranty. So, yes, Trek FX 3 is undeniably a good bike.

4. Does Trek FX 2 Have Disc Brakes?

Trek FX 2 does not feature disc brakes. On the contrary, it features linear-pull brakes. Note, however, that Trek FX 2 Disc, which is different from Trek FX 2, features hydraulic disc brakes.

5. Are Trek Bikes Good Quality?

Trek bikes are good-quality bikes. The manufacturer carefully selects the materials and components to ensure they are reliable for the long term.

Moreover, the manufacturer invests widely in research and innovations to ensure that the bikes are always the best quality and dependable, even with pro riders.  

Is The Trek FX 2 A Good Bike? Closing Thought:

Generally, Trek FX 2 is pretty comfortable and lightweight and has a solid build, as you expect from Trek bikes.

While its brakes and pedals need upgrading, there is little to complain about other parts, making the hybrid bike worth it.

So, consider getting it as your casual ride. You can use it for exercising, running errands, cruising around town, and adventures. That’s how versatile and multi-purposeful it is!